April 10th, 2006

abby genius


1. Just how durable are USB flash drives? I just got one, and I'm wondering how much wear and tear it would generally withstand. Can I put it on my keychain, and just shove it in my purse, or should I take more care with it? Any other tips on care/carrying of it?

2. What would be an appropriate cause of death for a 20-something female, of British nobility, dying in the late 1950s? Childbirth, avian flu epidemic (which went through the world in 1957 and 1958), murder or accident (of any kind) are not options.
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I've been really interested in my heritage lately. I've been trying to find some good websites to help me learn more about Norway, but so far I haven't had any luck. I know the basics of the country's history and stuff, but I haven't been able to find a site that really gets in depth. Anyone have any suggestions?

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Please, answer the first question without reading the comments, then follow the link, read and finally answer question two. Thanks.

1) If a guy in white coat told you to kill someone, would you do it?

Now read this.

2) How sure are you about the answer to question 1?
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Mornings are evil.

Do you ever wake up and feel too ugly to go to work/school? Have you ever taken off because you felt bad about yourself?

My boss is on vacation this week, but I still have to work because the other boss will be in. However, the boss that will be in leaves really early and doesn't give me much work. What should I do to entertain myself this week?

If you really liked your job, but it didn't pay well, would you keep searching for a new one would you be happy to have a job you enjoy and stay?

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Has anybody ever asked this question on here before?Here it goes: Everybody had heard the song American Pie. I have heard that the song is about the 50's and 60's and there are a lot political references in the song.Does anyone know what the song American Pie is about?

Stripping Wood

I live in a 100 year old house that we are slowly revamping. The next task is stripping the woodwork off of the baseboards and doorframes. I've never done such a huge job like this. Could anyone give me tips or suggestions about stripping paint off of woodwork?

There are only 2 coats of paint on it - one of those coats was recently added - and there seems to be a finish on the woodwork - so i may be working with a varnish as well. I've heard you should wash the wood with bleach and water first - anyone done that before? Any tips in general would help!
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computer problems

My computer runs on our home network ~ I was on-line all night Friday everything was fine. Saturday morning I turned on my computer and could not get on-line ~ so I clicked on the "repair" button and a message came up saying could not clear the DNS cache. So I get on the other computer and look up DNS cache and windows tells me to ~ ipcofig/displaydns ~ ipconfig/flushdns ~
My computer would not let me do either both times coming up with a could not preform this task type of message. It is letting me connect w/ the network just not to the internet.... My husband contacted Linksys and they said to remove the router and put it in another slot... I did this and it did not work, I was getting the same messages. So my husband tells me he thinks I might have a virus. So I went a bought a copy of Norton Anti-virus... installed it an it is telling me that I do have something, a sober worm I think, but I cannot connect to the internet to properly install Norton. So thinking that it is some kind of problem with my router I get this grand idea to install AOL just so that I can get on-line to get the Norton working... No go still cannot get on-line I guess the computer is not getting a IP address... My question is if I do a system restore would it get rid of the virus? Or should I just take it to Comp USA and have them do something with it? I am at a total loss of what to do (the computer is 5 months old tops) Thanks for any advice!!
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1. This question applies to any public restroom/bathroom that you use regularly.
What public bathroom behavior do you find annoying there?

Examples: The ladies' bathroom in my office. There is a woman who throws her used toilet paper on the back of the seat instead of into the toilet. There is another woman who won't turn off the faucet after she washes and dries her hands - she just leaves. And there's another one who was using a breast pump, I think... nothing wrong with that I guess but the noise is creepy and annoying.

2. Yesterday as I was driving to work I saw a guy walking a tiny little beagle puppy on the shoulder of the road, which was gravel. Except he wasn't walking the puppy. He was jogging, and dragging this tiny little puppy along behind him. The puppy could not keep up and its legs were mostly dragging along the gravel. The person in the car in front of me stopped and yelled at the guy and the guy threw up his hands, shook his head, and continued dragging the puppy through the rocks.
The question is... what would you have done? What do you think the guy with the puppy was saying to the person who yelled at him?

Random Q's

1. Do your lips turn brownish black after drinking red wine? -- Mine do. Yuck.

2. Who was your favorite human on "Sesame Street"? -- Mine is Bob.

3. Favorite type of apple? -- I love cameo apples.

4. Do you tend to doodle a lot? (Like in class or meetings) What do you tend to doodle? -- I tend to write things in bubble letters and draw flowers when I'm in long meetings.

5. What was your first job? -- Besides babysitting, my first job was at a pizza place.

6. Is there any actor that you are reluctant to see any films they are in for whatever reason? -- Scarlet Johansson...I know people love her, but she's acted virtually the same in every film I've seen her in. I almost didn't see Match Point, but decided to do so at the last minute.

7. Ugliest fashion trend you once loved? -- I loved stirrup pants!!

8. Most annoying kids' cereal cartoon character? -- I'm going to say Toucan Sam.

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if your icon offended someone - would you change it - if they asked you to do it?
someone found this one offensive...
do you have a favourite icon? if so - which one?
this one is mine...
how many icons do you have and do you change them all the time?
i have 6 and rarely change them...
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this is what my user name is from

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I'm too poor to have a paid account (feeding all my poor barefoot babies!) so I can't do this as a poll, however the question is;

I was reading 'Mr Tickle' to my 2 year old and got very annoyed at what I perceived to be poor grammar usage, but I would like others to verify who is the grammar loser, Moi or MR Hargreaves, should the sentence read
a) "...his extraordinary long arms..."
b) "...his extraordinarily long arms..."?
Please help, I'm sure I know which but can't convince my children that the book got it wrong!

Also, shouldn't this sentence read "there was terrible pandemonium." not "there was a terrible pandemonium."??!?!!?

Is the moral of the story that if I wish my children to grow up with a reasonable grasp of grammar I should throw out all their Mr Men books?
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how would one incur a black eye by falling down stairs? is that feasible?

edit: have any of you bought a factory-refurbished digital camera? i just want to know if it's as good as a brand new one. it's got a warrantee and everything. thoughts?
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Hey guys,

So about 6 months ago I was in a Hallmark store in my local mall, and I found this beautiful card in the "Fresh Ink" section (Which is the brand of the card, like Shoebox, etc.) Fresh Ink ones are slightly more square than the generic type card, if that helps.
The front of the card was a beautiful blue kind of abstract, very arty and sort of akin to a sponge painting, picture of a heart. And beneath it were the words "For you"
And inside the card it said "It's mine. I was thinking maybe you could keep it."

I thought it was the sweetest card I had ever read, and almost bought it, but I wasn't dating anyone at the time, let alone in a position to give anyone that kind of card, so I didn't buy it. But I always kind of remembered it and always thought that when I was in love I would go back and buy it, because if it touched me so deeply it would get across how I felt to the person.

So not to get all gushy on you, but long story short I am now in the position where I can buy the card :)

So last weekend I stopped at Hallmark while in the mall, and looked for the card, but I couldn't find it. I went and described it to the saleslady but she said it didn't ring a bell, and unless I knew the card number she couldn't search for it on the computer. She and I seached high and low down the aisles of cards and never found it, and she said she didn't know any way I could possibly search for it any further than that.

There must be some sort of database/archive of Fresh Ink cards out there somewhere, where maybe customers can order discontinued cards (if it's discontinued.) I mean, there has to be a record of it somewhere, right? I just need help contacting the right medium. Would calling Hallmark head office be my only option? There's gotta be some way to find it online.

How can I find this card? I've looked on the Hallmark website, to no avail. I'm really hoping someone here can help me out with this.

Thanks guys.
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I spilled Gatorade in my keyboard. I cleaned off the keys with a damp towel, and they feel fine... but I can still see drops of Gatorade under the keys. What can I do to keep it from getting sticky?
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Murder She Wrote

I remember being a little kid and two of my four grandmas loving and watching this damned show...

No one ever thought it was suspicious that everywhere sweet, little old Mrs. Potts Jessica Fletcher went, someone inevitablly wound up DEAD?!

Whiskey. Tango. Foxtrot?


1) Songs with "cutie" in the title/lyrics that are rock/alternative?
2) Tea or coffee? Any specifics?
3) Band that you once loved, but now cannot stand? Why?
4) If you have a Dash In (fast food type place) in your town, is the food good?
5) Good (but not expensive) fundraiser ideas that deal with art (all profits will go to an art club at my college)
6) I spent about 2 hours last night organizing my music (fixing both the titles and file info on my winamp), isn't that sad?

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say you rent. you have a place you love in a neighborhood you love at a price you love. suddenly fate has you rescue a stray cat, dog, whatever. but it's exactly the breed, gender, personality you've always wanted. your landlord says absolutely no pets.

would you move into another place to keep the animal? or would you keep the place and take the animal to the humane society, etc.?

i have to make this decision in two days. :(
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I just got this email from my boss to everyone in my department:

"We will be having our first team meeting this Thursday at 9:00 am.

To start our meeting we will have an icebreaker exercise, so please think about something that no one will have guessed about yourself and bring it written on a paper for the meeting. i.e. I am a professional ice-skater. I come from a family of 18 siblings, etc."

What would you write down if your workplace was doing this sort of thing?

Edit: Also, I'm trying to brainstorm an idea for myself, this is what I've come up with so far. Let me know which ones are the most and least lame :)

- I'm a published writer (I don't really want to sound arrogant though.. so I don't think I'll use that)
- I have two older siblings who are 40 and 38 (only relevent cause I'm 21) (boring, I know...)
- I dated Ben Afflek's cousin :P (Never met him or anything, so that's rather dull, and arrogant again :P)
- I lived in Japan for 4 months when I was 10.
- I've seen every episode of Buffy, and sadly could name all episode titles in order if asked, and can recite entire episodes.
- I had three part-time jobs at once for about 6 months - Denny's (waitress), McDonalds (cashier), and Hallmark (sales associate).
- I used to be a cheerleader (NO ONE would guess that, I am such a tomboy now, but kind of boring)
- My older sister used to be a DJ, so on my 8th birthday the entire staff of Star FM (local radio station) sang Happy Birthday to me on air, and then interviewed me about what I wanted for my birthday. Heh heh.

That's all I got so far.
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(no subject)

1. Do you ever hella get on with your music (bopping head, tapping feet, drumming fingers...) when you are listening to headphones in a crowded environment?

2. What is something that is generally always considered better to be big than small?

3. What is something that is generally always considered better to be small than big?

4. Your favorite song from the mid-nineties?

(no subject)

1. A good friend of mine is pregnant, and will be moving out west before summer ends. I want to put together a basket of stuff for her, what are some good ideas? I was going to do the typical diapers, onesies, etc., but what are some things that you wished you had known about as a new mother? What are some items you could not have survived without?

2. I really am quite clueless about money and budgeting. I've been quite spoiled all of my life, thank you mom and dad, but if I enter graduate school in the fall; that's it. I'm cut off. I am hoping they will at least help me live, but things will be on a tight budget. I'm terrified of falling into credit card debt, so I want take preventative measures.

Lately, I'm keeping a record, in a little notebook, of everything I buy- so at the end of the week, I'm going to examine it and see where I can cut out certain spendings etc.

So, what are some good money tips?

3. For those of you who started working young, are you glad that you did? A part of me wishes that my parents made me get a job, because then perhaps today I would not be so damn flighty in terms of spending.

4. On Good Friday, my friends and I from high school (a Catholic school) are holding a party, complete with Jesus Juice Pong. We are intending on dressing up Jesus-like, whether it be as an angel or the main man himself. Do you think this is slightly sacrilegious?

(no subject)

1. Do they call it the great outdoors because it's awesome, or just because it's big?
2. Do you enjoy getting lost in general?
3. Have you ever been lost in the 'great' outdoors?
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1) what albums/songs remind you of certain moments? for example, pedro the lion's it's hard to find a friend reminds me of a road trip to colorado i took with my friends way back when. and franz ferdinand's debut album reminds me of paris (because that's where i bought it back in march 2004).

2) what new music have you been listening to lately? i've been listening to clap your hands say yeah.

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We're talking about wormholes in my Astronomy of Weird Shit class.

So, I'm pretty sure that somewhere, possibly near windows 3.1, there was a game -called- wormhole.
Except as far as I could tell/remember, it wasn't so much a game as you directing this blinking oval thing that left a trail behind it.
Does anyone remember this, or have it, or know what the purpose of it was?
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(no subject)

OK, I saw a movie in high school during class once and I would like to see it again. It's an old black-and-white film. The main character was hypnotized so everytime he heard a certain phrase he asked for a deck of cards and began playng solitaire, and when he saw a certain card, he would be open to suggestion, to kil someone or something.

Please, anyone have a clue?

(no subject)

I was pretty good friends with a girl in fifth and sixth grade, and ok friends with her in seventh grade, but not as much. I switched schools and haven't spoken to her since - it's now almost two years since I've seen her. I've been really wanting to speak to her or even maybe start a friendship again. How would I go about doing this? She's not on myspace and I have no idea what her e-mail or screenname is. I was thinking about calling her, but would that be really weird? I don't even know if she remembers me.
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Game questions! Wheee!

I know I just posted... but I'm going to be trading in some video games and I can't decide what to get with my credit.

1. Should I trade in my original gamecube Animal Crossing? I haven't played it in at least six months, but I feel bad about abandoning my town permanently.

2. Everyone keeps going on about the new Dragon Quest VIII game. 'OMG it's so cool, it's so pretty, it's the best yaaay.' BUT. The characters are HIDEOUS. They're by the same guy who drew Dragon Ball Z, and you can tell. Is the game really good enough to get past the eyebleeding horror that will be on the screen every single moment?

3. Have you guys heard anything about the new Monster Rancher that's coming out? It's called Monster Rancher EVO, and there's not much info about it that I can find. If I've played 2 and 4, loved 2 and liked 4, will I want to buy it?

4. Sooo... what game(s) have you been playing lately?
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Website stats tracker?

So, I'm working on my website, and I'm still somewhat hesitant to put my photos and mp3s of my radio show up without being able to track them. I have my own domain, but the company that hosts my website only tracks page views, not downloads/views of pictures, songs, etc. hosted from my site. (For example, if someone was stealing bandwidth by using one of my photos somewhere else, I wouldn't know about it!)

Is there a stats tracker that will do this for me? (Preferably low-cost/free, I am a very poor college student!)

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(no subject)

Does anybody know of any websites where they show you how to make a fake looking cut? Like a razor slash or something. And something that can be done with things at home.
I saw something on an old kids tv show where they did pretty realistic fake cuts and bullet holes with a kind of paste made from honey and a few other things, can't remember it very well though.

family sucks

My family has been really shitty towards me lately- forgetting my birthday, not inviting me for family dinners (I only live 45 min. away) and they have been nasty to my mother.  There is some Easter Dinner in the works, but as it's less than a week away, I've been invited to spend it with a friend and his family.  I may not go to his house either, and if my family does end up asking me, would it be totally bitchy to just say that I don't want to come because I know I'll just be treated like shit?
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(no subject)

ok so i had a syrian hamster and he was WONDERFUL, i had him for 3 years, and i was devastated when he died (this was last year), and then i got a dwarf hamster, and he was the meanest thing ever... what are the most friendly hamsters? and how do i get them to get used to me?
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Song Question

Hi everyone,

I'm in a jazz dance class, and we were dancing to this one song today. I *think* the song is called "Why a Woman Cries" or something along those lines. It is a little country/bluesy, and is sung by a woman. Anything I look up on google just says Roy Orbison. Do you know what I'm talking about? Thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

have you ever written anything on a bathroom stall?

Why did you just happen to have a black sharpie in your purse? Do you carry them around just for the purposes of writing on the stall?

If you scratched something into the door, how long did you sit there with your ass on the toilet scratching shit into the wall? What did you use to scratch it?

What made you decide that writing on the bathroom stall would be a great idea?

What did you write?

I really don't understand why this phenomenon exists honestly.....

(no subject)

all my sneakers are falling apart or getting dirty. so i need another pair.

- they can't be pumas because my feet are too fat for pumas
- they can't look like this
- they should come in a wide variety of colors because i'm indecisive and might just buy two
- don't recommend chuck taylors, i know they exist but i want something more comfortable

can somebody please recommend me a cool, colorful, casual pair of sneakers for regular, everyday wear? could you also tell me what you like about them? i have a few ideas swimming in my head but i'm waiting for recommendations to swing me in any direction.

money is not a HUGE issue. the cheaper the better, obviously. i feel i eliminated a lot of the money issue anyway because i can't wear pumas.
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(no subject)

I like to tinker with graphics and making icons and stuff. I'm not any good at it, but I find it therapeutic. ;)

I'm thinking of signing up with a stock photo site, like getty or istock, but I'm not sure which one. Who has signed up for one and what did you find? Does one or two of them have better photos than the rest? What about variety and resolution?

Thanks a bunch!

Hello, my name is _______.

1. Have you changed your name? More specifically your first name, or or last name for reaons other than marriage, divorce, adoption etc.  

2. If so, was it by common usage (Be it shortening it to a derivative such as, "I'm Cynthia but call me Cindy" or a completely different change such as "I'm Johnathon but call me Mike") or through the whole legal process (the paperwork, the petitions, etc)?

3. I want to start going by a "less common" derivative of my given name (my given name is Susan; I want to go by Suki). I don't want people (more specifically my family members, who I wouldn't put it past to behave as such) to not take me seriously or just laugh when I ask them to call me Suki, but I feel like a legal name change would maybe make them take it more seriously (as, for personal reasons, it is a serious matter for me, and I'll take offense if people treat it like a "phase" or some cry for attention). Would it be worth going through all of the legal paperwork and mess to get a name change (I'm aware of the fee, too, but it's the paperwork I loathe the thought of), or am I better off asking people to call me by my desired name and hope for the best?
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(no subject)

Anyone got a Warcraft 3 CD-key I can use (that works on Battle.net)? I know tons of people who play games, get bored with the game and just throw the CD case in some random drawer somewhere. So if you happened to do this, and it's Warcraft 3, it would be awesome if you could help.

And if you're wondering why I'm asking, my friend wants to play together when he comes here on his spring break. He's on spring break for only a week starting next week, so the CD-key would only be used next week. And we don't want to buy a game just to play it for a week.

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stupid iPod/computer question...

...I am at my parent's house and my dad has windows ME on his computer. I plugged my iPod into it yesterday to recharge and his computer (which is crappy) restarted itself meaning the device was not properly unplugged. I tried using my iPod today but it would not turn on so I decided to plug it in again to recharge it. Sure enough it is working and is recharged. The only problem is that you know on the right side of the taskbar there should be a "new device found" icon that allows you to safely remove a USB from the computer without wrecking stuff? Yeah, it's not there.
I am scared to just unplug the iPod without first making sure it's safe to do so. How can I get that "unplug device safely" thing to show up? Does this make any sense at all?! I know ME does this just like XP but I am not sure why it isn't showing up automatically. :(

I am sorry if this doesn't make any sense; I am typing in a hurry.
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Why do I always have problems with Yahoo Mail?!

I'm in charge of sending out emails for my youth group chapter. Until last week, we could send email to about 120 people (one email) with no problems. But now we have to split the "to" field up into three different emails with about 40 people per email. Yahoo keeps saying that there are too many names in the "to" field. I can't find anything about this on Yahoo Mail Help. Any ideas? Thank you so much!

(no subject)

Last week I had one of the worst colds I have ever had. Since last Monday, my nose had been completely congested and my throat hurt like hell every time I swallowed. On Thursday I woke up and my voice made me sound like I was a 9 year old girl. On Saturday I finally began feeling better and by Sunday morning almost all the symptoms were gone. Last night though my face began to feel really itchy as if I had been rolling around in grass all day. When I went to bed my whole body began to feel itchy too. It was so bad that I could barely sleep. I'm still feeling about the same way now. My question is does anyone know what in the world is making me so itchy and how do I get rid of it?
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How does your skin react to the sun?

What's your skin tone? Do you burn easily? Tan easily? How long does it take you to burn/tan? When you burn, how long does it take for it to turn tan?

I'm not very fair-skinned, but I burn very easily for some reason (even in winter, my face gets burned in car rides), but it turns to tan quickly. My sister is white-white-ghost pale, and she tans super quick and turns the color of some of my mixed friends in the summer, haha. So i'm just wondering.
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Dell Inspiron Help?

I have a Dell Inspiron 6000.
I have these buttons on the side(front, near the mouse/clickers) that control the volume/mute, and play options(fast-forward, rewind, stop, and pause).
I was wondering if there were some way to program the buttons so they would control iTunes?
Only the volume options work with iTunes, and it would be amazing if I could use the other four buttons.

at seven

(no subject)

So there have been these fliers posted around my school advertising the start up of the Atheist League, and the idea is like "come out of the shadows" and you might not guess these people on the fliers are atheists and stuff. Anyway, the point is that on each flier is a picture of a student s with various one-word descriptions of him/her, so it goes like "Lifeguard. Filmmaker. Babysitter. Shower singer. Bargain hunter. Child at Heart. Atheist."

Forgetting the whole atheism aspect (unless, you know, you want to include it) what would your sign say? It's up to you whether you want to just list random words, or build them up to the big 'reveal.'
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(no subject)

I have two questions for you lovelies tonight!

1. I saw on my calendar that at sundown the Prophet Muhammad's birthday is celebrated. What is actually done to celebrate his birthday?

2. I work in retail and lately when people hand me their credit cards, instead of having it signed they write "See ID." What's the purpose of this? To protect from someone stealing your credit card? Or...?

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Let's pretend that I have a magic wand and I'm going to let you go to one place. It can be either some place in time (past or future) or it can be a fictional/mythical place.

Where would you go and how long would you want to stay? What would you want to do while you are there?

Word Association!

It's time for word association!!
Whats the first word or short phrase that comes to mind when you think these things?

Theme: (Un)Common names

1. Gladys
2. Henry
3. Lauren
4. Thomas
5. Gennifer
6. Ralph
7. Hannah
8. Luke
9. Maria
10. Bradley

Shoe question

I have been wearing an old pair of cheap shoes for some time. It's time to throw them away because I've been having problems. After wearing them for a couple hours, I remove them and my feet cramp. My toes get bad cramps and it's really horrible pain.

1. What are the features I should ask a salesperson about when buying some new casual shoes?

2. Do you have a favorite brand of shoes that keep your feet comfortable even after a lot of walking around?

3. I have wide feet and I don't know anything about arch support. Do you know of any types of stylish but very comfortable shoes that are good for casual clothes - I mostly wear cargo pants, capris, jeans and casual shirts.

4. This is a style I like made by Skechers. Do you know if it is a comfortable/good quality shoe?

Thank you!

(no subject)

I hate hate hate posting about my relationship again... but will you give me some encouragement TQC?

How the hell do you break up with someone? Especially when you have to deal with this person for the rest of your life? I've always been the one to be dumped, so I don't know how to do it! I love him, I really do, but I'm just not happy and I don't see myself having a good life with him.