April 6th, 2006

The Sims

1)Am I the only one sadistic enough to try different ways of killing my Sims? (get them to swim in the pool, then deleting all ladders so that they can't get out, etc)

2) Is there a way of getting rid of waterproof makeup without makeup remover?

Frozen White Bread

I put a loaf of bread in the freezer so that it would go bad at a slower rate.

Thing is though I want a sandwich now and i'm not sure exactly what to do with the bread to thaw it. I'm making a grilled cheese sandwich if that makes any difference and the loaf has only been in the freezer for maybe a day. It's white bread. (Oh my I know my sentence structure is horrid, it's late and I am very out of it)

How do I get this bread ready for grilled cheese-ifying?
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Poll #705156 TomKitten!

So... the TomKat baby. Thoughts?

The romance is a publicity stunt, the baby is real.
The romance is real, the baby is a pillow.
Both the romance and the baby are faker than the fakest fake that ever faked.
Um, Tom Cruise is gay?
All I know is Silent Birth freaks me out.
I am a "moon man" and live under a rock. Moon rocks. What's a Tom Kat?


Would you care to elaborate on your opinion/conspiracy theory?

For example, I've never really bought the romance. I'm unsure about whether or not Tom Cruise is gay-- persistent rumors in Hollywood *do* tend to be true, don't they? I don't think I've ever really believed the pregnancy was faked, though in its early stages I believed that if it *was* faked they'd have to have her "miscarry" it for sympathy or something, because there was already TomKat "fake romance" backlash (which is why they would have faked the pregnancy in the first place). The idea of a surrogate mother waiting in the wings amuses me but doesn't convince me. Though actually the whole fake pregnancy thing is too ludicrous to believe, but also too ludicrous not to play along with just for kicks. ;)

Oh, but if she is really pregnant (which, come on, you know she is)? I feel really bad for her, actually.

Here are some ONTD links for you to chew on:

Completely unrelated: Do you know what a Dirty Sanchez is, without looking it up? (Completely unrelated, I swear, Tom Cruise's lawyers!) I know, I'm just wondering how many people would have caught a certain joke in a certain TV show tonight...
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travelers' checks

I'm going on a trip to Israel this summer and my grandma gave me about $600 in travelers' checks to use there. However, the group I'm going on the trip with 'strongly discourages' using travelers' checks because we don't carry our passports with us everyday. So, what do I do with the travelers' checks? Take them anyway? Trade them to my parents for cash?

Should I use cash while in Israel?
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(no subject)

1. Are you oddly anal about anything on LiveJournal?

For instance, I like to keep my mutual friends the same as my friends, and if someone defriends me that I have friended, I delete them as soon as I notice, even if I really like them.

2. If you go by a nickname, does it ever bother you when people call you that first?

Most people call me Jess, not Jessica. However, if someone completely skips the "Jessica" step and calls me "Jess" the instant they meet me, it weirds me out a little. It's like "Hey! We're not friends!"
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Vegan munchies

A couple friends of mine are staying with me for a couple days and they're vegan. I've stayed with them before but I didn't notice what kidn of food they had around.

What kinds of things should I pick up for them to eat? I'm pretty sure we're going to be eating out most of the time, but I want to have some things around in case they get hungry while they're in the apartment. So I'm not really thinking meals here, just things to snack on, or maybe breakfast type things too.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated! (Also I'm off to work now, so thanks in advance!)
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less money?

When you buy something at the store and you pay with a debit card in the little swipe machine, it has the options:


What the hell does "less money" mean? I asked the casheir before but she didn't know either.

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When there is a death in the family (both on mom or dad's side), they take pictures of the family member in the coffin during the viewing. People get weirded out when they see these pictures in my family's photo albums.

I guess I never knew any different - I figured it was something everyone did.

Does your family take these photos?
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Grilled cheese

Ah, inspiration. A post from earlier got me thinking about making a grilled cheese sandwich, and I thought I'd ask everyone: How exactly do you make your personal perfect grilled cheese sandwich? Details!

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A few random questions for you...

1. What does it mean to "watch" a community? Like in the community info when it says "watched by:" and then lists names.

2. There's a car commercial, (I'm not sure what car it's for) and it's got people talking in a car with speech bubbles, and inside the speech bubbles are pictures of trees and lizards and things like that. There's a song playing in the background that goes, "I wanna walk up the side of the mountain, I wanna walk down the other side of the mountain." Anyone know the name of the song?

3. Are you excited for the Da Vinci Code movie?
I'll go see it, but I'm not optimistic.
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(no subject)

what does WD-40 stand for?

what is the craziest math rock you've ever heard?

who is your favorite hip hop artist / group?

what's the best "strategery" one can use to smash in monopoly?

for any and all answers, thanks.
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(no subject)

Lets say you went on an interview for a job and accepted the position, but you also had another interview that was supposed to happen, but you cancelled because you accepted the position. Is it neccesary to tell the person you were supposed to meet with that you accepted a different position and that's why you need to cancel, or is it okay to just say sorry, but I need to cancel??

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in going thru my f'list here on lj, i check to see who's removed me from their f'list, and who has not...if i'm removed - then i delete them from mine...courtesy thing...or perhaps they've deleted their entire lj, in which case - why still have their name around?
so, i'm going thru the list and find one that's removed me and it truly struck me because i thought this person and i had grown close...both in lj and IRL...i mean - it just came as a complete and total shock...
usually an ljer will drop me a line and ask me to remove them from my list and that's fine...i wish them luck and remove them...
but this time - well, it just hurt...
i mean - i didn't stalk them w/"why did you do that?" and "did i do something to make you do that?" or "what's your problem?" kind of thing, but i was troubled and a little pained...this person had been there thru some heavy duty crap i was going thru and wow...we've gone back and forth w/support for one another - thru our own trying times, as well as good times and what nots...
still, i have to put it into perspective - perhaps there's tons of stuff going on IRL on their part that has nothing to do w/me or lj...perhaps life became too complex and such to be bothered w/on this end...
this person is still in my thoughts and prayers...
but fuck

so my question is:
has this happend to you?
how did it make you feel?
have you done this to someone else?
when chosing to remove someone from your f'list, what do you do?
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It's kind of a longshot, but does anyone know where I can find an Army of Darkness Ash Plush with the removable chainsaw hand?

I keep coming close:
http://www.starstore.com - It's sold out and being removed from the listing.
www.diamondselecttoys.com/- There's only a preview. I couldn't find a place to order it.
timespacetoys- Another sold out place
E-Bay- There were no listings

Any help at all would be great.
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yay, complicated

easy question: What's the best way for someone who sucks at asking a girl out to ask a girl out?

now, the hard part: Asked her once before. Didn't say no, but didn't say yes either. Talked like she would have asked me if I hadn't asked her. She was moving after school, about two months after I asked. Now we live in the same town again. Good friends, been that way for years. Don't want to screw up being good friends, but definitely probably want to ask her out.

any ideas for asking her out? Ideas on how I can not pass-ass-out when asking?
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(no subject)

Does anybody have that picture of a kitty looking through a hole, saying, "Is this teh intrawebs?" It's been kind of a popular icon around teh elljay recently. Thanks!
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If I called my local police department and said "Hi, Bobby Smith has a warrant out for his arrest, and I know he is currently living at suchnsuch address"...

1) Would the cops go arrest him or at least look into things?
2) Would it matter what the warrant was for? Like, if he had robbed a bank, they'd go check it out, but if he just had an old parking ticket, they wouldn't?
3) Would it matter if the warrant was issued in another state?
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Sorry this is so lengthy but I'm looking for opinions...

Would this piss you off??!...

So this semester I'm taking one online class. It is an English class. My professor has been having health issues and has been VERY illusive since about week five of the class. We are now on week 13 and there has not been much improvement on her availability / accountability. I can sense on the class forums that I am not the only one frustrated. Of course we all want her healthy and in good spirits and we are trying to keep questions to a minimum. I can tell that everyone is trying to be understanding because of her situation.

Today one of the two online tutors posted this to the class:

Topic: FYI

I just thought I would let all of you know something that I have noticed reading through everything being posted on here.

In a normal class setting, you see your teacher during class, you may drop by during office hours once or twice during the semester, but that is about it. In an online class, it is easy to post questions that you normally would not end up asking in a face-to-face class because the teacher is not so readily accessible. This is one of the benefits of an online class, but at the same time it becomes easy take advantage of this and end up asking questions that you can find out on your own, posting questions about every little trivial thing, etc. All of this ends up taking a lot of extra time from the teacher. Online classes already require a lot of extra time from the teacher; this only makes it worse. Some things you need to ask, some things I think you could do a better job of using your common sense on first. Kate Green is one of the greatest English teachers at this school. She works very hard, and puts in more time and effort into her classes than she is required too. Having been in her classes before and tutoring for her a number of semesters now, I am getting the impression that you are expecting a little too much from her.

Michael (tutor)

Is it just me OR AM I FLIPPING PAYING FOR THIS CLASS?! Go get brownie points somewhere else, Mr. Michael. She may be one of the greatest English teachers at this school but if she can't hang in there with us then she needs to find a solution.

So do you think this kid is just a crock or am I missing something here? Honest opinions (so I'm sure that might mean rude ones too).

P.S. If he has an lj or by any chance is in this community...BIG WHOOP.

(no subject)

k. song question:

there is a commercial for jaguar that has a song playing in the background... it has a really strong, steady beat to it, and i think the words say something like:

"I'll turn your camera on.... I'll take your picture all the time"

or something like that?

anyways, does anyone know what the name of this song is and/or who sings it?

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(no subject)

Okay, here's the situation I'm in:

My boyfriend Chris' best friend Jack has been dating my best friend Rita for 4 months now.
They met eachother soon after Chris and I started dating, when I brought her along to one of Chris' parties and we introduced them. They've been dating for 4 months now, and Chris and I for 5 months, so it's pretty cool because us four all get along great and hang out alot, etc. There's never been any conflict between anybody so far, which is lucky when you consider two best friends dating two other best friends.

On a side note I really like Jack as a person, and if I wasn't forced to like him on two counts (1.The boyfriend's best friend, 2.The best friend's boyfriend) I would honestly like him anyways. He's a cool guy, despite his apparant insecurity. So I don't wanna be a biznatch about this. Anyways..

So Chris called me yesterday, and around the middle of our conversation he says:
"Oh, I have to ask you to do something for Jack." - Chris
"What's up?" - Me
"Jack wants to ask Rita to move in with him, but he doesn't know if she'll think it's too soon or where she stands on it. So can you do some investigation and mention the idea to her and see what she thinks?" - Chris

This is the guy who pulled me aside to tell me that he wanted to say "I love you" to Rita on Valentines Day, and did I think it was a good idea or too soon?, etc. You get the idea.

I do not think it's right for me to "investigate" and ask her what she thinks about moving in with Jack, only to then turn around and pass the info to Chris to tell Jack. Absolutely no.
And furthermore, if they aren't close/comfortable enough with eachother to just talk about it, and Jack needs to play games when it comes to serious decisions, maybe they aren't ready to move in together (but that's besides the point, and just my opinion)

Here's my question: What's the smartest thing to do here, while staying on good terms with everybody?

(no subject)

I don't know why I thought about this. I think I was having some sort of weird dream, like Memoirs of a Geisha set in Silverwind Refuge in Ashenvale(World of Warcraft). except i had a bunch of red hair and there was this enormous spiky crown... and somehow that led to me thinking about

Tis a movie. There are two people, pre-teenish, and they're on a plane, right next to eachother, and it seems their parents aren't on the flight with them. I think they're flying off to nerd camp, or they meet later in the future at nerd camp, or they met eachother soem time back at nerd camp... I thiiiink the girl might be latina. but for some reason she's telling this guy that she's on her period(first period?), and she seems to be really happy about it.

That's -it-. that's all I remember.

edit: consensus seems to be Boys and Girls. I guess all i really remembered from that was 'hunter'.

(no subject)

The "T" key popped off my laptop's computer. (if it's relevant, it's a Dell Inspiron 700m). I still have both the "T" key and the bracket that was located underneath they key, but I don't know how to replace it.

Any advice?

Anyone know where I could get this replaced quickly and cheaply?

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(no subject)

1. Do you put crackers in your soup/chili/gumbo?
2. Can your food touch each other on your plate?
3. What's your favorite candy?
4. Do you crack your knuckles?
5. Do you like animals?
6. Do you cash your paycheck, or direct-deposit it?


1. No, I don't like it. Plus, don't the crackers take the flavor out of the soup?
2. Certain foods can. I don't freak out about my mashed potatoes touching my steak/chicken...etc, but don't let my veggies or fruits touch anything else!
3. Currently, I love the new Take 5 Peanut Butter candy bars.
4. Yes, all the time.
5. I love animals. Dogs and cats are the bestest, I'd save them all if I could. I'd cry if I accidentally ran one over.
6. I cash mine, always have. That will change when I get married, though.
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(no subject)

How often do you change your cat's litter? Do you use kitty litter bags? How often do you wash the litter box? What kind of litter do you use?

I change litter about once a week but sometimes a day or two longer. We use Tidy Cats brand litter or any other regular litter that's on sale preferably that have no fragrances because I hate those. Sometimes I add a small amount of baking soda in the middle of the week. We don't use litter bags so whenever I change the litter I wash the box too in warm water with baking soda, vinegar, or soap.

I hate that Scoop Away litter. I hate the way it clumps and the way it smells. After 2-3 days my cat refuses to use it also. I would probably prefer that my cat use pine cedder litter, as this alternative would provide for better air for humans to breathe (reducing the dust that comes from the regular litter) but he refuses to use this one completely.


(no subject)

my lips are chapped (the weather/stress/etc..)and i'm using this stuff my daughter gave me "blistex spa effects" and have to keep applying every time i drink something...so -

what's the name of that lip balm/chapstick stuff that comes in a yellow tube w/a red cap/lid?
what have you been using and has it been working for you?

Advice on Religion vs Responsibility

The details: My grandpa died on Monday. My family is Catholic. My grandparents are very active while my parents are not. I am an atheist. I am not opposed to going through the motions for the sake of my family at this time although I do not feel the need to say goodbye or pay my respects in a formal setting. There are visitation hours tonight and tomorrow which I will not be attending. There is a rosary tomorrow night for him. It will be less than an hour including coffee afterwards with family from out of town and probably lots of people I don't even know. The funeral is Saturday morning where I will be sitting through a full Roman Catholic mass, then acting as a pall bearer and then lunch with aforementioned family.

The Question: Should I go to the rosary? My mother made sure that I knew that I was not required to be there but that it would be nice. I know that my family would appreciate it, but it is certainly not something that I would like to do. I need to weigh how much my family will appreciate this with how much I will hate it, keeping in mind how much I'm going to be putting myself out on Saturday. (In case it matters I am an adult (25) with two kids and I live on my own.)

EDIT: My family knows that I am not Catholic or religious in any way. After reading some of these comments I think that the real question is, do you think that my going would actually show support for my family or would it appear... forced? That's not the right word, but I know that if I were religious and my Catholic family were to participate in a Pagan or Baptist or what have you ceremony for me I would not see it as support but as them denying what they truly feel to give the illusion of support. Of course I love my family and want to be there for them.

(no subject)

I know i should have been paying attention everytime someone asked about this....but i didn't know i would ever need to know...

is there a website that can tell me how many miles it is between two cities?
for example, Naples, Florida and Athens, Greece?

im stumped.

(no subject)

I need help coming up with a word.

A joke that makes fun of a particular race would be a "racist" joke.

A joke that makes fun of women or men would be a "sexist" joke.

What would be the term for a joke that makes fun of a certain religion? Or the term for a person that is prejudiced against all religions that aren't their own?


I googled but ended up with just a bunch of store ads, so I'll try this out.

Does anyone have any links that compare lab-created diamonds with natural diamonds? Not cubic zirconia, the ones that are nearly as hard as natural diamonds and don't scratch like CZ can.

I want to buy myself some jewelry, but as long as it's pretty I don't see the point in spending all the extra money for real diamonds. But I'm not a CZ fan at all.


for book lovers.

I'm looking for a good book to read. I've heard the Gossip Girl books are good. I'm 18 and if they're just immature stories then I don't want to read them. But I've heard they're pretty entertaining and realistic.. Anybody read them? Did you like them? What would you compare them to? If you didn't, why & what would you recommend? Thanks a lot.
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Grammar of doom

What's your theory on why grammar and spelling didn't get learned by many (not all) of the younger people (high school and college age) of today? I see the papers that college students hand in, compare them to the ones my fellow students were handing in at the time I was in school, and the quality and readability is significantly more AWFUL on the average.

I can't decide what my theory is. I mean, I don't recall choosing to pay attention in elementary school, but I must have, and passable spelling/grammar is a skill I totally take for granted now. It blows my mind how some people just don't seem to have absorbed it.

Did they learn it in school, and then stop caring? Why would you stop caring if you know that poor writing skills make you look lazy or unintelligent? Did they not pay attention in school, or did their teachers not care, and just pass them anyway? I just don't get it. It bothers me every day.

Bonus questions: Do you know of any published research that has been done on this phenomenon? Is it really a phenomenon, or do you think it's always been the case, and wide access to the Internet just makes it more likely for more people to be exposed to bad writing/spelling/grammar/blah?
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(no subject)

Here is a situation: You have been dating someone for a month and that person is still friends with their ex and they go out to see a movie. Their ex kisses them. The person you are with didn't initiate it, but did nothing to stop it.

Questions: How forgiving would you be? Would you find it difficult to trust that person in the future?

EDIT: I don't know if this makes a difference, but the person you are with and their ex only dated for three months and they broke up five months ago and the ex only recently contacted them after not talking for that amount of time.
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(no subject)

Anyone know of a store in the San Antonio, Texas area that buys used PC games?

Also: How much would HalfPrice Books pay for used PC games? They're pretty popular ones, not junk; Sims 1 and expansions, SimCity 4...
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Red head

For anybody familiar with "A Raisin in the Sun"

In your opinion, does Lena "Mama" Younger's view change throughout the play?
I'm writing a paper on the American Dream and A Raisin in the Sun</i> and I can't really figure out if she changes her view on the Dream.
I want to say she does, because she goes from being the head of the household to letting Walter take control. But... I'm just not sure. =\

(no subject)

A good percentage of my closest friends are abandoning me after prom to go drinking. That leaves about seven of us who are extremely uncomfortable with drinking, and drugs, and whatever will trail off of that but still want to have fun. Any ideas? What did you do after prom?

1. Has anyone ever been inspired to do something based on a scene in a movie? My friend says he wants to have sex in a car like in The Chase, and a few of my friends want to ride around on scooters thanks to Garden State. You?

2. Is it better to open a checking or savings account? Can you withdrawl money from a savings account without charge?


I need a variety of people to answer this post, girls and GUYS alike. :) I am perfectly aware that there is most likely a really obvious answer, but I don't want to kid myself about this whole thing.
If this guy in one of my classes waited on me outside the door while I go through my normal put-my-notes-in-my-binder routine and my put-my-binder-in-my-bag routine, does that mean something? Even if we walk together for about a minute and a half, and he's bragging on a grade he got? What if the same person in question gave me a semi-audible "Bye" when he had to leave last class early (in the middle of a lecture) because his grandmother's in the hospital? Does that mean something? How about if in the class before that he waited on me again, then we walked together for about a minute and a half before we went our separate ways? Does that mean something?
Like I said, I don't want to kid myself over this, and I want some opinions!! :)

x-posted to my personal journal.

EDIT: Perhaps I should mention that we actually sit together in class, and that we dated briefly before he broke up with me. We remained friends, and he NEVER did the whole waiting-outside-the-door thing, even while we dated. Does that change things?
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(no subject)

Already asked on whatwasthatone, no conclusion.

Anybody know this movie?

This movie I remember watching on TV with my parents probably in the late nineties, though it could've been created before then. I will never forget it. It freaked the shit out of me. It was a very Lifetime-ish movie, (& may have actually been from Lifetime) I don't recall whether it was some made-for-tv movie or not. It was about an old woman who never spoke. She was petite and delicate and I remember a scene where she was at a train station. I don't remember if the train scene was from the beginning or end of the movie. But anyway, she was visiting her family or something. And there was a young boy, her relative I believe, who would always talk to her and take her around and dress her up in lots of pink. I remember him being at the train scene. In the movie, there would be flashbacks to her youth. There was one where it pretty much explained her traumatization. She was a teenage girl at some carnival or fair, and an older teenage boy who I believe to be her cousin and his friends took her into this wood-y area away from the festivity. Her cousin got her by a lake/pond/some area of water and repetitively dunked her head into it while laughing. It was awful. This did something to her and that's why she didn't speak. And I'm 99% sure that her name was Jessica, because that's my name and that's why this scared the living shit out of me. It was very dramatic and creepy.

(no subject)

Inspired by savethedaze's awesomeness.

Did (does) anyone else play any of the Simutronics text-based RPGs? Gemstone III (IV), Dragonrealms, the horribly confusing Modus Operandi or the laughable Alliance of Heroes based on the Hercules and Xena franchise?

Poll Alert

Another interesting fourcorners poll, this one's about intelligence, and how intelligent you deem yourselves. I'd check it out if I were you.

And just so it's not straight pimping, again, here's my obligatory question.

People get trapped in elevators not so often, but it does occur occasionally. Say every one of you will get trapped in an elevator sometime in your future, and you have the option of choosing the particulars, cause you're cool that way. The experience will be 2 hours long. That is, the waiting. However, you can choose:

A)who you want to be trapped with (anyone from someone you know to a celebrity or political figure or whoever)

B)one prop that you just happened to have with you (say, a game of Battleship or a bottle of Smirnoff), that might make the 2 hours pass more comfortably

For some reason unknown to the forces of the universe, there's no cameras in this elevator, so what happens in the trapped, confined box stays in the trapped, confined box. That being said

C)does this change your first 2 answers any?


Explain die-hard sports team fans to me.
How can you claim allegiance to a single sports team? A team is just a bunch of constantly changing people wearing the same uniform. Any team's performance and members changes drastically from year to year.
Is it just that uniform they love?

This question is inspired by the Maple Leafs. I've lived in Ontario my whole life, and the Leafs hockey fever is crazy here. I've been surrounded by crazy fans and obsessive merchandising for all of my 26 years. I'm not a hockey fan, so i've never paid attention to statistics or scores. Since i see their logo somewhere every day, flip past their games every week and avoid sports bars in general, i just sort of assumed that since they're so popular they must be a good team....right?
I just found out (10 minutes ago!) that they haven't won the Stanley Cup since 1967. WTF. You must understand if I'm feeling a little lied to here, a little confused. With all the hype and crazy love i just assumed they were a good team.
I know they're one of the original 6 teams and have a lot of history. They're also one of the richest and most profitable teams in sports. ALL of their games are sold out every year. And yet they haven't won the playoffs in 40 years. What the hell is going on with these fans?
This is a world i know nothing about.


1) What is one song that you think that everyone should hear at least once in there life? It can be anything from hip-hop to classical.

2) What do you think is the greatest song of all time? Once again anything from hip-hop to classical.
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(no subject)

Affects, effects. What's the difference, and what's the correct usage? I've tried the dictionary, but it just confuses me.

ETA: Question has been answered, and thank you all hugely!
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set of 10

What was the most recent ...

1) pic you looked at?
2) CD you listened to (or, last 12 tracks heard on your iTunes, MP3 player, etc)?
3) community you joined?
4) book you read/are reading?
5) person you spoke to?
6) thing you ate?
7) thing that made you laugh?
8) show/movie you watched?
9) place you visited that you hadn't been to before?
10) price you paid for gas (per gallon/liter)

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(no subject)

1. If you were to be executed, what would you request for your last meal?
2. I was in the doctor's office, waiting room (waiting on someone) today, and this guy came in. Apparently a relative or acquaintance of the nurse. They chatted for a bit, then he left. The way he talked was interesting.. She asked what he was doing there (apparently he had stopped by to pick up some CDs from her), and he answered by pointing at his head and saying: "Ears" (meaning, I suppose, listening). She asked him about his schedule for the day, and he recited the numbers 1 through 12 a few times, counting up on the clock to inform her at what time he'd do something ("One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, ten, eleven, twelve... one, two" meant two o'clock in the afternoon, for example). Took her a few tries to understand what he was saying, but she seemed to handle it well, so she must be familiar with that speech pattern...

What was wrong with him? Anyone familiar with that?
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1. Do you prefer chicken fried steak or chicken fried chicken?
2. Do you prefer cream gravy or brown gravy on your mashed potatoes?
3. What soda do you prefer floats in?
4. What ice cream do you prefer in floats?
5. Without having looked it up first, do you know what a brown cow is in diner terminology?
6. Does it annoy you when people say they make something from scratch but you know it really isn't?

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I was accepted to the Honors program at Ohio State University. I need to make the decision whether or not to do Honors or not soon, and I'm kind of at a loss about what I want to do. I've read up on it, but I'm still not sure. How different in general are Honors programs compared to just regular? I feel like I've just been stressed out for 4 years in high school with a lot of advanced classes, and if the Honors program is just going to be a lot of harder work, I'm unsure whether I want to participate in it. Would you suggest choosing the program, or not, and why?
Thank you in advance, I'm kind of a mess over here.
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for the girls...

Well the ones on birth control at least...

My roommate and I were having a discussion about the time you take your birth control and how effective it is.

I know that taking your pill at relatively the same time every day ensures the best protection. I have an alarm that goes off at 10PM every night. However, there are times when I'm in the middle of something/too lazy to get up/driving/don't hear the alarm and don't take it until a little while later. My roommate says that for it to be most effective, it must be taken either 15 minutes before or after the regular time (ie: between 9:45 and 10:15). I say that it's a little bit more lax than that and there's about a two hour period to take it (Say from 9:00- 11:00).

I can't find any information in the package that comes with the pills about time limits, so I was wondering if the girls of the community (or any medical professionals) knew how long the time period was to make birth control pills most effective?

I'm on OrthoTriCyclen Lo if that makes any difference. And yes, I know I can call my doctor and ask, but I keep forgetting during normal business hours, lol.

Thanks in advance!


So, my friend has this manuscript that he wants to convert from Word to a website with hypertext...
What's the most efficient way to do the conversion?

From what I can see him doing in Word, it's going to take him 3 years to complete even if he works 8 hours/day --
We're talking approximately 1,000 pages with multiple words per page that need to be hypertexted.

+ He wants to hypertext every character's name each time it shows up.
For example --

The way he has it set up now, let's say Ben's name is hypertexted on page 72 -- Click on "Ben" to see his description -- Click on "Back" to go back to where you left off reading on page 72.

Repeat process for 10,000 references to "Ben" EXCEPT, each reference gets "Back"ed to where the person left off reading (Different page each time) --> There's the rub!?

Ben's name is hypertexted on page 72 -- Click on "Ben" to see his description -- Click on "Back" to go back to where you left off reading on page 72.
Ben's name is hypertexted on page 81 -- Click on "Ben" to see his description -- Click on "Back" to go back to where you left off reading on page 81.
Ben's name is hypertexted on page 94 -- Click on "Ben" to see his description -- Click on "Back" to go back to where you left off reading on page 94.

Pretend you are me, for curiosity's sake.

The state school 20 minutes away from your house where you know a half-dozen people,
the generic New England liberal arts school surronded by mountains but walking distance from a small (but cute) town,
or the hard-to-get-into arts school that's a half hour from Manhattan, but a slightly ugly campus, and walking distance from nothing?

(edit- I've been accepted to all three- Rhode Island College for Drama, Mass College of Lib Arts for Writing, SUNY Purchase for Dramatic Writing, and I should mention the RIC is a slightly ugly campus as well. I left their ranking slightly ambiguous, as I thought I would get into my first choice. Oh, well.)

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I want to ask everyone a question but it is in the form of a survey, so by clicking the link u can do it.
Please please please check it out, and fill it out. Help it greatly appreciated!
(Whats it about? My sister is trying to make a line of clothings, starting off by makign t-shirts. She wants to know what the general public wants first though...)


this is by no means a forced survey, don't want to do it then don't.
(but u'd be a better person if u did)
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A question for Myspace users:
Do you keep people you don't really like on your friend list? Why?

All my friends have huge friends lists, but they hate half of the people. I don't get it. Is it considered rude not to add someone or something?
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i'm searching for polaroid film and i noticed that a lot of the cheaper auctions were for packs of film that were already expired. (2004, 2005, etc). does this matter? will it still work?
think about it


I enjoy Crown and Coke, however I want to cut out ALL soda from my diet. What can I mix with Crown or Captain that isn't soda?
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1. Does your family have a "theme song?" If so, what is it?
My mom's side plays The Eagles; Take It To The Limit at every function. We all get into a big circle and sing along, and I must admit, I look at this weird ritual with fondness.

2. Favorite feel good movie?
For me it's Cary Grant and Sophia Loren in Houseboat

3. How many of you listened to/watched Raffi as a kid? What was your favorite song?
Mine was Baby Beluga, but recently my friends and I have rediscovered the joy that is Banana Phone (which we bust a move to at parties). I saw this cartoon today
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Needless to say, I thought that was pretty amusing.

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I have never gone mini-golfing before, but a friend and I were thinking it might be fun to try on a boring day. Around how much does it cost per person? I know each golfing center varies, but I just wanted to know if it's very expensive or not. What do you all think? Is it a waste of time and money, or is it a fun thing to do?
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So, if you were a rockstar, what would be on your list of must haves for your dressing room?


Dinosaur Ritz Crackers
Sweet Leaf Regular & Diet Sweet Tea
Chunky (the candy bar)
Smart Water & Vitamin Water Power C

Temprature at 69 degrees (comedic value AND i like it cold)
Backgammon Board
Scrabble Board

Regular Nintendo with Tetris and Super Mario Brothers III (the best game EVER.)

God Im so happy its ridiculous! *Hell freezes over.*

Okay, so I have a few questions, and I know Im going to forget some, but lets see how I do.

1)a) Have you ever seen Lord of the Dance? Did you enjoy it?
b)Any ideas of places where I could learn how to dance like that? I dont think a regular dance studio would offer Irish-stle tap & ballet dancing. Im so desperate to learn how to dance like that :) It would be so much fun.

2) Okay, you know the typical rich girl in the movie with her closet full of shoes. I hate shoes. So if I was rich, I would have a closet full of earrings. I LOVE EARRINGS more than anything. What would you have a closet full of?

3) In 2 weekends (the 14-17), Im going to Chicago. Ive been there once, and Im so excited now to go! My mom got my sister and me tickets for the closing night of Rent. Its her 18th birthday that night, so Im so excited I could cry. Where can I take her to eat? I want to take her out somewhere that night before we go, and Im looking for opinions of really good resturants that arent too expensive (IM BROKE!) So any suggestion works :) Thanks!

4)a) When you were in high school, did it bother you if you had no idea what you wanted to be and everyone else seemed to know?
b) When you were in high school, and you knew what you wanted to be, is it what you became? Did you have like, 200 different life plans made out for yourself?

5) Whats your favorite music genre? Season? Holiday?

God, I feel so good today :)
My mania is like 32894723948 times better. Need to be uplifed? Lol, go read my latest post (the only one really thats not friends only.) EEee :) Sometimes I feel like such a teenager :)
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Does anyone know if Beethoven's "Piano Concerto No. 5 - Adagio" has been used in any films? tv shows? ...video games? Anything? It sounds so...familiar.

Here is a 10 second clip: wm
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This summer, I want to take a short road trip with my boyfriend (within a day's drive) somewhere, but I am not sure where yet.

We are in San Antonio, TX.

Here are a few places we're considering:

* Port Aransas beach, TX - approx 3 hours
* South Padre Island, TX - approx 5 hours
* Big Bend National Park, TX - approx 8 hours
* Ozarks Mountains, AR - approx 11 hours

Or if you have any other suggestions, under a day's drive (12-15 hours max), please suggest. I've named mostly naturey type places, but if there's unique cities out there, please suggest those too. I just lived/visited most major cities in Texas so I'm not as interested, but other states or small unique ones in TX - suggest away.

Also, if you recommend any of the choices that I've said, or tell me to avoid any places you wouldn't recommend, that'll be great too.

Since we're both poor students on budgets right now, suggestions for cheap motels/camping areas in any of those places, as well as tips of cheap places to eat, routes we should take, what the climate is like, suggestions of what must-do/must-see attractions in any of those areas, what to bring, etc. Any tips you have at all is great too.

Oops! My mouth wrote a check my ass can't cash!

My brother & I were talking ealier, and he said he'd be coming by this weekend. I mentioned that I saw one of his favorite episodes of Degrassi (original series) this afternoon, and when he remarked on how great the ep was, I told him I'd download it before he shows up this weekend, so we can watch it while he's here.

Now i can't find it. Does anyone know where I could find it? The episode is called "Taking off" (Part 1, to be specific, but both parts would be good. And, if you're wondering, its the one where Shane jumps off a bridge after taking acid & Wheels is molested by the guy who picks him up while hitch hiking. Aaahhh - memories & good times.