April 5th, 2006

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  1. Why don't you have to wear seatbelts on buses?
  2. If you live somewhere where schools are K-6, 7-9, and 10-12, are 9th graders still called freshmen? (Edit: Like at my HS we're 9-12 and 9th graders are freshmen, but I was wondering about schools that start with 10th grade. Sorry if that's worded awkwardly.)
  3. What's a good name for a hedgehog?
  4. How often do you wear a seatbelt? Does it depend on where you're sitting in the car?
  5. Is there a specific seat in the car that you're most comfortable in?
  6. What color/wash of jeans do you like best?
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1. Does anyone know how long it takes to get from Poughkeepsie, NY to Hartford CT?
2. Do you know any buslines on the East Coast that are not Greyhound or Peter Pan?

Peter Pan doesn't have a bus from Poughkeepsie or Rhinebeck or Kingston and on the Greyhound it takes five hours. Does it really take five hours? I looked on a map and New York City looks so much farther from Poughkeepsie than Hartford does, and it only takes two hours to get to NY.

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has anyone else ever come to the point where they have seriously questioned the road that they're chosen for their life? if so, what did you do? did you keep on going with the life you'd chosen, or did you do something new? how do you know that what you've chosen is what you should do? does anyone else ever feel like a complete and utter failure?
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Do these colors go together?

I threw some random comfortable clothes on yesterday, and decided I really liked how the colors worked together. I thought the maroon sweatshirt would have looked weird with blue jeans if not for the green t-shirt showing between them. The green makes the combination work.

Does that make sense to anyone else? Despite not particularly caring about whether my clothes match, I like to think I have a good eye for colors that go together.
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Comunion + DVD Burner

Two questions, neither related to the other at all.

Question the first, just what is 'a first communion'? I just got an invite in the mail from my step-aunt about my cousins communion and I know it's a catholic thing, but aside from that my knowledge on the subject is basically that scene in 'Mystic River' where the daughter is getting her communion and the Dad is wondering where his older daughter is. So yeah what is it and what's it mean when you go to one and yea just pretend your explain it to someone who's from a different planet cause I know about as much as an alien at this point.

Question numba dos, I'm curious about getting a DVD Burner for my computer and I'd like to know which one of these you'd recommend.

- Sony - 16x Internal Double-Layer DVD±RW/CD-RW Drive
- Pioneer - 16x Internal Double-Layer DVD±RW/CD-RW Drive
- LG - 16x Internal Double-Layer DVD±RW/CD-RW Super-Multi Drive
- Plextor - 16x Internal Double-Layer DVD±RW/CD-RW Drive - Black
- Hewlett-Packard - 16x Internal Double-Layer DVD±RW/CD-RW Drive with LightScribe
- Lite On - EZ-DUB External USB 2.0 Double-Layer DVD±RW/CD-RW Drive

They range in price from $69.99-$99.99 at BestBuy.com right now, and Best Buy gave me credit so that's my only option if I hope to buy anytime soon. I notice for the most part their all 16x, double layer, but what does 'Super-Mutli Drive' mean? And 'LightScribe' is where it can burn a label on the DVD right? Oh and what is your opinion on the External drive just because I'm curious what downfalls that might have.

I prolly should add some info on my computer here just for help with the DVD Burner question. I have a Dell Dimension Desktop w/ two sticks of 512mb ram, 70gb internal harddrive, and 250gb external harddrive. I'm mainly wanting the burner to backup some things of mine that either won't fit or would be easier to include on a DVD-R rather than a CD-R.

Thx in advance for any help that you may be able to give :)

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inspired by johhnymayhem:

i've avoided, no - IGNORED jury duty notices for ages now...

have you done jury duty before? how long did it last?
have you ever mailed in/phoned in to be excused?
what was your excuse?
if it were possible - what trial would you like to be on?
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What is your favorite breakfast cereal?

How often do you eat it?

What is included in your favorite big breakfast meal?

How often do you have a big breakfast meal?

Do you prefer bacon or sausage?

OJ, milk or coffee?

What would you put in an omelet?

What is your favorite non-traditional breakfast food to eat for breakfast?
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hair dryer

I bought a new hair dryer yesterday. In addition to the regular hot/warm/cool and high/medium/off settings, it also has a switch that lets me choose either ionic, ceramic/ionic, or ceramic. What is the difference between these settings? Which should I use on my fine, straight, slightly longer than shoulder length, color-treated hair?
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Firstly, what are some good "sick foods" to make, besides chicken soup?
Symptoms are headache, sore throat, fatigue, slight sore throat, slight fever/chills.

Secondly, does anyone know a good website that has lists or charts healthy subsitutions to baking/cooking?
For example, I've heard that applesauce/mashed bananas are be used as oil in baking?
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Gettin' Down With The Sickness

Seems like everyone is getting sick right now, doesn't it? (That isn't the question.)
So, who here is sick and what have you got?
Our entire office is sick now with an evil form of a cold. We're about to call it an office-wide state of emergency and go home. (Or so I hope.)

And unrelated...
Do you subscribe to any podcasts? I should say, any funny ones? I've got the Onion one and I'd like some more odd/funny ones to help me pass the time in traffic. I've been going through the listing on iTunes, but damn, every time I get distracted, I lose my place and have to start over.
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I need some inspiration!!

In my computer class, we're supposed to be making SIMPLE 4-page websites. I chose to do a website for a fictional sushi restaurant. I have a few questions...

1. Which color scheme would you think would look best?
2. What would be a clever name for this restaurant?
3. What would you put on each of the 4 pages (including the home page)?
4. How many pictures are too many to put on there? We're working on a 800x600 px rectangle, and we can use Javascript, so some of the pictures could be activated on a mouse-over.
5. What kind of pictures would look good on it? There are only so many pictures of sushi, after all. lol

EDIT: 6. What kind of fonts would look good, as in serif or sans-serif?

Thank you!!
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Six Fillings and Knock Out Blues

I just got six fillings finished about an hour ago and they numbed my entire mouth and jaw. The problem is that I haven't slept since 3pm yesterday and I am getting very sleepy but I don't want to sleep and bite my tongue since it's entirely numb.

If I sleep is it likely that ill bite my tongue because it's numb?
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Roommate Mayhem

I don't believe it's as easy as my boyfriend thinks, so... I'm asking you all. The facts of this tale are as he has explained them to me. They don't all make complete sense.

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He wants to evict her and have another friend move in. I say he can't just say "get out!" but he says he can. We live in central MA. Can he say that? What should he do? I've googled around looking for how to evict a roommate but I'm not finding anything that seems relevant to this situation. Anyone been through this?
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I have finally talked my daycare center into using QuickBooks for accounting needs rather than the excel spreadsheet, which is killing me slowly.

Does anyone here know of a good Chart of Accounts to start with for a daycare?

And where would I put the sales tax she pays when shopping so she can deduct it at the end of the year so I don't have to calculate it separately? Is it an 'Expense' or 'Other Expense'?

I hope you can help me. :) I can USE QuickBooks, but I'm not as sure about setting it up properly.
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roaches in the dishwasher!

as you can see from the subject, i have roaches (baby ones) who live in my dishwasher. how can i get rid of them? my kitchen is immaculate, i am a total neat freak, and i have never seen them anywhere else. i got little roach traps and put them all around the kitchen and inside the cabinets. but every time (almost) that i open my dishwasher, i see one or more scurry away inside the walls surrounding the dishwasher. i am worried that putting some sort of poison in there will be bad for my dishes. my landlord basically does not care about this issue. is there anything i can do? i really don't want to live with these roaches, cause they are just going to start growing and getting bigger and multiplying and ick! i want them gone.


I checked my wachovia checking account today at work and i saw that my account was overdrawn $35.00. The purchase that overdrew my account was an unauthorized purchase for 10.99 from some company calling themselves "CC". $35 may not seem like alot, but I'm still in school, so thats like, half of my paycheck. I've filed a report with my bank online and I plan on calling them as soon as I get home so that I can talk to someone live.

This has never happened to me before so I'm wondering:

Will the bank believe me or make me pay? Also, has this ever happened to you? How could this company "CC" have gotten my check card number ?

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Groan. My laptop got a virus, which I got rid of, but it left my screen all effed up. Does anyone know how to stretch out my screen so it fills up the whole monitor? Right now, it has at least an inch wide vertical band on the sides of the screen....
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My boyfriend and I are thinking of moving out of our parents' houses and into an apartment together, but have no idea how to go about this, nor what sort of financial situation we should be in. I did a little research, and a cheap one bedroom apartment around here (We live in Austin, Texas) will cost about $500-$600 a month, but I'm unsure if that includes utilities, etc. Plus there's obviously food and other expenses...

What I'm getting at is... what sort of things should I know before attempting to move into an apartment? About how much does apartment living cost per month? I know it'll differ by area, but I'm just looking for some ballpark figures to see if it's something we could conceivably do. If anyone in the com lives in Austin who could give me some Austin specific advice, that'd be super awesome.
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So my iPod has been acting really strangely lately. It rarely connects to iTunes-- it does sometimes, but increasingly less. Everytime a pop up comes up saying "you need to update your iPod!" and I click okay, and another iPod pop up comes up giving me the option of updating my iPod or restoring it-- but for a while it kept telling me to attach my iPod even when it was already plugged in. Finally it actually acknowledged that there was an iPod attached and then it said that my iPod was already completely updated.

Also the iPod itself has been sporadic-- skipping random songs, stopping without being told to, taking a lot time to process and switch to another song. I feel it whirring a lot.

Anyone know what's up?
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traveling with cake?

my boyfriend did the sweetest thing in the world a couple days ago, and suprised me with a cake. long story short, it means an incredible amount to me. the thing is, we're moving across the country in 2 days, and the cake is less than half eaten. is there any possible way i could pack it up and bring it on the plane with me? i cant bear to throw it away before we leave. any suggestions? i already have two bags i'm checking, a purse and a computer bag i'm carrying on with me.

EDIT: the cake is one of those little round ones. like, maybe 8 inches across.


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You know those shampoos that are designed for people w/certain hair colors... like for brunettes, blondes, redheads, etc. What happens if you use the shampoo that isn't for your hair color (i.e. a brunette using the blonde shampoo, etc)?... I've always wondered about that! Have any of you ever tried that just to find out?

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1. Has anyone been to Wildwood? What are some things I can't miss doing [this trip will be in June..]

2. What's your favorite pre-1960 movie? Pre-1980? Pre-2000?

3. What was your Senior Trip? How'd it go?

4. Have you ever snuck away during a school trip [not that I'm planning on doing so]

5. And I have a question for all the homosexuals in the community: Do you find yourself more attracted to hetrosexuals? Especially if they have no idea that you are either homosexual and/or that you're interested in them? According to my friends, a lot of lesbians have crushes on me. Not that I have a problem with this, but is it common for that to happen?

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The official definitions of literature are:
1) Imaginative or creative writing, especially of recognized artistic value.
2) Printed material.

This might be a stupid question, but I've only ever thought of literature as definition #1. Whenever I hear the word, I think of classics and great timeless authors, but during a group conversation today there was much debating that EVERYTHING that's written is considered literature. I now know this is true based on the definition, I don't know why I always thought literature was supposed to be all educational and sophisticated. What are all your thoughts on this? What is your own definition of literature? Am I the only weird one in always thinking of only the first meaning of the word?


here is the music from Disney's Fantasia:
-Toccata and Fugue in D Minor by Johann Sebastian Bach
-The Nutcracker Suite by Piotr Ilich Tchaikovsky
-The Sorcerer's Apprentice by Paul Dukas
-The Rite of Spring by Igor Stravinsky
-The Pastoral Symphony by Ludwig van Beethoven
-Dance of the Hours by Amilcare Ponchielli
-Night on Bald Mountain by Modeste Moussorgsky
-Ave Maria by Franz Shubert

Does anyone know which piece was played while the mushrooms were dancing?

******EDIT*********** solved. thanks so much

holding doors and Barnes & Noble!

1. When you're going through double doors and the person in front of you holds the door for you, do you go through the one they held open?
Of course. Tonight I was leaving Barnes & Noble and they have two sets of double doors. I held the door for the man behind me both times and the second time looked behind me to make sure I didn't close it on him and he went through the other door. He avoided the one held open like chlamydia. For some reason it really bothered me.

2. Do you say "thank you" when someone holds the door for you?
Yes, always.

3. When did Barnes & Noble turn into the scene-fest library?
I haven't been in there in a while since I usually go to Borders. Tonight it was filled with scene kids lounging about reading magazines and books on the comfy couches, and the floor. None of them seemed to be buying anything.

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1. What is something you are hoping for with all of your heart right now?
I'm hoping that I get accepted into graduate school overseas, and leave New York for a year.

2. If you do not have any matches, but want to light a candle, what do you use?
Lately I've been lighting a strand of spaghetti on the stove and then lighting my candle

3. Anyone here study introduction to business law? I'm taking an exam on it tomorrow to get college credit, but have never taken a course on it. I have been studying terms and such, but what are some key elements of business law?

4. I had me a big old cathartic cry tonight, and will be going to bed in a bit. Is there anything I should do for my eyes before I go to sleep? I don't want to wake up puffy.

5. Another iPod question. Before I got my Nano (about a month ago) I had a Mini, and promptly filled up my iTunes library to the brim. Needless to say, the new Nano could not hold all my songs and has made a select playlist. I've deleted many songs, burned them onto discs as well, and now there should be more than enough space on Mr. Nano. But when I try updating it, it won't change on the Nano, things still remain as that one select playlist. How do I fix this? Should I just reset the iPod? I tried that but it wouldn't work.
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prom sucks

I am going to be in a limo with 16 other people for prom. Yes, 16. I make it 17 because I don't have a date. None of my friends have REAL dates, we are basically a huge group of friends going together. It still makes me feel like crap, though, that I'm the only one without a date. When we look at prom pictures 10 years from now, I'll be the one standing alone.

Should I go with no date?

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Last week, I asked a question about my screen and windows always lagging, and someone answered it. It was something about my video controllers?

The point is, I have no idea what that is and I think it could be the problem. While not harmful to the computer, it's fucking annoying, and I want it to be fixed. Can anyone help me further?

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If you have a Razr/Razor/Blade/Bic/Shick (haha) phone, do you like it? Preferably the one for Sprint, ?

Everyone I know that has one seems to hate it. I hear that aside from its slim pocket-fitting convienience that it's actually a piece of crap phone.

If you have one and you like it, why?
If you have one and you don't like it, why?
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I received a miniature rose bush for Valentine's Day and since my room at school doesn't have enough space or sunlight, I left it in my mother's care. This is already a death sentence when it comes to plants, but she bought some special rose food, put it in the part of the house where it gets the best sun exposure, and waters it every other day.

It is, of course, dying.

This is very upsetting for me, and it bothers me a great deal that I am unable to keep this wonderful gift alive. Suggestions? Is it being water too often, not often enough? Should it have a better container than the small plastic one it came in? It's not sitting in a saucer, but it doesn't seem like water drains, though there are holes on the bottom of the container. Should it be in a larger container, or should I plant it outside? Is there a particular fertilizer or something I should use? If I plant it outside, do I need to do anything special to the soil?

Thanks in advance...
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OK, no cheating, do this step first before you check out the questions. That's not a question, it's a command. ;)

Make a list of your 10 closest friends, folks you know in real life preferred but not required. Lovers and relatives count if you consider them friends.

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I'm planning on having a bunch of friends over for dinner sometime in the next few weeks. Problem is, there are more friends coming for dinner than I have places at my current dinner table. This table is round, about 42" in diameter, and technically seats 4 people (I could probably fit a fifth person comfortably though). But I need a table that will seat 8. I'd prefer a round table like the one I have right now, but the question is, just how much table to I need? Anyone have any idea how big the table has to be to fit 8 people? Thanks!

Another question!

Thanks for all your help on the last question I posted.

How can you find out someone's E-Mail from their Myspace? Is there a special website that can pull up that information? Is there a place that is it displayed? I really need to find out someone's E-Mail from their Myspace if at all possible =)