April 4th, 2006


For those that swim..

What are the best ear plugs to prevent any water from seeping in? I hear the silicone putty ones don't work very well..and I need good ones so that I won't get any ear infections.
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not applicable to texans

do you know what chicken fried steak is? have you ever had it? do they serve it where you live?

i was kind of blown away when i learned awhile back that this is not served everywhere, ha. me and my texan food mentality.

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if you could sing a song w/your favourite band/singer - what would the song be and w/whom would you sing?
when attending a concert - do you prefer big concerts/stadiums, or smaller/private venues? why?
if you could have a conversation w/your favourite band/singer, who would it be and what would you talk about?
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Do you think it might be illegal (in any given USA state, at least) to put a scrolling LED display in the rear window of my car? And program it to scroll different phrases like "Stop tailgaiting me" and the like?
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Do you get this joke?:

Question: How many ski instructors does it take to screw in a light bulb?
Answer: None. Ski instructors don't screw in light bulbs, they screw in hot tubs.

Edit: I'm asking because it took me a couple reads to get it. How many reads did it take you?
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Angelfire or work blocking?

Is Angelfire having issues right now or did my work block it? If they blocked it would any pictures I hotlinked from my account (it's paid) not work as well?

Could someone check out www.photobee.net and see if it's working? You don't have to click any of the links (most of the pictures are broken anyway) but I'd like to know if it's Angelfire or my work. This happened once with DeviantArt and it turned out to be the site.

Oh, one more question. Can you see my custom mood icon?

Thank you! It seems that Angelfire is having issues, not my work.
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A bone

Well I can't go on refreshing my livejournal page every second or waiting for new celebrity gossip.

What are some good websites I can visit during work when I feel like I need a break? A website with interesting things to read? Current events maybe, but not like cnn.com.

I'm not really looking for games to play, and I already check the news every now and then, and I even check grouphug.us when I'm desperate. Maybe you guys could point me in a more intellectual direction?
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mermaid baby!

So I was watching a show about this girl born in Peru on TLC last night when I had insomnia...I got sleepy and went to bed. What happened to her? I last saw where her mother saw her for the first time and couldn't stop thinking about how she was cursed...
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I need to find a hefty selection of gay/straight online/newspapers-printed-online personals for a class. Any place you know that doesn't require money or a lengthy questionaire about my preferences to register?
Alternately, do the chicago tribune or NY times have personals sections? those are downstairs...CT at least, NYT might've run out by now.

and: why do my legs hurt? oh god. they just started this weekend. I've been riding a bike for 2 weeks, but they didn't hurt -last- weekend... and I live on the fifth floor, so those muscles have always been worked hard anyway...

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You have a 35 gallon tank with water, fish, rocks, plants, etc.
You have a 1 gallon tank with water, rocks, a plant, and a fish that doesn't play nicely with the fish in the big tank.
You have 5 gallon and a 2-gallon-ish buckets.
You also have a skateboard and a razor scooter, should you choose to use them.
Also there will be available a boyfriend and at least one parent to help.

Suggestions for the lowest-stress-to-you-and-the-fish method to get fish and tank and all from a fifth floor apartment(no elevator until the 4th floor) to an apartment some 3 blocks away? one block is uphill on a fairly steep grade.
further, you only have a few hours. maybe 4.

I have ideas, but I'd like other suggestions.
Edit: forgot the truck. will have that too.

My idea was something like taking the one gallon tank as is, no big deal... and putting the others in the five gallon bucket.

The best things come to those who wait...

Have you ever told someone that you had a crush on them, but they did not have a crush on you at first?

Has the person ever come around and developed feelings for you?

If so, how long did you crush until you won their affections?

Do you feel it is not worth your heartache to hold feelings for someone who does not share them right away?

Any success stories out there???
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I have an old pair of boxer shorts. They're Joe Boxers. My mother bought them for me years ago when she still bought me underwear.

There's a joke of some sort on them that I've never been able to understand.

There's a pattern on the fabric, and it has bananas all over it, and the bananas are made of money. Like, 20-dollar bills or something. What is the meaning of this? Can you figure it out? Anyone else out there have the same pair?
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Apparently, Scarlet Johansson just topped the list for the 100 sexiest females in Hollywood...

in your opinion, who is the sexiest female (or male, for that matter) in Hollywood right now and why do you think so?
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New tactic.

I am a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding. She told all of us that we can pick whatever dress we want from this one bridal shop, but it has to be in the color 'apple'. There were originally like 15 dresses that I couldn't choose between, but through some hemming and hawwing, I have it narrowed down to three. I can't decide which one would look best on me, and I can't go try them on until next week or possibly the week after. So I did what any red-blooded girl would do...I decided to pick out shoes.

I fell in love with these. The shoes will be dyed to match the dress.

So here's the question:

Choice A

Choice B

Choice C

Which of those dresses goes best with those shoes?

(Edit: Sonofa......ok, all the links are fixed. Sorry guys)
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i work as a receptionist and i mainly stay behind a desk for 10 hours a day.
my schedule conflicts with some of the classes i used to go to at the gym (cycling, yoga)
i feel really lacksadaiscal these days.

i try to stand up and go for walks, but i'm not feeling this.
what are some exercises i can do throughout the day that can help keep me from feeling like a lump?
and don't involve performing jumping jacks in the waiting area?
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Hey folks
I work at the Stonewall Center at Umass Amherst and i will be coordinating some LGBTetc events on campus in the fall. i was wondering if any of you have any suggestions as to who would be a good performer/author/etc to bring to the campus. whom have you brought to your community easily? with a good turnout? who was just plain interesting?
any suggestions would help
thank you :)
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(no subject)

1. Do you feel guilty at all when downloading music illegally?

2. Do you use the russian mp3 download sites (allofmp3.com and mp3search.ru)?

3. If you do download music illegally, are you worried that you'l ever get in trouble for it?

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1. Other then a limo or a regular car, what are some viable ways to get to prom? I kind of want to rent a jag or something, but where would I do this? What about a horse drawn carriage?

2. Favorite Urban Legend?

3. Favorite Sketch comedy show?

4. Tell me how YOU flirt? Then, think about the flirtest person you know, how do they flirt?

5. And, a Question from my friend, if you were a Senior would you date a Freshman? [We're talking High School]

6. Speaking of High School, what's your favorite High School movie? Favorite college movie?
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When making decisions, which do you take into consideration the most:

immediate consequences/benefits (tomorrow or this week or month)
short-term consequences/benefits (1-3 years)
long-term consequences/benefits (3+ years)

When worrying, which concerns you the most:

the immediate future (tomorrow or this week or month)
short-term future (1-3 years)
long-term future (3+ years)

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i've never owned a rat, but would really like to get one, however, i am not someone who will just throw the animal in a cage and forget about it. i want to be well-educated before getting one and i also want to be able to form a close bond with it, which i know is possible with rats. i tried looking at sites online, but none of them seemed helpful..so i've come to thequestionclub.
- what should i know before getting a rat? i don't want to ask anyone at a pet store since most of the workers don't seem very knowledgable, plus, i heard that buying one from a pet store isn't the best idea anyway.

- how can i get my rat to not bite? that sounds like a stupid question..but i've owned a hamster before and she was vicious. i thought holding her often would help her get used to me, but she never did and she recently died. =( like i said, i want a close and trusting relationship with the rat.
- what would be the best type of home for a rat?
- where should i get one, if not at a pet store? (i'm in the nyc area)
- approximately how much of an initial investment would getting a rat be? (the rat, food, shelter, toys, whatever else i would need). if it's too much of an expense, i will definitely wait until i save up enough money. i don't want to deprive him/her of anything at all.
- what are the pros and cons of having a male? a female?

i don't want anyone to get the wrong idea by this post. it may seem like one of those oMgGz I wAnT a RatTiE cUz ThEy'Re SoO kYoOt things, but it's really not. i just want to make sure i'm well-informed, educated, and prepared before actually purchasing one.
thanks. ♥
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1. When you write with a pen, are you the type to get ink all over your hand?
2. Is there anything you'll eat past its expiry date? If so, what? And how long past?
3. Assuming you want to have children, if you had the option of choosing the sex of your baby without any complications, would you do it? Why or why not?
4. Who is your favourite author? Did they write any of your favourite books?
5. What do you think your most attractive facial feature is? Least attractive?
6. What is an example of an outfit you wear often that represents your personal style?
7. Have you ever slept outside (not in a tent or whatever)? What were the circumstances?
8. Where is the strangest place you've ever urinated?
9. What is your town/city/whatever known for?

Google search engine

Anyone have any idea how often Google updates their info? JUST as an example...if you type in your name and your website shows up. If you delete your website, how many days/months does it take before Google deletes that from the search engine results (since it's a dead link)?
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Nashville, and Mammoth Cave.

I just found out I'll be flying to Nashville with my dad this Saturday for a short 3 night vacation. We will be driving to Mammoth Cave, since last time we were in Kentucky it was closed and my father has been bitter about it since. What are some things we should definitely see or do in the Nashville or Mammoth Cave area?


What EXACTLY are the hazards of marijuana grow opts? Or moving into houses that have previously been used as grow opts?

Are you for or against the legalization of marijuana?

Why are there sooOOooOooOoo many names for it????

Edit: Is being a drug dealer glamourized? I mean what's with this show Weeds?
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Nipples! And other stuff.

1. Do your nipples change color according to the temperature?

2. Do you watch Cash Cab?

3. Do you think it's weird that the Discovery Channel has a gameshow like that on it?

4. Are your nipples pale or dark?

5. Are your nipples big or small?

6. Do you listen to other people's conversations on the bus?
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What drives you crazy about purchasing clothes? (men or women, doesn't matter)

My answer: nothing ever fits quite right! I am a small person (5'2" and around 110 lbs), but I have relatively wide hips and a short waist. That means that even though I am a good weight and healthy, my top is never the same size as my bottom, so buying dresses is horrible, and pants never sit quite right no matter what size -- either the waist is too high, the legs are too long, or the hips fit but the waist doesn't. I am so tired of looking like a little kid playing dress up when I wear professional clothes to work. Don't they understand that short women have hips?!

(no subject)

Someone explain the American schooling system to me?
Like, how old are Freshmen/Seniors etc? Middle school/high school/elementary school?
I'm English, and we have absolutely none of that, and I've always been curious.
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wedding speech

My friend asked me to give a speech at her wedding in June, since I was a huge part in getting her and her soon to be husband together.

The thing is I have no idea what to say. Am I to tell a little story of something that happened in college that led them to get together? Do I just introduce myself, say congratulations and all that stuff, and sit back down?

I don't want a "Wedding Crashers" moment AT ALL!

Have you ever given a speech at a wedding?