April 2nd, 2006

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1. Is there a song that you know on one level is incredibly cliched, yet you find yourself still able to relate to it? For me, it's "All Hail the Heartbreaker" by the Spill Canvas and "Because You Loved Me" by Celine Dion.

2. Is there a song that you know is cheesy, but there's some lyrics you really like in it? I like the line "you've got the most unbeliveable blue eyes I've ever seen" in Donna Lewis's "I Love You, Always Forever", even though I knew it was a way cheesy song even when it first came out.
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For those of you who have cats, what weird and/or annoying things do your cats do?

Mine does two things that I haven't quite figured out. After taking a shower in the morning, I go to the living room to check my e-mail, until the mirror is sufficiently defogged so I can comb my hair. While I'm in the living room, my cat sneaks into the bathroom so she can stand in the bathtub. As far as I can tell, she doesn't do anything in the tub other than standing there. I haven't been able to prove this, since she jumps out of the tub as soon as she hears me walking toward the bathroom. Another thing she likes to do is sneak up behind me while I'm watching TV and try to eat my hair. I really, really hate that.

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1.) Have you ever used St.John's Wort to treat mild depression? I've read that they use it in Europe alot in place of Prozac because it's cheaper and has less side effects. If you've used it, do you think it works? Also, how long did you use it for before you noticed a change in your mood?

2.) Do you like SNL? I think it's kind of...obnoxious.

3.) What is the scariest thing that's ever happened to you while you were alone?
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If you had a friend move away in middle or late elementary school, would you remember them 11 years later? What about someone you knew (acquaintance but not good friend) who was slightly notorious?

Classmates.com has piqued my curiosity about the people I knew in middle school when I left NY state... Just wondering if I should throw out a line and see what they're up to or if the average person would have totally forgotten me by now.

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1. I'm going a sort of research project [it's more of an optional] on what was popular in 1999 verses today. Some ideas from Cosmogirl... CD player vs. MP3 player.. Kate Spade Vs. Coach... Pound Dog vs. Well bred Dog...Can you guys think of more, especially if it relates to teenagers? [I already have Dawson's Creek vs. The OC!]

2. Favorite online radio station?

3. Has anyone here writen a script before? I'm writing one that is spectuacular [above anything else I have ever done, actually] and I want to know where/how I can sell it. I'd love to direct it myself, but I know that there is no way a high school kid could get funded. So, should I get a agent, or...?

4. What movies are you looking forward to seeing? I really can't wait until Akleelah and the Bee comes out.

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Should I:

A) Get a refurbished fat PS2 so I can use my PS2 hard drive, install a mod chip myself, buy a Razr phone and have $70 leftover...


B) Get a pre-modded slim PS2 and get left with $15 and no use for the hard drive...


C) Get a fat PS2 with a boot disk with less reading capabilities and a Razr phone and get left with $100 dollars?
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If you're in the US, did you remember to spring ahead?

When you change your clocks, do you wait until the exact time that you are supposed to (2am?) or do you just do it whenever you feel like it?

If you got your desktop background off of a website, which one was it?

What fast food place has the best breakfast? (And we're not counting places like Panera as fast food. I'm talking grease here).

Do you know anyone who uses the new "location" option in a serious manner? (Like they actually put a city instead of "my bed").
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oh, the joy of living with other people...

who was the worst roommate/housemate you've ever had?

what did he/she do to make them horrible?

did you do anything to get back at them? (haha, come on, be honest - revenge can be fun sometimes)

what did you do?

what's the highest number of housemates you've gone through in a year?
for example, if one or more leaves and gets replaced by another person (or people).

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doot doodle doot doot...

Hey hey,
i'd rather find out about you guys than do my homework, so here goes!

I'm looking for more african music like the stuff on the Lion King soundtrack and Ladysmith Black Mambazo
more specifically i like the uptempo chanting.... big drums...
anyone know of any groups that do that sort of thing? particular songs?

how long do you spend in the shower usually?
sex with socks on or off?
favorite single character RPG? (any system)
favorite 80's sound effect? (mines the transformers transforming)
have a favorite beatles album?

cheers everyone
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What's a good title for an argumentative paper about anti-depressants prescribed to children and adolescents? (against) It's a research paper so it's scientific but I want a good, witty title.

Any ideas?
Ahh! Babies!

(no subject)

How the hell do i change the clock on the oven? Ive tried pressing all the buttons and holding them in numerous configurations and nothing. pressing the clock button and then the arrow buttons does nothing. Its electronic and its a whirlpool super capacity 465

(no subject)

Got any good ideas for articles in a school magazine? It's a college mainly with students who are working on bachelor degrees in childcare. So it would be great with articles about that. Also just school-related in general.

They have to be stupid/silly/gross... We can write whatever we want, it's a liberal faculty. Not political though, not because we aren't allowed but because it has to be a stupid magazine (oh how I would love a good round of Bush-bashing, but not this time around...). The topics can be serious, but the point is to make fun of it.


Inspired by the question about Garden State...what are some other really great movie soundtracks you would recommend to me?
Thanks in advance.

EDIT:  Oops!  It has just been pointed out to me that this same question was asked just a couple of weeks ago. Honest mistake. I swear. Very sorry. So please don't point this out to me because, thanks to shippo and his very helpful and very polite comment, I am aware now.

That is so us!!!!

Is there a movie or show that has a group of friends in it that mirrors you and your friends?
If so what movie or show and who are you?
Like each of you is a character on the show, and the characters even act towards each other as you and your friends do.

Speaking for myself, my friends and I are the cast of the movie Clue, among many others.

How about you?
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A friend of mine was just told that her thyroid cancer has come back, even though she had her thyroid removed after the first occurrence. What I'd like to know is, does this mean she has a lower chance of surviving it now? I don't want to ask her 'cause that's not something I want her to think about now. I always thought that if cancer came back, that meant it would be harder to beat it. Is this true? Or does it depend on the cancer and how fast it was detected?
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I don't want to bug the mods of the community called ljsecret, but their rules and info don't really say how to submit a picture. I really can't figure out how. The secrets just appear in the community every couple of days. So mysterious!

So, how can I submit a secret to ljsecret? Tell me oh wise ones!

Edit: Answered! Thanks everyone.
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(no subject)

Ok this one is a long shot. There is an old movie (B&W) my friend saw and said it was prety ok. The only thing he remembers about the movie was the line "The only people who win the lottery are from New York City and Keokuk Iowa" or something similar. Does anyone know what movie it is?

thanks in advance


I've been searching for three days. Why is there no website that has The Adoption and Safe Families Act of 1997, the original document?!? arrrgh! All I can find is summaries, but I have to amend it and propose a bill TOMORROW.

There has to be a site I'm missing that has all the laws or something.... Anyone? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller?

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1) For those of you who ask for homework help or personal advice at The Question Club, do you ever feel freaked out that someone you know will read it and know it's you?

2) This or that!
a) Sprite or 7-up
b) lotion or perfume
c) cookie or cake
d) high-school or college
e) school or work
f) food or drink
g) g-string or thong
h) AIM or MSN
i) black ink or blue ink
j) baseball or basketball
k) computer or television
l) winter or summer
m) fiction or non-fiction
n) flowers or candy
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(no subject)

I recently got a new phone. A samsung d500 and i love it so much! its the bestest little phone i have ever owned!

anyways, it has an mp3 player and i can play them as ringtones..problem being they start at the beginning and play all the way through, i'd rather have just a select part of the song as my tone. do you know of a program (preferably free) that i can get to chop up songs?

Amsterdam Shoe

Nero Vision

I'm making a video with Nero Vision. When I shot the video and when I caputured it on my computer, it looked fine, but now I'm in editing mode and the audtio comes in fine, but the video looks like frames are missing. It's all choppy now.

Is this a normal part of editing, or did someting go haywire?

(no subject)

What would be a good question/topic to do a research paper on??

I'm supposed to do a research paper on a topic I find interesting but I can't think of anything. My initial question was "What is the best work environment?" but I don't like this one anymore. Since you guys are all expert question askers I was hoping you could help me find a topic. Just write any question you would do a research paper on.

Another film query?

Seeing as you guys were so fantastic in helping Corinne find out her film last night, my boyfriend has another, vastly different challenge.

He thought it was called "The Cooker" but we have done basic IMDBing and Googling on it, and that's not what it is called.
It is a horror film about a murderous cooker (white oven, grill and hot plates). When it eats people it uses the grill as its jaw and teeth.
He can't remember much about it but it was a really crap Z-movie but hilarious nonetheless.

Thanks in advance!
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ants anyone?

Poll #703029 Eating Ants

Have you ever voluntarily eaten an ant? (at the age of 12 or older, not as a kid)


If yes, was it...

Alive at the time of consumption
Previously deceased

Also if yes, why did you do this?

Wanted to see what they taste like
To gross someone out
Was dared/paid to do so
Bored/just weird like that
Other (please specify)

(no subject)

how do you explain to your 13 year old sister that going out with an 18 year old is wrong?

She just doesnt seem to understand that its disgusting and that shes lost so many friends because of it.

My moms been trying to hard to get it through her head...my sister just doesnt get it and because she completely disagrees with this she decided to run away tonight.
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I've heard that large doses of vitamins can be harmful.

That said, does anyone know if taking your vitamins (particularly, a multivitamin) too close together is bad for you? Say, if I took one tonight, then took one again tomorrow morning.
Food, River -- Food Problem

Meatless meats

What's with the 80 billion different meatless meat products out there? If you're vegetarian, isn't that cheating? I mean, if you want to eat meat, eat meat. Don't eat chik'n, it's just processed, nasty crap. If you're trying to convert a meat lover to vegetarianism, why in the world do you think fake eggs, wham, and stripples for breakfast will do anything other than either a) make the target person ill, b) make the target person double over in laughter, or c) both?

And what's with the name 'stripples' for fake bacon, anyway? All it makes me think of are strippers' nipples, which all the earth-happy granola-crunching hippies probably would find equally abhorrent.
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Is there something out there that I can wear all day to see how many calories I burn in a day?

I know pedometers calculate claories burned but I am not sure if it calculates by how many steps one takes or the distance? I just want to calculate if I was just doing my normal everyday business, not just walking.
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(no subject)

In Andrew Lloyd Weber's Evita, there's a part where Eva Peron is singing "Don't Cry for me Argentina" and says "All you will see is a girl you once knew although she's dressed up to the nines at sixes and sevens with you."

I've never understood this line. Can somebody explain what that means?
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(no subject)

I was looking for a little help...homework help. I'm doing a research paper on why Communism succeeded in China, but for the outline we need to define the three main reasons on why it did succeed. I've found a ton of information, but I'm having difficulty discerning three major reasons. Could someone help me out a bit? Kuomintang, Chang Kiashek, Mao...I'm a bit lost..

(no subject)

1. I need to find the name/website of this bus line [I think for some reason it's chinese] that is extremely cheap. They have them in all major eastern cities. I'm writing a song that cities it. Please help.

2. What is your favorite shampoo smell?

3. How do you just let go and perform an over the top impression in front, of say, a whole school? I do a lot of stupid stuff without thinking about it, but I don't want to freeze when I get up in front of the school.

4. Any senior prank ideas [other then the above].
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(no subject)

So I have a really wierd throat right now.
Yesterday it felt like I'd swallowed a chainsaw. I could handle that, I'm used to pain in that area. Today, no matter what I do, I can't stop my throat from feeling dry and scratchy. It's like my throat is a desert, as soon as I drink something, it just dries back up again.
Normally, this wouldn't be a problem, but tomorrow, I have to go somewhere, likely all day. It's too late (and important) to reschedule. Now, the logical answer would be to drink lots of water while I'm there. However, I'm working around computers and I'm not allowed to drink or eat while I'm there.
I DO, however, get a 5 minute break every hour, since I'm hypoglycemic. I'm allowed to drink during this break, and I can eat a piece of fruit if I so desire. This break will be the best time to eat or drink something that could keep my throat not feeling like the Sahara.
Any suggestions for what to eat/drink that'll keep me hydrated AND keep my blood sugar level? Thanks!
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(no subject)

Can you give me a good source for baby names? I need to help my sister pick some out. (I'd prefer not to use a lj-community or message board, but if it's that good...)

(no subject)

How do you define "intelligence?"
Are there different types of intelligence? Are some types more important than others?
Can intelligence be measured?
Should intelligence be measured?
What do you think of standardized tests (such as the SAT and ACT)? Are they a measure of intelligence? Should they be considered for college admission?
Do you think IQ tests measure intelligence? Should they be considered for college admission?