April 1st, 2006

Are they my nieces and nephew?

Do you have to be married for your partner's nieces and nephew's to be yours as well?

My boyfriend's brother has three kids. So my boyfriend is their uncle. Even though my boyfriend and I are not married, am I still their aunty? Or do I only become their aunty when my boyfriend and I get married?

Man, I did not explain that well, did I? :)
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I sort of melted/burnt on a very hot light bulb a hand-knit blanket that belongs to my boyfriend's mother. I'm assuming the yarn is synthetic, as the burnt area turned brown, got hard, and bits of it melted together. Is there anything I can do to fix this?

Q1:Computer Science. Q2: Music players.

Has anyone had any benefits from joining ACM? (Both online and offline)
Yes, I know the advantages of buying a membership, but I wanted to know from someone's experience.
Also, could you tell me some about your Computer Science background, your goals, and how ACM links with these two?

I have a really small hard disk drive on my laptop, but I have a lot of music. I was thinking about buying a iPod to transfer all my songs there, and delete them from my computer, so I can have more free space there, however, if you delete the songs from your computer, your iPod library will adjust to the changes (delete such songs from the iPod as well) once you connect it to the computer again.

So I was wondering, what music player would work for me?
I have about 15 Gigabytes of music right now.

Thank you.

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Can you think of any brand names that have become so popular and well-known that people use it to refer to the item itself? For ex: Kleenex (tissue), Chapstick (lip balm)? Any more?

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How do you break up with someone?
Do you tell them why and then stop seeing them?
Do you just act awful and hope they will break up with you?
Do you just dissapear and hope they will forget about you?
Why do you break up in this way? Does it work?


I got my driveing liscence last week (yay me!) and after a week of going back and forth to school listening to the radio i have conclusively decided that the radio stations here suck... alot. So being the music geek that I am I am making some cd's but want others opinions. What is your favorite cd, playlist, band, song, whatever, that you can listen to over and over and still love? Thanks in advance - Lisa
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speling errers?

there's a good deal of back and forth about spelling errors on the ol' el jay, so here's my question-

if you spell something incorrectly (and it's clearly not just a typo) do you want someone to point it out to you? if you don't necessarily want them to, do you mind if they do?

(for the record, i'd like to know if i spell something wrong [aaaand i've checked this post a million times for the spelling error i'm sure is located within])
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Mood changers

Is there something that can cheer you up and make you happy, no matter how upset you are?

And in turn, is there something that can just spoil your mood, no matter how happy you are?

What are these mood altering events???
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There is a small dog in the apartment next to me that yaps all the time. Is there anything I could shove under the door, like an antihistamine or weak sedative, that would make it sleep but not kill it? /half serious

In how many of Drew Barrymore's movies has she thrown up? I can count Fever Pitch and Wedding Singer, but are there others?

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1, for you standard, how many times should a decent man/woman brush his/her teeth per day? 2(in the morning&before sleep) or 5( plus 3 times after each meal)?

2, and how often should a decent man/woman take bath? once a day? or once 2 days?

3, does everyone have the problem of bad breath? i guess that is why some people brush their teeth 5 times a day. what do u think?
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People have been telling me that Brokeback Mountain should win an award solely for the massive number of parodies it spawned, floating around the internet.

Other than Brokeback to the Future, can you link me to one you found particularly funny?

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Have you ever cried while watching a movie? Which one?

The only movie I remember crying in was Milo and Otis. I saw it when I was a kid and even though I don't remember the film very well, I still remember bawling my eyes out.
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Alright then, a few questions.

1) Everyone knows what "xoxo" means. Hugs and Kisses, but what does "x" mean and what does "o" mean? I've been hvaing debates with my friends?

2) If someone has their tongue pierced do you automatically think it was for sexual purposes?

3) Nipple piercings: Ring or Barbell? Why?

Lastly, 4) If you listen to Damien Rice, what your favourite song he's done?

Edit: So far it's 6 for x = kisses/o = hugs and 5 for x = hugs/o = kisses
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So, did you fool/get fooled? How?

I was at a party last night, and just after midnight the host's boyfriend and his friend poured nail varnish remover in the toilet and told her if you drop a lit match in the toilet it will spontaneously flush. After a bit of convincing, she tried, but it was acetone-free remover and didn't catch fire. Still worked though, as they kept telling her to try again and she dropped about ten matches and a lit cigarette down the toilet before everyone was laughing so hard she realised something was up.
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A few days ago I went shopping at Victoria's Secret and bought some cute new underwear. As my friend rang me up she gave me a lecture on using lingerie bags so that I didn't ruin my pretty new things. So I took some of my mom's that she's never used, but how exactly do I use them?

Do I throw in bras and underwear together? Do I separate them? Do I just throw the whole thing in the washer and dryer? Any other things I should know?

Thanks in advance. :-)
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For people who write essays a lot or did so in the past:

1. Were/are your essays too short, too long or right around the word limit?
2. How long did it take you to write them?
3. If your essays were too long, how did you make them shorter? (I desperately need to know this)

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Quoting and Copyrights

Does anyone know the copyright issues that surround making a profit off of quotes by famous people (living or dead), quotes from books/movies/TV/etc.? Google is giving me contradictory answers.

People on CafePress seem to sell things with quotes by other people, so I was wondering. I've had some ideas for creating artwork that incorporates quotes, and later selling that artwork, so hence the question on legalities.
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Movie question!

My friend is trying to remember what film this is.

-Kids' film c. 1980s.
-There was a girl in her bedroom and she had all sorts of cuddly toys which in reality lived in a world on the other side of the mirror. She went through the mirror and there was an evil queen to be defeated. At the end of the film the queen was trapped under a falling cage of sorts.
-When she tries to remember the film, words that spring to mind are "munchkins" and "heffalumps" but she knows it's not "The Wizard of OZ" or "The Heffalump Movie"

She's 25 and Scottish if it helps.


EDIT: It's live action rather than cartoon, but probably with puppets.

Thanks to imaget, we now know that it is The Hugga Bunch Movie.
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(no subject)

just a few things that i.m wondering about you:

01. do you live in a house or an apartment or other?
02. what is your relationship with your neighbors like?
03. have you ever been to a 24 hour library?
04. are you going to church tomorrow?
05. have you ever smoked a pipe?
06. whats your favorite part of the movie National Treasure?
07. did i do that right in putting a movie title in italics? or should it have been underlined?