March 31st, 2006

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1. What is your favorite movie?

2. Does this movie have your favorite actor/ actress in it?

3. If so, are they your favorite actor/ actress because of this movie or is this movie your favorite because it has your favorite actor/actress in it?

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At this time of year, College decisions are really rolling in for High School seniors.

If you're such a person, what college(s) were you accepted to? Do you know where you are going?
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My sister and I used to watch an animated movie when we were kids. I'd like to watch it, but neither of us can remember the name of it. Maybe you guys can come up with something. I think the movie was about Moby Dick. It had a family of white whales, and I believe some crazy old guy was trying to harpoon one or all of them. Also, there were some seagulls, and maybe penguins? The movie had songs, but the only lyrics I can recall are "WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH WAH". I think there was also something about an oil spill and there might have been electric eels. For some reason I also think the movie was Canadian made, but I have no idea why I think this.

What movie am I thinking of?

Human Guinea Pig

Given my stance against the use of animals in drugs testing, I figure that I should do the decent thing and volunteer for some medical research myself. Can anybody direct me towards some UK organisations?
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I got some running shoes and a sports bra and I'm ready to start jogging! I attempted twice, and I'm only able to run around my block once at a steady pace before I can't breathe [as in, very noisy gasping and a horrible tightness in my chest so's it feels like it might snap if I breathe too hard]. ...I want to build should I go about it?
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Does "small town America" really exist? If you think you live there, what's it like?

My vision of civilization comes from living on the East Coast my whole life -- an endless stream of connected suburbs interrupted occasionally by a farm or, more often, a large city. When I went out west and saw that towns actually had physical borders where they stopped and there was open land, it boggled my mind. It's not that I don't intellectually understand it, it's more that it was so different than where I had been before.

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1. a song(s) that gives you hope?
2. favourite romantic song?
3. song that makes you dance - anywhere?
4. a raging/angry/rockin' song?
5. song that says it's ok to let go?

my answers:
1. "beautiful day" by U2 &
"sowing the seeds of love" by tears for fears
2. "unforgettable" & "L.O.V.E." by nat king cole
3. "tear you apart" by she wants revenge &
"poison arrow" by abc
4. "run like hell" by pink floyd
5. "break down" by frou frou
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Kennedy Assasination

What is your oppinion on the Kennedy assasination?
JFK was a man that pissed off the mob and the CIA. Was his assasination on November 22nd 1963 in Dealy Plaza Dallas, Texas a conspiracy?
Was there a "lone nut?"
What do you think?

Give reasons behind your opinions.
This is an opinion question. There are no wrong answers. Debate with each other, but don't say their opinions are wrong.

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So what generally happens when you go to a tanning salon?
I found out that most people do it naked and I was jsut wondering... Do they set the bed and then leave so you can undress and get in, or do they come back in after you're naked....?
I've never been to one and I'm thinking about going this Sunday and I was just wondering what the general protocall is.
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you know what this means....

two posts in a short span of time!

anyway, i'm trying to figure out some stuff for how "visible" my company is and i was wondering if you could all kindly tell me what websites you use to look up phone numbers? this would be for a commercial search, not residential. thanks!

edit: i'd like to know repeats, too, in order to get a sense of how many people use what, so if someone already said what you use, could you ditto it or something? thank you!
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Trip to NYC

I'm planning on traveling to NYC this fall with my best friend. What's a good estimate of how much I should plan on spending for the trip? We are traveling from Los Angeles. We are going for 10-12 days, staying with some friends (possibly hotel for a few days), renting a car, seeing the tourist sights, etc. Any suggestions of "must see" places while there? Thanks!
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Something I've been wondering.

So I've spent the past couple of days watching Elfen Lied - bloody violence and boobs, what more could a girl want? Anyway, there's something that's been bugging me slightly, and you guys might know the answer.

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And on a somewhat related but-not-quite note. Why am I so attracted to insane, sadistic and homicidal girls? It's not that I'm only attracted to crazy girls, but if it's a choice between a "normal" girl, and someone who's totally batshit insane, I'll pick the insane girl.
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Formal Event Anxiety/Concert

Tonight I am having a very formal "meet and greet" kind of event at a large/fancy private club that's displaying my art. Some of my immediate/extended family is going to be there, that I haven't seen in years and I am not particularly fond of. I have very old (read: bad) artwork displayed and it's not properly labeled as they said it would be since they wanted to show my progress. I am also going to a large concert immediately afterward. My event ends at 8:00 and the concert starts at 8:00, it's also 11 miles away. Since they overlap I'm probably going to try and dodge out at 7:30.

Okay, now finally for the questions:

What can I do for the next five hours to relieve my anxiety?
If I get to a concert 15-20 minutes late, what's a good way to get to the front of the pit at a concert? The tickets were only 50$ a week ago so I don't think it'll be terribly crowded. (Death Cab for Cutie/Franz Ferdinand)
Do they allow purses or side bags to concerts? I'm bringing a drawing for Franz Ferdinand and I want to bring it in a shoulder bag I have. The concert is at Nokia Live in Grand Prarie if that helps.

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If you could have one magical/metaphysical/technologically advanced item from some sort of narrative, what would you choose?

I want to submit an application for a staff writer position on One of the requirements is a review of an album released in 2005 that the site didn't cover. I can't find anything I own from last year that hasn't already been reviewed. Here's a link to their archive. It's alphabetical by band. Can you come up with an album for me to write about?
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1. I know it's still a while off, but what should I do for my 21st birthday?

1b. Any interesting drinks you like that aren't terribly popular?

2. Suggestions for fun, driving-down-the-highway-with-the-roof-down music?

3. For my next day off, whenever that is, what should I do (I live in Williamsburg, VA)?
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Possessed Computer!

My computer has been turning itself off at random intervals over the last three days. It doesn't undergo the shutdown procedure - it just conks out, as if I've had a power failure. I've cleaned all the dust out of it and the weather's cooled down so it's not overheating (I should hope not, the tower's a Thermaltake), so can I assume I need a new power supply, or could something else be causing this?

ETA: If no-one here knows, can you recommend a community I can ask? I'm not keen on spending a billion dollars on a CoolMax 400w fanless if it could be something else...

Sorry for two questions so close together.

Dilemma: I have a black pants suit and I have both a black and a white shirt and three different ties: black, white, red. The shoes I'm wearing are black. My hair is brownish and I am caucasian if that makes a difference.

Should I wear the black or the white shirt, and which tie?

Edit: I really wanted to wear the black shirt and red tie like you guys suggested but I can't find my black shirt </3.

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A friend of ours works for a tax prep place and did our taxes this year. Initially he told us the fee and we gave him a check. A few days later he said that he could get us in on his "friend and family" program for free. We thanked him and asked if we could still pay him (because he did it for free there's no commission for him). He said no, but my husband and I would still like to do something nice for him. I can't think of anything other than a gift certificate. Anyone have any good gift suggestions?

31 March, the 31st of March, March 31, 31st March, March 31st

Dear all,

I'm looking for a definitive answer regarding correct and incorrect ways to write the date in UK English body text.

Can any of you shed any light on this, preferably with supporting evidence? I'm a pretty good googler but can't find and resources that answer that kind of question.

The obvious thing, I would have thought, would be to stick with what major newspapers do (31 March or March 31), but that doesn't seem to be enough for my Web editor who's insisting on "th"s after the date.

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does anyone remember the playground song that has parts that go something like "ask me no more questions, tell me no more lies" and "hello operator give me number nine"? my coworkers and i cant remember the whole thing. im sure there are a few versions, we would love to hear any!
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01. i changed my journal layout last night for the first time in two years. when was the last time you changed your journal layout?

02. i bought a bird feeder last night. this morning i placed it out on the deck. how long do you think it will take for birds to find it? hopefully its not a dud.

03. if you had to relocate for your job and you had the choice between Sydney, London and Tokyo which would you choose? and why, may i ask? the relocation would be for approximately 3 years.

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I maaaay have asked this before.

At a party some time back, I told the guy making drinks that I liked fruity girly drinks. He came back from the kitchen a few minutes later with a large-ish glass of a very red drink. I drank some.
"This tastes like red."
other party goer: "Red's not a taste!"
"Yeah? Try it."
"... Oh my god it does taste like red."

I'm pretty sure he said it had peach schnapps in it... but he hasn't been able to recreate it. It is not a long island -or- long beach iced tea. and it was low enough alcohol content that me, a lightweight girly drinky, was able to finish the large glass.

any guesses?

Also: What was that other thing I was going to ask?

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I never know how to answer questions like "did you have a bad childhood"? My childhood was in general fine, save a few absolutly horrible individual incidents.

When you ask/are asked that question, is it refering to in general or specific?
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1. Another mix-CD question. Thanks to everyone for help on the last one -- I'm still trying to (legally) gather up all the songs suggested, then I'll make a track-list. This time the theme is girls singing about girls, romantically.

Already on the list:
Nothin' in the World Can Stop Me Worrying 'Bout that Girl -- cover by Feist
Drops of Jupiter -- cover by Tanya Chua
Something by Ani Difranco. It's a given.
When the Special Girlfriend -- Ute Lemper. Not quite, but close enough.

Things that will not be on the list:
k.d. lang. For the love of god, do not suggest k.d. lang. Or Melissa Etheridge. I might be forced to hurt you.

What else should I put on the CD?

2. What's the worst lyric you've heard recently from an otherwise excellent artist?

3. What was the best CD of 2005?

For me, it was Come on, feel the Illinoise by Sufjan Stevens.

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can somebody tell me why is it when i try and download a ringtone from my phone shuts on and off untill i take the battery out and turn it on again???

its pissing me off to no end because i payed for nothing, it also wouldnt let me download it from Tzones either
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My screen is 128 x 160. In the past I've been able to make wallpapers to fit the screen of my other phones and I have had no problems. However, when I make wallpapers that are 128 x160 and e-mail them to my phone they are resized to 96 x 120. Is there some way that I can get the images to my phone without them being resized?
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I stole this question from another community. I have a feeling that their answers might be biased.

Here's the situation: You're on a boat and it starts sinking. You jump onto the last lifeboat and there is one seat left. You can choose either your spouse or your child. You cannot hold your child on your lap and let your spouse sit there, the boat will sink and you will all die.

If you really, really had to choose - what would you choose? None of this - I'd give them the seats, etc. You have to choose if you're in that situation. What is your justification of one over the other?

Poll #701945 Decisions...

Who would you choose?

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a random couple

1. what are your thoughts on plastic surgery? have you ever had anything done? why?

2. do you get annoyed when you pay for something with a credit/debit card and the cashier asks to see your ID? why? i do it out of habit and some people get so pissy about it.
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Alright, about a year and a half ago, I decided to dye my reddish dirty blonde hair dark brown. I haven't done the roots or touched up the color since last August, so that's about 7 months ago. I want my natural color back b/c I'm tired of the dark. Plus, I get these really kickass natural blonde highlights in the summer.

Here are my options:

1) Attempt to get the color stripped. The cost starts at $60 at the beauty school I go to get my hair done, and goes up depending on how many times they have to do it. Won't damage my hair too much, just dry it out some from all the washing.

2) Bleach my whole head and attempt to have the color matched by a color student at the school I go to get my hair done. Could be very pricey, but I'm not sure how much b/c I haven't researched this option a lot yet. Would probably damage my hair and may have to go in for 2 different sessions.

3) Let it just grow out and look like a freak, half reddish dirty blonde roots with blonde highlights and dark brown ends. Needless to say this isn't actually an option.

4) Any other suggestions? I miss my orginial color!


**Edit: Answered, thanks!**

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Does anyone know where I can find Mountian Dew: Pitch Black II? (in the Chicago/Joiet area?)
I love that stuff... I think customers should complain to mountian dew so they bring it back.

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What happened to Jesse Metcalfe's character on Desperate Housewives? He was on, then I missed a bunch of episodes and when I came back he was gone.

((P.S. Thanks to everyone who replied to my last post, your suggestions really helped my throat. It was healed almost immediately. :D))

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1)Do you have a Toshiba 40mb Gigabeat?
do you like it? Why or why not?

2)I want to surprise my boyfriend with a nice gift for his car.
Any ideas? (he has a 2006 audi a3 if that does anything)

3)Do you have a hard time falling asleep alone or do you need to have someone/something with you to wrap your arms around?

4)Do you make your own livejournal/myspace layouts or use a website?

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1. Other then, are there any reputable scholarship searches/sites. The only googled ones I could find were scams. Do you know any good scholarships based on essays, academic contests, or anything else and not on GPA? For Example, the "Dream Deferred" essay or the Stuck at the prom contest.

2. Best Easy to Understand [Or actually follow] Vegan book/website/source. I don't want to spend a large amount of money/time on becoming a vegan.

3. What is the coolest thing you've heard of lately?

4. Who was your first celebrity crush? I was all for Kevin Arnold on the Wonder Years, and then right after that the kid from Boy meets world [Strangely enough, both actors are brothers].

5. What is one thing that doesn't belong in your town or seems very out of place. [not a person] Is it a building? A buisness? A geological feature? A teen hang out next to a retirement home?

6. Are there any sites online that will pay you for articles you submit? Which ones?

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So, while my friends and I were out having tea, one of the things we had was mate. While passing it around, one of us dropped it and it kinda exploded. Mate all over the place. Including one of our bags, which is made out of suede.

Now... mate on suede, bad idea. It's starting to dry, and it's a little crusty on the dry spot, plus there's still some of the leaf on the bag.

So, my question... is there a way to make it better? Something we can use to make it... non-crusty?

Thanks in advance!
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1. What's your favorite site for nice, free fonts?

2. Do you think if a person has a certain amount of compulsion it has to come out one way or another? (Barring psychiatric help or any other change.) That's not phrased very well, but what I mean is ... well, if you quit one compulsive habit, liking biting your fingernails, do you usually end up starting another? (not counting if the habit's physically addictive)

3. How was your day?
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