March 30th, 2006

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01. how would you clean mold off from cloth car upholstery?? the mold got there from being left in a damp garage for a month and is in pea to dime sized spots. i really haven't a clue how to tackle it.

02. my husband and i are taking a trip to victoria, b.c. for the first time next week. we've been told that plenty is with in walking distance from our hotel. any places to see/eat at/etc. that you could recommend??
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Light drinks

I'm not a big drinker at all, but when my friends and I go to clubs, I like to drink a little something while I'm waiting for them to finish downing their shots or whatever.  I've only ever had Smirnoff Ices/Twists...Mike's Hard Lemonade...fuzzy light, low alcohol, fruity stuff basically...  Are there any other drinks I could order that are similar?  Please include what's in them if possible  :)  Thanks
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How can you tell if your nose is just slightly broken? Not cracked, crooked, and bleeding broken, but just fractured broken.
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Does anyone know where to find that website where you can run "LJ Comments Wizard" (I think that's what it was called), and it basically shows you who's commented the most in your journal, etc.

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to cash or not to cash?

So while cleaning, I found a $50 check from my birthday in August. The thing is, it's from my ex-boyfriend's mother. We broke up in December, and are not on friendly terms (though I have no problems with his mother). The check was a gift, so I'm somewhat inclined to still cash it, but I'd feel kind of tacky cashing it so much later.

Edit: Assume I am able to cash it- I just want to know if I should. Also, if it makes a difference, his mother has a 6-car garage, yacht- she wouldn't blink at $50, while I'm a semi-struggling college student. If that makes a difference.

Poll #700980 Cashing in?

What should I do?

Cash the check
Throw it away

Explain your answer if you wish.
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I've been using firefox for a while now, but occasionally I come across a site that requires me to use IE. Some site literally pop up a message telling me I can't go any farther unless I'm using IE. I know that Firefox renders things differently sometimes, but is there any legitimate reason for forcing users to access a page with IE?

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My midi-chlorian count must be low today because I can't find shit in Google.

1) When you make a call you hear a ring. What makes the sound? Where does it come from, your phone, theirs, somewhere in between?

2) On that note, how long do you think the fascination with ringtones will last?
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I'm using pictures I took at our local zoo to make a slideshow for my kids. I've got tons of pictures, but I'm stuck on what music should play in the background.

Do you know of any zoo-specific songs or just long, upbeat instrumental?



1. Do you have any personal experience with PeerFlix?
1.a. What keeps this from being a way to buy DVD's for $0.99 each?

2. How often do you buy new DVD's?

3. How many DVD's do you own?

4. What are the most obscure DVD's that you own?

5. What genre's of DVD's do you most often buy?

6. Do you buy DVD's that you don't like to watch repeatedly just so that you have them to show to friends?

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During class today-
an aquaintance I know broke up(she kinda gave up on him for some reason) with her fiance, she left and as she was leaving, the only guy who said anything of care was her ex who is a good friend of hers.

I kinda want to get to know her, but I don't want to freak out about it.

but doesn't every little action count?

edit: I have to e-mail her something for class,
do I use this time to offer my help or since I'll being seeing her tonight for a school function, wait till then?

I was thinking of saying this:

here is the song.

I hope it's still useful.

Also, I really hope things work out for you.

I know you have many options for help, but I'll throw my hat in as well.

If you need to talk or anything, my cell is ***** and my aim name is spikechamploo.

you won't really bother me, so it's not a problem. any time is fine.


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For my fellow crafters: I want to buy a sewing machine because I never could operate the sewing machinosaurus rex that my mom has. What kind would you suggest? Something that's easy-to-use but not so cheap that it'll crap out on me, something that can take some abuse.

Secondly, my mom can't remember the name of a movie that she's been wanting to re-watch. It's about a teenaged girl who is in a plane crash. She goes to someone's house, for help I guess, and meets up with a boy who lives there. It isn't until they have to go to the hospital for something that they realise that she's dead o.0. Any idea what movie this is?
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There's a little flash game going around on my friends page called Hapland. It's pretty fun—you use logic and random experimentation in order to move some little stick figures around and whatever.

However, I have a vague recollection of another flash game I played a year or so ago. It was similar to Hapland, though it had a number of screens you progressed through, all beautifully illustrated. The plot was that you had to save this little tiny planet from impending doom. Does anyone know what that game was called and where I can find it?
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Is there a place on-line that will tell you how fast you type?

I'm about a month out from moving. I'm looking for a full time job that will allow me to switch to parttime in the fall. I'll have a bachelor's degree, but am continuing my education so a "grown up" job is probably not going to happen. What sort of jobs do you suggest I look for and how should I go about doing that? Should I use an on-line search like monster or wait until I move and put in resumes?

As for any job skills, I've worked food service and never will again. I've worked as a cashier, as a receptionist, as a maid, and with children as a mentor and volunteer in a classroom. Ideally, I'd want to get involved with a daycare because I want to teach preK as a career, but in reality I just need a paycheck.

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I've looked up how to say I love you in Irish. I've gotten pretty much the same answer except for this Irish site. Every other site has i love you as: taim i' ngra leat(on the irish site it says this means I'm in love with you) and the one is: Gráim thú. Which one is right?

I would really like to have the right way to say it since I am going to have it engraved on my fiances wedding ring.


Dinner query

I was planning to have pasta for my dinner tonight so I checked the fridge for sauces. The only sauce left is a tomato one that has a use by date of Sunday 26th March. Is it OK to cook and eat this pasta? Of course if it smells bad then it will go straight in the bin but I can't imagine tomato sauce will be that bad out of date.

What do you guys think?

EDIT: It's an evil pre-packed sauce from the evil supermarket. I lack the skills and time to make a home made one at the moment.

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If I mention "The Phoebe Run", does anyone know what I'm talking about?

I ask, because it's one of my goals on 43 Things to do The Phoebe Run in public. Which leads to my second question: how many of you are on 43 Things?
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Sex, Lies, and LJ

Out of curiosity...

1) What would you do if you found out your significant other had a secret LJ that he/she used to check sex communities?

2) What would you do if you discovered a friend's significant other had a secret LJ for sex communities and you KNOW your friend would not approve of it?

3) What if you were cleaning out files on your computer and came across your significant other's IM logs? Would you open the files? What would you do if you came across conversations that were cyber-sex sessions?

and on an unrelated note-

4) What's something you used to feel really passionately or strongely about, but now you don't feel the same way?

5) Have you ever been fired from a job? What happened?

6) Do you have a dishwasher at your house/apartment/etc? And I don't mean a person who regularly does dishes, I mean a real, mechanical dishwasher.

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ZabaSearch (and other "people finder" searches)

Have you ever searched for yourself on this site:

Did you find yourself? How accurate was the information? Where do the addresses come from - the DMV? Voter registration? Several of my addresses came up, including the one I just moved from. I'd really like to prevent my current address from being available online, how can I do that? I heard that I can block my address through the DMV, but I went to their website and couldn't find any mention of that.
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This is a bit too strange of a question to get much of an answer from google, so I'm redirecting it towards you fine folks. It's a question regarding the united states postal service: is it permissible for me to just write "return to sender" on these freakin' endless credit card offers and shove the useless crap back into the metaphorical toilet (the credit card companies) from which it came? I'd love to fill the return envelope with something heavy and send it back, but all my ideas for possible things to send are a bit too malicious.
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What is your definition for a fruit juice?
What is your definition for a fruit drink?

What is the definition of lemonade - is it just diluted lemon juicce, or does it have to container a sweetener?
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Since we were talking about phrase origins today...

Where (and WHY) did saying "Shoddy on (whatever)" come from?

This stupid girl in my class says it ALL the time. "Shoddy on number 12!" when she wants the laptop marked number twelve. "Shoddy not!" (and puts her finger on her nose) when she doesn't want to go first in acting class. It's soooo amazingly annoying. My friend tells me it's from saying "shotgun"... but why... dear God, WHY?

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1. What are some traditional Canadian foods? I have to do a project for my Topics class where I have to bring in "foods of my hertiage". So, before I have to resort to pancakes and beer, can you think of any other foods Canadians are famous for [Please don't say "Canadian Dry" like all my friends did...]

2. Is a moter scooter a viable way of getting around a mid sized city every day and possibly driving 75 miles up north, or should I get a car too?

3. Take the dialect test and post your results

A. Target, Walmart, or Kmart?
B. College, High School, Middle School, or Elementary School?
C. You're 17. Would you rather date a person four years younger or fifteen years older?
D. Blue hair, or Pink hair?
E. Punched in the face, or kicked in the shins?
F. Hair Gel, Mousse, Pomade, or Spray?

5. Speaking of 4C, what's the equation that used to be popular in grade school. Something like You take your age and minus seven and then multiply that number by two and that's the oldest you can date. What is that equation?

6. What are some obscure games you enjoyed as a child [such as 4-square, origami, fortune teller, MASH]?

What would you do?

I'm starting a temporary job in a different city, but now I have the following choices:

1) Stay for free at a friend's apartment, but drive 1 hr/+ to work every day, not including traffic time.

2) Stay in the same apartment, take the train/bus for about an hour and half to get to work. Inflexible timing, but can sleep during commute and is probably cheaper.

3) Stay in a cheap inn ($50 or so a night) near work during the week (so 4 nights a week), and drive 2.5 hours to/from home on weekends.

What would you do?

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I have a surge protector. GE, bunch of outlets, also does phone surge protection, you can plug in a phone line and split it two ways... on one end it has a switch and two lights. the lights are 'surge' and 'ground'. the switch turns it off, but on the opposite end of off is 'reset'.

both lights are on. It's currently storming. Have both lights always been on and I'm only really paying attention, or does the fact that the surge light is on mean that there has been a power surge, or something? I accidentally switched it off while trying for this 'reset' option, and the lights are still on.


What are some pranks you’ve done to a co-worker/friend?

Or at least some ideas for a prank that wouldn’t damage any/that much property?

I need some ideas to get my co-worker (who is also a real close friend and usually my partner in crime) back for taping up my locker, its latch, and my sneakers together. Oh and knotting up my shoelaces too!
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Not likely I know , but...

Shoot. I need to reshearch an article on the TIMES mag website. Does anyone have an account there they'd be willing to share? Or who'd be weilling to copy/paste the articles for me?
email me,
on the off chance, thanks.
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For all you students/former students out there...

1. What is your method of notetaking in class? What do you write down? What kind of class do you respond best to in general - visual, auditory, etc.? What if a class is closely related to a class you've taken before or just on knowledge you already have - do you write things down even if you already know them?

2. What is your study method? What do you find works best? How much do you study before a big test or exam? What methods do not work for you?
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The Body Shop!

1. Do you shop at the Body Shop?
Yes, especially since they don't test on animals!

2. What are some of your favorite things from The Body Shop?
I really like their Body Butters, particularly the Coconut, Strawberry, and Brazil Nut. I also like the Tea Tree Oil Face Mask, because my pores look amazing for about an hour after using it, too bad they don't stay that way.

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How long have you ever worn your contacts for without taking them out? (This does not include those special 30 day kinds!) Is it unhealthy to wear them for too long? What is the longest recommended time?

The longest I've worn mine is around 12 hours.

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Two questions--

1.) What movie is this quote from-- "Great oogaly-moogaly!" I tried to spell it like it sounds. I seem to think it's Eddie Murphy?

2.) What should I be when I grow up?

Silly Question

Some friends and I started a group just for fun, named the Queen Pins, cause we go bowling. (I'm sure there are others named the Queen Pins somewhere). We each need a nickname. One has her's already, Bobbie Pin, cause she likes to do hair. Any suggestions for mine?

Silly Question

Some friends and I started a group just for fun, named the Queen Pins, cause we go bowling. (I'm sure there are others named the Queen Pins somewhere). We each need a nickname. One has her's already, Bobbie Pin, cause she likes to do hair. Any suggestions for mine?
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Those of you who still use Internet Explorer:

After all the major security holes, sites installing spyware without any user interaction, etc...

And after all the praise for alternatives like Firefox...

What are your reasons for still using IE?
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When I was a kid, I loved the show Carmen Sandiego to death. The game show and the animation were awesome, but I'm just refering to the animation here: Now that it's not on the air anymore I want to watch the shows again but haven't seen anyplace I'd be able to get them. Yes, Amazon does have them, but it's about $10 for one episode and there's only a couple episodes for sale. Does anyone know of a place I'd be able to buy or get a torrent for the show? Preferably the animated one, but the game show is welcome too.

Change in faith

Have you ever experienced an event, or series of events that lead up to you changing your religious faith?

Like go from believing to non believing, or just changing religious views?

And if so, what was it, and what changes occurred?
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I returned my PS2 slimline cause it broke. My new PS2 slimline vibrates. Not just a little, not a lot, but it does vibrate, noticeably. I'd almost be willing to call it a "rumble".

It also seems to heat up faster than my old slimline did.

Is it all in my head? I'm considering returning it. Looking for feedback.

Anyone else notice this with their slimlines?


Random questions.

1) What's your preferred listing of your MP3s? (For example mine's Artist name - song title. Artist name is alphabetical last name first, if applicable.) Do you get anal if someone tries to rearrange/rename them?

2) Have you ever had a car that you literally had to plug into an electrical outlet to keep warm during cold weather? (I do, a '91 pontiac grand am)

3) Does having matching bedding/furniture/carpet/decorations matter to you? Post pictures if you can!

4) What's the best way to celebrate a Friday on very little money in your town?
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I started a new job a month ago that is about 5 miles away from my house. Because I don't drive (can't afford it), I bike to and from work.

While my legs are getting stronger (I'm used to 1-2 miles a day versus the 10 I now do), they feel like they're going to fall off after two days in a row of this. Luckily for me, up until this point, I haven't worked more than two days in a row, but next week I work six days straight, and my body isn't looking forward to it.

Is there anything I can do to soothe the muscles? Make it easier to bike the next day? Any exercises? Keep me from giving in to a loan for a car I cannot afford? Anything I should know about biking a lot like this to keep me in shape? The path is a straight road, but has many smaller hills that are a pain to ride on the way home after working all day.

EDIT: Buses don't head down that way, so that's out of the question. I just moved down here as well, and my only friends here have to be at their work earlier and in the opposite direction.
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I'm sorry if this has been asked recently, I haven't been keeping up with my Livejournal FL lately

In previous versions of Windows that I've had (95 and ME...I think) there has been a section on the Start Menu for recent documents (when you hover over it another menu with your recently accessed documents comes up). I have XP Home Edition now, and I'm not sure how to get it, or if it's still available. I think I saw it on my friend's computer, but I could be wrong. Is there a way for me to put it in?