March 29th, 2006

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What's your favorite board game/card game/game in general?

Me? I love Scattergories, Euchre, Skip-Bo, and basically all card games... and Imaginiff. Has anyone ever played Imaginiff? It's not a very popular game.

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Do you post pictures in your journal? Like of how you spend your days and nights, friends or your photography?

Every other entry in my journal is photo-related, haha. And I really like looking through people's journals where they post pictures, even if I don't know them. Haha, you think that's weird?
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I dont know how to edit a previous entry to make this one post, haha.

For those of you who have played Scattergories, what's something you think you should have gotten points for but didn't because everyone voted against you?

I've had friends try to get points for:

Famous athletes, letter F: Forrest Gump
A spice, letter H: Hickory
Things you keep in a suitcase, letter F: Fallopian Tubes
Junk foods, letter J: Juicy Juice
Things at a party, letter R: Red Plastic Cups
Things at the beach, letter I: Idiots

Haha, there's many more. My friends and I play this game once or twice a month, and it gets pretty intense.

Also, is there a specific question that always gets your group of friends/family arguing?

Everyyyyy time we play the card that says to name a Notorious Person - there is an hour of disputes after in regaurds to what exactly "notorious" means, and how this person could have possibly been "notorious."

To the person a few posts below me, Scattergories is my favorite game, haha.

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hey guys, i just got home and realised i left my block of havarti out on my table with one side unwrapped for about 6 hours...
what have i done? is it still good... does it spoil?
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Most of us have had truly shitty jobs at one point or another. I'm wondering what the juiciest "fuck this, I quit" stories are.

Will post the story about a job I had a few years back after you lovely folks share your own.
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1. If you didn't have to go (or just aren't going) to work or school today, what would you be doing instead?
I'm going to go to Bose to get a new remote to replace the one I lost nearly two years ago, and I'm going to go to the mall, Costco, Borders, the library, Panera Bread, and to the beach. I'll probably fall back asleep though and I won't have time for any of that.

2. Did you have "senioritis" in high school?
Obviously, though it's really something my grades can't afford right now.

3. Would you feel weird eating alone in a place like Panera Bread?
I don't know as I've never eaten anywhere like that alone, I hope not though because they finally have a vegetarian soup that I like.
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men and chest hair

Ladies (or anyone attracted to men), how do you prefer a man's chest? Hair free or hairy?

What do you find attractive on a man?

Smooth, hair free, chest
Hairy chest
Just a little bit of hair on his chest
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In the United States, does cheese have to be labelled with what kind of milk it was made from? Specifically I want to know whether if the cheese isn't labelled in that way, is it safe to assume it was made only with cow's milk?


I have already Googled a bunch of recipes. But I just wanted to know..

What are some of your favorite fruit smoothie recipes? Or are there any really good websites with some? Thanks in advance :)
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You've got me thinking

I have a couple questions inspired by other questions today.

1. Does anyone have any idea where the concept of a "lucky" cigarette came from? It seems to be a very common concept with the same basic attributes. Someone takes the first or a specific cigarette from the pack and turns it around to smoke it last.

a. In the Urban Dictionary, someone says that a lucky is slang for a Lucky Strike brand cigarette. According to Wikipedia there is an urban legend that every 100th Lucky Strike cigarette is actually a joint. Do you think there is any relation here?

2. What should you look for in a manicurist/pedicurist? I am really afraid of someone messing up my nails. I have never had one before and my cuticles are in horrible shape. I'm afriad they will cut/push them too far back and make me bleed. I'm afraid of getting some sort of strange infection. I am NOT getting fake nails, I just want my cleaned up a bit.

Name that drink, take 2

I was so amused by the drinknaming poll last time, I decided to make another, with different words. Let's amuse ourselves again with another round of


Since this is a question community and not a pimping one, I'll ask this.

Q: Ladies, would you want to be a famous celebrity, with money and influence galore, if you had to live the rest of your life starving yourself, like Lindsay Lohan or Nicole Richie? Suppose it's the expected behavior, and if you're normal for your height, then you'll wind up on all the tabloid covers, with unflattering pictures of your tummy, hips and ass, and you'll be mortified and too embarrassed to show your face in public. Unhealthy thin is in. If this is the game in town, would you be willing to live the life of an anorexic queen, where the most consuming obsession you have is calories and starving yourself, but where you're rich and can do what you want? If you don't live the life of a skeletal famine victim, then you'll have to endure endless photos and tabloid stories of what a fatass you are, even if you aren't just because you don't fit into the celebrity 'norm'.

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1. I've never been one to get manicures and pedicures, simply for the lack of time. Yet, right now my nails are an absolute uneven mess, and I really do not feel like attempting to be meticulous and doing them myself.

What is the general tip for a manicure? I'm not getting acrylics, just having the standard trim/file/paint

2. In middle school, the cool thing to have was this sour powder that you dipped your finger in and licked off. Repulsive sounding now, yeah, but at the time my friends and I thought it was the coolest thing. I only used my left pointer finger, but the powder had stained my finger! Not wanting to go to school like that, I wrapped gauze and surgical tape around it, and told everyone I cut myself. People believed me.

What stupid things did you do in the pre-teen/early adolescent years?

What fads did you submit to during those years?

3. What's your favorite tea? I'm quite partial to Stash green/white fusion, but yesterday I discovered Republic of China's Green pomegranate tea. Quite tasty.
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This is a question for females.

What would you do if you caught someone going through your purse without your permission??

Yesterday I saw my boss going through my purse. Nothing was taken, it just hurts my feelings that she was going through it. My boyfriend told me that I should write her a letter and say that I saw her doing it, and that I'm not going to do anything about it, as long as it doesn't happen again. I really want to avoid any confrontation about it because things between her and I haven't been going too well lately and I told her last week that I am looking for other positions. I am just afraid if I confront her about it that she will fire me (which is unlikely because she doesn't have anyone else and this area isn't an easy place to find a nanny). I am willing to let it go but now I am having second thoughts about bringing my purse into her house anymore because I don't want her looking through it.

**edit**-- I am her kids nanny, that would be why I was at her house.
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It started out as the flu and now for 4 days I've had a really bad sore throat. When I swallow my ears and throat burn. I'm coughing a lot and coughing phlegm up so it hurts extra bad. I've been taking pills, nyquil, dayquil, drinking water and tea, trying to rest. I haven't been able to eat. Now on top of all that I have my period so I have cramps. And I have tons of things due on Friday because that is when the quarter closes. So I am mega stressed.

Is there anything else I can try to get better faster??

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Another photography assignment question

This assignment is a character portrait. Basically have a model portray a certain character in two different locations and two different outfits. It can be a real celebrity, movie character, just a type of person, stereotype etc.

All I can think of is a drunk...which is blah.
or a bum bag lady esque person which might be hard to pull off realistically.

any idea's? or easy and CHEAP ways to pull it off?

I cant wait for this class to be over. =/

Also, in photoshop cs2, when you use the stamp tool is their a way to make the marker (what you are copying) stay on one area instead of moving with the stamp?
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Girls Scout Camp Songs

I've had portions of an old camp song going in and out of my head for the past several weeks, and it's driving me crazy.

The chorus has something about "their hands in their pockets and their pockets in their pants" and "All the little fishes do the hootcie cootcie dance" (I know, I know... I don't know how our couselors could have kept a straight face, either.)

Does anyone remember this song? Does anyone know the words so I can sing it in the shower and get it out of my head?

Should I take Piracetam?

I've been thinking of ordering some Piracetam and some choline to complement it. I've read nothing but good things about this drug wherever I look, and 2 people on my frinds list say good things too. It kinda seems too good to be true.

Have any of you taken Piracetam before? Are the ANY side-effects or contraindications at all? What's a good dose? How do you feel?

And why is this drug not available in the United States?
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1. I really want a pair of overalls. Laugh if you will, but I'd really like to have a pair. I'm currently looking myself online, but I thought I'd ask here too. Do you have a pair of overalls you really like? Where'd you get them? (I suppose I'm directing this towards the ladies, since I'm female.) I'd like a pair that have loose/slightly baggy pants legs (no tapered or 'straight' legs). For some reason, sitting in my law class this morning, I decided that I have to have a pair. Weird, I know.

Edit// Denim overalls (or 'coveralls' I guess)

2. I just killed a spider using body spray from Bath and Body Works (their special cranberry Christmas scent). Not the most humane method, no, but that's about all I can do, save for throwing shoes at them, and this one was on my window screen so that wouldn't have worked. Anyway, what's something stupid or pathetic that you have done recently?
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When someone you don't know well compliments you, out of these options, what are you likely to do?

Smile and/or blush and say thanks.
Say thanks and compliment them back.
Just compliment them back.
Disagree with them.
Disagree with them and throw a pity party for youself.
Agree with them/Say something like, "I know".
Ignore them completely.

02. What's your favourite song by your favourite musical artist? Least favourite?
03. Approximately how much do you spend on purely entertainment type activities in a month?
04. What do you do for a career/job? How much do you get paid an hour?
05. What is your favourite season and why?
06. When is the last time you slept in someone else's bed? Whose bed was it?
07. What's the last change you made to your appearance?
08. What's a physical feature/characteristic you find attractive in your preferred gender that you think most people wouldn't?
09. What's the oddest thing you carry in your wallet/purse/bag/whatever?
10. If you could suddenly become fluent in another langauge, which one would you choose and why?

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EDIT: Also, Is there any songs with marching band music in the backround other then Kayne West's "Touch the Sky" and Gwen Stefani's "Hollaback Girl"?

1. What's the song that says "you're my best friend"? And there's another song that was on That 70's show that goes something like "My best friend and me..." or something similar.

2. What's a good graduation song? How about moving on past graduation? Any good inspirational anthems?

3. What is the funniest thing you have ever seen?

4. What items/products symbolize summer for you?

5. Favorite Cardio Exercise?

6. What do you hope to achieve before the year is up?

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What's the best Website Hoster that allows forumlog?

This question goes out to anyone who knows a lot about website making. I like but you can't put forumlog or anything like that on.

this is what my user name is from


Because I have 'Pregnancy Sieve Brain' tm, I cannot rememeber how to make a flashing animated icon. I have done so previousely so I should have whatever programe does it, I just can't find it, remember what it is called!

Here is one I made earlier!

I know how to resize the individual pictures, it's just the making them run together I'm stumped at!

Edited - my husband told me, it's animation shop, and I'm all done and dusted.
New icon is go.


I have a flash disk (Attenex) that I'd like to put some more stuff onto, but I can't because it's full. The problem is that when I try deleting something off of it, it goes "Cannot delete: it is being used by another person or program." There's nothing open on my computer except for the disk folder. Any way I can get the stuff off of it?
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for college students:

what do you think about night classes -- love 'em or hate 'em? why?
*i'm thinking about taking three next fall so i can have more time off during the day.

have you ever audited a class? if so, which one?
*i'm thinking about auditing a language class because i want to learn it but i can't afford full tuition for it and don't really need the credit for it anyway.

what's your major? do you think your classes pertaining to your major are easy?
*education. i'm taking three classes this semester and they're a lot easier than my gen ed classes.
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Hair care

Is there a good straightening shampoo/conditioner/gel/balm/whatever that doesn't require blow-drying? I hate blow-drying but I also hate the random waves my hair gets after a certain length.
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There's a editorial cartoon floating around regarding the recent Immigration reform buzz... a politician in a suit pointing at a group shouting "Deport illegal immigrants!" A Native American looks and and notes, "I'll help you pack."

Anyone have it, a link to it, or otherwise a way to lay my grubby little eyes on it again?
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I was wondering if anyone knows how to distribute this excel line graph I just made? For example, all the lines seem to be on the the top half of the line grpah, how to make it so that it takes over the whole graph?

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My friend and I got into a fight over something really stupid, but she lied to me which is the core of the problem and the thing I'm most mad of. She has finally apologized, and I have forgiven her. However, there is still a nag.

Recently I've purchased a pair of tickets to a concert I've been DYING to see. I originally invited, and we were going to split the costs, but since I got a really good price on them, it turned into a birthday present. When this fight happened, I revoked it, saying that a dishonest friend does not deserve to spend time with me.

Should I still stick to this? I still want to, but is it silly of me? Should I forgive and forget? I'm stuck between the two, and I haven't invited anyone else to go, so it's not as if I have a definite back-up (though I know plenty who would be willing to go with me, and I'd probably have more fun with them). Should I do the Right thing and bring her, or what I Want and go with someone else?
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Good morning/Good afternoon/Good evening Ladles & Jellyspoons...

A few of questions for your browsing pleasure :-)

1 - Have you ever had woodchip wallpaper (basically, wallpaper that has chips of wood in it - pretty self explanatory!) ? I am in Scotland so I am not sure if this trend is in America at all. Well, I rent my house and we have this god awful wallpaper in a few rooms. In the spare room we have the pc and I like to put photographs and things all over the place basically. The walls are REALLY solid cement and are impossible to put pins into, I don't like using stickytape as it ruins the wallpaper so I am left with blu-tack.
The problem is whe I remove an item from the wall it takes part of the paper and the bit of wood with it leaving holes all over the place. Would a spot of paint over these holes fix it? its not ideal and would be noticed but hopefully we would be long gone by then!!

2 - Why, nine times out of ten, when I am sending files from the pc to my phone using bluetooth does it say 'unable to connect to the remote device'? everything is connected as it should be. Its so infuriating!

Please help! I am losing my mind here!!!

Thank you and goodnight!

gee xx


Is it possible/feasable to go on birth control but only take half a pill each day, or one pill only every other day? I'm wondering if this would be a way to lessen my various menstrual problems without the bad side effects that i've had in the past from the full daily dose of BC. Even mini-pills are too much, and i don't need them for birth control purposes. Only for period control.
Is this ever done?

Don't just refer me to vaginapagina or the birth control communities...if i wanted to join those communites to ask about this, i would have already.

Printing really really huge (in the physical sense) posters

I have a poster that I have done in powerpoint (97) measuring 36 inches high by 56 inches wide. I'm supposed to get it printed at a graphics place tomorrow, and was told by my professor that this is usually done by sending them the PDF file. Unfortunately after an entire day of trying many programs and sending it around to essentially everyone on my msn list, I cannot convert the file properly. The closest I can get is a small version in pdf that measures 81/2 x 11.

So my questions for any learned folk out there are these, because I know absolutely nothing about this sort of thing (and unfortunately the place is now closed so I can't really call and ask):

1) If I bring in my powerpoint file (that is currently saved as powerpoint 2003 off the computer at school) to the graphics place, would they be able to print off that? How would that look in comparison to a pdf file?

2) If they don't print from powerpoint and need to use the pdf file, and all I have is the tiny little file, how bad will the quality of the thing be? I am assuming very, very bad but some people seem to think that a lot of that will be alleviated with massive zooming in.

Please help!
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I don't think this is covered in Facebook's FAQ's.

If you're an admin of a group, and you want to stay in the group but not be an admin anymore, is there a way to do it without leaving the group? I can't figure it out! Don't worry, there are 3-4 other admin's of it already.
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mix & mingle with me dammit =D

Do you guys have any tips for mixing/mingling ("networking"?) with prospective employers? You know, job fairs, and stuff like that. I've never done that of thing before and tomorrow, a lot of students from my program are going to the oh-so exciting CA night, where we will have people from the big 6 accounting firms of Canada. (I always thought it was 4, but doesn't matter.) I'm really scared. T_T What kind of stuff would I ask, or be expected to asked about? (And what to do if the inevitable happens -- the deadly silence? :o) Thanks for any advice!!

Motown to Mos 'Def

I'm writing a paper about the development of music from motown to modern day rap (it's a Detroit culture class).

SO.... I need you guys to remind me of hip-hop songs these days that sample from older songs... i.e. Lil Romeo - My Baby is a perfect example of taking from the Jackson 5 - I Want You Back.

Thanks SO much!

do I match?!

1. Do Collapse ) match Collapse )?

I think they do but my cousin claims they don't even remotely match.

2. How would you go about dealing with someone who always points out the negative things about you, and constantly makes you feel bad about yourself?
I generally try to avoid my father because he always points out every single thing wrong with me. Lately he's been bitching about how I've been gaining weight, which I actually haven't been, but he never once noticed/mentioned when I lost 35lbs between september and november. It's not just the weight thing though it's every single thing. I seriously just want to kick him in the face or cry about it, the latter isn't a rare occurrence. I'm starting to wish I had applied in time and I'd be going somewhere far away for college.
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Are you engaged if your boyfriend proposes without a ring? And by proposal, I mean, "Will you marry me?" Just no ring.

No, I'm not engaged, but it's happened to someone I know. Their engagement was a "secret," but I want to know what you all think.

manicure question

I've never had a professional manicure done. My nails are fairly uneven and I pretty much just cut them short-ish - I never use any nail polish or other products. I'd like for them to be more even and have a somewhat similar shape, that's why I'm considering getting a professional manicure. No fake nails, probably not even polish, just getting them cut and shaped.

Should I go there with my regular nails like they are now or should I let them grow out a little so they have more to work with? I don't want to go there looking like a total slob with outgrown finger nails.

Also the skin around my nails (and on some fingers almost down to the first knuckle) is in pretty bad condition, I'm a picker/biter and I can't help it. Would you recommend to wait until it's healed (I doubt it will ever heal completely though) so I won't catch an infection?
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When you see girls with pictures of them wearing almost nothing on-line especially on they come off as being easy? What do you guys think?
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How do you kiss? How good of a kisser do you think you are? How good of a kisser do others think you are?

For some reason I'm a lip person. There is very little tongue action but that could be mostly because I have a very short tongue. I more lightly brush their lips with my tongue while sucking on their lips. I've had guys shove their tongue in my mouth before and I've heard people describe "French Kissing" as massaging someone elses tongue with your own but I've never been quite able to master anything that resembles that in my mouth or his. Also, for some reason.... I always go for my boyfriend's upper lip and he always goes for my bottom lip. Odd.

When we first started dating there was more tongue action but I'm not sure why we stopped. I think I'm going to ask him why he thinks we kiss the way we do when next we see each other.

I've never really gotten a review, good or bad, of my kissing but I don't think I'm terrible. I once had a guy who I jokingly called Slimer. He fixed his technique shortly after.

(I see a few kissing questions recently and I swear I came up with this before reading those. Strange that we all think of kissing at the same time.)
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Karaoke Music

I'm looking for a karaoke version of the John Lennon song, "Grow Old with Me (God Bless our Love)". I found it on a few CDs, but it's the Mary Chapin Carpenter version or something dumb like that. If anybody knows where I might find the John Lennon version - or even if it's out there at all, I would really appreciate it!
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grapefruit soda

I really dig the Sam's Choice and Giant store brand grapefruit soda.

But I've always wondered, are they supposed to be a knockoff of something?

Also, when did that "current location" blank start showing up? I never noticed it until someone else used it a couple of posts down.
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