March 28th, 2006

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Childhood TV favorites

What TV show was most important to you as a child?

Why is it most important to you?

And, how old are you?

My answers:

Doctor Who.

I watched it with my dad, and it was the only regular reason i was allowed to violat the normal bedtime.

I'm 28.
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Welcome to my Meat Garden!

Question for the Vegetarians...

So, on the radio this morning (in the Half-Assed News) they were discussing this possible invention. You take a starter pack of cells and stick it into a machine (about the size of a coffee maker), turn it on, go to bed, then when you wake up in the morning, you'll have fresh sausage for breakfast. And it will grow more than just sausage - steaks, chicken meat, ham, etc.

Here's my question: since this meat is grown from a starter pack and isn't taken from an animal, would you - a vegetarian - eat the meat?

Edit: We are going under the assumption that the cells used come from actual animals. The cells being obtained through a blood sample - so no animal is being killed, and except for the prick we all feel from the needle, no pain involved. Under this assumption, one animal could help feed millions without ever dying.
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Hey guys,

Does anyone know of any writing groups in Vancouver, BC? Or of any LJ communities for writers in Vancouver?

I'm looking to join a writing group, and I've found lots of writing group communities for places in the States and the like, but I can't seem to find any for my area.


Edit: I did manage to find one, Vancity_Writers, however there are only 7 members and the last post was in March of 2005. Needless to say, I'm hoping for something more active. Thx!

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For the ladies....

What's a good facial mouisturizer that has an SPF of at least 15 but is formulated for very oily skin? Or even a foundation with SPF for oily skin that actually doesn't make you more oily?
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Auto Fires

Umm, I know this is REALLY hard to try and decide over the internet without pics or more details, but if someone could give me a general idea of How Bad it is for your car to catch on fire, that would be super. My husband just called to tell me his 91 Explorer caught on fire and melted some of the stuff on top of the engine (oil cap and the like). After I was done demanding to know if he was ok and being assured he was, I started trying to figure out if it's worth trying to fix.

My friend's car caught on fire once because of a headlight and she had it fixed even though it was old, which makes me think it might not be that big of a deal, but I don't know if she had a friend who could do it for free or anything.

It's just my husband JUST got transferred and we REALLY need our 2nd car more than ever now and we were about to move into a house so even if it's relatively cheap to fix (which I DOUBT), I don't know if it would be worth it on a car so old. But we can't afford to really get into a newer one right now with all the other stuff that's going on.

Please send me some good news? :/
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Favorite movie quote?

Mine: (From Day After Tomorrow.) Picture it, they're in their expedition gear, trekking through the snow, and he says: "How much further is it to the library?"
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Are you...

1) An early bird or a night owl?
2) Organized or disheveled?
3) A picky eater, or do you eat almost anything?
4) A Movie buff, or a music buff?
5) Prone to using post-its, or a note pad?

1) Night owl. I have a Happy Bunny mug that says "Mornings suck big time." Said bunny is crying.

2) VERY organized. I get spazzed out if I don't have things organized the way I want them.

3) I'll eat *almost* anything. Just DON'T put mushrooms or asparagus in front of me, because I'll ralph on you.

4) I don't get to see many new movies, and I don't really listen to new stuff on the radio unless I'm at work. I'll say movie buff. Unless you want to talk about some Aerosmith. ;)

5) Post-its at work, note pads at home. There's only so much info you can squeeze onto a post-it! (This also makes me want to quote Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion.)
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How do you keep your eyebrows looking good? (Waxing, threading, etc.)

And, if you think you have nice eyebrows, will you post a picture of them here? If not, just post a picture of anyone whose eyebrows you like.
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i need to get a copy of our apartment key made for my boyfriend. How much should I plan on it costing? I live in Ohio, if that makes a difference. I don't need an exact price, obviously. Just sort of an educated guess. Does around $5 sound right?

a remedy please!

I caught this darn cold from my kids last week...started with a sore throat, next was the runny nose and then again with the sore i have sneezing,coughing,runny nose and real achey and weak. I've done the Dayquil and I'm ready to use my kids medicine ~ Dimetapp cold and cough. Any other suggestions? I'm miserable at work.
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Bring it back!

So, Family Guy was cancelled in 2002, brought back in 2005. Futurama was cancelled in 2003, and there are talks about it coming back. Firefly barely made it through a full season, and it was then made into a full-length movie.

1) Are there any other shows out there that have been cancelled and then brought back?

2) If you could bring back one show that was cancelled, what would it be?
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Tongue Piercings

For those of you that have had a tongue piercing, how long did it take you to heal? Did you do anything special to speed it up? (ice, etc).

I'm looking for personal stories. I've found websites, i've been on BMEzine, and i've googled. I just want some personal experiences to tell me if I'm insane or not.

EDIT: When were you able to talk semi-normally/understandably again?
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Late 80s - Early 90s Music

I seriously think sometimes that I should have been born in 1974, with the music that I love. I'm feeling nostalgic and looking for late eighties - early nineties music. Sort of, I guess, adult contemporary, or some crap like that. Collapse )
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What's better for your hardware, leaving a computer on or shutting it down when you leave for hours or more at a time?

All I can find are conflicting opinions. Some people say stress during boot-up and the radical temperature change is bad. Others claim it's worse to leave everything running all the time and keeping it hot.

If it matters, I have an aluminum PowerBook G4. I love it but it's crap at dissipating heat. It gets pretty hot in there.
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I watched Capote last night.

The ending scared the crap out of the novelist within me. The outcome projected the absolute greatest thing and the absolute worst thing that can happen to a writer; Writing something considered the greatest book of its time, and losing your mind and your self in the process of writing said book. I am officially shaking in my booties.

Did any other writers get the same reaction? If not from "Capote," than similar uninspiration from anything else? Has anything ever completely anti-motivated you to write?

Second question: What does motivate you to write?

This is X-posted in my journal. Please comment there:
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I know next to nothing about cars and everytime I try to call the dealer or a mechanic to see how much a 60,000 mile tune-up would cost (assuming I don't need any big repairs), they won't give me a straight answer ... "It depends..."

So, what does/should a 60,000 mile tune-up involve and how much do they generally cost -- I understand that it might vary but I just want kind of a general idea.
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I have to write a paper/give a presenation with the following requirements...

Choose a topic related to gender, any type of discrimination (e.g. ageism, racism, ableism…), women’s issues (e.g. prevalence of anorexia in women), or men’s issues (e.g. men’s rights in abortion decisions). Make sure some research has been done on your topic.

Suggestions on a topic that fits the requirements that would be interesting to research and hasn't been done to death?


If I deposit a Canadian quarter into my American checking account, will it actually count (as in, result in that 25 cents being added to my bank balance)?

I'm rolling change and I'm two coins short, arg.

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For all of you World of Warcraft players out there:

Is there a way to download the new patches on tuesdays other than the Blizzard Downloader? It's not really going fast enough for my tastes (AKA it's been 2 hours and it's still at 0%). I haven't had my WoW today and I'm getting antsy. >_> So, is there a website where I can get them perhaps? Thanks!
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Cell Phone Gurrness

I find myself annoyed with constant cellphone users. What are your cellphone user pet peves?

Some of mine:
* Talking on a cell phone while at the drive-through

* When I'm doing something with someone, and they take an unimportant call that lasts forever. "Yeah, I'm at Nekko's house. What are you doing? Oh, guess who I saw the other day..."

* Talking while at a store being helped by a salesperson and expecting them to keep helping while they talk

*People who are glued to their cells. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, there's no reason to be on a phone for 10 hours a day.

Eliot Morris?

Does anyone have a copy of Eliot Morris' "Anyway"? Short of buying the CD, where did you get it? I tried Limewire- got nothing. Would anyone like to send it to me? :D
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Blocked kitchen sink

I think I've blocked the kitchen sick because the thing(?!) that usually sucks down the water garbage disposal isn't working at all. And I don't have a plunger! So what can I do to fix this?

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If you have a stomach ulcer can you tell me what it feels like?

For the past few months I've been having stomach problems. I've been having tests done but so far nothing has shown up. I'm starting to think it's probably an ulcer because the pain/weird feeling is always in the same spot. The problem is I have absolutely no idea how to describe the feeling I get so I'm hoping if someone else does I can figure it out.
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My cell phone's volume died, and until I can get it fixed everyone in the world has decided to call.

I use Sprint, so is there a number I can call (or online way) to retrieve my voicemail? (For whatever reason, I cannot connect when I call my cell phone through a landline, so I can't dial my phone's number to receive vmail.)
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(no subject)

Have you ever been completely and utterly happy? Satisfied with every single aspect of your life, such that were you to die at that exact moment, it would be with no regrets?

I'm speaking about fleeting moments, mostly. . .you know, the kind that you remember as long as you live with perfect clarity and total recall of the feeling. But if there was a longer period in your life where this feeling was sustained, that counts too.
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(no subject)

Okay I decided to make something for my daughter for when she is a teenager ( I may also write one for my son), kinda of book with advice.. maybe even song lyrics.. something that may help her through her teenage years.

My question's are

1. What is the best advice you have ever recived?
2. Given?
3. Wish someone would have told you?
4. Anything extra you wish to add?

It can be serious, silly, werid, funny, love advice, friendship, family.. It can be one word or a full paragraph I don't mind..
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I'm going from Germany to America for three months, and I have a voltage question.
I have an iPod that I'll want to be charging frequently throughout the trip. The only device I have for charging my iPod (nano) is a USB chord that plugs into a port on the computer, not an outlet in the wall. I have a friend who has something different, she calls it a voltage adapter (not an outlet adapter, we each have one of those) and she says it converts voltage.

My question is, will this chord that I have allow me to plug my iPod into a German computer, or do I need to get a voltage adapter to plug my iPod into the wall?

(no subject)

What are some logical reasons for a landlord (especially a landlord that lives in the dwelling) to not give her tenant(s) a key a few days early to allow for an earlier move-in after the tenant has been screened, paid first month's rent/damage deposit, and signed a lease?

There was no previous tenant.

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Do you pine for the "good old days"?

What were your good old days?

Do you know what a uvula is?

If you do, can it be removed? Mine keeps swelling up due to allergies or something.

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I know that I already posted a question once today, but that was a good few hours ago, so I think this will be okay.

Again, it has to do with WoW (sorry!), so if you're knowledgeable on the game (or any MMOs in general, really), please take the time to help me fix this?

I tried to download the latest patch because the Blizzard Downloader was doing basically nothing. I got it off of Yahoo! Games. I moved it to the appropriate folder, but found that when I tried to play, the Blizzard Downloader still kept popping up. I double-clicked on the file, only to find that it was unable to authorize the patch, so it failed. Is there any way to fix this (preferrably without downloading it again)?

I'm getting pretty desperate. >_> I know one of my alt's servers is up and I'm pretty anxious to play as I haven't today.

Thanks a whole lot. ♥

cigarettes & seat belts.

1. Have you ever heard of turning two cigarettes upside down when you open a pack? According to my friend "one for luck, one for fuck."
I've googled this but I haven't found anything as I was unsure what to google. I've never heard of it but my friend claims it's common knowledge, and even that I don't really smoke I should have known.

2. Would you feel bad buying cigarettes for someone if they were for some reason unable to buy them for them self?
Yes, which is why I won't do it. My friend(the same one from #1) always asks me to buy cigarettes for her when we are out, since she's 16 & I'm 18. I never do because I would feel bad about it, like I was helping her get lung cancer.

3. If you don't wear your seat belt, why?
There is this one guy I'm friends with who NEVER wears his seat belt, when I'm driving I make him put it on before going anywhere. I just don't get it, he claims he just doesn't like wearing them.

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I have a friend who was recently hospitalized with a very dangerous blood clot near her brain... She was recently released, and I'm putting together some things to send to her.

Among these things are some "inspirational quotes" so to speak.

Can you guys suggest some that may be good for someone who is dealing with such a crappy situation?