March 27th, 2006

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Would anyone have any idea why a certain spot in my right eye is blood shot? It happens quite often and it's kind of weird. Could it be stress? Or because I look at this screen all day? Or maybe even because I'm constantly tired?
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What would you rather have: no acne and lots of emotions/moodiness, or some acne and no super emotions/moodiness?

I'm trying to decide if I want to continue taking my birth control pills. I have noticed that my face has less acne, with the price of being more emotional. I originally started taking them when my boy and I decided that we want to be safe, but we're not together anymore.

Also, does anyone have any experience with your body adjusting to life without the pills?

I might be going on vacation on April, and it would suck if I go off the pills, and Aunt Flow decides to show up that week.


sorry to bother you.does anyone know where or how i can download no tears for ceasar by william shatner and rated r? i tried usenet,limewire,soulseek and google and chat rooms talk to me like im an idiot for wanting that song.its from the free enterprise movie on various im systems but i just am not having any luck.if anyone can help id really appreciate this.thanks for your time guys.

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1. I'm making a mix CD about taking someone [a guy friend] for granted for about four years. All I have thus far is Vertical Horizons "Everything you want". Any other suggestions? [PS, It should be mostly romantic songs]

2. How did YOU fund your college career?

3. How should you react/say if you get fired?

4. What is your favorite city? Least favorite?

5. What is one thing you regret not doing in high school? What was the most important thing you did before you graduated?
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Is anyone else creeped out by huge cruise ships and ocean liners? Especially sunken ones? I can't watch TV shows about the Titanic because seeing it underwater really, really makes me uncomfortable.

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lately, my pet peeve has been people who say "supposably"...WTF!?!?!? - that isn't even a word!!! it's "supposedly"...

what word do people mis-pronounce that drives you crazy?
what word do you misspell a lot?
do you always edit/re-check your posts before hitting "submit"? if so, why?

Maths and finances

Can somebody please help me to work something out? I'm not very good at maths.

I owe $1300 on my credit card. The interest rate is 10.99% pa and interest is charged monthly. I'll make weekly payments of $50. How much money will I end up paying, in total?

What if the interst rate was only 2.99% for the first 6 months, and then 8.99% after that?

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Does anyone know if plasma donation places test for THC (marijuana)? Someone told me they only test for drugs that you inject, but I think they were just assuming, so just wondering if someone has firsthand knowledge about this?
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have you ever ordered anything from neighborhoodies? what did you get? do you use something similar to neighborhoodies but cheaper?

i have a hoodie that i got at the nh store in california that says 


and has a robot on the back. i really like it .

Immigration question (hopefully not a repeat)

(This is a completely ignorant question, but I apparently do not understand the immigration policy/procedure in the US, so...)

Apparently we have a lot of illegal immigrants from Mexico here in the US. My question is, why are they immigrating illegally? What is it that makes immigrating legally hard?

If these millions of illegal Mexican immigrants are in fact the base of our work force, 1. why can't they get in legally if they're coming here to work and 2. why don't we have a policy of granting citizenship after a x amount of time being employed?

Come to that, why can't they immigrate with a provisional window (say 3 months) to find work and once they've been hired, be granted a temporary visa until they show a work history of a year or something, at which point they'd be granted citizenship?

I have no idea how the current immigration/citizenship process works so this whole thing is just completely confusing me. I happen to agree though that making illegal immigration a felony is completely stupid. One, how would you implement it, and two, where do we have prison facilities to hold them (unless they're just going to get deported...). It doesn't quite wash on a human rights front for me either, come to that.
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What are you waiting for with anticipation?

What are you putting off until later?

Does the future scare you or excite you?

Do you know what you want to be/have when you're "grown up?"

If you could take back one thing you've thought or said, even if the subject of your thought never even knew about it, what would it be?

Fate or Chance?

What's your favorite game or toy of all time?

Do you like to be scared by movies? Why?

Naming a baby

OK, ya know how when you look at hospital websites and the parents didn't have a name for the baby before he/she left the hospital and baby is listed as "Baby Girl" or "Baby Boy"? When do you *have* to have a name chosen for a baby? What happens if you don't choose one before then? Not that I would do that to my baby, I'm just curious.
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1. Do you consider yourself an interesting person? Why or why not?
2. What did you have/are you having for lunch today?
3. What's your favourite song about rape and/or sexual abuse?
4. Who is the last person you missed? Where are they?
5. What do you tend to be like when you're over-tired?
6. What do you think the least attractive piercing/place for a tattoo is?
7. Who do you live with? How much do you pay for rent, if applicable?
8. What is the best thing about the city/town/whatever you live in? The worst?
9. What is your favourite alcoholic drink? Non-alcoholic?

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Which of these situations do you believe is worse?

1) The majority of people paying full price for songs/albums, thus limiting their musical awareness to what they can afford. Artists receive full compensation for their recorded works, but lesser known bands and performers find little success due to their relative obscurity. Those that are successful gain much larger shares of the audience, resulting in immense ticket and merchandise sales.

2) The majority of people stealing music, either hard copies or digital files, thus greatly expanding their musical awareness beyond what they could normally afford. Artists recieve little or no compensation for their recorded works, but bands and performers across the board experience greater awareness of their recordings and benefit from increased but moderate concert and merchandise revenue, areas where they recieve a large percent of the profits in comparison to album sales.


I forgot the second part. The real question.

What are your three favorite bands?

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DIY piercings!

Anyone have any?
I'm thinking of piercing my hip. I've done it before with a safety pin but only had it in for a week. No inflammation or infection whatsoever. This time I want to use an actual barbell. At least an inch or two long. Tell me your stories. If you have any.

P.s. I don't need to be told how dumb it is. I already know it's dumb. But I'm still going to do it.
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Hey guys,

Okay, I have this "The 365 Stupidest Things Ever Said" Page-A-Day Calendar that I got for Christmas, and I don't get the quote on today's page. Maybe someone can help me out here.

Newlywed Game host Bob Eubanks: "Gentlemen, tell me what is your favorite pasta?"
Contestant: "Flat on my stomach looking at the TV screen"

Usually these things are pretty funny, but this one makes no sense at all to me.. maybe it's not supposed to... I don't get why the contestant said that...what do you guys think?


Two in one day

Know those funny drink names, like White Russians, Screaming Orgasms and Bloody Marys? Name a new drink. Yes, it's another poll, and if you can stomach more than one in one day, then why don't you take it?

If this doesn't qualify as a question post, I'll ask this:

When they ask how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, are they ballroom dancing, linedancing or breakdancing? It depends greatly on how much space each partying seraphim needs.

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I need to make some flyers advertising that I am searching for either a room or apartment. Where should I hang these? So far I have: Colleges, Post Offices, Grocery stores, laundromats, street signs, convience stores, and libraries. Any other idea?

What are some other apartment/roommate searching tips?

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There was an MTV movie; something like "Everybody's doing it" or something, about the abstinence only trend in Highschools. In this movie there was this hysterical musical of the STD's does anyone know where I could find a clip of that even just a soundclip?
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Pot Luck

What should I bring to my office pot luck?

I'm the new girl in the office and this is a first for me. (My last job had so many employees so nobody cared/noticed that I never attended the things.)

I figure I'll need something for roughly 15 people. I do not cook but am not against the idea of fixing something simple. And I find no shame in buying something to bring.

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A while ago - maybe just less than a year ago - I found this really cool site. It featured real life stories about people who basically trespassed through no trespassing zones. It's really hard to describe...

For example, there was one authour who wrote about his adventure through steam tunnels in Union Station in Toronto.

Does this ring a bell to anyone? I lost the website and I am very interested in reading more of the stories/adventures.

Also, if anyone knows of sites similar to this, that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
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do you care if your food comes from brand A or B? or do you buy nameless stuff like the shop's own brand?
I don't care, only my cats seem to prefer food from known brands :/
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Hi. I'm doing a thing for school, (I'm in a computer course) and we're trying to find as much free stuff on the internet as possible and see how big we can get our pile. Whether it's t-shirts, stickers, wristbands, whatever, we want it. Does anyone know of any non-anti spyware free stuff websites. The stuff needs to be free obviously without credit card needed ( is a scam i think).


I should post that I'm Canadian and some stuff like this only US can do it.

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do you tap your foot? (like frequent foot taps) why do you do it? are you nervous, excited, bored, all of it??
It's just that I don't do it and it seems that like everyone else does.
Also "what do you worry the most about?"
I am always worried about one thing or another, grades, relationships, health..
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Have any of you tried focus factor? If yes, what do you think of it?

I'm about to run out to the store and I'm considering purchasing it but I really don't want to blow forty dollars on something that's a bust. risks, risks, risks.

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One day in class a sub showed us a list created by a white woman of benefits that whites take for granted that most minority races don't generally have. She was some kind of doctor I think, and the page was plain white with black text in Times New Roman or something simple like that. I think it was part of a much longer page. It was a numbered list and written in first person.

Anybody know what I'm talking about and have the link???

(If not, please don't comment.)
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Since I have these next week, I figured I would ask you all a question.

If you're still in school[not college], do you have standardized testing where you go to school?
I live in Iowa and have [obviously] ITEDs. Which are the Iowa Tests for Educational Development or something like that. They used to be called the ITBS tests, which was Iowa Tests for Basic Skills.

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I have come to the realization that iPods are overrated pieces of crap. Mine killed itself, and this isn't my first iPod-failure. I have a warranty, but I don't want a new one. I want a different kind of mp3 player that won't break so easily, and possibly has a battery that lasts, unlike the iPod.
So what do you think is the best kind of mp3 player?
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iTunes Question

I just got a video iPod for my birthday. I've used iTunes for about a year now, and I still don't understand the part with album art. When I buy something from the Music Store, the album art shows up for that, otherwise, it doesn't. How do I get album art on iTunes?

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Is their anywhere online (free or cheap) where I can buy a book to be read online. I need Prozac Nation - Elizabeth Wurtzel for a paper thats due next week. and unfortunatly I live in a town that doesnt have a bookstore that would sell it. I have a copt at home 2000 miles away but have no idea where it is to have it overnighted. Any ideas?

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today my 1999 ford taurus's "service engine soon" light came on just as i was turning on my left-turn signal. i got home and turned my car off, on again to and then waited to see if that light would turn off. nope.

so, my question. how soon is "SOON"? i hope that it can wait until the weekend to service it, but then again i don't want my car to die while i'm driving home.

Driver's license

Which is the more principled stand for someone who does not want to drive but is being nagged by the parents to get a driver's license? (and there is a strong suspicion that the parents will coerce the person into running errands for them)

A. Get the license, then put it in a drawer and don't ever drive.

B. Don't get the license.

(I am not looking for which is more convenient, practical, prudent, cost-effective, etc. -- just which is the most principled position. And the person will not change their mind about driving; they simply hate to drive and would be perfectly happy never driving.)

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I'm starting to give in and I'm wanting to get one of the latest mp3 players now. I commute for 3 hours to and from school and my 128mb player isn't cutting it anymore.

Apple's commercials are really good and an ipod is the trendy thing to have, but is it worth getting? I've heard the battery needs replacing once a year and it costs a fortune to mail it to Apple to get them to do it. Creative players are an option, but my friend just sent his Zen in for repairs and it cost him a fortune as well.

So, my question, is it worth it to get an ipod or a zen or something else? And which mp3 players are better deals considering the player life, breakability and cost of fixing.

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1.How do I convince my grandfather to get me a laptop for my birthday/graduation gift? He thinks that if I take a laptop to college it's going to get stolen. He gets his information from the internet and I've never heard of laptop stealing to be a huge problem.

2.If there were one thing you wish you would have known before graduating high school/going to college, what would it be?

3.What are some good ways to motivate myself to do classwork? I think I have a serious case of senior-itis.

4.What is the best way to connect with people at the college I plan to go before I actually go up there in the fall?

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About a week ago I went to my boyfriend's house. When I got there, I took my flip-flops off. Several hours later, when I was getting ready to leave, I went to go put them on and they were gone. We looked all around the house, but couldn't find them. Finally, I went home barefoot, figuring our almost 2 year old daughter had taken them and hidden them and he would come across them later.

Today I found them in my car.


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If you live with other people (friends, family, whoever), do you have similar schedules?
Any problems with things like using the shower, being noisy in the morning/night?

I'm a university student living with another student. We're both at school during various times of the day. The problem is that she goes to bed around 11PM everynight, while I'm up until 3AM most nights. Sometimes I get hungry after she's in bed, and want to go to the kitchen to make something to eat. Most of the times I just make due with snacks in my room, but sometimes that's not enough. I feel bad for being in the kitchen since her room is right beside it and doesn't have any real walls (only curtains). She hasn't talked to me about it though.

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Which is better: The College of William and Mary or the University of Virginia??? I was accepted by the former and I think I'll get into the latter, but I am really stuck between the two. :(
CA- city by the sea (me~)

some computer questions

hi, i am ... fairly technically-illiterate. i can work my way around computers, but only the simplest of tasks. so, i figured i would pose some questions here in hopes yall would help. :)

1. of screen-capping: i really would love to screen-cap some of my movies, but i have No Idea how this is done. i tried the ghetto method of doing the 'print screen, paste in paint' thing, but now all my dvd-viewing programs are dead, with the exception of WMP. which doesn't let you do that. so i guess a question is how does one screen-cap? there are programs out there for that, right? which program would you recommend/is easiest/best to use?

2. on the same vein, my Power DVD program ((it came with the laptop)) isn't functioning. it'll give sound and a totally black screen until you hit Stop, where it then shows you the actual picture for a grand total of two seconds. i do not know why. not that i really used it much, but is this something i can fix? i also have VLC media player, which just plain won't open/run when i pick it. but if i open it manually and then open the dvd through it, it usually works fine. is this just a picky program, or am i doing something wrong?

3. the timeless, age-old question of Battle Of The Computers. APPLE vs. EVERYTHING ELSE.
i am in desire of a new laptop, as the one i have is old and kinda sad. however, i'm thinking about making The Switch to Apple, as i am a fine arts major and will probably be using a lot of the programs like Illustrator and Photoshop. now, i've asked many people around me their opinions on Macs and i've heard it all.
what i'd really like, though, is ACTUAL facts. i don't need a lot of cool things, i just need a working computer. so, what are the mostly-unbiased facts on Macs? what are good things, and did you have any real problems?

4. just a quick question for anyone who is a fan of Le Pacte Des Loups: i have the american version of the dvd, and adore it of course. but i've seen some stills of Sylvia and Marianne in church together. and... that's nowhere on my dvd! so is this just another deleted scene in a different version of the dvd? or... well, i guess that's all it could be. just wondering if anyone has seen it, because i am dying to watch that interaction.

thanks for putting up with my rambling questions! :)
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I have curly hair that I straighten every other day with a flat iron. I'm hoping to study abroad in London next year, and I know that even with the outlet adaptor, my flat iron wouldn't receive enough power to get my hair straightened in a quick fashion (plus I get tired of the maintenance).

Has anyone here had their hair straightened "permanently"? Mainly, the Japanese method? How well it did work? How long did it take? Even in the humidity of summer, did your hair remain straight?