March 26th, 2006


Today when I went to open up Winamp, it completely died. I got an error message and it closed. I tried re-installing it, and it still didn't work. So I decided to just re-download it from the website. I've tried a few times, and the download keeps getting corrupted. I've even tried downloading it from other websites, and the same thing happens. I'm not sure what's going on, or if my computer suddenly hates Winamp, or what. I did a virus scan and didn't find anything.
Any ideas of what's going on?
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The baby gets painful gas in her tummy that she has trouble getting out so she squirms and fusses in discomfort until she farts and then she's ok for just a few minutes until it happens again....

My question, if I put her in a bath, would being immersed in water keep the gas in the tummy or would it help it come out?

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Sorry for the second post but it wont let me edit anything right now.

When you have a cavity does it hurt when you chew with that tooth?

Ive had tons of cavities before but I never remember a pain like this. Kinda sharp and only every now and then.

I was just at the dentist last week and aside from the known cavities (which might be this tooth) that need to be taken care of he didnt mention anything. I cant go back to get them filled until Aug. I probably could live with the pain but Im just worried it's something else, and Im looking at root canal or something.

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Mmmm, money.

Would you ever destroy a relationship with a friend over money? A family member? What amount would be required? $10k? $50k? $100,000? $500k? $1,000,000?

Be honest. I know everyone wants to go "oh gasp, noes!" but look into the black little nugget you have in your heart. Who would you screw over for money?

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Relationship questions!

1. If you'd been with your SO for a year, broken up for 6 months, then back together for a year, would you tell people "We've been together for two and a half years" or celebrate your original anniversary? Does the answer change if you saw someone else over that 6 months?

2. Do you understand the purpose of someone having two weddings? Like they elope to get tax benefits or something, but then have their big wedding months later where they pretend to get remarried. Okay, so that's the purpose, and now my question is worded funny, but do you think that's a strange or good idea?

3. Would you ever be involved in a long distance relationship?

4. How do you feel about couples who match? Like they'll wear the same color shirt and khaki pants when they go out together.

And now for something completely unrelated:

5. Why do I wake up every Sunday at 6:30am and think "OH SHIT, I'm late for work!" even though I do not work on Sundays?

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Do you think licorice has hints of grape flavor in it? i'm eating a spice drop and it is purple colored and i keep thinking it tastes a little like grape, but maybe the color is just messing with my head.

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1. What's good for a scratchy throat? (I'm getting sick and my throat is killing me!)

2. What does the "J" stand for in Mary J. Blige?

3. Do gift certificate without expiration dates expire at any point? (I have one from 5/6 years ago and I'm wondering if it's still good.)

4. Do they put out an arrest warrant for you if you don't pay back the bank for bounced checks? (Not for my info, my friend asked me this and I didn't know what to tell him!)
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a shot in the dark

so i'm going about my sunday morning routine (which is reading postsecret) and i see this secret:

I willingly withheld the greatest discovery in mathematics from the world...It is the solution to the Riemann Hypothesis...The Riemman [sic] Hypothesis is false. The prime number 2^13466971-1 is off the critical line.

so, i wikipediaed the riemann hypothesis and sort of gleaned that it's about prime numbers. ok, lovely, i know what a prime number is, i'm with it! but really, my interest was piqued because i think it's be pretty damn cool if some anonymous guy on postsecret had the solution to this hundred and forty year old math problem (for which there is a million dollar prize for proving or disproving, nonetheless).

so, my question is, does anyone know if this could be true? i mean, i'm sure there's something lengthy involved in checking these things, but do any of you math types think this could be true?
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1. What some basic hints/tips to start singing better? My friends just informed me that I am the worst. singer. ever. I definately don't want to be a professional singer, but I will probably have to do Karaoke [and Chorus!] some time during my life, and I don't want to sound horrible. [If it helps any, I kind of sound like Fefe Dobson, except the pitch and tone are horrendously off]

2. Has anyone volunteered at City Year? How did you like it?

3. Has anyone here won a scholarship? Which one?

4. Favorite type of....
A. gum?
B. Soda?
C. Transportation?
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Is there a way to turn off those annoying adverts at the top of a page? The one's that make noise, like the random downloadable IM smiley adverts that come on and talk to you? They're not pop-ups but sponsors on the actual page so disabling pop-ups doesn't work. (They also don't have the sound on/off button in the corner which is normally the only thing that keeps me sane when I'm on a webpage with them on.)

Any ideas?
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Ahh! Babies!

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I don't really like myspace but I'm on it know....

Anyway, I hate the idea of ranking people in your "Top Eight Friends". I've seen some people who have less than eight people in their top eight but way more than eight friends. My idea is to only put Tom in my top eight and put a note saying I don't rank my friends. Because I hate that shit. I've never "modified" my profile at all and I dont' know anything about myspace editors. I just want to modify it so I have less than eight people in my "top eight". How can I do that?

EDIT: Never mind, I got it! Now, my profile says (my name) doesn't rank people. And then view all of my friends and that's it. I'm so proud of myself! :)

Car battery

My truck needs a new battery. It says it takes a 65/650 battery, and Costco seems to only carry the 65/700 kind. If I were to put one of those batteries in my truck, what would happen?
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What is your favourite music to study to?

It's one of those days where I have craploads to do, no motivation, and trying to muster up said motivation is quite agonizing. Maybe some new music will help.
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Hello everyone--

I have this computer strictly for gaming, more specifically, the Sims. I previously had the original Sims on this computer, along with many expansion packs.

I uninstalled all of these to install the Sims 2, and one expansion pack. Although less than half of the computer's memory is taken, it's performance is horrible. The game goes sooo slow. I spoke to my friend about this and she recommended getting a better graphics card.

The computer is an IBM NetVista Pentium 3... kinda old, but in great condition (has never had access to internet, so there is no spyware, viruses, etc.)

Is the problem here a graphics card? If so, any recommendations on which one I should buy and how much it would cost to have it installed?

Thanks a lot.

Movies with a conformity/peer pressure theme

This is going to sound like a dumb movie compilation list, but I have a good reason for it...with that said, can anyone think of any flicks with a solid conformity/peer pressure/social situation pressure theme? So far I have...

Mr. Smith Goes to Washington
Wall Street
12 Angry Men
The Devil's Advocate
The Firm

...and all I have so far is essentially films where the 'good' individual triumphs over the pressure to conform. I know there's gotta be a few where the good guy doesn't win in the end. Can anyone think of any other films in this vein? Or even fiction books? I'm trying to prove a point and want to have both historical (already researched, thank god) and pop culture references...

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How do you get candle wax out of jeans?? I was holding a little tea light one last night, blew it out, and blew too hard getting wax all over my jeans. I scratched away the parts I could, but of course that just leaves a gross white waxy residue...
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Anyone know if Grey's Anatomy is a rerun or a new show tonight? One friend says it is a rerun and one says the rerun is next week. isn't helping me find the answer. Thanks!

EDIT: Answered, thanks! Bummer. :(
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Hey all!

Ok, I'm a junior in high school, and I'm really starting to worry that I haven't found a college that even remotely interests me. So, can anyone recommend a good college for me to look into? The main reason I'm asking is because I want actual people's opinions, and not the opinions of the colleges that send me stuff. They're obviously going to talk about their strengths and not weaknesses. So, basically, I'm looking for a small college, preferably private, but I'm not being a snob, so I'll take a small public college. DEFINITELY no all-women colleges. And really, no colleges known for partying. I don't party at all, and I'm not planning on doing anything in college other than studying, sleeping, and working, so don't tell me to look at something just for the awesome parties. Oh, and I'm thinking of studying both chemistry and writing.

But mostly, what are your opinions on the school you went to, why did you go there, and what are its strengths and weaknesses?

Danke schoen!
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sick kitty

I'm staying with a friend and his cat is very sick. The kitty is going to the vet first thing in the morning, but until then, we're wondering what we could possibly do to make him more comfortable. Unfortunately it's just not possible for us to take him to the vet now with it being Sunday evening and all.

The cat is very lethargic, has labored shallow breathing. He's very weak, and from time to time starts crying. He won't eat or drink. He can't really do much more than lay around, and even that seems to be quite painful for him.

Is there anything we can do for him until he can be seen at the vet?


I'm doing a Government project on free speech vs. hate speech, and i was just wondering.
Does anyone have the song "Fuck tha Police"?
I want to include it with my project. It's the basis of the essay.

Thanks in advance.

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I'm going to Germany for a few months, and I'm staying with a family. There are three girls, 12, 13, and 16, and they live with their mom, not with their dad. I have a present for the 16 year old (some CD's: Combat Rock, Insomniac and Warning), but I have no idea what to get the others. I know basically nothing about any of them. Anyone have any ideas?

Also, what do you think I might miss about America the most?

What should I bring with me that I haven't thought of yet? (I haven't thought of anything other than clothes and a dictionary.)
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I'm going to go get an eye exam due to some recent fuzzyness and eyestrain (and I can't see crap at night) that comes from staring at a computer ten hours a day. My question is: are glasses prescribed due to eyestrain, or are they going to tell me to look away from the computer every ten minutes or something like that? I have no idea when it comes to eyesight, I've always been pretty good at seeing things. :)

Book recommendations?

I need some new books/authors. I currently work at a bookstore and want to check out as many titles as possible. I picked out a couple random books the other days and was pleasantly surprised!

So any sci-fi, surreal, existential, philosophical, or horrific reads? I need something NEW! I need a lot of new.

Lay it all down on me. :)

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This is a stupid question, but it's really important for me and I'm stuck. I hope there's not an anti-math rule in this community.

So it's really simple trig, aka the antichrist, if you ask me. (I'm no good at math.)

Exact answers in simplified radical form:

what is x?

Is there a way to find x in simplified radical form?
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fan fiction

A few years ago (I want to say it was around 1999/2000) there used to be a website called "Fantasy Isle" - - adult fan fiction about Leonardo DiCaprio and his movies. Does anybody know what happened to that place? Did it close or did it move? Are the fics available somewhere else online?