March 25th, 2006

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What in the hell is wrong with people who force their carnivorous pets to be vegetarian? I'm just kind of sputtering in shock at the knowledge that people DO this.

What's the craziest case of animal cruelty you've heard of recently?
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I'm a Quitter


If you've had shingles before what was it like for you?

How long did it take to go away?

What medication(s) did you take?

Was there anything you did to stop the rash from being irritated by clothes?

I just went to the doctor today and was diagnosed. I'm going nuts with it because it's so irritating. I'm on Acyclovir for the next ten days and the pills are huge.
Me--State Fair

quick question...

I just got home and had an IM from my friend asking about a I clicked on the link and it wasn't anything and I told her so, and then she was like, it's a virus!

So how can I find if I actually did download the sucker or not? Bah. Not how I wanted to start my Saturday morning.

ETA: seems to be fixed. Thanks, all!
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no whammies!

**inspired by cammokimmy's recent homages to Family Feud**

What is the greatest game show of all time?

if you pick more than one...rank them.
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rider tied

Makeup and stuff.

So I'm considering maybe wearing a little bit of makeup on an everyday basis just for a bit of a change really. Thing is, I'm only really used to putting on makeup when I'm going out somewhere, which is far much more makeup than I'd be willing to wear on a normal day.
I'm not stupid, I know that some colours, shades etc will make me look like a clown and others might actually suit me and my features. Thing is, I have no idea which ones will do which in an everyday context.
Here's a picture of me (sorry it's so dark, my cam sucks) for reference
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I'm thinking of maybe a little bit of eyeliner and some darkish eyeshadow (I like dark shades, go goth girls!) to bring out the blue in my eyes - you can't see it very well in the picture, but my eyes are a very pale, light blue and I'd love to bring out that shade because I love my eyes.

So, any advice? I'm a total noob at this stuff.
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captain kate capsize


I've used a newspaper article for an essay I'm writing, but how no idea how to write it in the references.

Is it just Author, Year, Title, Newspaper? I found it online and so have no idea which pages it was on.

You'd think I'd know how to do this by now, haha! :(

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I have recently had an urge to start Role Playing, so my question is... Does anybody here know of a good LiveJournal based Fantasy RP Community, or where I might find one?

janello monae
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Since I've noticed that other's posts always influence people to ask more questions, I'm going to do the same.
Someone asked for make-up advice, and I think I'll do the same!

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in ur blank, brains, grunny

Is it because they're cute?

All right, I magine at least some of you have seen the 'OMG STOP THE SEAL CULL' posts people have been making.
Now, those of you who are against this; Why? Yes, yes, baby seals will die.
But answer me this: If it was a cull of non-venomous snakes, would you be protesting? How about, say, possums? Basically, are you just protesting because seals are CUTE?
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kihei akahi

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Does anyone know somewhere on the web where I could find the entire clip of the Natalie Portman/Clive Owen scene in the stripclub (in the private room) from the movie Closer?

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I have a Money Order Tracing/Refund Request card that I am filling out. I have to send a 10.00 processing fee with it. Who would I make the check out to... Travelers express? I realize this is probably common knowledge becasue it doesn't mention anywhere on the card who to make it out to, and I don't want to do it wrong.
Good and Evil


I'm apparently searching for all the wrong things, so can somebody help me out here?

I don't know about everywhere else, but here (St. Louis, MO) you have one choice for natural gas service and one choice for electric. Seems like a monopoly to me. So why doesn't the government consider it one?

If anyone can point me in the direction of any legislation, websites, anything that would help me understand, that would be great. Thanks!
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Hello! I'm doing a paper in school, named "From novel to movie". I'm debating over why it nowadays is so popular to do movies based on novels, which is generally the best - novel or movie - and that kind of stuff. Opinions would be appreciated! But the main thing I would want to know from you is:

You go and see a movie, and end up liking it, as in "Hey, that was a good movie!". Afterwards you learn that it was based on a novel, do you read the original novel?
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what's less agressive?

I sorta know a guy and I saw him again at the same audition for a play and at the end of the night, he asked me if I could give him a ride, so I did and ended up having a great conversation with him and that night-forgot to get his number.
well, He ended up getting a part, and I ended up as a stage manager.

If I want to hang out with this guy, should I use the call sheet to call him up and see if he wants to do anything or wait till next rehersal?


problem solved.
thanks guys.
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Post cards

I need some good ideas tomake some interesting content for postcards. I/E what can I write/draw ect. to make it more that just "Hi how are you I"m fine latter.." Ideas?

Are there any good snail mail sites out there with such ideas?


Is it possible for your body but not your mind being in shock?

I was in a very bad incident last night and I was in a shock for a few hours. I'm feeling much better now, but my entire body is in so much pain and I don't know why. I wasn't doing anything physical. I can barely walk, I feel sick to the stomach and I can't eat. whats going on?
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Poll #697916 horrible names

Assuming you were a guy and you had to be named one of the following, which would you pick?


EDIT: I'm asking because I was watching a show on the Discovery Health channel about these people who had 18 kids and were pregnant again. They gave all of their kids J names, and they were debating on naming the new baby Juda-Benjamin or Jackson-Levi. I wish I could find a list of all the names, there were some pretty bad ones.
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do you consider yourself a good 'drizzler'?? what i mean is...when you pour condiments on food items, do you usu. artfully achieve your desired portion? or do you usu. lose 'control' and dump said condiment on your food, and feel kinda down?

me: i think i'm pretty okay.. i thought of this while i poured my salad dressing just now... :) then again i swayed the other way w/my ketchup yesterday...

Exercise? What's that?

HAs anyone ever tried winsor pilates(sp?)?? I have been thinking about buying the videos, but I'm not sure. It would be nice to exercise in the priovacy of my own home. I HATE going to the gym because it makes me depressed seeing the already healthy/skinny people. Do pilates really work? I've already been trying to eat healthier, so I'm sorta half way there.


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EDIT: Also, at my new job [Subway] I have to work alone at nights, and I am 17. PLUS, I didn't receive any training in what to do in the event of a robbery. What do I do? I really rather not be killed.

What's a good website like or I can't look at the cities newspaper, because I picked it up today and there was NOTHING under $800/per person. I need something more like $400/person. Any other apartment finding resources I can employ?

Oh, and what's the last date you can mail the FASFA in by? I definately need to do that.

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For the american folks who like to spend cash........

inspired by yessirmrsir's post earlier...

There are now 3 different versions of the $10, $20 and $50 dollar bills circulating in the U.S.

1. How many of you were aware of all 9 different versions?
2. Did you know before they were coming out?
3. If you were to receive a $100 bill in the new style, would you refuse to accept it knowing it was counterfeit, or would you just assume it was legit?
4. Do you think these new bills really help fight counterfeiters?

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1. What is the truest blanket statement you've ever heard or thought of?
2. What blanket statements have you 'proven true' in your own life?
3. What do you usually do on Saturday?
4. What would you choose to do on Saturdays if you had no other obstacles?
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this may be a stupid question, but i didn't see it when i looked in the FAQ.

1. how exactly does someone edit the entries they have in their memories? ie, how can you delete things or whathave you?

and just for fun:

2. what's the best movie you've seen in the last 6 months?
3. what did you have for lunch today?
4. what are your plans for tonight?
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anyone use vmware workstation? 5.5?
any good/bad experiences?
i'm downloading it now, i'd like to run a virtual server on it (linux/bsd), see how that goes...
Die kitty

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Do you have a retirement plan? Do you know what you are going to do?
Do you know when you will retire?
Have you thought about how you are going to live?
Have you started a pension? If yes: when did you start, and how much do you put in it? If no: why not?

Are you worried about growing old?
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I'm making a mix CD about Zombies! No theme songs from zombie movies, but songs about zombies themselves, if it's possible.

Already on the list: Brains! by Voltaire.
They are the Night Zombies! by Sufjan Stevens.

What other songs should I put on the CD? (Exclamation points in the title are encouraged.)

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Yes, I am working on it myself, but I could use some help.

Can someone help me find some college scholarships for math(or physics) and/or music that are not college specific?

I'm googling right now and have found few that are not college specific
cubs hat

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Say you come into a bunch of money and decide to set up a scholarship for college students.

What would be your requirements for the student(s) who would get your scholarship?
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What are some fun things two 18 year olds can do in New Jersey in the spring during school hours?

The only things I can think of are taking the train to the city(on weekdays there's no where to park at the train station.) or going to some Weird NJ places. I've gone to a few of the weird NJ places though and they've sucked, and they were pretty far away.
petit prince

a Very Special Echafaud Poll

Poll #698129 pity party for one!

anybody else having a shitty weekend?

sighhhh, yes
eh, it's not great, but not horrible
no, it's fine
nope! it's great, sucka!

does anyone else have a creepy roommate?

ugh, yes
nope, sorry

so, who can tell me something that will cheer me up? either that, or you can tell me why your weekend has been shitty and we can commiserate.
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For people who work in customer service:

Does it bug you when people make smalltalk with you? E.G. Inane chatter whilst you're doing something, making comments about the weather, being fakey-friendly.

My mother makes random conversation with customer service workers all the time and sometimes I think it's probably really annoying to them when she decides to tell them her life story.
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model → rad boys

Ionic White! OoOoOouh! *INSERT TV MAGIC*

Does this actually work?
Does anybody have any experience with it? Good/bad reviews?
I saw it at Walgreens for twenty bucks a while back and I wonder if I should give it a shot.
Btw, I don't have yellow teeth. I just like them to be really white. There is, however, a girl in my Spanish class with yellow teeth who wears frosted lipstick and gold jewelry and frightens me into brushing my teeth 3-4 times a day.
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Would you rather have an abnormally large head or an abnormally small head?
Today, I decided I have an abnormally small head, and it's making me sad.
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The less-than sign

[This post brought this question to mind.]

There seem to be plenty of folks who know enough HTML to give advice on how to display an image, change fonts, or set up a link.

Of those of you who do give advice, how many of you know how to make it look like the real HTML code, like this:

<a href="">thequestionclub</a>

instead of using [] or spaces, etc.

[No, I'm not asking how to do it. I already know that.]