March 24th, 2006

The Receptionist Classic

Things that give me nightmares

What would happen if a zombie ate a vampire's brain?

What would happen if a zombie and a vampire produced an offspring? What would that look like? (The offspring, not the act of making said offspring.)

And is anyone else deathly afraid of zombies?
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What's the one piece of clothing that you own that no one would suspect that you'd even have, or would ever even wear?

For me, it's the knee-high black fishnets. And the black strappy, '40s style high heels that I can't walk in.
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On MTV's "8th & Ocean," there is a set of identical twins and one has acne and the other doesn't. If they are identical, don't they have the same genetic makeup? Why does one get breakouts and the othe doesn't?
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If a spider on a diet was looking for a job...

1. Why do you think spiders like being in showers?

2. How much weight did you have to lose before someone noticed? Or gain, for that matter? Or other people gain/lose before you notice. Sometimes I think other people pay more attention than I do - I got a comment and I've only lost 2kg. What on earth were they thinking when I gained 10??

3. a) How long before you could start is too early to start looking for a job?
b) How long did it take you to find a job, the last time you were looking? (Please, if you could let me know which country you're in, that would be awesome.)
c) Anyone in the Bath (UK) area have any great tips on job hunting/flat hunting...pubs where I can spend my last coppers while I wait for the Job Centre to cough up?

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Thank you!

I don't get it.

The new X-box was released here yesterday. People queued up at midnight and ran inside in a mad stampede, to pay $600 for one.

It happens with every new gaming console and I don't see why people do this. Especially since these consoles are always available in the future, and usually if you wait a while, the price comes down a whole lot.

Why in the world do people do this? Have you ever done this, or do you know someone who has?
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most popular community?


36,345 members...can't say I've ever seen a community with more members. Just found out about it. It's an LJ theme community, which isn't interesting for me since I've had the same theme since I got my journal damn near 6 years ago.

Anyone know of a community with more members? Besides news and lj_maintenance, which I'm sure have more cause they're default added (I think) and they don't tell how many members they have.
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Okay, what the hell is wrong with my CD drive?

- Windows recognizes it as a disk drive and I have recording enabled.
- I can burn files using programs such as Burn Right, but not with iTunes or WMP.
- Under My Computer it shows up as Local Disk instead of CD-RW Drive.

I can't find any drivers for it, I've tried editing the registry, and I've uninstalled and reinstalled and restarted and rebooted and nothing is working. I'm running WinXP SP2 (ick). I really don't understand it. Any ideas?

Kung Fu Hustle message

The girl in Kung Fu Hustle does some sign language, but they never mention what it means, although it's sort of implied.

Does anyone know what it actually means?

She taps her forehead at one point with her knuckle bent at one point. Later she taps her right shoulder with her right hand, points at him, makes an almost-closed palm to her chest with her thumb outwards and bends it up towards her, then points at herself, then back at him again, and then taps her forehead again.
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(no subject)

Why do people make fists with their hands when they run/jog?

Why does my morning oldies radio DJ say "Mr. Clark" and "Richard" when introducing Dick Clark's little blurb? Is it because he can't say Dick on the radio unless it's his own name?


If you were babysitting for your boss's kid, would you charge him?

I don't think I will. Mostly because he gives me rides to work all the time and doesn't make me pay for it. Also because I feel bad that he doesn't get to go anywhere because he has never had a babysitter in two years :p
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(no subject)

I'm totally having a brain problem here...

How do you import your favoites in IE to Mozilla after switching to that lovely and awesome browser?

I have somehow completely forgotten. :-/

**Edit: Answered! Thank you!**

(no subject)

I'm trying to think of some songs to put on a mix cd for a friend. I'm looking for songs that have nothing to do with a romantic type of relationship but a deep friendship/admiration/i love you so much for the rest of our lives/you can do no wrong in my eyes type of relationship. Any suggestions?

yay comfort.

We got Love Sacs at our office. They are super comfortable! I wanted one at home but they're super expensive?

I found the Foof Chair which claims to be just as good, at half the price.

To anybody that knows, does the Foof Chair stand up to the Love Sac?

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(no subject)

I was at the video store last night and I saw a movie that I now can't remember the title of. It was in with the New Releases, but it wasn't any sort of Hollywood blockbuster. The title is the same as a book I've seen in the last few years (<10), but apparently the movie came from a 1930's musical. My husband said he had seen an earlier version of it, so the one I saw last night was apparently not the first one to come from the musical. Do you know what movie it might have been?

I know this is vague, but I'm hoping this will sound familiar to someone.

EDIT: The original wasn't a musical, it was Reefer Madness.

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when i started going out w/my b/f - our "first date" movies were "the birdcage" and "to wong fu, thanks for everything, julie newmar"...

1. so, that being said - in the last 3 years, what is a good "first date" movie?
what was your "first date" movie?
2. what type of restaurant is a good "first date" place to dine?
where was your "first date" place to dine?
3. what type of activities are good "first date" things to do?
what did you do on your first date?
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No, I'm not getting married.


How would you feel if your man or woman wanted to ask for your hand in marriage but refused to adorn it with diamonds?


Aside from cubic zirconia or not feeling like a relationship can only be solidified by jewelry, what are some socially responsible alternatives to diamond rings?


What would your parents think?

Good ettiquette when someone is doing you a favour...

I enrolled in a course with my best friend. I don't drive, so when we have to go to school, she will pick me up from my house and we'll go together.

I think she is a wonderfully generous person but she does have one character flaw - she's always late. We also work together, and every day she is 5 - 10 mins late for work. We were 5 minutes late for the school's information session (She said she would pick me up at 8, she didn't arrive at my house until 8:30!). She went to a different info session alone, and was half an hour late (and subsequently lost the position for that very reason.)

This school was difficult to get into and it's vitally important that we are not late for classes as it could seriously jeopardize our reputations as good students, and even harm our marks.

Since she is the one doing me the favour by picking me up and driving, is it my place to voice my concern at all? Do I have any right to demand that she try harder to be punctual?
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(no subject)

I'm just wondering, which fruits/veggies are supposed to be keep in the pantry and which ones are supposed to be kept in the fridge?

I ususally keep bananas, onions, potatoes, plantains outside. Most other veggies/fruits in the fridge.

Family Feud time!

1. Where's a public place that you can cry without feeling embarrassed?

2. Name something that Donald Trump has that is big?

3. Name a famous "Johnson"?

4. Name something that is described as "running"?

5. Name something on a woman that might match the color of her dress?

6. Something you might have for breakfast if you were in a hurry?

7. A state with tall mountains?

8. A hairy creature (real or fictional)?

9. Something a casino might give someone who gambles a lot?

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had some fruit here at work, so i made a fruit salad of kiwi, red seedless grapes and tangerines...

what do you like in a fruit salad?
what do you like in a green salad?
if you could be in any tv show (from way back to now) - which one would it be?
what type of character would you play?
lately, what's been your mood icon?
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What are some opinions on a woman turning the tables and putting a notch in her own belt regarding a guy she likes but can't have? Like, if he doesn't see her as anything more than a friend, what should stop her from scoring with him and then moving on (if she's able to do that)?
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I'm in need of song recommendations. In particular, I'm looking for songs that are about two people from different worlds coming together, meeting, falling in love, whatever. Think Sk8r-boi-esque (he was a punk, she did ballet).

The ones I have on my playlist are mostly outdated. The only two I could genuinely think of were "17" by Mandy Moore ("some people tell me that you're not my kind") and "Don't Stop Believing" by Journey.

The recommendations can even go so far as just about someone entering your life that you didn't expect. Two examples are Howie Day - Collide, and Mae - We're So Far Away.

Anyone have any good ideas?

Thanks, guys.. I really appreciate it :)
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(no subject)

What are the best blank CDs to buy?
-I bought a pack fifty last time I went to the store and have thrown out approximately half of them because they weren't burned properly. I use iTunes, which never gave me a problem with any other CDs except for the ones I've most recently purchased. (They're TDK 700MB)

Is there a site that could check if the tickets I bought are real? Something wherein I could type in a serial number or something (Does Ticketmaster offer something like this?)

Are there any bands that you're upset that they've broken up?
-YES. I was really dissapointed when I heard that My Favorite broke up.

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bubba, a pit mix w/the cutest face ever, is our new puppy and he's about 7-8 weeks old - had no idea dogs grow that damned fast at that age...ok, so - we also have a cat that is turning 2 yrs. old in june...
is it good for bubba to be a little fearful of Lucky, the cat?
is it good to leave him alone for short amounts of time at this age?
is it ok to get him a "body" leash, instead of a collar?

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what's your view on euthanasia and assisted suicide.
do you think they should be legal?
why or why not?

i'm really not sure what i beleive.
i see the positive and negative of doing both and i just can't decide.
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I'm not trying to be rude here, if you don't want to answer, then feel free to skip this entry.

1a. Are your parents divorced?
1b. If they aren't, do you get frustrated when people say "Ah, you have it so easy, your parents are together!" or something along those lines?
2. Did they get remarried?
3a. Did you approve of your mom/dad remarrying?
3b. If no, what objections did you have?
4a. Were you accepting of your new stepmom/stepdad?
4b. Did you ever call them Mom or Dad?
5a. Did you ever have problems with the new "family"?
5b. Did the new "family" ever have problems with you?

And for a personal question: my father and stepmom are having their first anniversary in less than a month. I want to surprise them with a card or gift showing them that I remembered and that I care. I truly, honestly cannot think of anything to give. I'm still young, so I can't buy wine, and my Father's Day tradition is to give my dad a basket of fine chocolates and "treats". These aren't the sort of people you'd jokingly give condoms; besides the fact that they would look at me like I just put Satan up my butthole, they're 54 and 55, and that's ew. What general gift would you give them (besides a gift certificate)? If you knew they were into music and singing, and were fairly conservative religious folks what would you give them? (I mentioned religion because, like I said, I'm not going to give them something like condoms.) Thanks for any help!

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