March 23rd, 2006


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What's something really random that turns you on? Not something that you like done during sex but something you might see during the day that arouses you and you have absolutely no explanation for it.

I am really aroused by the smell of clorine and out of focus pictures. I really really don't know why.

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What is one of the worst/dumbest/silliest things someone has ever said to you?

When my ex broke up with me, I cried a lot. He would break out and cry for a bit too sometimes... At one point he was like "wow, I didn't even cry this much when my grandma died."
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what are you afraid of?
im kind of scared of birds & big dogs

what movies/tv shows scare you?
the langoliers always scares the hell out of me, and i cant watch unsolved mysteries alone. im 21, the show is done poorly, and it still gives me the creeps.

for my next trick...

late night homework procrastination...

1. anyone else not getting any older? on the 29th, im going to turn 21 for the second time... *looks around and whistles innocently*

2. stealing from individuals = bad, stealing from the man = ok...?

3. anyone not good at working independantly? how do you... cope (is that the word?) ?
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Music Reccomendations

I need some music reccomendations, specifically for the following instruments:


brass (trumpets and such)


strings (violins, cello, etc.)

Also, if you have anything else to reccomend, I would appreciate that, too. My favorite artists are Ani Difranco and Tori Amos. I also like Ben Folds, Regina Spektor, smashing pumpkins, the cure, depeche mode, fiona apple... quite a bit of stuff, really. However, I don't listen to the radio or watch TV, so I'm a little clueless with new(er) music.

Thank you for your help!
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Wow, I've been posting a lot lately

So I'm going to Europe in a week! Woo hoo! Once I'm done with my study abroad program in Rome, I'm spending two extra weeks in Europe to travel around. This is my rough itinerary:

June 9, Rome to Venice
June 10, Venice to Vienna
June 13?, Vienna to Berlin
June 15?, Berlin to Amsterdam
June 18?, Amsterdam to Brussels to London on Eurostar
June 22, home

Question marks are, obviously, dates I'm not entirely sure of yet. All my travel is being done by train (I'm buying a Eurail pass tomorrow) and I'm trying to get cheap private rooms at hostels, or small rooms in very safe hostels, for the whole trip.

Anyway, TQC, I want to hear your advice! Anything I absolutely have to see? Anything that's not really worth it? Anything you wish you'd known before going to Europe?

Is it just me or have I been posting a ridiculous amount the past couple of days? Sorry, guys, I'm really bored. And I respect your opinions! Really!

Concert questions.

I'm going to the Black Clouds and Underdogs show here on the 24th.
I've never been to a concert for any of the bands that are playing (Hawthorne Heights, From First to Last, Fall Out Boy, and The All-American Rejects), so i'm not quite sure what to expect.
This will also be my first time in the pit in a large stadium.

What should I expect? How should I prepare? How many hours early should I arrive?

Also: What's a good way to strip off acrylic nails? I got them yesterday as a courtesy to someone and I hate the nails so badly.
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This is indeed a random question, but bear with me:

Do you use Q-Tips?

On any kind of regular basis?

Have you always?

I ask because growing up I didn't use them for anything, and when I got a piercing they became my new best friend, but since then I've found a billion uses for them. I'm not female, which most people on Livejournal have tended to assume for whatever reason, I am a dude, and I'm just interested in other people's answers.
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it makes no sense... (x-posted)

Are there any celebrities that you REALLY hate? Not just one's that annoy you, but people who when you even just hear their name mentioned your back tenses up?
Of course it makes no sense since we don't actually know them personally. But something about their looks, personalities, etc just rubs you the wrong way?
I can't STAND Cameron Diaz. Or Brittney spears. I don’t know exactly what it is about them that bothers me so much. But their mere existence gives me a mild migraine.
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Does anyone know where the phrase/name/whatever "Napoleon Dynamite" comes from?

As far as I can tell, it originated with Elvis Costello - part of it is written on the cover of his 1986 album "Blood & Chocolate", and I also understand that it was a persona he adopted for one particular tour that he did in the 80s (maybe for the Kojak Variety album?), but did he take it from somewhere before that?

And, does anyone know why the makers of the movie of the same name would've lifted it from Elvis Costello (or whoever it originated with)?
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Is there a song about where you live? Like "Sweet Home Alabama".

Do you like this song? Or at least agree with what it says?

Theres loads of songs about the green fields of England and some of the time I get a little bit suspicious about whether the people who wrote the song had ever visited England as I can't remember the last time I saw a whole green field without planning permission to build a new housing estate on it...
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Inspired by a rash of old high school friends, who I haven't spoken with in five years, trying to friend me on MySpace:

Do you keep in touch with a lot of people? How do you determine who is worth staying in contact with and who isn't? Do you see any point in it if you don't consider the person your friend? And for that matter, what criteria needs to be met to for someone to be your actual friend?
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In this day of Netscape, Mozilla, and Firefox awesomeness, why do so many web pages still use links that open in new windows? Are these billions of windows not too cumbersome? Couldn't we encourage all the users to switch to the great tabbed browsers?

Edit - From yessirmrsir, "And Firefox has a single window mode that loads all "new window" links in a new tab, which works out perfectly." Guess that answers the question, heh.

When teachers attack, part 3

This is probably the last of the series of polls regarding teacher-student sexual relations, as well as the link to yesterday's poll results. I explain what I'm looking to find out through these polls as well. That being said,

fill out my latest poll on the continued topic of controversial love

I'd appreciate it if the same people who filled out yesterday's poll filled out this one, just to see if their answers changed. Remember, be honest. Sure, we all want to judge everyone evenly, but if your first instinct is to vote a certain way, go with your gut. I'm looking more for an honest emotional reaction than a politically correct response that you might not feel represents your true feelings.

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i like my own home-made chicken soup w/rice - it tastes good...
what do you like best that you cook/bake?
favourite dish you like to make for others?
favourite dish you like your mom/dad to make for you?
ever make home-made pizza? if so - how do you do it?
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1) Pepsi or Coke?
2) Lays or Ruffles?
3) Folgers or Maxwell House?
4) Budweiser or Heinekin?
5) McDonald's or Burger King?

1) Pepsi
2) Ruffles, but they're SO expensive I never buy them
3) I'd have to go with Maxwell House
4) Yeah, I don't drink beer
5) Burger King for taste, McDonald's for price
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What bank do you have an account with? Do you like that bank?

I have an account with Woodforest National Bank, but I am thinking of changing it because the closest one is about 50 minutes away. I'm thinking I should go with Compass, but I don't know if they are the type to put the screws to people.

Ipod Charging Question

My Ipod Nano has been dead for several days now. I just plugged it into my computer to charge it a few minutes ago. I want to go to the gym & I'm getting impatient. My questions are...

How long do I need to let it charge to get about 2 hours of use?

Will it hurt anything if I take it off the charger before letting it fully charge?

Thanks :)

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If I haven't gone to the gym to work out in 5 days because of scheduling conflicts, how will that affect me when I go back today? (granted if my schedule doesn't keep me from going if it does, tomorrow I will for sure be able to go).

Previous to missing these 5 days, I was going to the gym everyday for sometimes 2 hours at a time. 60min on the exercise bike and 30-60min on the weight machines for my upper bod.

moving into an apartment!

i'm moving out on my own into my first apartment, by myself, in a month and a half!!! i've been trying to start buying things i'll need so i wont have to spend bunches when i move. i was just wondering if you all had any suggestions of essentials i need, or if anyone had any general first apartment advice :)
thanks guys
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Offshoot of the "stealing from the man" quesiton

I think most people think that in extreme circumstances taking something that doesn't belong to them either isn't stealing or is justified stealing. I'm talking like, stealing bread to keep from starving or stealing a coat to keep from freezing.

When I say stealing below, I'm not including extreme examples like those.

If you believe that stealing is ever justified outside of extreme cases, why do you feel that way? What is the rationale for that belief? Or is it simply that you don't want to get something through legitimate methods?

I ask because I think stealing is wrong and just can't see why someone wouldn't agree. Even if there's no immediately apparent victim, it hurts esoteric things like community bonds.

When I visited my uncle in Norway, who is an old sailor and fisherman, he told a story about a guy who stole his pencil 40 years ago. People in his area are just impeccibly honest. I know that there are areas in remote China where people are so honest they literally won't even take the manure a neighbor's animal drops. (yeah, that means they don't steal shit, lol)

So, if you think stealing is okay, why?

Job help!

Ok, here's my situation. I was offered a job today that I interviewed for yesterday. However, I have an interview tomorrow for a job that I want a billion times more.
The folks at the place that want to hire me, we'll call it Job A, want an answer ASAP. I don't want to accept the offer for Job A and then find out I got the job I want so much more, we'll call that Job B.
I can't tell Job A to wait around for Job B to decide if they're going to hire me or not, that could be weeks! Job A isn't going to hold the position for me, and especially not if they know it's because I'm holding out for something better!
But I don't want to go to the interview for Job B tomorrow, which I am very well qualified for and believe I have a decent chance of getting, and tell them that I have something else waiting in the wings so they need to make a decision very quickly!
Is there a way to convey to Job B that I want to work for them more than anything, but that I have to know quickly?
I don't want to accept Job A and then be offered Job B, because I'd take Job B in a heartbeat and that would be soooooo terrible to Job A, but I don't want to turn down Job A and then not get Job B and be stuck with no job at all!
Please, what should I do??

Do my homework

Actually, I have a project for English in which I have to make a film about Hamlet. My group is working on Act 4; Scene 7. So, therein lies some problems...

1. We need a Burger King mask. What happened to the last one is questionable, but I need one. Where can I buy one? Or should I just abandon all hope and print out a plastic one? The "King" NEEDS to be some thing that cannot be recognized as an every day human. Any other ideas? Should Laertes just be talking to himself?

2. How would YOU go about spoofing act 4, scene 7.

Thanks for your help.

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So, I'm about to ask this guy to prom. I have kind of a formal plan, so I'm wondering what I should do if he says 'no'. How do I show that I'm not too offended, keep my pride, etc?
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I have a bit of a dilemma. Here's the background info:

I'm a member of the executive board (treasurer) of my college's Gay-Straight Alliance. We are having a Drag Ball this evening that we have been working on for months. I have class until about 8:30 tonight, and it starts at 7:30, but members are supposed to be there at 6. So I'm off the hook until then, but I don't really want to go, it's just not my kind of thing. We are also supposed to go out to dinner afterwards which would be around 11:30 or 12. I have class early tomorrow and have a lot of work to do.

Now my question....What can I tell my president as an excuse as to why I'm not going to show up? I really don't want to go and as far as I'm concerned I've done my part to get this event off the ground.

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has anyone ever seen (or owned) an american bulldog/black lab mix? I'm just curious as to how big it would get, or what it would even look like.

pictures posted is a plus :)

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One more job question...

I have a VERY IMPORTANT job interview tomorrow. I want this job more than words can describe.
I've been finding lately that when I get nervous, excited, happy, or really any emotion my cheeks blush profusely. If I laugh, bright red face. If I think hard about something, bright red face.
The last few interviews I went on started out fine. My face was normal colored. By the end of the interview I could feel my cheeks burning, and when I looked in the mirror after leaving, I was horrified to find my face was BRIGHT RED like I had sunburn.
I conduct myself very well during interviews, I don't feel nervous or anything, I just blush like a fool!
Anyone else have a red face, and is there anyway I can prevent it from happening tomorrow? Makeup seems to make it worse....

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1) I am trying to say that "the sentence structure of these poems is as if it was prose, as opposed to the more traditional way of ordering clauses to fit the poetic structure." Is there a word/phrase for this, or alternatively a better way of saying it?

(Yes, I know it's a homework question, but it's one phrase of a 2500 word essay, not OMGdomyhomeworkcosI'mtoolazy, so I hope no-one minds)

2) I managed to burn some popcorn onto a metal sauce pan and the burn marks won't come off. They seem to be on the surface, but I've tried soaking and scouring with no luck. Any suggestions?
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Fast money.

1. Name a cartoon character with big ears?

2. Name a sport whose athletes are rumored to take steroids?

3. Name a type of jewelry that women wear?

4. What time should a 16-year-old be home from a date?

5. What might be considered the world's most popular dessert?

Yet another book question!

What is your favorite "celebrity" written book? Memoirs, autobiographies, fiction or non, I want to hear it!

I'm currently reading Chronicles, by Bob Dylan, and it is surprisingly good. I also enjoyed Lauren Bacall: By Myself and My Father:Frank Sinatra by Nancy Sinatra. (Hard to believe I'm only 27 with all the old fogie celebs I'm hooked on)
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as a teenager i was never prone to spots (zits for my american friends!) but now, at the grand old age of 23 my face is covered in them. how do i make sure i get rid of them and keep them gone?
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ooh sorry for posting again so soon but this is more important than my spots! as i mentioned yesterday i think, i'm having a house inspection by landlord tomorrow. thanks for the advice yesterday, i got myself coffee, blared some Queen and just hammered on into it!! anyways...we have cream colored carpets which are a complete nightmare at the best of times, but now i have a dried in coffee stain that i NEED to get rid of.

i tried two kinds of carpet cleaner on it and although it has lessened it, it is still noticeable and landlord is a bit of a pain in the ass about everything. would alcohol be any good? salt? is there anything i am likely to have around the house that is going to get rid of this? its not really in a place where i can just put a rug over it.

hope someone can help out.

thankies sooooo much
JAM <3

Itchy belly!!!

I have a really bad rash on my belly from a pair of pants with a crappy-metal button.. It's really itchy and can get painful at times. It's pretty big, like the size of a golfball :( Am I better off using hydrocortisone or benadryl? (I've been using hydrocortisone for about 2 days now, keeping a bandaid on it, and it hasn't really helped- probably because at the end of the day I'm scratching the hell out of it!)
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Help me yet again, TQC!

Oh please, please.

I was silly and bored a few days ago and I gave myself bangs. They look...awful. They make me sad. You people are hip and with it. What can I do to save myself? I wouldn't really bother but I have to go to a social on Saturday and I don't want to look so awful.

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1. Is it normal to forget things and be spacey and stupid when you're under a huge amount of stress? Is there any way to make it stop??! I find myself spacing out lately while I'm at work and forgetting stupid things and messing things up.

2. What's your favorite berry?

3. What are your nervous habits?

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Okay...I'm having an Olympic themed Sweet Sixteen and I need some cool ideas about what type of invitations to do (since I will prob. hafta make them myself because I'm pretty sure they don't sell Olympic themed invitations),any type of favors, etc.

Any ideas?
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How do you feel about this???

It's a link to a news clip that happens to be hosted on ebaumsworld, because I don't feel like looking anywhere better for it. Oh, and for those with sensitive eyes and ears, it discusses the N word.
lead me


have you ever overslept a major ordeal, like a big test or a presentation you were giving?

and been yelled at by the person you were presenting with?

and even though the professor gave you a second chance, you still felt like the smallest human being on the earth because you let them down? do you make yourself realize you're actually worth a damn, however small of one, again?
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1. Are there any bands that you like live but not otherwise?
Fischerspooner. I thought they were amazing live, but otherwise I don't really like them at all.

2. How frequently do you go food shopping?
Once a week.

3. What grocery store do you go to most?
Shoprite, Acme, and Stop&Shop.

4. Do you like potato knishes?

EDIT: Knish.
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i apologize if this is asked, like, every day... but:

what are your...

-favorite movie(s) ever?
-favorite book(s) ever?

which do you think are the best movies ever made and the best books ever written?
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What is the best way to brush up on current politics/ politicians/ controversies/ and policies?

I'm asking because I have an interview next week for a highly competitive civics class at my school and I'm afraid of being blind sighted by a question.

As of now I watch the Daily Show and Colbert Report pretty much every night. But are there any websites, books, political blogs, news sites, or other strategies to become a more politically aware citizen?

Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks!
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My boyfriend produces a lot of saliva. Seriously, A LOT. He knows this, but feels kind of bad when he kisses me and I have to wipe my lips off afterward. Is there any way to solve this problem, either some ways to help me get used to it or something he could do to make less saliva?
Ahh! Babies!

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I've heard people in previous posts say that its gross if people put their baby's dirty diapers in a trash can after changing them in public.

What do people with babies do when they have to change their baby's diaper in public? Do they put the diaper in the restroom garbage? Do they carry it around with them all day? If so, do they always have plastic bags to put their dirty diapers in so poo doesn't get in the bag? Don't they smell the poo in their bag all day? Aren't they afraid other people think they smell like poo all day? Isn't that grosser than putting it in a garbage can?

What did people do before the diaper genie was invented? Was it always considered gross to leave dirty diapers in trash cans? Because before that, there wasn't really an option.....

Also, for people with babies, is it hard to ever do anything outside of the house? How do you run errands? You always have to have diapers and food and baby stuff and the baby has to eat at a certain time and sleep at a certain time, etc. How do you ever do anything?