March 22nd, 2006

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1). I am trying to decide whether or not to=
a). Buy a hair dryer and buy hair rollers...or..
b) Buy a hair dryer and hot hair rollers.

Has anyone used hot hair rollers? What are they like to use? Are they time-wasters? Effective?

Basically, I don't have that much cash or time..I'm really strapped on time when I'm at school, and I hate that I have no time to make myself look nice each day, it makes me feel really down, and I just want something that won't eat all my time up on me.

2). Should I=
a). Buy foundation, powder (face make-up) from say maybelline..and pick it out myself
b). Go to a beauty counter and have them help me out, even though I don't have much cash.
Would it be worth it if I payed a little more and got something that truely suits me? Any good brands I should head to if I decide on this option? Anything I should watch out for? I don't want to be ripped off.

3). I have a party on Friday to go to and I am wearing a green/blue top. I would like to wear a mix of silver and green eye-shadow. I have dark blue eyes, tanned skin, honey blonde hair.
What kind of green would suit me? Aqua etc.
Any suggestions on how I should do it? I want party eyes!

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Don't think I'm creepy but I was thinking about this earlier....

What do you think are some of the motivations for kidnapping children? Especially kidnapping strangers? And the ones that end in murder?

I could think of wanting ransom money or maybe somebody wanted kids that badly and couldn't have their own so they would take somebody elses... but that doesn't explain kidnapping and murdering.

What do you think could be possible motivation?
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what do you have engraved on your ipod?
zoey b
dino DNA

whats your favorite movie of all time? (i have three, so you can have more than one too)
the royal tenebaums
father goose
haunted honeymoon

what is your favorite song? (yeah, i cant pick just one.)
30,000 lbs of bananas - harry chapin
long way home - supertramp
casimir pulaski day - sufjan stevens

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Are you a slow, average, or fast person when you do the following things...?

1) walk
2) eat
3) read
4) write
5) type
6) speak

When you comment, if you could include the list along with your answer, that would be awesome.
So it's easier to know which answer goes to which category :)
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Totally the wrong place to ask, and I expect no answers, but I try...

Every book or any other media on astral projection I have seen always says never to have your arms or legs crossed when attempting any form of projection. Does anyone know why? None of these books have ever said the reason.

On a similar note, if this community is bad for this sort of question, does anyone know where else I might ask with better results? (And then I'll ask this and get 50 comments for the first question alone. :) )
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glasses and plates

1- i recently broke my pair of ten dollar sunglasses. where i work, i get a 50% discount on designer sunglasses such as d&g , versace, etc. it seemed awesome, but half off a pair of three hundred dollar glasses is still $150.
are designer sunglasses really any better crafted than glasses under twenty bucks?
are you really just paying for the name emblazoned on the side?
i'm living in the city next year, where it seems so long as you have really decent sunglasses, handbag, or shoes, you can get away with wearing much of anything else. worth it?

2- i want to look up a license plate i have of a car of kids that tried breaking into my friend's car tonight. the police know and have been scouring the neighborhood, but they are convinced this is just some bitter ex or something of the like, something petty likely due to our age (18), though we got the plates when they were parked behind a different car and attempting the same thing.
anyway the question is-is there anywhere i can look up the plates without having to pay 20-30 bucks?
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1. Are there any good French novels that you could recommend? I can speak French fluently but I don't ever have to talk to anyone anymore and I don't want to lose it simply because I'm not in the habit of speaking/reading, etc.

2. For people who rent, do you have renter's insurance?

3. Which do you like better: baking or cooking?

4. What is one unhealthy thing that you continue to do even though you know it's bad for you?
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How did you meet the MAJORITY of your friends? Choose up to three.

At work.
In high school.
In college/university.
On the internet.
Through other friends.
Through a significant other.
Social events (parties, bars, clubs, movies, concerts, etc).
Randomly (please explain).
I don't have friends.

How did you meet your last./current significant other ( or crush if you've not been in a relationship before)?

At work.
In high school.
In college/university.
On the internet.
Through other friends.
Through someone I was dating/interested in at the time.
Social events (see above).
Randomly (please explain).


I'm looking for some free ecards that are actually funny. Either intelligent or offensive is better than some stupid bouncing kitten singing Happy Birthday. Ecard games are great too.

Any suggestions?

oooh a question.. O.o

In your most esteemed opinion, what is the most sensual part of the human body female or male?

For me, it's a toss up between the arms and neck. I love hugs and hugs focus on those two body parts for me. XD
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lymph nodes!!

Do your guys' lymph nodes ever do funky things? Every now and then they will get sore, right up to my face/jaw, and then the swelling and pain will go away in a few days. Also, whenever I get sick (like NOW) my neck becomes so stiff and painful! It's so weird, I've even had the lymph nodes in my armpits swell up before because of pollen allergies!

Once I am able to I'm going to see my doctor to just check it out and make sure I'm not dying, but does this ever happen to you? I do have allergies though, cats, dust, etc so maybe I have a hidden one. Who knows!
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Do any of you use Blockbuster's online rental service? I've already read through their FAQs and such, but I still have a couple of questions.

1. Can the weekly in-store coupon be used on new releases?
2. Can you use the service or the coupons to rent games?
3. Have you been happy with the service as far as the selction and the wait/ship times?


I asked this a while back, but I desperatly need a showtunes quote.
Something kind of emo.
For a yearbook page about the Thespian Troupe.
It can be anything. Sad. Sweet. Just give me suggestions. (Nothing from Once Upon a Mattress or Pippin. We already have pages for those shows, so we don't need anymore quotes.)

Some quotes we used are:
"Have you ever had the feeling that you wanted to stay?
And still had the feeling that you wanted to go?" -The Man Who Came To Dinner

"I want some happily ever after to happen to me" -Once Upon A Mattress

"Think about the dreams you planned.
Think about the moment that's so close at hand." -Pippin


Organ donation....

Would you want to be an organ donor? Why or why not?

When a person receives a donated organ, how does that affect their DNA, if at all? Does the body just assimilate the new organ to "fit" their DNA, or does their genetic makeup change? (I know this may sound stupid, but it just popped into my head.

Personally, I would donate my organs. I really like the idea that my death would enable someone else to live, and would give my passing a "purpose"
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Would you ever donate your body to science?

For a fee (that my family/significant other would receive).

If you picked the last option, how much would it take?

When Teachers Attack, part 2

Remember my poll yesterday about teachers sleeping with their students? Well, this is the follow up poll. Yesterday's poll was merely to gauge where we stand in the most inocuous of teacher-student affairs. When the ages are given for both people, does that make you decide on a harsher or more lenient sentence? Does gender play a factor now?

PLEASE ANSWER TRUTHFULLY. I'm looking for genuine moral decision, not wishy-washy cop-outs where you can't answer without knowing more about the case. It's all hypothetical anyway.

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1. What cell pbone carrier do you have?

2. Do you like it? why?

3. Would you reccomend it to someone looking for a new carrier?

4. Anything else?

Edit: I should add that i'm in the US, so this is mainly for that.
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Dumb pharmacy question, sick question, and celeb IMs

1) This is a really dumb question, but it's something I've never had to deal with before.

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2) I've been feeling sick the last week. My dad keeps trying to get me to go to the doctor, but the truth is I'm a huge hypochondriac and whenever I go to the doctor it's usually nothing more than a cold. So I'm kind of holding back on it. Meanwhile, I'm wondering if anyone here has any ideas:

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3) Also, for the fun of it and because of something that happened last night: did you ever get a celebrity's e-mail address/IM name? (Not someone you already knew) Did you do anything with it?

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1. How many Nalgenes do you own? Does anyone own an unreasonable amount of them? (The highest of anyone I know so far is "4 or 5".) What do you use them for? What colors?

2. Are there any brands (or even stores) that you trust or are just so used to that you never use others?

3. What's the most exciting/interesting/scary thing you've done in the past 7 days? Are you one of those people that do things just because you're afraid of them/do you spend everyday outside of your comfort zone? Or are you one of those people who never do anything you're uncomfortable with?
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What PC Game should I buy?

I was going to pick up Oblivion, but I don't meet the minimum system reqs, so I'm looking for something else.

Something in the vein of Starlancer/Freelance, Wing Commander series, Privateer series, etc... A decent space combat / trading sim.

Any recommendations?
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maybe i'm crazy, but

has anyone ever noticed that john oates (from hall and oates) looks like the guy from the brotherhood of the cruciform sword in indiana jones and the last crusade? he's the guy that tries to kill indy and elsa on that motorboat whose got the cross tattoo on his chest and the red fez.

any other funny "hey this random person looks a lot like THAT random person!" pairings you can think of?
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Music and relationships.

How much does or would the musical preferences of your significant other affect your relationship? As in, would your relationship work out if what they like is something you can't stand listening to, and vice versa?

Are you active in music yourself - like playing an instrument, singing, mixing tracks, etc? Do you think that influences your answer to the above question?

music and hair

1. anyone in the sunnyvale, california, area know of a fairly inexpensive hair dresser? one, maybe, that's good with short hair? i have to leave my previous one because she just got too expensive for me.

2. i'm looking for some good dance/electronica/techno music to add to my very small collection. i'm just starting to get into it and i'm looking for some good artists and/or titles. any suggestions?
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I am...

I heard that "I am" are the two most powerful words in the universe. That is why people use them for mantras. I have used mantras successfully in the past.

What is your mantra today?


1. What is your most common physical ailment?

2. What physical ailment would you least like to have?

3. Manual or automatic?

4. Tall or short?

5. Sports or art?

6. Movie or play?

7. If you never had to look at anyone else naked if you didn't want to, and it was perfectly legal to do in public, would you spend your life in the nude (assuming that it is warm enough to do so?)

8. Are you weirded out if you can see someone's nipples through their shirt?

9. Sweet, spicy, or salty?

10. What is your greatest (completely useless) skill? Your greatest useful skill?
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1 - what do you do when you have zero energy levels and need to clean the entire house for an inspection by nasty landlord the following day? (bear in mind i have no money so please dont suggest something thats gonna cost!)

2 - does it annoy you when the one, same person posts a million different questions/posts in one day?

3 - do you pluck your own eyebrows? i used to get mine done at a salon but i thought i'd do them myself. alas, the only thing i have telling me what shape they usually are is photographs..they grew in too much for me to tell just by looking in the mirror. How do i do this and make it nice again?

4 - and when you do said eyebrows yourself is it sore!?

I am an office polygamist.

"Office spouses are colleagues who must spend most of their workday together so that they seem married. Their relationships are often filled with the same kind of electrical charge that marriages sometimes lose. They are intimate in an intellectual way and beyond."
- from this article

So, do you have an office spouse? If yes, how does your relationship with them differ from your relationship with your other co-workers and (if applicable) your real spouse/significant other?

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Does anyone know of any place that has CD templates? Specifically, I'm wanting something that has the picture of the little label you put on the CD. I don't want anything fancy... I want something that can be opened in PSP 8, and something that can be edited from there as well.

Thank you!!
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i have a file to send a friend and i was planning on doing it with yousendit. thing is, last time i tried, when i zipped it and sent it, she couldn't open it as it was a .rar file. i can open both at this end using the standard windows extraction program which i presume she is using as well. can anyone explain where it is i (or she) is going wrong?

thank you!
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I need ideas ppl, (without looking like a whinny girl..if poss!)

I am a new engineering trainee. Everyone, (workforce = 99% blokes), has been fabulous in aiding me along picking up info. Apart from one bloke… he really over does it.

Some of the older guys won’t swear around me and open doors for me. I usually just become mates with them and pretty quick, this disappears, which is great either way. They don’t mind me asking Q’s, infact sometimes they are quite respectful of my 3 yrs learning engineering at uni, even thou’ I know very little of the real life engineering stuff, (the practical side..I work in a maintenance depot). There is a mutual respect.

This guy makes me being a girl an issue. And he shows off with what he’s done and quizzes me with such stupid topics…(like do I know what electricity is…I mean I did turn up to some of those lectures you know!)

I know it doesn’t sound like much but I’ve just been offered a job managing this depot… with this same guy!

If you were me..
(a) Would ^^ affect your decision in taking the job, (cos it’s starting to get to me)?
(b) When he asks you if you know what a gant chart is or if you know the difference with ac or dc, (and sometimes he likes to do the opposite and ask me something obscure that I would have never ever ever come across), would you…
(bi) Answer his Q’s and dismiss it?
(bii) Punch his lights out, or tell him to fuck off, (bearing in mind I have to work with him)?
(biii) edit: I don't mind the older guys calling me luv etc, but I don't like this guy addressing me as 'babe', because I think he's a ***. Or am I being picky now..?
(c) (To the ladies) Have you ever been in a similar situation? Is this sooo common because everyone else I have ever worked with are just lovely.

Thanks for your input
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(it's okay if you have nothing for the first three)

1. If you were to do a deep cleaning of a used car's interior (similar to what a detailer would do) what essentials would you need? (The dealership did a shitty job. And, it looks like someone glued a penny to the center console, and removed the penny.)

2. How would you go about learning how to install a car CD player?

3. Any inexpensive suggestions for a CD/mp3 player with stereo jack?


4. If you were going on a spontaneous road trip, where would you go?

(no subject)

1) If you have siblings, what was/is your adjective? For instance, my sister is the "artistic" one. My brother is the "athletic" one. And I'm the "smart" one.

2) Do you think differentiating yourself from your siblings in that way is healthy or unhealthy? In what ways?

3) How do you think having tattoos makes you viewed? Do you think this has changed in the past ten years? Twenty? Thirty?

4) In what situations are tattoos inappropriate?

5) Do you think society should change its views to accept you so you fit in or do you think you should change yourself to fit in with society? Standing out is not an option.

6) How stupid does it seem to bring heels on a three month backpacking trip?

7) How much money would you budget for a three month backpacking trip across Europe?

8) Do you have close family living in different countries? What countries?

9) Would you become Catholic for your significant other in order to get married?

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ole, ole, ole, ole!

what are some songs about soccer/football? or hooligans? or related something...?

i am making a mixtape for my friend from manchester. it's working title is "songs of chelsea pride, damn you red devils straight to hell.".
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i'm 20 and i'm basically being paid to go to NYC this weekend. i'm going with a bunch of friends and we aren't really sure what we should do. any cheap or free suggestions? we are mostly all underage, so no bars :/ i know this question has been asked in the past but i couldn't find the entry.
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(no subject)

1) I'm an English major (though I'm not the best at grammar), and I don't know this...what would be the plural of the VW Golf (the car)? Would it be Golfs or Golves? Or would you pluralize it at all (and just say, "I like the VW Golf" even though it sounds a little odd for some reason)?

2) If you jump rope, how long can you last? How long have you been jump-roping?

3) Who is your favorite Lost character? Least favorite? (I don't have a favorite, but I don't like Kate much.)

4) If your apartment neighbor left a snazzy chair outside, would you take it if it was still there the next morning, assuming that's what the neighbor was doing (giving it away)? My neighbor left a chair outside, but it's an indoor chair (like a wooden chair but antiquey with those embroidered cushions). They've left stuff out before like this (once a table, another time a TV). Or should I knock on their door to see if they're trying to get rid of it?
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Mr Clean, Mr Clean!

I just realized that I was shakin' my ass to Pat Benatar while cleaning...
And every time I hear "Sweet Home Alabama," I feel the need to clean large mirrors. (I don't know why.)

What tunes do you crank up while you're cleaning?
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I have been bloated for almost five days straight. It's not close to my period, I'm not gassy, and I haven't had any major changes in my diet. How do I make it stop?! I look pregnant! Are there any natural diuretics? Or, what's a good over the counter diuretic? How long do they normally take to have affect?

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this an itunes-but-not-ipod question.

I have organised my music into 13 more-or-less alphabetical playlists for the purpose of backing up my music. It won't let me burn it as an MP3 CD, because some of the songs are MP4s. I don't want to burn it as a data CD, becuase then it leaves the songs organised into folders and such and I can't just stuff it into a computer's CD bay and have it play(IIRC from the last time I did it).

But I -know- that I have CDs burned from iTunes with MP3s -and- MP4s on it. It would just skip the MP4s if I played it on anything other than itunes. Was this an older version of iTunes? which one? Where's that website that would let me download it(i think it has archive in the name)?

and, given i get this older version, what would I have to do to -not- end up erasing all this music? Or would it just stay on its own?

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After living alone on our own, my older brother and I have decided to move into a new place together to save money and to be able to afford a nicer place.

We have three prospects, none of which are a sure thing, to decide on by Friday.

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The question is, should we sacrifice comfort for the potential in savings? Or should we pay $125 more a month for a much nicer basement suite? The $125 is the issue here.
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1. How strong is your intuition?

2. Can you give an example of something you just knew without actually knowing how you knew?

3. Has there ever been anything that even though you KNEW something as fact, you still questioned it?

4. What would you do if somebody told you you had an ugly baby? haha.

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so I found someone who could work as a very close friend.
we are on the same wavelength and can look at each other and know what the other is thinking.

however-I have to split two different sides of me and then switch to another side to interact with certain people.
so I keep having to switch in order to get along with other people.

she is the type of person I have been looking for since I came back to town last year.

what do I do?


edit: it's over and done.
she is an inconsiderant prick.
she borrowed a book from me, and even though I have repeatedly called her and asked her to bring it to me, she always says 'I almost brought it' or
'It's out of my room and on the kitchen table now'

the weird thing is.. same thing happened in high school with someone almost like her..not sure what that means..