March 21st, 2006

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hi, i hope someone can help me out here.

i am overdue getting my eyes tested and i am planning on getting contact lenses this time instead of glasses. i was looking online at the various different kinds and i found that there is so many i don't know where to start! so my question is, what is the best kind to get? i have absolutly no clue about them at all! what do you recommend?

i saw that there are daily disposables, weekly disposable, monthly disposable and continuous. also, say i got daily disposables do i have to dispose of them every day or can i get away with longer? i am a complete novice to the world of contacts!

(i'm in the uk if it makes any difference, which i doubt it will but you never know!)

thanks so much!!

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Does anybody know the name and/or artist of the rap song, where it's like the guys whistling? Like "check out that chick "whee-whoo" whistling.

What do you like to do after a long day of work?

Do you use msn? If yes, what is your display picture? If no, do you use another IM-ing programy thing?

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I seem to have a problem and it's bugging me that I can't find the solution, myself.

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Could anyone tell me how to fix this? This window is what results when I do the ctrl-alt del thing. It should have a couple tabs there but they have somehow disappeared.

Edit: Fixed thanks to shippo.
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0. Starbursts or skittles?

1. What is your favorite snack (after lunch before dinner type thing)?

2. What is your all time favorite quote? (Any quote!)

3. Jokes? I don't mind how corny!
One of my favorites has always been: What does an ocean say when you walk past it? Nothing, it waves!

4. Do you watch LOST? If you do, what is your favorite LOST quote?

5. What type of camera do you use? Does it have the feature where you can be black and white, but one color is accented?

6. How do you photoshop a picture to have only one color accented? ( friend just got a new Canon and I'm obsessed with it!

7. What ethnicity are you? And how tall are you?

8. What ethnicity do I look?
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Trancendent One - Planescape:Torment

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When you have decided not to talk to someone anymore (in a serious fashon, because they're bad for you in real life) do you delete them from your friends list?

Do you do any weird things while drunk?

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Okay, so I looked on and couldn't find it...

I'm trying to find a quote from the movie Madagascar. It's from Julian the King, and he's talking about his crown? It's really cute!

Anybody know the quote?

ipod question

so my old computer crashed and i got a new one and installed itunes on it. i bought a few new songs and was about to hook my ipod up to the computer to put them onto my ipod. my friend told me not to do this because it would erase everything on my ipod. i did a little research and it appears that she is right. according to my research, it says to uncheck the box for automatic update or whatever in itunes. the problem is i can't go to that menu unless my ipod is hooked up to the computer. and supposedly if i hook my ipod up to the computer, instantly i will lose all my songs. what do i do now? i really want the new songs i have downloaded to go on my ipod. and i really don't want to lose all my old ones. surely there is some way to bypass this?

loco tracks
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Can any users help me? :3

I'm trying to change the home page of my website ( to a different page. When you go to, it takes you to the page dr_001.htm, but I'd like to change it so it'll go to index.html. How do I do this?

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Won't you help this poor lass? :D

x-posted for maximum help potential.
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How, exactly, do they re-size wedding bands and engagement rings? I'm having a hard time visualizing how they do it.

Along a similar note: how do they 'cut' diamonds into shapes? What do they do with imperfect ones?
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late note

My dad left me a signed and dated piece of note paper. I just have to write a late note on it. I have no idea what to write. The reason I'm going to say I'm late is because I didn't feel well. The truth is I was out late. I always word things strangely and not like a middle-aged man.

What should I write?

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I'm trying to help someone figure out or do a project for their Shakespeare class. It's a very open-ended project, and some people are putting on scenes from plays or drawing/making costumes. One person is making figurines, apparently, while another is writing a modern version of one play and another is making a miniature recreation of the Globe Theatre. Can anyone think of anything else? It can really be just about ANYTHING. None of the above sorts of things are good for the person I'm trying to help, as he's not really good at drawing, acting, building, etc. Any other ideas though?
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I think guys undies are different because their underwear is the same size as their pant size but the end question is still the same.

If you buy your underwear in packs it lists what underwear size you should wear on the back of the pack -- based on weight, waist size, dress size, etc. Do you wear the size listed for you?

I haven't bought underwear in packs for a long time and so I bought some in the size the back of the package says I should wear and I feel like I'm swimming in them. Maybe they'll shrink after more washing (they're cotton) but this is just silly. Maybe I'm just used to wearing undies that are too small?

And for kicks, what style of undies do you wear (boys and girls)? I bought boyshorts for the first time and they do not feel like underwear.

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I need some advice on how to ask my managers if i can be a trainer. New employees are trained for about 6 weeks.

I've worked in my office for over 1 year and I know what i'm doing. Most of the other trainers in my office have worked here for several years, like 3+. But I think a lot of them do a crappy job training the new people coming in. I'm not sure how my managers pick who should train our new people, it seems pretty random to me. They seem to base it off of who's been here for a while and who will agree to doing it.

Lately, I've been really tired of my job because it is really monotonous and doesn't change much from day to day and isn't challenging at all. So this is why i'd like to train someone. To have some sort of change in my day to day job and I also feel like i'd be good at it and train a new person well.

For some reason though, i get the feeling that if i just ask my managers if i can do it that they may just say no, you haven't been here long enough, we don't think your ready..etc. Any tips for things i could say to convince them that it is a good idea and that i'd be good at it? i really want to do this and i don't know how i would best portray it to them that it is what i want and that i'd do a good job at it. So any suggestions would be great!!

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Your family hosts a foreign exchange student 'sister'. After she goes home, you go with her on a family vacation to another country, a trip her family makes every year. You end up eating at a particular place every day because there's a waiter who speaks English (in an area of this country where you almost speak the language.. but not the accent). You make a little small talk. The year after, when your sister goes again, she emails you to tease you because he asked about you.

Six years go by from when you met this guy.

Waiter emails you(again, your sister goes every year, so it's not a big mystery how he got your address). His english is okay, although some words are mispelled (phonetics of his language versus the bastard phonics of english). He knows that your family hosted a foreign exchange student before, and he wants to come to america to study law, would we be willing to do it again?

What is the proper response to this? I plan on responding back all friendly like and forwarding this on to my parents, but seriosuly right now I'm jsut kindof staring at my computer screen and blinking.

Maps with more than one place marked

Hi all,

Is there some way in Mapquest or Google Maps or something similar that allows you to make a map that highlights more than one place?

I'm trying to make a map that marks out 3 spots. I'd like the map to have markers (1, 2, 3) on then, and then a list that says:

1. Place #1

2. Place #2

3. Place #3

and hopefully how to get around all of them.

So far I've only been able to mark out 2 places.


Thank You For Smoking

Does anybody know when Thank You For Smoking is bing released everywhere? I know it's currently only showing at 5-6 theaters around the country, but I can't find any info on when or whether it will be released anywhere else.

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to you "adult" and "real world" types... when did you start seriously planning where you'd live in relation to when you "grew up?" (grew up here meaning like, moved out or graduated or whatever)

so when should i plan to think seriously about the state or area or whatever where i'll want to live post (college) graduation?

to you folks in school or living at home or whatever still... do you know where you want to live once you "grow up?"

personally, all i've decided thus far is not cold and not with my parents. :P

[sorry if you're offended by my use of "grow up" but i wasn't really sure what else to call it.]
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Hypothetical Air Travel Questions

A) Let's say you were catching a plane. Some 4 hour flight to whatever destination of your choice. Your seat is by the window, you settle in, when lo and behold, you see that the seat next to you is occupied by Mary Kay Letourneau. That's 4 hours you'll be sitting next to her. What questions would you ask her? Would you say anything? Would you ask for an autograph or request a picture with her?

B) Same as above, except your aisle mate is O.J. Simpson. What questions would you have for them? Would you say anything? Would you ask for an autograph or request a picture with him?

C) Same as above, except it's Michael Schiavo. Again, what questions, and would you ask for an autograph or request a picture with him?

D) Same as above, except, inexplicably, through some bizarre turn of events, you're sitting next to Michael Jackson. What would you say, what questions would you pose, would you say anything at all? Would you ask for an autograph or request a picture with him?

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Do you talk to yourself?

I am weird, I always play out these weird scenarios in my head and accidentally say parts of them aloud. Just earlier, I said "I'm not just eye candy!" WTF!!!
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There's always numerous notorious tales of teachers sleeping with their students. Female teachers sleeping with their male students make the front page, but I'm sure there's just as many men banging their female students. Sometimes genuine feelings occur. Do you think that has an impact on the situation? Take my poll and tell me how you would judge teachers in a variety of student affairs. Be honest when you take it.

I wonder if people judge women more favorably than men in the same situation
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What are some good mixed drink suggestions, from the following drinks I have?

White Zinfindel
Butterscotch Schnapps
Dark creme de cacao
Mudslide mix from TGIFridays
Amaretto cream

Sweet and sour mix
V8 Vegetable juice
Orange juice
White Grape Juice
Lemon Juice
Lime Juice

Other stuff:
Vanilla Ice cream

Printmaking courses

I'm an art major and I need to take some studio electives. I'm interested in printmaking courses, but I'm a little concerned with costs because it's not my main area of study. My school offers both relief and intaglio printmaking. Is one significantly more expensive than the other? And is one of them a better course to start with before taking the other? Information on lithography is also welcome since I might take that later, too.

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bridal shower gift

Quick! Help!

I'm leaving in a few minutes to go shopping for my cousin's bridal shower and she doesn't have a registry! The nerve.

Suggestions for a gift?

I spent $50 on her sister's gift a few months ago (who actually had a registry, thank you) so around there would be good....

(btw, I got her sister giant bath towels and my sister got her a bed comforter if those help for suggestions)

Recent Brides - what were some of your favorite gifts that you got at your shower?

Brides To Be - what are you hoping to get at yours?


50s and 60's clothes

I have to dress up tonight in 50-60s theme. Any ideas on what to wear? I dont really want to go buy a whole new outfit so any ideas with clothes that are in a normal wardrobe would be helpful. I was thinking some capris and a sweater set. I dont really know what is 50-60s clothing
PS. im a 20 yr old female and the event will be at a bowling alley
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Affairs and clearing consciences

I had a close group of friends from college. Two of the friends (we can call them Carrie and Josh) had an affair that was a major secret(aka Josh was ending his marriage at the time, and their relationship contributed to the demise). Carrie broke up with Josh a few months after he left his wife and the fall out shattered the group.

I knew about the affair, but another friend in our group, Jeff, didn't know. He just thought that Josh started to like Carrie and got kind of weird (stalker weird) on her, and that Carrie freaked out and cut off contact with him. Jeff kind of got in the middle, but never really knew the truth about what happened.

The 5 years have past, and the group has scattered to the wind for the most part, except Carrie, Jeff and I are still close friends. Carrie is moving to another city in a few months and Jeff is getting married and she wants to tell Jeff what happened. Her reasons are that that she doesn't want anymore secrets between them, and that she wants him to understand what was going on when he was put in the middle. Jeff and Josh are still friends as well, although not good friends anymore.

I think she is just unloading her remaining guilt on him.

What do you think? Should she tell him, or let the demons die?

I guess I'm kind of worried he'll be pissed at me for not telling him, but at the time I was just trying to stay out of it.

At some point, my mum and dad lost their passion for life

This one is directed for the people in this community who are over 30 years old. If you're over 40 or 50, that's even better!

Did you end up like your mum and dad? Answer any way you wish, but I am particularly interested in how your personality, finances and life style choices compare to that of your parents.

For the under 30s:

Would you be pleased or disappointed if you ended up like your parents?

the media (part one)

Do you follow the news? Where do you get your news, from the TV, internet, or a newspaper?

If you watch the news on TV:

Do you watch the local or national news? Both?
Which station do you get it from?
Why do you choose this source?

If you get news from the internet:

Which site do you get it from?
Why do you choose this source?
Which news do you read? (National, World, Politics, Science, etc.)

If you get news from the paper:

Which newspaper(s) do you get it from?
Why do you choose this source?
Which sections do you read?

Do you think the news/media is biased?

If you don't follow the news, why?

This is part one- later to come are questions about the entertainment aspects of the media and advertising. I'm really interested in this and I'm looking forward to the reading the answers.
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mmm grammar edit

Anybody have any fascinating stories of their experience in New York subways?


Do all those emos/scenesterzz on myspace really wear that much make-up irl?
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Does anyone know the origin of the phrase "Burning a hole in your pocket", referring to money you can't wait to spend?

Also, does anyone know of a good source to look up these colloquialisms?
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mr telephone man

you know in those old movies and teevee shows, how when people gave their phone numbers, they'd say something like "klondike 6473" or whatnot?

what was up with that?
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I'm reading this chick lit book called "Original Cyn." The book is set in modern day london. The main character's name is Cynthia but she goes by Cyn. There are overtones in the book about Cynthia being a really unusual name or not very desirable, which is why she goes by Cyn. I don't get it!! why is cynthia a bad name?

So, is there like some reason that english people wouldn't like the name Cynthia? is there some undesirable person giving the name Cynthia a bad rap? Any english people out there that care to elaborate on the name Cynthia?

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On the season Premiere of Dog: The Boutny Hunter...

when going after Samo (just Sam? I THINK it has an -o at the end), the cops and Dog's vehicles sqeaul their tires, they're going so fast around corners. In the background? You can see a "slow:playground" sign. Yup, Dog sure wants to keep our kids safe!

And the questions:

(for those of you who watched tonight's episode) Did Beth's hair look... smaller? She looked somewhat less, I dunno, trashy, than usual. I think it was the big hair.

(For everyone) Do you watch Dog? Do you think you would like him in person? Does the Hulk-Hogan-esque "brother" stuff grate on your nerves eventually? And how does Beth run without havong constant black eyes?

Personally, I think I'd like Dog & his "crew", as long as he didn't try to convert me. He seems like a truly nice, caring person, and his sense of humor seems OK, for a conservative law&order type.

And one last question: did you know he was only 5'7"? (5'10" with the boots & hair)

two very different questions...

I have two questions today. I cut the first one because its likely not all of you want to hear about my relationship troubles.
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Question 2:
We're studying the genocide that occured in Rwanda in 1994 in my Contemporary World Affairs class, and for a project I am to write letters to my congress person about the current genocide in Darfur, Sudan. I have already formed my opinions on what we should do, so I am not requesting anyone do my homework for me, but I would like to widen my horizons and see what y'all think about this topic.

What do you think about the genocide in Darfur? The 1994 genocide in Rwanda?
Do you think your country should have done more/should be doing more?
Do you think, regardless of your location, that the US is/was obligated to do something because of morals or the 1948 Genocide Convention?
Should the United Nations be taking a bigger stand?

Thank you!

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why is it against the Geneva Convention to use brass knuckles in a combat situation during war?
what are other violations like this that you know of?
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Does anyone know how to get around that pesky "No free accounts can use Outlook Express" thing hotmail is doing now? I just got a new account and I don't want to deal with the website every five seconds, again.


What do your ears look like?

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I've been noticing people's ears lately and how different they all are. Post a picture of either one of your ears! Or just describe them if you don't have a picture.
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OK, I've been away for awhile. I was once a member under the user name the__lady, but I have temporarily abandoned that journal. So I recently became a member with this name and I have been looking over the last several weeks of posts and I have one burning question...

How did shippo get so damn smart? I mean, he has the answer to everything! And I'm not being facetious here. I really mean it.
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There was a website I used awhile ago.
It would give you a description of a band, and then suggest other bands like it. It would also have a short history on the band and its discography.
I think it had a purple layout.....
Anyone know what I'm talking about?
Or other websites like it?

Or, alternatively, want to suggest some bands that are like Apocalyptica or Bond? I prefer no words, however, as long as its done well, im flexible on that point.
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I'm in desperate need of a new pair of shoes. I'd like something that would be good for walking my dogs, hiking, and other outdoorsy things, but that are on the affordable side (under or around $50 would be nice). Got any suggestions?

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if you're already married, did you get your husband/wife a gift for your wedding? if so, what was it?

if you're not yet married, pretend you're marrying your significant other, what would you get them, if anything?

if you don't have a significant other, what would you want as a gift, if anything, from your husband/wife to be on your wedding?