March 20th, 2006


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Does anyone know of a word that basically means a lie told to reassure someone, particuarly yourself? It's been driving me nuts trying to think of it... I know it starts with an S, and I seem to recall it sounding like syllogic - can anyone help me out?

(Or alternatively, anyone know a community that deals with these sorts of questions?)

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It's probably a longshot. Is there a place I can get a simple custom song that's not $100 or more? And one that'll actually be personal and not just "insert name here". I really want to get one for my boyfriend (1 year coming up), but I simply don't have that kind of money. ;_;

Or are there any songwriters willing to help?
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this is mostly for the females, but everyone feel free to answer.

1. How often do you get new underwear?
2. What criteria do you have to throw away underwear?
3. How many pairs of underwear do you have?
4. What do you like to wear most often and why?

1. 2-3 times/year (maybe more if i see a sale).
2. When it starts to fall apart or has stains that just won't come out (I still have pairs that I wore in middle school, and i'm a junior in college)
3. thongs- 3 or 4, hipster/boyshorts/i don't know- 5, regular old underwear- at least 35-40.
4. as you might be able to tell, i like the nice cotton classic underweat. i wouldn't call them bikini, bet they aren't really granny panties either. I just can't stand it when i feel underwear riding up my butt. i only wear other stuff on special occasions.
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Weird error messages


* Client error: Invalid text encoding: The text entered is not a valid UTF-8 stream

What does this mean, in plain English?

I was trying to edit an entry of mine by just putting in a number in the tags section, and this came up.
I hope this isn't an LJ question.
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(Yes, I've Googled this - I want recommendations, not random sites I don't know:)
Could someone suggest a place to post my HijackThis log? I've tried deciphering it myself, but I don't trust myself with deleting random things on my computer, so I'd like some help.
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How do you go abouts getting a piercing apprenticeship?
Can a minor get one?
If you're in the DFW area: do you know of any shops open to piercing apprenticeships currently?
(I'm in Plano, Texas if that makes a difference)

I googled and learned some information (not about the minor issue) but I would really like to find out from a piercing artist themselves.

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How would you go about telling someone you loved them? Like the place, timing, body movements, etc.

I have a boyfriend who nearly loves me as I nearly love him. I'm waiting til it comes to the point where we do, for sure, love each other, but I want to make the moment special when I tell him.
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x-posted to my journal

Have you seen an actor for the first time in a movie, and their character made such a profound impact on you that you had a hard time seeing them as anything else?

I feel this way about Judy Greer:

Image hosting by Photobucket

I've never gotten over her character in 'Jawbreaker'. And she's been in tons of stuff since then; but every time I see her I think to myself, "Bitch!" That's not really a fair thing to do (because it's slightly psycho for one thing), because she does sort of redeem herself in the movie, but I just can't help it.

Is there any actor like this for you? What was the movie and the role that you can't seem to disregard?

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1. how do you eat an oreo cookie?
your favourite oreo flavour?
2. how do you make your tea?
favourite flavour tea?
3. song and/or band this just getting on your last nerve?
4. song and/or band that you just can't enough of?
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What do you think about people who give away or sell their pet because they're expecting a child?

And what about dogs that bite a child (weather defending themselves or not), that usually get euthanized because of this?

For me:

I think it's a crap excuse to get rid of a pet just because you're having a child. The pet was there first, why act like it's expendable? I feel the only reason that would be excusable was if the animal was already overly aggressive.

The second issue usually lies with parenting. I feel bad for animals that were never once aggressive beforehand, getting put to death because a kid was taunting or abusing it in some way. If the parents let the child demonstrate behavior like this with their pet, and the child gets bitten, that's their fault.
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How common is it for people to get a second opinion, from another doctor, on fairly minor medical issues? Have you ever sought out a second opinion?

I've only got what I think is a chronic sinus infection, but I'm so unhappy with my doctor's opinion and suggested treatment, that I'm going to see a different doctor. I'm just afraid I won't be taken seriously again and this thing will never get cured.
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I work 16 hours today. I work at a hotel and have been here since 7am and I don't get off work until 11pm. I'm already starting to crack, and I literally have nothing to do. (out of all days to forget my sketchbook and books)

anyways... what are some good sites that will help keep me entertained throughout the day?

Rivet Riot


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So, the questions are:

1) What's the likelihood that someone under the age of 21 could be caught driving a car rented by someone over the age of 21?
2) Does Enterprise check the driver's age when the car is dropped off?
3) What would happen if the underage driver was caught? Would the person who rented the car be fined, would they have insurance issues, etc.?

Thanks SO much in advance. I'm frantic at this point.
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If you *smoke, say once every three months (not very often), would you still say "yes" when the doctor/nurse asks you if you smoke? I always thought you answered "yes" if it was habitual.

* By smoke, I mean tobacco--cigarettes, cigars.

US -> UK

I'll be in England for a week, staying in a hotel, and I want to bring along my hair dryer and straightener, so I have some questions as to whether I'll be able to use them.

1. What voltage do they use, 230?
2. Provided I get an adapter, will the higher voltage fry my devices?
3. Have you ever used a US appliance in a UK hotel, and if you have, has it worked properly?
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Home networking....

I want to set up a network at home, but I really have no clue about the equipment needed to do so.

I want to share between 2 computers (on Win XP):
Cable internet connection
Shared files & storage

1.) What all would I need?
2.) Are there cable modems out that with multiple ports, or do I have to get both a modem and a hub/switch?
3.) Product/brand recommendations? Anything I purchase will probably be through
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Hi everyone,

1. Sometimes when I wake up in the morning, my throat is extremely dry. Even when I drink a lot of water before going to bed, I wake up needing to pee a lot yet my throat is so dry it feels like I spent the night in a desert or something. Anyone have any idea why this happens?

Note: I don't take any meds, and I don't sleep with my mouth open. It's just my throat that is dry, not my whole mouth.

2. Anyone know of really GOOD earplugs I can buy? They need to be able to prevent me from hearing voices, meowing, tv, etc.

3. Girls: Is there any way to change the time your period begins? For example, to delay or speed up the onset by a week or so? If so, what is it?

EDIT: 4. Does anyone know of any natural remedies/products that can reduce or eliminate gum swelling?

Thanks so much!

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what are good summer classes to take together?

I am thinking of taking basic math and intro to phil or intro to soc.
I was gonna take govt, but that might be too much.


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I was googling to find out what this song is about, because 'laetetia' sounded familar, but all that comes up is lyrics sites and some artist pages(i think) . And there isn't a decent latin-to-english Babelfish, which would be margianlyl better than me copy and pasting each individual word into a latin-to-english dictionary.

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ALSO! I have ghost shrimp. This dark thing that's skooshing semi-rythmically back and forth: Is that a stomach or a heart?

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Where is a good place to get those animated toys like in the Baby Einstein videos? We have a pig that sings "My Girl" and a bunny that sings "Singing in the Rain" and my daughter loves them. Every once in awhile I find on but I'll bet that somewhere out there, there is an E-Store that's chock full of cute ones.
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Hey...I'm at work and I am dying to listen to the NASCAR race that's on right now.

Anyone know where I can listen to it live over the internet??
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is there a web site that lets me plot specific points on a map and doesn't erase them to create a new point, and lets me save the addresses?

i am moving, and mapping out potential employers, and then finding out what area to live in to be closest to any of these places. i want to look at it all at once. i know i've seen it done somewhere before, but i can't find it on google maps or mapquest.

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Its my first post! eek!

is there a way to turn -down- just one programs sounds... like... msn?
i wanna know when i get a message, just not as badly as i want to crank my music :S

thanks in advance!?
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i bought some folgers instant coffee seeing as i don't have a coffeemaker in my cardboard box of a dorm room. on the back it said to put in a "round teaspoon" of the coffee into cold water, then to microwave et voila! but, when i did that, the "coffee" turned out watery. i proceeded to add in more coffee, thinking it might make it stronger & less watery, but alas, it did not work.
what am i doing wrong? this is instant coffee here..not rocket science, yet i can't seem to get it right.

final destination

i have finalized my vacation for Connecticut to be there from June 23rd til July 6th. Now, I want to start planning some of my days there. I've tried to look for concerts and such and I want to do the NY site seeing things as well. Is there anyone familiar with the New York area that can point me in a direction of actual places i can go to or the best spots to visit, or not to visit? Or things I shouldn't miss?
Thanx guys oh and from my previously posted post on which airline to fly with? I chose Delta, your main choices. Thanks for your help on that one. :)
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A month or two ago right after I saw Capote, I read about another movie that was coming out about the exact same story. This movie had bigger celebrities in it, though. Does anyone know the name of this movie? I can't find it anywhere, but I swear I saw it on the first time I heard of it...
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I'm asking this question weather you like Westerns or not. If you had to choose one Western movie to watch for the rest of your life, what would it be?


I've never really watched any Clint Eastwood or John Wayne Westerns, but I absolutely LOVE Tombstone. I could watch that every day, methinks.

Val Kilmer = Doc Holiday, mmmkay. ;)
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Suddenly the restaurant/brand Wolfgang Pucks has been popping up all over the place (not that it wasn't there before, just that I didn't notice it).

So, what is this place?

edit; what makes it so good?


What vegetables or fruits are known to have good-for-you qualities (other than in general).

For instance, blueberries are known to be full of free-radicals which can help fight cancer causing cells. My mom works at a hospital and brings this old man blueberries all the time and she said that he's seriously feeling and looking so much better, it is amazing, he eats them all the time!
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Urgent Question:

How do pronounce the name Edene?

I'm giving a report to a comission in a couple of hours and it's probable that at least one person on the commission knows this woman so I should probably try get it right.

Edit: Answered! Thanks!

Completely unrelated question for fun:

Women (and men too I guess...): When do you wear makeup? Do you wear it often or only on occasion? If you only wear it on occasion what occasions do you wear makeup for? If you wear it regularly when do you decide to not wear makeup?

Men (and women too I guess...)Do you notice when people are or are not wearing makeup?
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Does anyone know how strict the no camera policy is at Hammerstein Ballroom? Do they check your bags when you go in? If I had it in a make up bag or wristlet inside my bag would they notice? Say I take my chances and bring my camera in my bag, if the catch me what do they do? I'm sure some people don't know about the no camera thing.
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blind cats

Anyone have a blind kitty? How's it working for you? There is the sweetest cat that needs a home, but it's blind. I really don't need another cat, but I'm curious as to how you would integrate a blind cat into your house. We have a very sweet dog and an evil cat as it is, so how would the blind cat adjust to life in our house?

What's that song....

that goes something like this:

Heart breaker
Dream maker
Soul shaker
Don't you mess around with me

It's from the 80s or somewhere around there I believe, and it's sung by a girl.
If anyone knows the artist or song title, I'd really like to know.

Anybody know it?
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carpal tunnel relief?

My boyfriend is a designer and spends way too many hours infront of a computer. He just started a new job and has been working like crazy the past few days.

He has carpal tunnel syndrome and last night it got to the point where he couldn't feel his right arm.

I've tried googling it, but I'm mostly coming back with books on the subject. Is there a method of massaging his arm or wrist that would help relieve the pain for him? I've tried doing a little bit, and it helps a little bit, but I'm afraid of doing more harm than good. (I know he should see a doctor or a real massage therapist but this is all we can really do at the moment)

Weird Correlations...

Please answer all three...

1. Are you a 'messy' person or a 'neat freak'?

2. Would you be classified as:
normal - slim
normal - average
normal - heavier but not overweight
(I apologize in advance if this offends anyone - I am unsure how to word this to get the responses I am looking for so I hope this way makes sense.)

3. Do you consciously make healthy food choices or do you just eat whatever you feel like/whatever is available?

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I watch too much TV...

but it doesn't turn me into an unthinking couch potato. In fact, most of the shows I watch, I use as a discussion topic later on, like CSI or Law & Order. Which leads me to my questions:

1. On CSI, twice in the last week, the detectives have said "You've recently cut your [toe] nails. " And then go to the bathroom and look in the toilet. I usually clip mine in my bedroom or on the couch, and put the cut pieces into an ashtray or some other container, then throw them in the garbage. But the writers of CSI apparently think that nails are clipped in the loo. Am I weird? Where do you clip your toe & finger nails?

2. On the news, there was a story about the aftermath of a deadly crash, where 3 teens died last week in a residential neighborhood. The kids' friends made a memorial at the accident site, which is not irregular. Problem is, the crash site is on a woman's lawn, and she's bothered by the constant stream of crying, screaming, candle-lighting teenagers in her yard. She took all the flowers & momentos into her house, and contacted 1 girl's mom to pick it up. It would be hard enough having 3 kids die (and they were all ejected from the vehicle) on your front step, I can see why she would do this. but, on the other hand, I can see how the friends would need to have a place to grieve, and the crash site is usually the place its done, at least before a funeral and grave are created. Do you agree with the homeowner? What can be done to make everyone happy?

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Does anyone know where I can get a superman bikini? I recently came into a pair of Superman board shorts which I very much adore- however, my current bikini is rather...contrasting and clashes horribly and just looks awful.

Link me! :D I'm willing to order online.
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There's been previous entries before on who has died that you've gone to highschool with, but has anyone gone to highschool with someone that killed someone else (whether it was an accident or intentional)?

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hello, maties!

I'm new to LJ, new to this community. Just a couple of questions to start...

For the females:

How often do you shave your legs? What's your main motivation when you do shav your legs? What's the longest you've gone without shaving your legs? (shaving or any other hair removal process)

I have a couple of other questions, but I'll make a new post so the answers don't get all jumbled.

(no subject)

Do you think that the way a person looks has an effect on how other people treat/judge them?

For example:

Fat vs. fit?

AFTERTHOUGHT (Edited entry): What difference does it make? How are they treated differently?

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Over a year ago I lent some old notebooks to a friend taking the same subjects I did. I need those books back to refer to stuff. After pretending the books were lost for a year, suddenly he not only found them, he needs to use them (he is repeating at least one of those subjects this year). He thinks I want my books back because I don't like someone who was invited to his 20th (mature, indeed) birthday party.

1. Am I justified in thinking he is WRONG to have stolen my books like that? I mean, taking something and then refusing to give it back is the same as stealing right?

2. I sic'd the boyfriend on him to get my books back, but if he pretends to have lost them again or doesn't show, how can I get them back?
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Chest Pain, Recent Movies, Bullying

Three-parter here, the first part having nothing to do with the second two questions.

1. Today I was feeling some sort of weird chest pains - all in the top part of my chest, between my collarbone and the tops of my boobs. They felt internal, and mostly centered around the middle (though not on both sides at the same time, either one or the other). Any ideas as to what it might be?

2. Have there been any preteen/teen-girl movies out lately (that is, the past two months or so), either on DVD, TV or in theatres, that have been portraying bullying in a positive light, or what could be construed as a positive light even if it wasn't meant to be so?

3. How do you deal with girls bullying (that is, emotional/verbal, rather than physical)? What do you do when the traditional options available to a after-school-care program (talking to parents, time-outs, loss of privileges, being sent to the supervisor's office) don't work, and even the parents are at their wit's end? The offenders in question are girls between the ages of 9 and 11.
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Credit card alternative?

Currently, I don't have a credit card and am unable to get one for quite a while.

This restricts my online shopping to using sites that accept Paypal. This is frustrating as there are many many sites I would willingly spend money at, but obviously cannot do so.

Does anyone know of an alternative to CC and Paypal? Maybe a site that would give me a credit card number to use (which I could pay for using Paypal)?

Using someone else's CC is not an option.

EDIT: I cannot get a checking account as I'm not yet a legal US citizen. The debit cards that I had/have back home are not recognised here (Switch/Maestro/Solo).
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I've been dating this new guy for a little over a month now and his birthday is on Friday. I'd like to take him out for dinner or something, but I don't know where. He never lets me pay when we go out because as he says "You're a broke college chick and I make enough money to pay for us to go out" but for his birthday I'd really like to pay for dinner.

I know he loves Famous Dave's and various steak houses, but I've never been to Famous Dave's and I haven't been to a steakhouse in years. Can anyone suggest some nice, but not too expensive places along that line? Or give me the price ranges for Famous Dave's? I'd appreciate it greatly.

Thanks in advance!

P.S. I'm in New York. We'll either be eating someplace by him in Queens or on Long Island or upstate by my school. That usually affects prices, so I figured I'd mention it.

cell phone!

okay, i have a verizon cell phone and when i charge it, a red light comes on to show that it is charging.
for the past few months, the red light won't turn on and it won't charge unless i put the charger (the part that goes into the phone) in a certain position with certain pressure etc etc. it's getting worse and thought i might need a new charger. my brother has a different phone, but he said a similar thing happened to him and that it wasn't the charger, but the phone. he said he broke it open & soddered it together by himself, which fixed the problem. i don't want to pay for a new charger if i don't need one and visiting a verizon store is very i don't want to have to travel unless i really have to go. if the problem is the charger, i can just order a new one online. if it's the phone, i'll make the long trip to the store.
what do you think is the problem?

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anyone know why my dog (who is a beagle) makes these snorting/grunting noises when she wants food, or anything for that matter?? and why does she take her food from the bowl and put it on the carpet and eat it?

is that her way of begging?

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What colour do you think Collapse )are?
I say blue, because everyone in my family has blue eyes, and they just My friend Tania says they're green. Now that I look closer, it could go either way. Opinion?
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1) So if someone were to marry someone else for the purposes of getting more financial aid for bad would that be? Your opionions on this? What would this marriage consist of? Would it be investigated? Is this fraud? What would happen if it were discovered? (I am only kind of considering it)

2) I remember watching a movie a long time ago about a group of identical sisters (triplets or quads maybe) who were taken away from their parents and exhibited. I think it was set in Canada. They were dressed in little matching outfits and lived in a glass walled room...i think also it was parodied on the Simpsons with Apu's kids. What was the movie called? Is it based on a true story?

3) I like tea, but know next to nothing about it. I have tried and like jasmine, mint and green tea. I don't like really strong or spicy tea. Recommendations?

4) I am renting a house for the first time this summer. Any hints on how to keep the electric/water/gas bill as low as possible? Ways to conserve energy?

5) How did your parents tell you about sex/reproduction?
Did they use books or other materials? Was it traumatic?

Ok this is a long shot, but...
When I was 10ish (so about 11 year ago) instead of giving me the sex talk, my mom ordered a tape set from Focus on the Family, narrated by James Dobson himself. It had him giving a frank talk about what exactly sex was, and what happend to the penis when aroused. I listened to it, and cute little pre-lesbian me was so freaked out and disgusted that I puked all over my mom's car.
It's recently become a huge joke between my friends and I and I have a masocistic need to hear it again...
anyone have a copy, or something similar?
Or did anyone else listen to something like that, and want to share their experiances?

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Google Video

1. I just started using google video and dont really know how it works....How do i put a video on i put the link on blogspot or do i link the video to blogspot

2. My volume on my computer stopped working and I don't know how to fix it...I ran a dianostic test and I did hear sound but can't figure out why i cant play music, videos, or windows default songs..Can anyone help
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My parents are getting me a laptop for graduation. (hooray!) Can anyone recommend any that are reliable and come with a good warranty? Of course, a good price is always nice!

Keep in mind: I can't use macintosh for the software I need for law school(uses Examsoft which isn't compatible with mac.). And I personally have no experience with mac computers.

hai guiz can u answer some of my questions?

How many hours a day do you spend on the internet?
Would you consider yourself an internet addict?
Has being on the internet for long periods of time affected your work/ real life relationships/school?
Do you find that the more you are on the internet, the more depressed you feel? Or vice versa? Do you find it makes you happier?

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Inspired by misreading a question:

What are you pissing off on? That thing you know you should be doing, should be doing right this second, but instead you're fucking around on the internets? What've you been doing?

I need to call a bunch of people(for T-shirt prices and waaaaay overdue newspaper articles)(Oh god do i ever hate talking on the phone), and I have astronomy homework with a lot of math.

Instead I'm playing in TQC. I also copy-edited an article on Wikipedia. And I retrieved Spatter from being fish-sat. He's happy to be home with clean water.

Also! things you do that you didn't know you did until someone else pointed it out?

When I hear something I don't want to hear, I kinda squeeze my skull at that place right behind/above my eyes where there's that little hollow... I didn't know I did that until a friend pointed it out... we were on the phone, she told me something, I did it- and didn't answer- and she said "Megan, I know what you're doing, you're doign that head-squeezing thing you do when you wish you hadn't heard something."

Oddest string of questions you've been asked in a 24 hour period?
1. Friend asks, out of nowhere, over AIM, if my nipples get paler when I'm on my period.(I stare at the screen. she types "Don't you look at me like that.")
2. Other friend prefaces question with "I'm sorry if this is too weird, or too personal, i mean, I wouldn't want to be asked this, if you don't want to answer it it's okay"... I begin to suspect she's about to ask a nipple question, rather she asks how I knew I loved my boyfriend.
3. Acquaintance type(edge of a circle of friends, president of a club I'm secretary of) asks me later that same day -Why- I'm with boyfriend.

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I know their bad news etc etc. And I need to just buck up and exercise and eat healthy. but if I do both of those (I will do them, religiously) has anyone ever tried one of those hydroxy-cut esque pills or supplements? Do they work as long as you also eat right and exercise? Serious health risks involved.

and while we're at for losing weight?

Im going to start swimming again, 2-3 days a week.
and Im gonna hopefully eat right but healthy food can get expensive...and time consuming Im a poor college kid.


also anyone know an an lj community or a forum where you can basically post about your progress? I think it would help to motivate me and keep me doing it.

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What are some every day inconveniences that you have to deal with?

- As a glasses wearer, I have to squint to look at the alarm clock when I wake up.

- As a short person (4'11") my feet don't go flat on the ground if I'm sitting upright in most public places. I always have to swing my feet back, so my toes are touching the ground. Sometimes I slouch down, or just cross my legs.