March 19th, 2006



What are your favorite Aaliyah songs?

I have: Four Page Letter, Miss You, More Than a Woman, Rock the Boat, and Try Again. There was a good Aaliyah song playing on XM earlier today, but I 2talleh forgot.

And what are your favorite Lil' Kim songs, lulz?

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Vaguely inspired by my post earlier this evening.

Pretend that, for whatever reason, some people are making a movie of your life. And the people in charge of the soundtrack are amazing and can bypass any rules about licensing, yadda yadda, so any music ever written is up for grabs.

What songs would be in a movie about your life?

Not like, what song would be cool to have while you drive a car fast down an empty road, but what songs do you feel were very defining about you at a certain point in time? Or fit nicely with an important event? Or just generally seem to apply to you from an outsider's perspective? Go crazy with this. You can have a three CD movie soundtrack or maybe just a vinyl record with an A and B side.
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movie question!

ok so i only caught the end of this movie, but i believe someone's son died, and the son happened to be gay, and at the funeral the whole church stood up and said "im gay" one by one by one. any idea what it is?

i believe the "stars" were two well known male actors

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so i have been to two stores, and there is this nice advertisement for Kool cigarettes, and i was wondering if anyone knew where to find it or if they have seen it. its a picture of a guy with headphones and he is obviously smoking. its in black and white...? i'll love you forever!
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I finally took down all my old awards and amateur photo collages from the walls in my room and now it's totally empty. I'm a music lover and I have one concert poster I'm gonna put up as soon as I get the right hardware on the back of the frame. So...

Anyone have any classic rock poster suggestions? Any must-have shots or ones that have a lot of character in them, ones that are well-known... anything. I'm more than open to suggestions.
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are their age restrictions for debit cards in Massachusetts? and is there a minimum amount that you can put into your account? i know there is a minimum of $20 for withdrawals.

i hope i made sense
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Are there some things you just won't buy generic?

For me it's soda and Oreos (on the rare occasion that I eat them). I forgot my no generic soda rule the other day and ended up with cherry cola that tasted like they added cough syrup flavoring to it. Yuck.

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Any procrastinators in the room? Thought so.

Do you ever feel guilty when you get a fantastic grade back for a paper that you basically b/s'd and people that actually did the right steps and spent a long time working get a worse grade than you? This happened to me Friday. I felt especially bad because I think that my teacher's not so great English skillz contributed to it. Everyone else turned in handwritten notebooks- I think mine was one of three typewritten papers. (they were reading journals, btw.)

Also, do you have a procrastinating method? Like "typing stuff to make it look professional" (aka- it takes too damn long to handwrite and teaher'll probably get suspicious if everything's in the same pen with increasingly bad handwriting)?

One last one: Do you get up early to do the work or stay up late? I get up early. My roommate thinks I'm an idiot. I think I just work fast and like the assurance that I'm getting some sleep.
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Europe or Vegas

I've never been to Vegas. I've always wanted to go to Vegas.

A man I met through friends, who I like a fair bit, has invited me to join him in Vegas while he's on his business trip this summer. I only have to pay for the flight, the hotel will be paid for by him.

I don't know him that well, in fact, only about a month. He also lives in a different city from me, so we haven't spent tons of time together in person.

I'm wondering, am I crazy to go??? What if we don't get along for a week? Am I on crack?

To add to the craziness, I was thinking of taking a trip to Europe by myself during that same week. It's actually cheaper from where I am to fly to Europe than it is to fly to Vegas. I've been to Europe before though.

I don't have enough money to do both.

So Europe or Vegas?

Dude I hardly know, or by myself?

(I love asking random people on the internet for life advice :)

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Is it just me, or does the new LL cool J song sound almost exactly like an old Tone Loc song?  Maybe it was the nyquil making me think that last night at 2 am, but it sounds fishy to me. 

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How do I transfer ringtones from my computer to my cell?

It doesn't have a label telling what model it is on the outside, but inside the battery compartment it says "Sony Ericsson, Model T62u".

strange thanks

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okay this drives me up the wall and i bet i'm not the only before i break something i came to the question club!! i'm using firefox and my pc is windows xp. anyways, is there anyway possible to turn the volume off of web sites? like, is there anyway of muting my browser so that when i go to myspace i dont have to hear all the music on every new profile i go to? or on any website that has music? it annoys me so much, especially if i am listening to music already, which 9 times out of 10 i am.

i hope that makes sense, i completly suck at explaining myself.


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Any suggestions for removing scratches from a laptop LCD screen? It's not a big scratch, but it's annoying because it's on a section of the screen that is almost always white.

I'm thinking that one of the CD/DVD scratch remover kits may do the trick, but I'm not sure.
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Anyone know where I can get a good reasonably priced leather jacket either in black or navy blue? (Other than stores like Target & AE.)

- I'm looking for something that's kind of the one Ashley Olsen is sporting here (but not the same style...just something tight fitting, same length, zipper, regular collar/neckline thingy...)
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Have there been any hollywood movies made about the girl pursuing the guy? I imagine there has, as hollywood seems to have to resort to remakes since they've run out of ideas about anything, but I can't think of any. "Some Kind of Wonderful" sort of applies, but that's all I can think of.
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Weird question

Ok.. this is kinda weird. I was wondering if anyone knew the name of these, or any other kind of info.

When I was younger, I remember my cousin buying this jar from a garage sale. Inside, were about 6 or 8 of these little "heads" with faces on them. They were round, looked like they were made up of stuffed nylons, had little plastic googly-eyes on them, and a sewed-on mouth and nose I think. I remember thinking they were really gross, and my mom being scared of them. We would put them in each others blankets and under pillows, it was pretty funny.

But anyways, I could have sworn I saw these online about a year ago, and they had a name. Does anyone know anything about these? Thanks in advance..
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If you're in one of the big-head suits (think Mickey or Minnie at Disneyland), and you're just sitting around for "Get your picture taken with blank"... how much can you just space out?
I was one of the three little pigs for a parade float for a library, So I've been in a suit before. I'm trying to figure out tormentous it'd be to be the easter bunny.
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My friend sent me an e-mail saying this, "DIA DUIT, agus tagaim o eire......LA EIRIN!"
Anyone know what it means?
It was St. Patrick's Day, and she's learning Gaelic, so it might be in that language.
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So you're in the shower. Soaping up, scrubbing down.
Do you wash your feet?
Like, lift 'em up take the washcloth/barsoap/loofah/poof/whatever and go to town on the tootsies?
Or do you just let your feet kinda soak up the clean from what happens in the tub, through gravity and osmosis and stuff?
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What internet lingo have you learned that you were pronouncing differenly than everybody else because you'd never heard it pronounced before?

For example, I always pronounced TOS (Terms of Service) as the letters T-O-S, but then I learned that most people pronounce it like the word TOSS.

And my sister always thought emoticon was pronounce emo-sha-con, kinda like emotion+con.

How about you?

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For the past month or so, I've been waking up (not every night, but occassionally) and not being able to move! It's really freaking me out, and, at this point, I'm afraid to go to sleep, because it's happened several times already this weekend. Has this ever happened to anyone? Any idea what's going on and what I can do to fix it? It mostly happens on the weekends--could it be a result of changing sleep patterns or just being unreasonably tired?

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Do you dumpster dive?
Have you ever?
Would you ever consider it?

Would you ever eat food out of the dumpster, even if it was perfectly fine?

EDIT: and I don't mean if you happen to be poor. There could be other reasons... like making the socially conscious decision of counteracting consumerism.
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Kind of roughly based off of a previous post..

How many students are in your graduating class (or were)?
How many students TOTAL go to your highschool (or DID when you were there)?

I didn't think my school was all that large. My graduating class is roughly 950 or so, and the total pop. of the school is around 3000. We're only Sophomore thought Senior, no Freshman class. They're considered Junior high Students, even though they take high school courses at the Jr. High.


Okay, I have come to the conclusion that I am stuck with a TracFone, and that I will probably never get a better "fone". My question is....

Is it possible to find cheaper pre-paid cards for them? I don't understand Froogle at all, because all I get is advertisements for cell phone holders off of Ebay.

I found This! Is this a scam? Because lists a 400 minute card as $78.86; and this card technically has 600 minutes on it. Please help!

Oh, and what is the price it costs YOU to purchase and operate your cell phone? The lowest you've heard of? My friend got his phone for free and only pays $25/month.
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Panic attacks/anxiety

Do any of you suffer from panic attacks and/or anxiety? I pretty sure I had an attack today. I've been very stressed out recently and it all sort of came crashing down on me today.

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I realize that this group does not take the place of a doctor, and I still plan on getting in soon and perhaps getting on some medication if needed. But, I still have some questions. Is a panic attack probably what happened to me today? For those of you that do suffer from these, are your experiences similar? Are you on any medication for it? (You do not have to share, of course, if you do not want to.)

Thanks so much for your help everyone!

**EDIT**---I forgot to mention that this somewhat runs in my family. I do not think that my mom ever suffered from actual attacks, but she IS on anti-depressants.
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What do you consider a foreign film ? (not which films do you consider foreign, but what makes a film foreign)

I'm just curious because I've seen people call Muriel's Wedding (Aussie film) and Four Weddings & a Funeral (UK) foreign and I personally wouldn't.
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Given the idea that:

"All philosophies are personal opinions."

...or, the same idea in other words:

"There are no universal philosophical constants." you agree, or disagree?

If you disagree, what concept(s) would you call "philosophically universal"?

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let's say you need a kidney transplant and you find out that there is a donor for you. Then they explain that the kidney comes from a serial killer who wants to donate a perfectly working kidney, but he is on death row.

would you pass on the kidney?
or take it and cope?
or not care at all...yay I'm off of dialysis!!?
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Can you imagine having Robin Williams as a father?

If you could choose a famous person as a parent, who would you choose?

Me - I can't imagine being the child of Robin Williams, but I think I might choose him anyway.

sex (yay!)

Part A
What is your take on these statements?

1. Having sex with someone is sharing a part of yourself you can't erase or retrieve.

2. Sex with someone you love is more special, although sex with just anyone can be fun.

Part B
How would you convince someone of Statement 1 if they believed Statement 2, and vice versa?

Assume that someone who believes in Statement 1 would not have sex with "just anyone" and a believer of Statement 2 does not feel they give away a part of themselves whenever they have sex.

Part C - Update :)
Remember stalkergirl who likes having coffee bought for her? (Too lazy to link, sorry)
"I am ONLY interested in you as a friend," says boy-who-is-not-a-bank.
"That's ok, I don't ever want a boyfriend," says stalkergirl.
*headdesk* says me.
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okay, hope this doesn't sound stupid but i am completely confused.

does the phrase "throw caution to the wind" mean to be cautious, or to be reckless?

thanks in advance!

my skin

has been going to hell lately. like if i get a scab on my face, it wont disappear/heal/scars. or makes barely noticable progress. pimples leave scars where they wouldnt before. do i have to go to a dermatologist to get it back to clear? or any suggestions? i heard vitamin A helps... please help. I barely have the $ for facial much less a chemical peel.
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My friends never really liked me, my mom ignores me, my dad is always at work, I have so much work to do for school, school is incredibly boring and predictable, I always feel really stupid, I'm tired a lot, I never want to do anything anymore because I don't see the point in a lot of things, and I cry a lot. I mean... really cry. Cry, can't really breathe, think about a lot of bad things that really have nothing to do with the present situation. I cry over little things too. I am always worried.

Can anyone suggest some things to calm me down? Things I can do? What things should I do to feel a bit happy? What can I do to feel less tired?


I mean -

I mean, how do I get rid of this cramping pain in my stomach?
Every few minutes I have to stop and grip my stomach. It's like it feels really tight in there. Oh, the pain. >_o Do I have to just wait it out?

I think the worst pain past. And now we just play the waiting game with the toilet.
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blackheads & the like!

1. What is the difference between a clogged pore and a blackhead?

2. How the fuck do I get rid of the ones on my nose & chin? Is there anyway I can get rid of them by tomorrow morning?
I did google this, but I want some first hand advice. I read somewhere that the Body Shop's Tea Tree Oil Face Mask was the best ever for this and it didn't do a thing for me, except burn my nose, and smell horrible.

EDIT: Has anyone every used something like this? Where would it be located in a drug store?
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Just curious about the terminology...

Does it count as four generations if it's me, my daughter, my mom, and my dad's mom? My mom wants to get a "four generation" photo done and while I think it's a cute idea for a photo, I just think it's not technically called "four generations" since my grandma is not my mom's mom.

What do you guy's think? Would you call it four generations?


In Winamp, how do you change the default folder that opens when you want to encue music in the player? When I want to encue a new file in Winamp, it automatically goes to Winamp under Program Files, but I keep my music in My Music in My Documents. How do I change that?

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are any of you guys on facebook? if you are, do you ever get random people that you know you don't know asking you to be their friend? this happens to me all of the time, and it really kind of bugs me. if this happens to you, what do you do?


I've become terribly upset that I've only tried two types of teas in my life, green tea and this raspberry tea made by Nestea or whatever. So, can anyone suggest any teas I should try?
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Okay, this is probably a weird question to ask, but does anyone have any idea why my veins are so blue and visible, like they're close to the surface of my skin? They've been this way my entire life and people are freaked out by it, especially when the veins in my face show.
Could there be something wrong with me causing this? If it matters, I eat a lot of red meat, so it really can't be iron deficiency and I had two holes in my heart when I was born that healed, so that shouldn't be a problem.

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I'm a n00b at avatarmaking, and need a bit of help.

Anyone know how to turn these pics into an avatar? Thanks for your help :)

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I've also posted this in an avatar forum but haven't received help yet. Punks.

Time to get on it.

What is seriously the best exercise technique to buffen up abs-- lower abs specifically? A certain workout video? Pilates? Good old crunches? A particular machine at the gym? Also, what's the best way to get slimmer, muscular calves?


I live at Colin County Community College in Plano, Texas and I really need to find some good delivery.

What's your favorite place to get delivery from and what do you order? (if you're in the same area as me please note that!)

This is pretty similar to the Fast Food question but delivery is different, but do include fast food that delivers!