March 18th, 2006



i have mono right now, and i have a rash. my boyfriend said he was looking through a book and it said that was one of the symptoms. but the thing is i just found out scabies is going around my i got worried and looked up the symptoms and it said the itching gets worse at night, which it has. i don't really know what scabies look like but whatever i have looks like little tiny bumps.

so what do you think? what does scabies look like? im probably just being paranoid and won't have them but i want to make sure.

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Okay, inspired by the gross sounds question and the phobias question:

1. Is there anything where you aren't afraid of what everyone else is afraid of, but rather something related? (example for bad wording: Not afraid of spiders, but afraid of spiderwebs or the shed skins, or not afraid of needles but afraid of hemostats)

2. How about where you can't stand to look at it, but you can cover it up with your own hand and be okay, even though you're touching it, because at least you can't see it?

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V for Vendetta

First i wanan say hi...i just joined :)

Ok I saw V for Vendetta tonight...and I;m just wondering...just incase for the ones who saw it too might know....who is the composer of the song they play at the end. (if you saw it you'll know what i am talking about) or as Evey said "it's his song"

well thansk to anyone who can help :)

check endorsing and scams

is it a bad idea to endorse the back of a check with your bank account?
and should i cash this check? (of which you'll read further down)

i've been doing this for years. i have to mail my checks in to my bank because i'm in the wrong region to deposit them there and i like my bank, so i'm not changing.

i got a check in the mail today from what claims itself as the "new visa and mastercard accounts department" of the "preferred carholder division" of the "credit card protection agency inc." (i got a new visa recently)
it claims this is a rebate check - for what, i don't know. i've only spent $5 on my card. don't think that warrants a $3 rebate.
so, i feel like this is a scam.
as i went to endorse the check, i noticed on the back it says "notice - enter your credit card number and sign below before cashing or depositng this rebate check." doing this signs me up for an annual fee of $89 with unspecified perameters and all sorts of gimmicks.
so they definately look at the backs of their returned checks.

thus this lead me to this general question of how i've been endorsing my checks.
someone could use that information and fraudulently charge money to my account.

is "deposit only" enough? i guess i do include my deposit slip which has that other info.
and what should i do about this check? if i deposit it (without all the hoey that asked for), do you think i will be scammed anyway?

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Hello TQC:

The obvious answer to this question involves going to the vet, which I'm planning on; I ask now just to ease my preliminary concerns. My cat is about 2 years old, completely an indoor cat, and has had all her shots and wormers. There is another cat in the house but they literally do not come in contact with each other ever, so I think contagious cat diseases are at all likely.

Lately I (her mom) have been gone quite a bit, and upon getting home have found that she seems to have licked her fur excessively, especially around her tummy and on her tail (normal licking spots, I suppose... just excessive looking, it appears). She is not normally an anxious or nervous cat; usually she's a moody bitch and doesn't often opt to hang out with mama much anyway.

Why is she licking herself? Is she sick? Anxious? Food problems? Other?

I don't think we have fleas, or worms. Or mange. But she doesn't act anxious, really. She is a bit more excited than usual when I get home but is over it quickly.

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Do you think it's all right to post images on a web site of a person without their consent, even if they're non nude and meant for portfolio/ artistic reasons only?

The story:

I went to a drag show last night looking for some new material, and it came out pretty awesome, but two of the queens I shot I never got the chance to ask permission. You think I'm still able to use them?

the site

I've done other people's photos in the past without telling them as well. Should I seek these people out?

Etude No. ??


What is the name of this song and who composed it?

I think the site I downloaded it from put it under an "unknown artists" section. Clearly it is Etude No. something, but that of course is extremely unhelpful as there are so many!

If any of you recognize this tune, it would put that little nagging area of my brain to rest on the subject.

Many thanks!

edit: link fixed

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1. I'm having trouble googling this, and I found the link from here I believe, so I'll give it a shot. What's that web site where you can type in countries and it will high light them on the map, along with other countries. It's confusing, I know, I just want to make a map of where all my pen pals are from.

A. We have a talent show coming up in my school, in early June. I want to make a rap spoofing a celebrity or political figure. I wanted to go Al Gore, but no one knows who he is in my school, and I'm a girl so I look nothing like him :). Any one you can think of that enough people would know, and is not overused [Like MJ and George Bush are].
b. What wardrobe/costume would you wear to emulate them?

A. Paris Hilton or Nicole Richie?
B. David Letterman or Jay Leno?
C. Conan O'Brian or Craig Ferguson?
D. 50 Cent or Jay-Z?
E. MTV or VH1?

Any WoW players out there?

I tried to log in to WoW this morning and it says my account info is invalid. I played last night and was able to log in just fine. When I tried to retrieve my password, it gave me a password recovery question that (I'm pretty sure) wasn't the one that I set up. So I tried retrieving my account name using my email address, but the only one that came up was the one I registered for noodle_nose back in Christmas. I emailed Blizzard about the problem, but, crap!

Was my account stolen?

I got this account back in February of LAST year from Christian when he decided to quit. Since then, I've changed the password, billing information, and email address, so I'm pretty sure I must have set up a password recovery question that I know.

Is there anything else that I can do until Monday when Blizzard will finally read their email?

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Is it bad for your teeth to hurt after you've been drinking a lot? One of my friends said since there's so much sugar (I tend to drink coolers most of the time) it's not that weird, but who knows if it's true or not.

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anyone ever use Mucinex?  that stuff that's supposed to break up all the snot in your chest/head?  I hear it's a little pricey, and I want to know if it works, say better than a day/ny quil, before I go all over town looking for it.
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The Receptionist Classic

Windows XP Help

So, when my mom boots up her Dell, Windows XP pops up the SYSTEM32 file window. We don't know why. We don't know how to make it go away. This started about a month ago, so it didn't always do this. She can't think of any updates or changes that she's done to make this happen. (The window says "These files are hidden. This folder contains files that keep your system working properly. You should not modify its contents." You can click to show the hidden files, and they are all .dll files.)

Any ideas as to why this window keeps popping up? And more importantly, how to make it STOP popping up?

And what the heck, what are .dll files?


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Is it unethical to have a fundraiser for yourself?
My room mates and I (total of 3 starving college students) were just hit with a $1,300 gas bill - even though we keep our heat at 62 and are never home! We do NOT have the funds to pay for this, and now our entire summer is thrown off because we had plans to go to many concerts. As long as it is not unethical/illegal, we are seriously considering a fundraiser! Does any one have any ideas? The website I looked at to sell candy bars would require a $600 down payment. That's the problem - we don't have a lot money to front and so we can't get it started! If you were tailgating at a sports event/concert (which is where we'd be selling), would you buy a candy bar from us?
white dress

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1. Anyone try those peanut butter filled Hershey Kisses? Any good?

2. It's unavoidable...Who has seen V for Vendetta? Opinions? Did you like the political commentary? What'd you think overall? Did anyone catch the name Evey gave at the end, and if so, who is this referring to? I didn't quite catch it. Also, anyone read the graphic novel it's based on?

I loved it. The political commentary was great. I want to go see it again.

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is it hard for you to communicate difficult issues in a relationship?
why? why not?
why can it be hard to be totally honest w/the one you love?
in seeing someone - when does it change from just "dating" that person to becoming a full-fledged relationship?
when can you personally tell that "this just might be the one"?
tick tock

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What's the weather like in Italy (Rome) and Spain (Barcelona) in December or January? What's the best time of year to visit those countries?

Edit: Is is wetly cold or a dry cold? Foggy? Snowy?

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1. Today while driving, I saw a Semi with the trailer painted red with white text and a white arrow pointing to the cab- "There's a reason this driver" something something something. What is it?

2. My god, where the hell did you learn to drive that it's okay to change lanes without signaling, especially when there are other cars present?


Does anyone really care what kind of toothpaste they use? Or do you just buy what ever is least expensive?
If you do care, what do you look for in your toothpaste? Flouride? Baking soda? Minty freshness?

When it says "extra whitening", do you believe it is in fact doing something to help whiten your teeth?

And how about your toothbrush?
Do you take time to select a specific shape/curve?
OR do you just buy because you like the color, or its cheap?

Does this post make you want to go brush your teeth now???
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I haven't had an appetite in weeks, so I end up munching on a little here and there, but I don't even want to go grocery shopping because I might see possibly three things that I could put in my mouth and not want to spit back out. So, what do you all eat when you just don't feel like eating?

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Lalala, riding my new bike, with my shiny new helmet with cherries on it, lalala I almost get how the gears work OH GOD NO CONTROL CAN'T CONTROL THE BIKE AAAAAAAAAH.

Why does the chain slip off the gears and try to kill me?

and the gears... Okay, I get that it's easier to get going in a lower gear... and at a higher gear, i pedal harder but go faster.... But hills? what gear is good for uphill?

Is it going to stop hurting my ass, or should i go get soem sort of padded cover?

(I learned hwo to ride a bike last year when my roommate and I got bored during finals week. This is the first time I've ridden a bike since. wheee.)

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Is anyone else really quick to say you aren't mad at people, even when you still are?

How about with one particular person?

What do you do when they continue to do the same things to piss you off, because they dont ever experience any negative consequences so therefore they never learn?

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Flaming Sikozu

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Do you always read the user agreement when you sign up for things?

If you have a PayPal account did you read the agreement?

I recently found out that both my brother and a friend signed up without reading it, I want to sign up too but am wary of simply agreeing to something without reading it. However those things tend to confuse me and I get lost pretty easily.

Should I just click agree without reading it?

Chinese Take-Out

Just a few questions..

1) What is Chop Suey?

2) Do you like Chop Suey? Do you like Chow Mein?

3) What's the difference between Chow Mein and Lo Mein?

4) What are some of your favorite things to order from Chinese Take-Out?

5) Should I order Chow Mein tonight?

Thanks in advance.

EDIT: I changed some of the questions.

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Hey everyone, who was the presenter in the episode of Cash in the Attic on BBC America today at 5PM EST? It was the episode with Winston Churchill's walking stick. Was it really Alistair Appleton? He looked nothing like his pictures say he should.

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1)whats your favorite band of the moment
2)whats the most recent song you have had on repeat more than 3 times
3) do you have cingular? how many minutes a month do you use?
4)has anyone worked at carrabbas italian grill?
5)would you take the tags off of a siblings clothes and wear them? Meaning, band new clothes with the price tag on it.
Clothes that your sibling pays for using her money that she works for...not your parents.
sweet dee mothafucker

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So, I watched Supersize Me just now and it really grossed me out. I don't really like fast food in general but the bit about school lunches reminded me of my own school.

I was wondering what are some good, quick, healthy lunches that I could prepare for school lunch? Do you know any really good websites with easy recipes? I am googling now but I would just like a little extra help. Thanks!

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How do you deal with regret? How do you move on after doing something you completely regret, and cant believe you did? I never regret, and Im so full of it I cant not cry anymore. I dont know how to fix it, and I basically feel like death right now.

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I can't find any direct info on this, maybe you guys can:

'In time, bread becomes stale and grows mold on the exposed surfaces. Why does mold not begin growing inside the bread loaf?

a. molds can only grown on dry surfaces.
b. only molds at the surface of the bread can get oxygen to respire.
c. mold actually begins from anywhere inside but produces colored spores only at the surface.
d. there is an antibiotic antagonism between the bread mold and the internal yeasts that made the breade rise.
e. the bread was sterilized when it was baked and thereafter mold spores setttle only on the outside of the cooled bread.

I was thinking c. but wasn't sure how to prove this.
the diagram in the book showed them growing out from within, but the text said it could be both ways.


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Okay, so on Thursday my mom took me to Sam's Club (wholesale place) to stock up on things for my apartment. I got a case of three one gallon cartons of Silk Vanilla Soymilk. They were in the refrigerator at Sam's, but have spent the past few days sitting in my dining room, until they made their way to my apartment today.

I realize that it says "Perishable, keep refrigerated" on the box! Is my soymilk still good? I assumed that it did not to be refrigerated, being that I've purchased cartons of this stuff off the shelf before, and they need to be refrigerated after opening.

I opened up a bottle and had a taste, and it tasted fine. But does soymilk taste nasty when it's foul? I had it in some cereal tonight and it tasted like it is supposed to. I just want to know before I make a Slim-Fast shake with it tomorrow...

Should I put the other two unopened cartons in the fridge?