March 16th, 2006

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There's something wrong with my computer's sound.

A few times a week, it just stops playing sound. I'll click play on iTunes or RealPlayer, and the play button will turn to pause like normal, but then the music just won't progress. The time stays at zero, and no sound comes out. When I play videos, the picture plays but no sound. Also, I have AOL and I notice a distinct lack of anyone yelling at me "Welcome! You have mail!" But then I'll restart my computer, and the sound will work fine again.

It's getting really annoying, because it usually happens right when I'm in the middle of something and I need to hear something. Does anyone know what's wrong or what I can do to fix it?

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RAGHH, i can't take screenshots of windows media player. When I try, it either moves the picture I'm trying to get underneath the black part of the windows thing, or just doesn't show up. Any idea how I can take screenshots of a movie playing on windows media, and get it to work?

Farts and the people that fart them

Don't you hate when they burn? Capsaicin-farts are the worst. And don't you hate it when you only -think- it's all gas? Underwear graffiti is hard to get out.

How often do you fart? Do you enjoy it? Big ones, or little ones? Quiet or loud? Odorless or raunchy? Do you try to hide it, or announce to everyone you recently ate Mexican? Any foods that particularly bring out an episode of the poo gas?

And... do you enjoy the smell of your own, like so many are unwilling to admit? I'll break the ice and confess to it myself.
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no sleep

I couldn't fall asleep last night at ALL. So I'm still up from yesterday and i have to be at work in 45 minutes.

What can I do besides drink coffee to stay awake and maybe not feel so crappy? Is there anything?

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mom says "it's to kill" when the phrase is "it's to die for"

any phrase/cliche you know that someone messes up?
a phrase/cliche that you're sick to death of hearing?
a phrase/cliche you say all the time?
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Ok, I've googled it and I'm not having any luck.

Where can I find a Drs license number online? What I'm looking for too is complaints or something against this Dr.
The only things I can find are paid for websites, where you have to pay a fee. Is there any way to get this information free? Or at the very least, maybe I can see where this Dr went to school, just the basic license information?

*edit* I just re-read this, and didn't really state clearly... I actually HAVE the license number of this Dr, but I want to do a little background check.
Sheesh, my brain is on vacation today. I'm not able to be direct and to the point.

Bordom Killers

So I am having a party on Saturday that will basically consist of me and my 6 best friends sitting in my room from 5 to 10 talking and listening to music and basically doing stupid (legal) teenage things.

So what are your favorite games to play (i.e. truth or dare, 7 minutes in heaven, spin the bottle) at these types of things? We have a relatively even boy to girl ratio, 3 boys, and 4 girls, if that matters. Any type of game would be appreciated, the only requirements are that it must be able to entertain 7 weird and bored teenagers, and it cannot result in any of us going to jail.

Gross Sounds

Are there any sounds that just skeeve you out? Not in a nails-on-chalkboard sense necessarily, but just a general "ew"?

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***edit*** For chrissake leave political comments out of your response... that was not the intention of the question and I think you all know that. Look for another venue to tout your crap. Muchas gracias.

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How do you get rid of the scroll down menu that comes up when you are typing something. Example: on lj in the search menu i typed "thequestionclub" and as i was writing it a scroll down thing came up with "thequestionclub". How do i get rid of that?
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1. What is the best place to purchase a whole case of Red Bull?

2. Favorite energy drink? (and where to purchase it in bulk, if you know)

3. Are those medicine tablets that dissolve in your mouth really supposed to hit your bloodstream sooner? (edited for clarity)

4. What would you most like to have delivered to you right now?

Random Questions...

1. Why are the heels on my new boots wearing at an angle that leaves my ankles titled outward when I wear them?! I've never had shoes wear at an angle before and they DO fit properly, so I'm clueless :)

2. Why are there so many posts on here lost in the past/future when you look at the archive??

3. The unanswerable question: Why am I surrounded by stupid people all day???

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Which rather unfashionable couples from tv/ movies/ etc. out there do you find yourself, whenever you happen to be watching them, actually rather touched by?

like, whenever you are watching the sitcom/ scathing report on why Australia should become a republic/ crime show etc., you can't help but feel it kind of worked just as well on a romantic level?
and then you realise you've never ever seen anyone on the whole internet with an "OTP" icon featuring the two and this might mean you're very sad and messed up.
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or, alternatively, are you part of a really odd OTP fandom (is that the right terminology? you know what I mean...)?
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Maybe you have a box/bag of light brown sugar in your cupboard to answer this question. I CAN'T FIND IT ANYWHERE ON THE NET.

I'm trying to figure out how many calories are in 1 tablespoon of light brown sugar? that i put in my oatmeal this morning.

thank you :)

*EDIT* i found my answer...thank you to all who responded!*
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I'm interested in listening to some new music so what would you guys recommend?

I'll give anything a go but I'm not really into death metal, country or hardcore opera. Old or new it doesn't matter.

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How do you cure a migraine?

I'm trying to survive the rest of the work day without crawling under my desk. I've taken 2 tylenols, I only get these like once or twice a year, what else can I do?
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I've found plenty of accounts of people who have baited 419 scammers.

However, does anyone know where I can find actual, somewhat detailed accounts of what has happened to people who have been fooled by 419 scams? Particularly what's happened to them while they were in Nigeria, various fees, etc.

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1. I have an mp3 file of Oasis' Wonderwall and Green Day's Boulevard of Broken Dreams mixed together into one track. Does anyone know any examples of other tracks like this?

2. Now that it is finally warm enough to drive with the windows down, what are some good, loud songs I can blast when I'm cruising around alone? (Examples of what I have so far are Pearl Jam, Tool, the Pixies, etc)


If my friends and I are planning to take the front row of a Metallica concert do we need to put up a tent behind the gates the day before or a week?
Or any other suggestions?

Need password to keep LordVagina out of my computer

I think my younger brother has been sneaking onto my computer while I'm not home.

Now I want to have one of those descure login password thingies to keep him out. Like maybe one of those prompts that make you login as a certain user? I don't know how to do it. I'm using the 2002 version of Windows XP Home Edition. Please help me, I'm clueless how to do this, but I need it.

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Do you prefer to deal with people who are:

a) a little rude, but honest.

b) people who are phony and are totally pleasant to your face but nasty behind your back?

Give me A. I can't stand phonies.
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making molds & casting question

Hi there - I have done some research online, and have some very good ideas, but I wanted to ask you all so that I might have the chance to actually converse with an expert...

I want to make a mold of a stalk of asparagus then cast the asparagus in plaster or plastic or whatever will work best. (I'm going to try and paint it to look real.)

What are the best materials for this and how should I actually go about it.


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but...they expect you to live off of tuna fish in case of a natural disaster?

I just told a friend of mine that I have a guilty pleasure of really liking tuna fish. She promised not to tell anyone (haha) but then warned me not eat too much, because I could get Mercury poisioning?! I probably eat it 3-4 times a week for lunch, and I have been for quite a while.

So my questions are...

What in the world is Mercury poisioning?
Have you ever known anyone to get it from eating tuna fish?
What are the symptoms?
How do you get rid of it?
How come I've never heard of this before?
And how much tuna fish exactly, IS "too much?"
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How would you spell a particular noise?

I don't know if it's just me, but for certain noises I hear, my brain can interpret it as a human speech utterance, and then automatically spells it for me.

For example, there is a common North American bird (I don't know what kind) that has a distinctive call. I hear it as "Twirple-deeeeee!" And that's how I'd say it if someone asked me to describe the bird call, since I can make human speech noises much better than I can sound like a real bird.

A big vacuum cleaner being turned on ends up being spelled "Vrroooooooooooo...."

A door bell sounds like "Thor-dooo" to me. (I believe it's the same common doorbell sound that most people would say is a "ding-dong" sound).

So if that made sense at all to you, can you give some examples of some noises and how you would spell them?

*edit* for some reason I brainfarted and forgot that this whole phenomenon is described by the word "onomatopoeia" so gimme your personal onomatopoeias please?

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you have a burning personal secret about yourself - you want to talk about it w/someone (either IRL, or in LJ), get some kind of input - but you're not sure how to go about it w/out making it public in your own personal lj...
what to do?


this is complex and i hope you understand what i am asking...

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I heard this song today and I really liked it, I just don't know its name or singer..

I think it goes something like "In the arms of an angel" and thats all I really remember. It sounds like it is from the 80's or 90's.

Does anyone know what I am on about??!!
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"digesting" experiences

One of my professors was talking about how, to be healthy, we need to be able to digest experiences as well as food. This means that we can't let our experiences control out lives; we need to get past them, even if we can't forget them. As a simple example, my teacher watched the movie Psycho and couldn't take a shower in an empty house for years. For a more serious example, someone who has been abused in any way needs to be able to do something with those feelings, not just allow them to fester. So, have you had any experiences, big or small, that you haven't been able to digest?

My answer: Going along with my teacher's example, I saw a movie that I've never been able to digest: Requiem for a Dream. For some reason it just struck a chord. Thinking about it makes me feel icky, even now. Although, now I will never do drugs. Never ever.

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I am going to be making a mix cd of music that I enjoyed during middle/high school, more specifically, "Alternative Rock" during '93-96ish... I have a list going, but would like some more input. Can any of you recommend some songs they think would fit in this description? Thanks!

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There's this boy I keep seeing around my college and he is everything that I find attractive. I have no classes with him and I never see him at big school parties. I only see him weekdays in between my classes. I've been pondering how I could find a way to talk to him but so far all I can think to say is "you're really tall."

If some girl randomly came up to you, what would be something she could say to you that would immediately or relatively intriuge you? It could be a guy too if you're a girl.

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I've had a parrot for a just over a year (since last February) and within the past few months we've had a problem with little moths. They center around his cage, which we do a thourough cleaning of every weekend. I had the notion they came from his food when I found little...critters crawling around inside one of his bags of "chewies" (aka, a trail mix of peanuts, peppers, dried fruit, etc. In essence, big stuff he can keep busy with). I promptly tossed it out, with much squealing and shuddering. He went without for about two weeks and just had his pellets. We thought things were getting better, but then my dad went out and bought a new brand of chewies for him, thinking it would be okay. It wasn't. The moths are still around, and they're driving me nuts. Now that I think of it, the moths did start showing up when we started giving Chico chewies and pellets, instead of fresh fruit and pellets. So, we're pretty much assured it's from the food.

Long and short of it is this:
Does anyone else have this problem, and how can we get rid of the bugs without getting rid of the bird?

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Okay, my mother is planning on resigning & she has to hand in a formal letter & she's not quite sure on how to phrase the reasons she is resigning so I'm asking you guys.

She works in a small hotel bar as bar manager.

Basically, she was bullied and harassed by the hotel owner but she doesn't want to say that outright (unless that would be best?). On numerous occasions he has screamed at her for mistakes made by her boss, verbally abused her in front of staff and customers and made misogynistic & sexist comments. Also, recently her job position was advertised as vacant to 'keep her on her toes' so this counts as scaremongering or intimidation, I guess.

So, is what I'm asking is how would I go about putting this in a formal letter of resignation without sounding blunt and malicious?

ETA: Thanks for all your help!

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a) I plan to start begin a running program tomorrow. Any tips on running? I'm just running to get super toned, BTW, and not to run a marathon.

b) Any good Indie music like Reverie sound Revue or the Trews?

c) What is the sexiest thing, in your opinion, that a girl could wear? [Please don't say nude, or lingerie!]

d) What are some good non fiction books?

e) fiction books?

f) Favorite sunless tanner?

g) Favorite summer outfit?
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(feel free to ignore numero uno if it doesn't apply to you ;)
1. Are you going to have corned beef tomorrow even though it's a FRIDAY? *gasp* Heh.. or do you follow the "it doesn't count on St. Patrick's Day!" rule?

2. Did you watch any of the shows on The History Channel's Out of this World week?
I watched the Star Wars stuff, William Shatner, & the Comet doom thing.

3. All right, here's the big one.
I am graduating in a few months, and we've been getting the house ready for a big family gathering for over a year now. My aunt and my father are not talking--they haven't been for about 5 years. I visit her by myself occasionally. Before the falling out, she was a huge part of my life, and I love my uncle as well. I REALLY want them to be able to come to the party. I don't know all the details, but I *don't* think the issue that tore them apart is irreconcilable. They haven't tried to talk things out yet. Should I... request that they do so? If yes, how do you suggest I go about doing this? My aunt's also not talking to her mother... so I'm really the only go-between.

Thanks everyone.
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Ok. So here's my superficial situation (I say superficial because it's about hair).

For the past week, my hair has been looking extremely oily and unwashed even though I've washed it every day (which i've always done).

I noticed it on Saturday. I started new bottles of shampoo and conditioner, but they're a brand and type I've used before (and it didn't do this before either). I started using them that Tuesday before. So I wash my hair and condition it like normal. Then I blow dry it, and the roots on the top of my head (and mainly in the back) look oily and the hairs are sticking together so it looks like I haven't washed my hair in a few days. So I tried not using the conditioner, and then using some different shampoo, but it's still not helping even after a few days. I've soaked it in the bath and tried not blow drying, but still grossly oily looking. I don't use anything in my hair other than shampoo or conditioner, so it can't be that kind of product buildup (though I guess it could be buildup from the shampoo and conditioner)

What's going on? I don't like the sticky feeling on my hair, and it's never done this before. I would say it's the shampoo 100% but it's the same brand I've been using for months, only a different type (that again, I've used before, not even two months ago). Any ideas? Work starts back up in a few days for me, and I'd like to not have gross looking hair. Is there some product I can use to make this go away?
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Irving Plaza!

I'm going to see Jenny Lewis this Saturday night by myself. It's at Irving Plaza, near Union Square. I went to the city last weekend to make sure I'd be able to find it and it was an okay neighborhood. I found it fine and the area seemed good, but I'm afraid it won't be such a good area at night.

Is it an overall good area? Do you think I'll be okay going alone? My dad offered to drive me and pick me up, would that be my best bet? I'd much rather just take the train by myself.

I mean I'll probably be fine, I go to NYC by myself frequently, but for some reason I'm worried about this.
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I inherited my car from my brother, and there's a bumper sticker proclaiming a message highly against my political beliefs. My fingernails aren't doing a good job at peeling it off, what other options are there?

How do I keep my neck from hurting while driving?
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Hi. Some general questions for fun:

1. a) Do you have a Netflix account?
b) If yes, what are the top ten movies (if there are that many) in your queue?
c) How many movies are in your queue?
2. What's your favorite brand of popcorn, and favorite flavor (i.e. the type, such as kettlekorn or movie butter, etc.)?
3. What's your favorite thing to snack on and your favorite beverage to drink when watching movies?
4. Which movie have you watched the most times?
5. What's your least favorite color?

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1. For those of your who are bisexual, have you slept with more boys or girls? What's the ratio? Do you think you swing more one way than the other?

2. Who (celebrity) is your ultimate female?

3. Who (celebrity) is your ultimate male?

4. Do you think you would be able to guess what your boyfriend/girlfriend's top picks would be?

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When you are on sites like LJ, facebook, myspace, etc. and you see someone you know from a long time ago, are you ever afraid that they won't remember you?

I saw this guy on facebook the other day. We went to elementary school together almost 10 years ago, and I think he is a year younger than me. Truthfully, I only recognise him because he has a unique name and still looks the same as he did when he was a little one. I really have no reason to add him as a friend, other than to seem creepy and to have another facebook person on my list.
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Poll #692561 Barnes & Noble and piercing yourself!

Which would you be most likely to say?

I'm going to Barnes & Noble.
I'm going to Barnes & Nobles.

Have you ever pierced yourself? If not would you?

I have and would again.
I have and wouldn't again.
I haven't, but I might some day.
I haven't and I never will.