March 15th, 2006

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1) Do you have a family history of mental illness?

2) Do you think mental illness is genetic or environmental?

Edit: Please try to explain your answer to the second question. I'm interested to know what people think.
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XM Radio..

For those of you with XM radio: who do you go through, XM Radio or Sirius? Are they the same? I'm thinking of getting XM but am pretty much clueless and don't know anyone who actually has it. I'm looking at the Roady2 system.. think it's any good or are there better models?

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A friend who's been craving the chance to play Sim Tower again found it online and tried to get it working. Unfortunately, it didn't. He's got Windows XP and goodness only knows what OS Sim Tower was designed to run on.

Is there some sort of emulator he can use to get it to run?
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So I want to learn more about sewing - hopefully enough to be able to make custom dresses for figure skaters or prom dresses - but there aren't any schools around my area that teach anything like that.

Any suggestions on how I could go about learning this kind of thing? I took a look at JoAnns and they offer beginning sewing classes, but they aren't worth the price (I wouldn't learn anything I didn't know from home ec). Any books you can recommend? Communities? Sewing machines? Anything?

Thanks a bunch.

Follow Up Emails

I was at a site visit at a major US companies corporate HQ last week with my school and we met with CFO of said company. After his talk, I went up and asked if they ever did MBA internships. He said no, but he'd be happy to talk jobs with me and gave me his email.

I'm not sure how to follow up with him. Obviously, by sending him an email, but I don't know what to say.

Do I address it to his first name, or last name? (very casual west coast company, but I don't want to screw up)

I would love to work for this company, and I don't care what they start me out doing.

Ay lightbulbs? Maybe I'm just frozen because I don't want to blow this.


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So I'm going to be getting a new cell phone soon and am trying to figure out what phone to get next.

1. What cell phone do you have now? What service do you use?
2. What brands would you reccommend? Why?
3. What brands would you avoid? Why?
4. What is your "must-have feature" on a cell phone?

Also, I'm looking at bluetooth phones, mainly because my dad bought me the headset for Christmas not knowing that I didn't already have a bluetooth phone. For those of you who have bluetooth:

1. Have you had any major problems with the bluetooth phones/headsets?
2. Would you reccommend it to others or do you think it's a waste of an extra feature?

Any other opinions you have to offer on cell phones would be great. I use Verizon in case you were wondering.

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When at a hotel, do you open the door to take the breakfast tray, or collect it from the doormat later? (Edit: I don't mean room service, I mean your choice of breakfast, which if it is offered you fill out a form for the day before.)
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If you had trouble breathing and you took antihistamines and it helped, does that definitely mean you are allergic to something or could you still have other conditions that made you have trouble with your heart?

I have no idea what to Google with this, so I'm asking here.
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I think one of my dogs has Parvo :(

I have been giving her pedalyte and she has an appointment at 4:30(earliest I could get her in), but is there anything else I can do for her?

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While reading responses to my previous post about finding something in my boyfriend's room while cleaning it, I was amused by the number of people asking me to say what it was I found. ;o) It wasn't as bad as you guys were thinking, probably. He told me he was getting A's and B's, but I found tests and homework from this semester telling me otherwise. I'm definitely not going to use it against him or even confront him with it, by the by. I was cleaning his room because I spend 98% of my free time in his apartment with him, and it was really grossing me out. I couldn't even find a path to my side of the bed.

On a totally different topic, I have to give up my guinea pigs tomorrow. I've had them for four years but I can't afford them, and I'm tired of my roommate bitching about the noise they make. They're in my bedroom, with the door closed, all the time, but whatever. Anyway, I'm really seriously bummed about it.

Have you ever had to give up a pet to a rescue because you couldn't take care of them anymore? How did you cope? :o(

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have you tried any new products lately?

in the past week i've tried: take 5 ice cream bar, wasabi funyuns, vault zero, cheeze nip chips and wendy's turkey and pesto frescata sandwich.
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DVD Project Part 3?

It's the never-ending saga that's my DVD project!!

Anyway, is there someplace I can go to find a picture of the paper insert of a DVD case, specifically Little Shop of Horrors? I'm kind of doing this blindly, since I don't have the DVD or video. So far, all I've found are movie posters and the front of the DVD/video case. It would be immensely helpful to be able to see the back of it. :)

Thank you!!
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more fun with dye

Where can I get skin dye?

What color would you dye your baby?

I want my baby to be green with hot pink zebra stripes, but obviously I have to be very careful becuase babies can probably die from getting their skin dyed. Any suggestions?


Okay, so I immediately ran to the store and got a bunch of easter egg dye. Zebra stripes turned out to be quite a difficult task so I settled for green skin with pink polka dots. (See picture)

I totally don't like how it turned out though. It looks like chicken pox gone awry, or one of those preppy AE shirts from two summers ago.

So like, where do I get a new one? This one isn't fun anymore with it's chicken pox-looking skin. Help? At least she looks pleased with herself.

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Where can I get cat dye?

What colour would you dye your cat?

I want my cat to be blue, but obviously I have to be very careful becuase cats can die from human dye (including, I'm led to believe, certian red food dyes).

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ok why does the shooter(s) almost always kill himself/themselves after wounding and / or killing people?

Police: Gunman kills 2, himself in a Calif. Denny's
Columbine Shootings
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Ahh! Babies!

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Why do I owe 600 dollars in taxes? I didn't change jobs or move or get married or anything like that. I got a refund last year with the exact same job and I didn't change anything on my W 4 form. I don't have any investments or any new income, no new gifts, no real income at all besides my job which has not changed. I don't really make very much money. How could someone have so grossly miscalculated how much to take out? I don't understand.
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The best?

We're looking for a laptop that will be good for CAD drawings. Advice?

laptop: which would you buy?

Toshiba Techra S3


Toshiba Tech A4

Pros, Cons? Debate amongst yourselves..

Shakespeare Sucks

I'm trying to do an analysis for my English class on Act II Scene 1 of Shakespeare's Othello. However, I don't understand his wacky language at all. I've found a few sites that offer summaries of each scene but I'm looking for something that actually translates it so I can understand what he's saying and then analyze it from there. Preferably a website that I won't have to download the translation. I have enough crap on the computer, I don't need anymore lol... thanks in advance for any help.
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I need some advice. I'm dating this girl and she is really great. She's pretty much perfect for me. We have a lot in common too and we're really comfortable with each other. The only problem is that whenever we talk somehow our conversation seems to turn into her talking about how great I am. I know she really likes me and that's awesome and I don't mind her complimenting me, but I just don't want that to be all our conversations are about. I want to learn more about this girl, but I'm kind of running out of questions to ask and she almost always seems to change the subject to me.

My question is do I nicely tell her or hint to her that I don't want to just talk about how great I am? I don't want her to feel like she can never say anything nice about me because it's fine just not all the time.
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Okay, I'm at a friend's house and we're going to watch some shows that she has on a cd, so they can be played on her computer, but not on her TV. Given what she has- just your standard computer stuff and also ps2 and gamecube cables, if those could come in handy, would it be possible to hook her TV up to her computer? Or would we need some sort of special connector that we likely don't have?
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What is the difference between an icon and a base? My friend asked me this, and I have no idea how to answer hiim. Thanks for your help!
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Stress balls.

My friend and I have to do a presentation in one of our classes. The topic is tension points in US education and our activity is making stress balls... you know, the kind with a balloon and flour.

Has anybody done this before? Care to share your wisdom on the subject?
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Which do you say?


edit: I was reading in "Uncle John's Bathroom Reader" and it said something about crayfish and crawfish being the same thing, with the same word origin, but I was like... "What about crawdad?? I always call them crawdads!"
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sad books

I'm in the mood to wallow in sadness. What are so good sad books you'd recommend? I just read Susan Minot's "Evening" for the second time, and I'm reading Murakami's "Norwegian Wood" again too. Both of these involve lost/unrequited love. I'm looking for books that are well written and made you weepy.
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1) Did you go to your high school senior prom?
- a) Yes: Did you enjoy/hate it? Did it live up to your personal expectations? Was it anyway close to what society defines prom to be?
- b) No: Why didn't you go? Any regrets of not going?

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I have an account with Sprint and I have an Sanyo 2300 (I believe) Anyway, my brother is with nextel and he just got a new phone so his old one isnt being used. Its an Motorola i836 so, since Nextel and Sprint merged is it possible for them to activate the Motorola for my account, essentially switching phones?

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What product would you reccomend for hair that's been over dyed/processed?

( to make it feel healthier because I need to dye it AGAIN and I wanna make it feel better so it doesn't fall out. also it isn't an option not to dye it. I need my hair a nat. colour for a picture my Mom wants taken before my Grandma looses her hair from kemo. )
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when did you start dating your sweetie?

when did you get married? why? what made you go "i want to get married!"

do you have kids? when did it happen?

how old are you? if you haven't had kids, do you want to have kids?

i'm only asking because i've been dating my guy three years. we moved in only one year ago. we don't want kids. our families know and are okay with it but have been bugging us about when we're going to get married recently. however my boyfriend's grandpa also recently passed away. have you had something like this happen to you?

tell me your story? please?
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1. How do you pronounce "coupon"?
I say coo-pon. I hate when people say q-pon

2. Do you use coupons?
Not usually, sometimes I use the awesome ones they give you at Bath & Body Works when you buy something.

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Is it possible to get hair out of a round brush?  my hair isn't stuck.. I'm just tired of looking at the mass of hair in the brush.  Or would it just be better to pitch it, and buy a new one?
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Spurred by an earlier post...

Where is a good source for coupons (q-pons!)? I can never really find them when I want or need them. The local newspaper doesn't seem to have an awful lot, either.

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I was laying in bed assigning astrological signs to the characters of Winnie The Pooh (don't ask...long night). Anyway, this is what I have so far:
Eeyore- Cancer
Tigger - Gemini
Roo - Libra
Piglet - Virgo
then I got stumped on the bear himself... What sign would you consider Winnie the Pooh?