March 14th, 2006


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Question: What exactly is glass fatigue? How does it occur, what actually happens to the glass, like, does it crack in half, or does it facture into hundreds of shards? Have any of you had any experience with glass fatigue?

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Hi folks,

I have written an online article about "professional children", that is young adults who stay at home with their parents into their 20s and 30s (quite common in Brazil). The article is written so that's not the issue, but I need a small picture to go with it that exemplifies this type of phenomenon... only I can't for the life of me think of something (let alone find something at Getty or Google images) that illustrates this.

Any ideas?

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torrid and hot topic

Can you use a Hot Topic gift card at Torrid? I looked at the faqs and didn't see anything about it, but the Hot Topic faqs says you can use a Torrid gift card there. Calling a store isn't really an option at the moment (phone line's down 'til Thursday) and there are no stores nearby.

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Do men like to receive flowers?

I went on a date with someone recently and we'd been talking for awhile prior to that date. I really enjoyed his company and would like to do something nice for his birthday. I won't get to see him in person, but I did give him a card a few days ago. I still have time today to have flowers delivered to his house, but I don't want to seem overbearing and/or embarrass him.

So, not knowing him at all, do you think he would appreciate this gesture or is a card and happy birthday sufficient?
He'll be 29 and I already am 29, if age affects your answer in any way.

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why do some people have issues about aging/getting older?
do you have issues about this? why? why not?
what is the age of your oldest living relative?
how old do you think you will live?
name me something for which there should be an age limit (i.e., driving, computer tech. instructor, etc...)
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Does anyone know on AOL instant messenger if you can tell who has you on their friends list? Or can people tell that i have them on my friends list?

i know with msn messenger it asks if you want to add someone when they add i was wondering if there is anything similar that aol does so you can tell who has you on their friends list?

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I posted yesterday about having the stomach flu, which I'm sure thats what it was, my stomach feels fine today, but I'm still terrified to eat. I didnt eat yesterday, except for a popsicle and water. And today I'm so incredibly weak, but I'm not tired. I'm restless laying in bed, and got up to take a shower and had to sit down because I could barely hold myself up. Anyone know what I can eat or attempt to eat to get my energy levels up? I feel fine today and I want to go see my family (They're the ones who gave me this crap) but I can barely walk, let alone drive right now.

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So... Am I the only one who feels compelled to count the number of items other people put through the express lane in the grocery store?

Lady I saw yesterday was one over the limit.
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PC as possible

Ever since I moved to this town, I've noticed what seems to be an abnormally high number of local people with a certain type of physically obvious birth defect/congenital disorder. I've never seen so many in one place, it's downright common.

The question is: Without offending anyone, what steps should I take to find out whether the underlying cause for all their birth defects is common? I'm genuinely interested in this in a scholarly way. For example, some of my theories are that maybe their pregnant mothers lived in a part of town where there is an environmental factor affecting unborn fetuses.... maybe there was something in the water... maybe their mothers all had something else in common, something as simple as smoking cigarettes while pregnant...who knows? It's a kind of personal question to go up and ask a stranger, you know? And so many strangers to ask makes the task even more daunting. I want to be able to find out if this has already been documented by local health authorities, or what.

I do know that my town is home to several PCB disposal sites, but I already read up on that, and there are no physical birth defects recorded as side effects for people who live in the PCB neighborhood. Only mental disorders.

Hope that made sense...

Weight training

I've been exercising since the beginning of the year, doing an hour of cardio a day (bike/elliptical or just the bike for an hour, about 20 miles) and have been lifting. I started lifting my first day and did just my upper body (chest press, reverse chest for back, bicep, tricep and shoulder) and the next day I did my lower body (squats with 15lbs on each side of the bar, leg curls laying on your stomach for your hamstrings, and bicycle crunches for my abs).

I've heard you're not supposed to lift every muscle group every day so I've been lifting each group every other day and doing cardio every day. Is one day enough to see a decent amount of muscle development? I'm not looking to be ripped or anything -- I'm trying to lose weight and gain muscle strength. I know muscle weighs more than fat so I'm going by how I look/clothes rather than the scale, mostly. I've got about 60 to lose, and I'm nearing the 10lb mark.

Is there anything I should add or subtract from my routine to make it more effective for endurance and muscle building? If there's a better community in which to ask this let me know and I'll go there :)


Why are there never a ton of questions when I'm bored at work?

Now the real question that popped into my head the other night...

Would you rather put a lot of work into a project and receive little or no credit or receive credit for a project that you did little to no work on?
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So, here's the question....

You live in a building that has ten living units in it. You all have to share one washer and one dryer. One afternoon you go to do laundry. The washer is empty, but the dryer is running. You figure the person will be coming back for their stuff soon, and lament the fact that they're not there watching their laundry, because that is what is recommended, and you always stay yourself in case other people come around so you can let them know how long you will be.

You toss your stuff in the washer. The washer usually runs about 30-40 minutes or so. Ten minutes after you start the washer, the dryer stops, but no one comes to collect their clothes. 30 minutes later, your load of clothes in the washer is done too, and no one has come yet for their clothes in the dryer, which, upon inspection, are completely dry.

What do you do? (see question 1 of poll below)

Say you pick one of the three first options of the poll, and remove their clothes to use the dryer yourself. You finish drying your clothes (takes about an hour or so). The person still hasn't arrived for their clothes.... what then? (question 2 of poll)

One: When encountering a stopped full dryer and no person there to claim the clothes, you...

Take their stuff out and place it somewhere clean and safe.
Fold their clothes and place them somewhere clean and safe.
Toss them out onto the floor, it's their fault they didn't come get them.
Leave them in the dryer and wait for them to arrive, or take them home and hang them up to dry.

Two: Upon finishing drying your clothes, you...

Leave their clothes out somewhere, they are their problem.
I folded them nicely, so I'll leave them out.
Toss them back in the dryer, so they'll be none the wiser that I was there.
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My grandma always told me that certain stains should be washed in warm water vs. cold (or vice versa) regardless of what the label says. So, suppose somebody had just had a pizza roll explode all over a brand new shirt t-shirt. The shirt was pretreated with Shout. Which do you think would be better- warm or cold water?

Do you have any secrets for getting stubborn stains out?
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This is going to sound rediculous, but I have seen odd questions get answered before.

Last semester, I discovered what I want to do for a living: Fashion Photography. Like, professional fashion photography, but it would be fine to do small stuff, too maybe to get started.

So, how can I get started on my goal? I have emailed some fashion photographers and they said they didn't have college education. How do I get into it? Is it just a "who you know" thing? The community college I plan to go to next year has a good photography program. Also, I have no money.

Starvation Heights

Can anyone here tell me the address/directions to Wilderness Heights Sanitarium?

It is no longer operating and, in fact, I have no clue if it even still stands. It is located in Olalla, WA, USA.

Thanks in advance!


[X-posted all over the damn place]
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A class of mine did a debate about cloning a year or so back, and I was covering the religious aspect of it. I was assigned pro-cloning, so it was hard.

So I was wondering,
1- Which side do you think is more favourable to win (purely religious reasons)
2- What are some possible arguments that could've been used (pro or con)

For me,
1. Purely religious reasons, I'd have to say cloning will never happen. Overall, I think cloning would be cool, but cloning anything other than small parts of someone (organ etc for medical purpose) will probably not happen.
2. The most powerful argument I had was that since everyone says cloning is like men making men after the images of themselves, instead of god. (christianity) My rebuttal was that since Eve was made from Adam's rib, are they saying how half of the population was blasphemous
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1. How much money do you have in your bank account(s)?

2. How much money do you have charged on credit card(s)?

3. How much money do you have on you or in your purse/wallet?

Edit: 4. How much money have you had charged on credit card(s) at one time (by this I mean your balance for one pay period)?

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is it ok for those who have a b/f and/or g/f~husband and/or wife to flirt w/someone else?
why? why not?
when does flirting get out of hand?
how does flirting make you feel?
does flirting usually lead to something or not?
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Inspired by the recent posts about being drunk

Do any of you have issues being around people who are drinking?

Outside of a meal environment (a beer/wine with dinner for example), I can't stand being around people who are drinking. I've had numerous bad experiences being the sober person in a room full of drunks, including an instance of having to forcibly restrain someone from getting into their car for a couple of hours at 2am. Its to the point now where when people are drinking near me, I get panicky and just want to be someplace else.

Some of my friends don't seem to understand the problem, and I've never met anybody else like that... so is it really just me?

MM caramel

Any idea how many calories are in a Tunnock's Caramel Log bar? Yes, I googled! I ate it in haste and I got a google result that said around 400 calories in one result. That can't be serious, it's a smidge bigger than my thumb!!!
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How the heck do I do this? Tutorials? suggestions?

K. So I'm trying to figure something out. Situation: Theres a radio show, and a number of bands play on the show, and the bands 'various songs, 1 show a week. I want to be able to plug in what bands and songs were being played which weeks, so that over time I will be able to tell what bands or songs are not getting equal air time. Now, would I use a database program to do this? I have absolutly no clue. I thought I could use Open Office, but .. wow. I've never done anything like that, and Wikipedia isn't explaining things much. I thought Base would let me enter in information like Band names, songs, and then let me plot those peices of data into a chart or something, then calculate player airtime for me. BUt I open up the Base program, and it wants an SQL.. I so I downloaded that, again, I have no clue how to use this.

I'm trying to find turorials, and I"m wondering if I even have the right program for doing something like this. Help? Please?

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I passed my road test, thank you everyone who wished me luck! I seriously thought I was going to fail because the unctuous man kept making criticizing remarks, which resulted in me becoming even more nervous. Oh well! Now, what are some essentials I should keep in my car? I already have a first aid kit in the trunk, but I feel like I'm going to need a container of some sorts in the back seat filled with stuff. What are also some things I should keep in my trunk in general, like for maintenance purposes?

Today I had a visit with the gyno, whoopee, and apparently my breasts are rather cystic. He recommends taking a supplement, primrose or something, each day and to cut out the caffeine from my diet. Has anyone here had a similar experience? Did the primrose help?

Yowch and help.

A few years ago, late 2003, I had my ear pierced. See wee butterfly below:


Over the last few years, it had kinda "acted up", gotten swollen, was hurting, etc.
At first I was just leaving the earring in and in maybe a week or so, it "cleared up" and felt fine. I could touch it again without any pain.
But sure enough like 6 months later, same thing.
I tried different earrings. Either white gold or sterling silver and each were a-okay for a long while and then the pain comes.

I'm not sure exactly what the problem was, but this last time proved too much, I took my earring out and left it out, within like 2 days max, the thing closed up and I couldn't get an earring back in. It feels okay now, but I'm just wondering what the heck happened.
I followed all instructions when I got the thing (this being my second cartilage piercing).

I really do miss having an earring there, I liked it.

Anybody have this experience?
What did you do about it?
What should I/could I have done?

And...can I re-pierce it?

Thanks to all who can offer help.

(if you don't believe in piercings or think piercing is lame or what have you, please do not respond-thx)


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I've often wondered, for how long can I keep my computer on before it blows up? or, you know, before it's at risk of overheating and being damaged or something?

If it makes a difference, it's a desktop and it's about 2 years old and not particularly high-end.
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I have one midterm - it's take-home. However, it is probably the hardest assignment yet. It's for my chaucer/shakespeare class and Dr. Lampe worded the first question of it so ambiguously that I can't even understand it.

A) We have read lyric poems by three major poets --Petrarch, Chaucer, and Shakespeare --and narratives by only one of these, Chaucer. Yet in the sonnet sequences of both Petrarch and Shakespeare there is an implied plot and in Chaucer's narratives (especially in KT, MilT, RVT and others) there are lyric moments when the characters "sing" or self-consciously taken on poetic forms to fulfill or invert expectations. Compare and contrast function and importance of narrative in three works you have read.

Huh? (And it's copied verbatim)

If you can decipher that, be my guest.
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I have a really bad nail-biting problem. If my nails look uneven, or if I have a hang-nail or something, I get the urge to bite my nails, and then I can't stop. I find myself biting my nails without even knowing I'm doing it. I've tried getting a manicure, painting my nails, chewing gum, carrying around a fingernail clipper, everything short of wearing band-aids on all of my fingers, but nothing helps. I'm pretty sure it's not a nervous habit, because I do it even if I'm calm. But I'm going in for an interview soon, and I don't want to be nawing on my nails and having the interveiwer think I'm disgusting. Any suggestions on what I can do?

Are you the kind of person who looks both ways before driving onto a one-way street?
I do, because I'm always worried that someone will come the wrong way.

Can anyone explain to me what stiochiometry is and how to use it? My chemistry teacher was gone last Thursday, and I was gone today, so my notes are like Greek to me.
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Tattoo people

The good tattoo communities I saw were all moderated and I really don't want to wait to be approved so I can ask one question. Hopefully some of ya'll are familiar with tattoos and can help.

The place I'm going is having problems with their email so I can't get an actual price estimate. I just know that it's $125 per hour. Can anyone tell me about how many hours they think this would take?

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I have a keyboard which has those short cut keys all over it.
How can I configure them?
I had a look in Control Panel, but I couldn't find it.

I'm using Windows 98.
(Yeah, yeah, I need a new computer :P)

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What is a free way to find an old friend? I tried Myspace and Facebook but had no luck with those. I know the city they last lived in but am not entirely sure if they still live there.
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Negotiating a Higher Starting Salary

Ok, so I HATE the job I have now - I've been there since November and I havent even been fully trained. There are other grievances as well, but that is the one that pisses me off the most. Lucky for me, I got another job today! ^___^ The thing is though, the hiring manager who was supposed to give me my second interview today had to leave and just left the regular manager a note to hire me and have me fill out paper work. The girl who helped me didn't know a lot, other than I was hired and I would probably start on Monday. So she couldn't help me when I asked what I would be making. All she could offer was the base rate of pay. I have to call tomorrow morning to figure out when I will start and a schedule and such, which I will do with the actual hiring manager. However, I want to be prepared to demand ask for more money if she says everyone starts the same.

I am very qualified for this job and have a ton of experiance (about 13 years) so I know I am definitly worth more than the base salary. The problem is this - I've never been very good at politely but forcefully negotiating these types of things. Frankly, even though the starting pay is $1.50 less than I am making now, I am just grateful to have a new job that I know I will enjoy way more, even if it's awful (which I doubt it will be). So when the girl hiring me asked would it be a problem, I took it as code for, 'are you turning down the job if that's the case?' I told her it would possibly not be a deal breaker, but I did want to at least try and get more from the company. She assured me she became a manager in about two months because she really busted her ass and I could too, especially with my experiance and attitude.

But I am still hopeful that I won't have to start at the very bottom of the food chain! And I hoping you guys can offer me some tips and helpful advice to get at least closer to what I am actually worth. So lay it on me! Give me your best offers of help! Please?
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PCIe video card?

Anyone got tips on a sub-100USD PCI Express video card?

I just need something that won't randomly blow up or cause bluescreens, and won't hold back the rest of the system during audio processing. So basically it just needs to handle 2d graphics such as the windows UI well, 3D just needs to be somewhat reliable rather than high performing.
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1. In a day camp context: If when describing the different counselors and their strengths, and "S" means "Sporty", "Cr" means "Creative"... what would "P" mean? Asking the person who wrote it would logically make sense, but she's not in this week, so I'm welcoming any guesses.

2. What should I paint my parents for their birthdays? One for each of them, even though their birthdays are the same day (and mine is three days later). My mom is an artist herself, and loves nature, though she already has lots of nature paintings. My dad is an architect, and likes a whole variety of stuff, other than sports. I'm open to any suggestions. I'd be using acrylic paints.
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birth control and PORN?

There is a new University near where I live in Naples, Florida called Ave Maria University. (built by the owner of Domino's Pizza who is a strict Catholic)

They will be naming the town where they are building Ave Maria as well. It has been in the news lately regarding their desire to keep not only the university free of birth control and pornography...but the whole town of Ave Maria, which would include drug stores, groceries and any other biz that opens there.

This attempt to encourage all business in the area to go porn and birth control free has prompted an investigation by the ACLU.

My question is...what sort of thing could the ACLU find that would prompt a lawsuit?
In what ways do you think the University violates civil rights?
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I have an optomotrist appt. tomorrow, I shouldnt wear my contacts right? I mean it usually takes me quite awhile to get them in so putting em in at the office might suck.

Also, when you go to the dentist to get your teeth cleaned do your gums hurt for the rest of the day?
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How do you overcome a fear of commitment?

EDIT: I meant in a relationship. I know that I want to be with him but I'm avoiding it just because... well, I don't really know why. I'm just afraid of being in a relationship, even though I want to be with him. How do I convince myself that it's the right thing to do?
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Female Forensic Power!

I'm a huge fan of Kathy Reichs. Patricia Cornwell is also growing on me. But I'm quickly running out of their books to read and will soon need a new author to obsess over.

Do you know of any authors that write a similar genre? I'd like them to have female main characters, but I suppose beggars can't be choosers.
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What does everyone think of the shaky-camera trend in new tv shows (a la the office and sons & daughters)?

Personally, it annoys me. A lot.

EDIT: Does anyone here watch Miami Ink? According to the show, Yogi used to be in a band, but they haven't said which yet. His first tattoo was on the Bouncing Soul's old manager (not sure if he still is), and last week he was wearing a Bouncing Souls shirt, and they showed a picture of him with his old band and I swear I recognize the singer from somewhere...anyone know what band he used to be in?
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1.) Why do the syndicated episodes of Walker, Texas Ranger that they show on the Hallmark channel lack the hilariously awesome opening song that the show had when it originally aired?

2.) When yer ten-gallon hat is feeling five gallons flat, what do you hanker for?

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Ok don't answer if you have heard this before and don't cheat!!

A father and his son were climbing a mountain when a huge avalanche struck. The father was killed instantly. The son was rushed to the nearest hopsital where the doctor said "I can't opperate on this boy, he is my son!" How is this possible?

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In honor of the death of Bohemia...

No really, in honor of pi day (HAPPY PI DAY ^.^), if you have ever taken the time to memorize past 3.14 or 3.1415, how far have you gotten? How long did it take you?

For extra credit in my math class, we could learn digits past the decimal. I didnt find out about this until yesterday, so yesterday after school and today during class I learned up to 60 digits past the decimal.

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So Estee Lauder doesn't make my VERY FAVORITE lip gloss anymore :(   is there any way to find discontinued shades?  or should I just suck it up and go try out other colors?

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EDIT: How do you sooth a cold/get rid of it faster? I'm pretty sick right now, but I HAVE TO GO TO SCHOOL TOMORROW. How can I make it without suffering?

Did anyone see Sons and Daughters? What did you think?

I personally loved it. It's a lot funnier then Arrested Development and it has my favorite actor [Desmond Harrington]. It did bother me that it took a lot of elements from AD, going as far to make the Brother-in-law a want to be actor.
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What sort of a thorny plant could one expect to find in the garden of a villa occupied by someone filthy rich, somewhere in Southern Europe?

(for the purposes of falling into it and getting seriously scratched)
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How do you go about making huge, possibly life changing decisions?

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Thanks everyone :)
EDIT: Can ya give any advise on decision making skills? Aside from the situation? I'm always so indecisive. How do you make big decisions in your life?