March 13th, 2006


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A couple weeks ago, a friend of mine who used LJ passed away. I was on his friends list at the time of his death. Perhaps a week ago (i.e., at least a week after his death), I noticed that he was no longer on my "friends of" list. I went to his profile and saw that I was still listed as a friend there, and checked with other friends of his – indeed, he was also gone from their "friends of" lists despite listing them as friends in his profile.

What is going on here? The only thing I can think of is that somebody is requesting the deletion of his LJ and it's going through some sort of investigative process.

ETA: His LJ is still intact in all ways except disappearing from "friends of" lists.

Good morning

If you ever wake up in a bad mood, what's a way to cheer yourself up quickly?

Do you have nightmares? If so, what are they about?

How many hours of sleep do you need a night to feel normal the next day?

How do you motivate yourself to get through a tough day?
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out of state "friend"

I have a friend from out of state who likes to visit the state I live in because she went to college here. She comes back here because she loves it here and has a lot of friends here.

The last time she came to visit about a year ago, I happily asked her if she would like to stay at my place, because I have an extra fully furnished bedroom. She stayed with me for a week. From the moment she entered my home, she dropped off her suitcases and went out with her "best friends" (who took off the entire week to hang with her) and I didn't see her the entire time she stayed with me. She would come home in the wee hours of the morning and woke up after I left for work. After her hotel stay visit was over, she just put the key on the dining table and left. No thank you, no goodbye, no token of appreciation, no card, nothing. When I say nothing, I really mean nothing. She didn't spend a moment with me, I always come home after work, and would call her to see if she wanted to have dinner, but she was always busy with her best friends.

Anyhoo, that was done and over with and I decided to just brush it off and not lose a friendship over it so I just went on with my life. It took me a couple of months to get over it.

Now she's emailing me saying she will be visiting again soon and is asking if she could stay with me for a week. What would you do?
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help finding a brand

My dad has these digital binoculars but I have no idea what brand they are, because I have no idea what the logo means.

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I googled for half an hour and didn't see anything with this logo, I'm probably looking for the wrong thing, but any help is appreciated! :)

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Have you ever had to have your pet euthanized? How do you get over the guilt? I know she is in a better place and not in any pain or discomfort anymore, but I can't get over the fact that I had to do it just because I couldn't afford to have her hospitalized. (I can't even afford the tests it took to tell how bad she was doing, and the cost of the euthanasia.)
Too bad it's true!

Mental case.

The past couple of months I have developed some minor phobias. I say minor, because I do them anyway but I am progressively freaking out more when I do it.

Stairs, Care of: Life hates you - Whenever I come across stairs now I am entirely conscious of the fact, and if there's a railing I hold on to it. Whenever I take a step down in my head I'm going "Stair." *step* "Stair." I figure this one could be easiest explained since I've twisted my ankle(s) pretty badly twice (out of three times) because of stairs. First time I hadn't even been awake for more than 10 seconds so I wasn't in the right mind. The second time was at school at night and it was outside and there was no light for the stairs; I had just walked outside so my eyes weren't adjusted and thought I was done with the stairs but I wasn't. Holy crap that hurt so bad. I freak out just thinking about it. Whenever I come across stairs I tend to pause first and then go down now.

Bumper cars on the freeway - When I'm driving, it's not as bad but I feel like I have no control over what's going to happen to me when I'm surrounded by so many cars. If I'm in the passenger seat, it gets worse. I'm gripping on the handle and I suck in my breath really quickly if someone darts their car out in front of us or if some car almost hits another car. I can't handle being too close to another car while going 65mph. No matter how often I am on the freeway it only seems to get worse. Regular highways - not a problem.

I can't breathe, people are watching - This has become my newest one. I'm becoming ever more claustrophobic. I get really out of it if I'm surrounded by a bunch of people (like waiting to be seated at a restaurant) and I become irritated if people talk to me during this time. I just want to sit there and pretend I don't exist, that all these people crowding around me don't exist and that all the damn kids screaming and crying and laughing aren't there.

My question is: have any of you developed a phobialike problem out of nowhere with no real explanation? Have you overcome it? If so, what did you do?
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DVD Cases

I'm doing a project in my computer graphics class where we re-design a DVD case. I'm kind of stuck as to what to put on there, so...

1. Tell me what you look for on a DVD case. Is it essential, or something I could do without?
2. If the movie had been nominated for major awards (Academy Awards, Golden Globes, etc), would that information go on the front or the back of the DVD case? What format would it go in?
3. What if the movie won a major award? Where would that information go, and what format would it go in?
4. What about reviews? Would they go on the front or back? Where would they go in relation to the award nominations and wins? Before or after?
5. Is there anything else that I should put on the DVD case that I didn't mention?

Thank you!!
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A Fruity Question

Hi folks,

What's the best thing to do with fruit... leave it in a plastic bag in the fridge, leave it loose in the fridge, or put it out in a bowl?

I'm not so interested in storing the fruit, just how best to keep it prior to eating. I live in quite a hot climate most of the time.

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1. Are you stockpiling food in case the bird flu becomes an epidemic? Why or why not?

2. What do you think about Senator Feingold calling for the censure of President Bush?

3. What do you think about how the NCAA basketball bracket was constructed? Do you think there will ever be a "fair" way to make the bracket so that no one can empirically claim to have gotten screwed?

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hopefully someone can help me out with this one:
last night i got extremely nauseous and was on the verge of throwing up. thankfully, i made a deal with my stomach and i ended up not vomiting.
this morning when i was brushing my teeth, i noticed that my tongue was a dark brown..almost black ashy color..and when i spit in the sink, it was very mucus-like and kind of grey in color. i brushed my tongue with my toothbrush and got most of the staining off. i was really scared and definitely confused. it was so bizarre.
i tried looking up answers on google and some medical websites, but the only thing i can find is some "black hairy tongue disease", which is very different from what i experienced.
does anyone know why this happened? my only guesses are: i threw up a small amount of bile in my sleep and it stayed in my mouth long enough to stain my tongue..or it's from smoking cigarettes. the thing is..i've been smoking for years and this has never ever happened before. it seems odd that this would just happen overnight. i hadn't consumed anything that would stain my tongue either.
HELP! i'm confused and really worried.

EDIT: answered!

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please only reply to this post if your answer to the first or second question is yes. sorry to sound rude, but i really need good advice.
1. did you not attend college after graduating high school?
2. did you attend college, but end up dropping out? if yes, when did you drop out?
3. why did you not attend college/drop out?
4. what did you do after graduating high school/dropping out?
5. do you think you would be better off today if you had attended college?
6. do you regret your decision?
7. be you feel that a college education is completely necessary to succeed in life?

cant' get no...satisfaction

actually, i can and my question is thus:

what small, ordinary thing gives you a feeling of satisfaction?

mine is the feeling i get from a stapler. it's a finished feeling, almost an accomplished feeling. whenever i was done with a long english paper, i would get an enormous feeling of satisfaction when it came to stapling the pages together.


1. have you ever had an ex who kept reappearing in your life everytime you finally stopped thinking about them? how the hell do you deal?
2. when is the last time you ate a banana?
3. is it raining where you live?
4. im a messy/social person.. therefore staying at home to clean is well.. a problem.. any suggestions on finding a fun way to clean? (i usually get bored or distracted and end up leaving.. adhd is not my friend..)
5. my mom is throwing a fit that my email is bangbangyoudie.. any tips on how to convince her that the secret police arent coming after me?
6. what do you think is the driving force behind evolution? (of course assuming you believe in evolution)
7. when your pants get wet in the rain does it ever make your legs itch?
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If your learner's permit expires, do you have to get another before taking the driving test (to get your license)?

My sister says yes, I say no. Who is right?

If it matters, I live in Georgia.
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Let's play pretend here for a few minutes.

Imagine you are an 18 year old girl. Plain looking, nice rack, fresh out of high school (or a drop out with a GED, either way), and in that all important 'finding yourself' stage.

You want a career that is somehow involved in the entertainment industry. Live music, in particular, is a favorite. Your father worked as a tour manager for one hit wonder 80s bands and a couple big names back in the day, so maybe it's just something that's in your blood. You can lift heavy equipment (amps, speakers, mixing boards) without dropping them, but can not carry them in a manly over your shoulder way. You tend to look like you might drop it at any moment, although you never have. You do not have a college degree and would rather plunge fiery dildos into your eyeballs than go earn one. You aren't smoking hot and are probably not going to be marrying anyone of any importance any time soon.

You know the basics of multiple foreign languages (German, French, Spanish, Arabic, Finnish) and can learn more. You have a decent high school transcript and above average testing scores. You have some experience wrapping cables and plugging shit in and using a mixing board. You're good at lying and manipulating people, and although most people dislike you instantly upon meeting you, are later wooed when they discover that you can be amusing. You know more than the average person about the technical side of the entertainment industry, but your only real experience not from books or DVD extra features is helping your dad when he's working as a mobile DJ.

1. So, what specific career would you, playing this 18 year old girl, choose to try and pursue? Does your answer change if its a GED instead of a high school diploma?

2. And, because I have yet to find anyone who can answer 'yes', have you ever seen/known of a female working as a roadie for a band who is not a 'diesel lesbian'?

3. And, just for fun, what to do you think of Queen touring with a lead singer who's not Freddie Mercury? I'm seeing them again tomorrow night and am curious as to what non-Queen fanatics think. Or if you don't know who the hell Queen is, substitute Queen for INXS and Freddie Mercury for Michael Hutchance (is that their old singers name? I don't follow them).
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Okay, I need to start earning money to tide me over until I start my job in August. I've decided that I want to baby sit. I have not babysat before, so I don't have any references. How should I go about getting jobs? Flyers?

Any other ideas on how to earn money without getting a job? I'm thinking maybe doing promotional things, such as passing out flyers. But other then babysitting and that I'm sort of stuck for ideas.


P.S: Does anyone have any past experience as an Au Pair? How was it?
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Random question for a friend

I'm hoping that I can get some help for a friend who is working on a project about gay couples' adoption options/rights. Last year, right around election time (like, election week or the week preceeding or following it) The New Yorker ran a photo essay. It had pictures of Republicans and Democrats and others tied to/affected by the "hot" issues of the election (I remember Obama and John Stewart for sure). One of the pictures was a gay couple holding their adopted daughter, which is the picture she's looking for. She's tried the New Yorker website without any, does anyone know where she might be able to find this? Or even the photographer's name? (I'm not sure if it was the same photographer for the whole piece) Any help would be appreciated!

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Are there any good New York City/Manhattan area lj communities I should check out?
(I'm going to NYC next week, and looking for good places to eat/shop/see art and shows.)

Have you seen Avenue Q?
Did you like it?
Would my mom (50) be really uncomfortable seeing it with me (15)?

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Are there a lot of bad chemicals in self-tanning lotion? I've never used any type of self-tanners before, but over the past two years I've been sick with something that prohibits me from being around too much UV. I'm so pale now! Self-tanning lotion, yay or nay?

(If yes, are there any brands you'd recommend, and any specific way of applying for a newbie to self-tanning? =D)
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A lot of people showed interest in this post I made to ask_me_anything and this post I made to thequestionclub. (This is crossposted too, by the way.)

My question is, would anyone be interested in joining a Best Riddle community on LJ? Obviously there'd have to be more to it than just discussing riddles, because after a while it'd all be covered and there wouldn't be anything left to post. But maybe members could create their own riddles and post them for others to solve, sort of like textsecret or _ljsecret, except with riddles.

Does this sound interesting to anyone? Anyone have any better ideas? If there seems to be a fair amount of interest I'll create the community and let you guys know.

(Also, I know this is a really odd question. Mods, if it's not allowed or something, feel free to delete it. But it is a question...)

Edit: I've created the community (bestriddle) if anyone's interested. But I absolutely need ideas for what to do with it. So, what could I do with this community, guys?
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Panera Bread!

If you go to Panera Bread, what do you usually get?
I used to get broccoli cheddar soup in sourdough bread bowl, but then I found out it had chicken fat or something in it. Now I always try something new that doesn't have meat in it. I haven't found anything else I like though =[
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Dog argumemts

So, my boyfriend decided that he wants to get another dog. We already have 2 small dogs. He wants a mastiff.

Now, I think they're great dogs, but we live in a townhouse, so I told him that if we move into a house, we can get a big dog.

He's read a bunch of stuff online talking about how mastiffs are good indoor dogs and about their temperaments and such and he thinks I'm discriminating against the dog just because of it's size.

What can I tell him to make him realize that while our current living situation is fine to have two small dogs, but it's not a good time to have a 200 lb dog?
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I tivoed Saturday Night Live (the one with Matt Dillon as host)... were there any REALLY GOOD SKITS or a good digital short that I must see? Otherwise I'm gonna just delete it. Gracias :)
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canvas book cover?

Does anyone know of a good place (online) to buy one of those zip-up canvas-type book covers? Like it keeps your book marked even while it's zipped up, and sometimes it has a handle on the spine, sometimes a pocket or two on the front or inside? I've searched google and Amazon but I guess "zip-up book cover" and "book carrying case" aren't acceptable search terms, because all I'm getting are links to softcover books and a bunch of Christian websites.

Now, some of the "Bible covers" the Christian websites sell are actually pretty nice, but I would really rather not let those websites have any of my money.

So I guess what I'm asking is, where else online can you suggest where I might buy that sort of thing for a reasonable fee from a nice non-fundamentalist company?

DVDs to entertain housecats

Have you purchased one of the DVDs available for entertaining your cat? They have footage and sounds of birds, squirrels, fishtanks, etc.

Which title did you buy?

Where did you buy it?

Are you satisfied with it (technically, is your cat satisfied?)?
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Consider this scenario. Boy suggests a casual meeting in between classes with girl, an old acquaintance with whom his only contact for a few years has been the occasional IM. Boy and girl decide to get coffee and girl asks "Would you like to buy coffee for me? *flutter flutter*"

Note 1. Girl has had major crush on boy for many years and only shut up about it when tales of a steady girlfriend reached her ears.

Note 2. Girl is normally scowly rather than fluttery.

As an observer, do you think girl is being flirtatious?

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This has happened to me before, a long time ago. Somehow it fixed itself after months of low volume hell.

This morning, I woke up, turned on my laptop and it had no sound. I left for work, returned hours later, and there was sound, but it was very very low. My volume control is all the way up.

What happened and please please please how do I fix this?
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thanks! :)

What would be a good volunteer project for a group of college kids? I'm trying to plan a community service project for about 15 members of my residence hall. I'd like something active (as opposed to a passive food or clothing drive) so that some community building can take place, and it'd be nice if it was a one-time shot as opposed to an activity that would take multiple sessions to complete. It also needs to be something with relatively no costs, as we don't really have much space in the budget for this. The current idea on the table is helping out at a food bank on a weekend afternoon, but we're looking for some other ideas as well. We're located in the Boston suburbs, if anybody has any geographically specific suggestions.

For women, how many of you do self-examinations for breast cancer? How often?
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Way to keep a book open?

Is there such a thing as a good way to keep a paperback book open to read while on an aerobic machine (like a bike or elliptical trainer) at the gym, other than hands?

I've tried a giant rubber band and a series of binder clips; neither worked very well... ok, at all... and I can't use my hands to keep it open on the elliptical because that pretty well removes the "arm" part of my workout.

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my google-fu is failing me here. anyone know the name of the building in chicago that has a church on top? it's a pretty tall skyscraper, near the dirksen building, and is a cement-colored building with a church on top.

bonus points for a link to a picture of it. thanks in advance!
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Seattle movies

My boyfriend and I are moving to Seattle next month, and we're on a filmed-in-Seattle movie watching binge. Anyone have any suggestions? We don't want to watch Sleepless in Seattle, so films other than that one would be appreciated.

We've seen Singles, 10 Things I Hate About You, and we watched the tv series Life As We Know It. We also have Say Anything Netflixed. Any other suggestions?


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Sorry to post again so soon, but I can't wait for another few posts to be made.

If one has a bad germy contagious cold, is it polite to delay non-essential social engagements, or at least warn the person you're meeting that you've got a cold?

No one else seems to think so and now I'm going to get sick less than a week after my last cold. *whimper*