March 12th, 2006

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Do you keep any stashes of money around the house?
If so, how many?
Do you know how much money (roughly or exactly) you have in your house (not including your wallet)?

My answers:

1. I sure do.
2. I keep 3 active stashes and a change bowl - a piggy bank for our 1 and 2 euro coins, and two other little bags for bills - one for my kids and one for mad money.
3. I just counted the other day. There's 625 in piggy, 430 for the kiddos, and 400 for mad money - and maybe 150 in change.

I think it's time to go to the bank.
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I'm in a wonderful, loving relationship at the moment. We live together, and theres nothing real big I can complain about.

Problem: I still feel like i'm hung up on a guy I had a fling with a couple of years ago. I feel so terribly guilty about it - like i'm somehow letting my boyfriend down (he has no idea, of course). We have sporadic (sp?) bursts of contact, he even came to visit not too long ago (completely platonic) and we had a great time.

Why do I miss this guy so much? I want to see him again, real bad (maybe because he's one of the few people I know who can juggle with me). How normal is this? Does anyone else have similar feelings? I feel like we could have had something, but we lived so far away and i know I can't deal with the long distance thing.


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How on earth do you approach someone in your family about their eating habits? Especially when that person is your father and they'll just pull the "it's my life" business?

Four years ago my father was hospitalized for heart troubles, and had to change his diet and up the exercising. All went well for the first few years, but he is back to his old ways, and really has packed on the pounds. He will not eat breakfast or lunch but will eat EVERYTHING for dinner, and then snack until he goes to bed. He's not eating healthy foods either, and my mother certainly isn't helping. She won't eat it, but she'll make the all-fat stuff for him.

Doctors are such hypocrites, they really are.

I'm a very health conscious individual especially when it comes to my diet, so when I come home over breaks- it both pisses me off and worries me about my father.

I've tried to talk to my mother about it, but she just ignores me.

Who else here has experienced a similar situation? How did you handle it? Did you, despite the adamant protests, keep trying to broach the topic?
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what do you think are some of the most overused livejournal cliche circling around?
(even if not strictly a livejournal term)

such as
"icon love!"

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If one of your good friends liked you and asked you out, what would you say?

I'm kind of in this situation right now... one of my buddies and I went out last night. I don't like him and I'm not ready for a relationship right now, but I can't find it in me to tell him that. I kept on trying to hint that I'm not interested, but it just all went to waste.
Any suggestions for me? :)

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I used to have this website (its was from my high school "Career and Personal Planning" class) where you could research careers. It tells you how much money you can make, what kind of education you need, etc. It's a long shot, but I'm hoping that someone in high school might have a similar website, or might know which one I'm talking about. Anyone know the site?

What can one do with a degree in fashion?
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How do you go about "hand-washing" an item? In the bathtub with warm water? Detergant yes; Detergant no? Do you just rub the item against itself for friction? Maybe use a brush? I ask because I have some very important items that I want to last forever, such as my baby blanket that my daughter uses, clothes that were expensive, etc. A friend suggested to me that I hand-wash my clothes, and I've heard the term, I just don't actually know how to go about doing it.
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Did they ever post the Fug poll in ONTD? If you're a member, you can understand how I may not want to/have time to go through EVERY freakin post in the last few days and find it, so if they did post it then I'll look but if not then I'm not wasting my time.

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1) When you are getting fitted for contacts, what are some procedures you have to go through? I freak out when other people touch my eyes, but I can do it fine myself. Does the eye doctor have to poke stuff in your eyes, or does he just watch you try them out?

2) What's the code to make a person's LJ username linked with a head next to it?

brazilian, more questions.

1. I'm thinking about getting a brazilian wax during spring break, but I've never done it before... For those of you who've ever gotten one...

a. Does it really hurt that much?
b. How often do you get the wax?
c. How long does the hair have to be in order to get a wax?
d. How annoying is it while you're growing it out in between waxing?
e. How much does it cost, on average?
f. Any recommendations for good, reasonably priced places in Northern VA? (I'm a broke college student)

2. If, letsay, God (or whoever) comes to you & tells you that he's going to give you a gift - you can either choose being right all the time (decisions, tests, etc.) - but you might be lonely, or being loved by everyone, which would you choose and why?

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Why is everyone so touchy about answers to questions that you might be able to find on Google? I haven't done it yet, but I'm almost afraid to make a post in case I might have forgotten to google. I know it's annoying, but this is the Question Club. If it annoys you so much you have to comment to tell the poster to google, you might as well just scroll past it? I'm not snarking on anyone...I'm really asking this out of curiosity. It doesn't seem like a big deal to me.

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How do I get rid of burns inside a pot?

(I've tried soaking it in really hot water and leaving it overnight, etc, etc, but nothing is working. Would playing evil chemist and using vinegar + baking soda do the job?)

And for a less mundane question, what's the sign for you that signifies that spring has really arrived?

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webserver ques

Ok I've got a domain name, a linux box, BIND 9, and appache running on it.
right now I am fowarding the domain name which BTW is
I would like to have to domain name be shown and not the IP address without using masking as it don't do what I really want it to do.
I think I need to config the domain server, but I am unsure of how to do so.
can someone help me??

A personal question, with a hint of law thrown in.

I present this question with a preface of please, please don't hate me for this.

First question: due to a sizeable insurance settlement I'll be recieving due to a greivous wrong that has been done to me and my family, I'm going to be recieving about $1450 US dollars a month for forty years starting in 2008 (when I get out of college). This is quite possibly a stupid question, but will this amount be adjusted for inflation? I.e., will I recieve the equivalent of $1450 in 2008 US dollars in, say, 2039, or will the amount be adjusted to keep up with the economy? Please forgive my complete lack of economic knowledge.

The second question is a bit more personal. Collapse )

I appreciate those who are patient enough to wade through my wording to respond.
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Lots of questions

1) When someone annoys you, how do you/would you retaliate? [For example, a guy didn't like an adult store in his area, so whenever he drove by and saw someone come out of the store, he would honk and wave.]

2) What class in High School was the most valuable to you and why? The least?

3) What are some safety basics you always follow [such as a dead bolt lock on your door, or not swimming after eating]?

4) What's one thing you wish you did before high school ended, or before college started?

5) What is the funniest older movie [older then ten years] you have seen?
B) Scariest?
C) Best?

6) Favorite SNL player of all time?

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I think this may have been asked about recently, but I can't remember, so here's my inquiry:
I'm interested in learning more about a body cleansing/fasting program for a few days, say a weekend. I've never done one of these before, but I wnat to try it out. I feel like my body is full of toxins (I've been drinking more alcohol recently) and I want to give fasting a shot. Has anyone done this before? Have any tips? Know of any specific programs that work well and won't make me crazy sick?

Thanks! :)


When you meet a date for the first time,

1) What qualities/traits do you find absolutely unacceptable, instant deal breakers. You know, those things you just can not get past.

2) Are there any qualities that are absolute non-negotiable musts that the person must have? Like, you only date someone who is into _______, or has specific physical features?
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okay. i'm looking for an icon community, not anything specific but just a place where:

  • i can post my icons
  • requiring credit is okay
  • it's not a one-subject community. IE: only a certain tv show/band/actress/singer is allowed to be posted
  • it's not a challenge community

    i've tried running the search but generally all i seem to come up with are places that are run by one person -- IE their icon journal/comm -- & only THEY can post; challenge comm's where you can only post the icons w/given pictures; icon sharing comm's [which i enjoy but i work hard on my icons]; or comm's where it's based on one person or group & anything outside of that isn't allowed.

    WHERE can i find a comm like this? i know it's out there; i just haven't found it yet.
    any help?
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    would any one happen to have an mp3 of the song "move along" by the all american rejects?  I want to make my sister a cd, and it's the only song I don't have.   
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    Patient/Doctor Relations Question

    My googlefu is weak, and after poking and prodding the knowledgeable people on my IM, I have come to you all with a question...

    What is the proper term for a patient/doctor relationship that develops? Something like Stockholm syndrome, but I know that's not the 'syndrome' I'm looking for.

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    1) a. Have you ever heard of shadow shopping (aka mystery shopping)?
    b. Have you ever done it?
    c. Have you ever noticed a shadow shopper?
    d. Would you ever contemplate shadow shopping?
    e. Opinions and feedback on the subject?

    2) What is your favorite smell in the world, and why?

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    chicken legs
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    It's gotten to the point where I have so many little things to do that I forget important stuff. Today, I missed a friend's baby shower. :/ They all have different deadlines and such, and it drives me nuts.

    How do you remember to do things? Any useful systems?
    mug and books

    legal questions about selling something online

    I recently made something by hand using my own pattern, and am thinking about selling more online. Since it's my own pattern, I'm not worried about pattern copyright issues. However, I was wondering if it's okay to sell an accessory for a specific brand product (more specifically, a book cover designed to fit Moleskine notebooks). Is this okay to do? Can I sell the notebook with the cover? Any other legal advice regarding selling things online? Thanks a lot.

    Silica Gel

    I have a five year old jar of silica gel that have the blue/pink indicator crystals. I used a small portion of it five years ago, but it's been sitting in my closet the rest of the time. I pulled it out today and noticed all the crystals are pink (meaning it's holding the max moisture). Is this just because of the age or will it no longer be able to dry my flowers?

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    I'm at my parents' house, my mother has this strict "ZOMG don't install anything ZOMG spyware ZOMG virus" policy... so, I get to use AIM instead of trillian.

    I've looked everwhere. other aim versions have let you pick this... AIM triton- how do you turn off those creepy-ass smileys? jesus, they were creepy before, and now they fucking blink. Even if i could make them not animated or something. Oh god.
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    Do you know that stuff that goes with your hair dye, when you dye your hair? the conditioner thing? Well, is there like... somewhere where you can just buy that? That stuff makes my hair feel so nice, so i wanted my hair to feel like that all the time, lol.

    please let me know.
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    dirty hair and super cool fabric.

    1. So I dyed my hair around 6:00pm. It said that I shouldn't wash it for 24 hours. My hair will be gross by tomorrow morning. Other than baby powder is there anything I can do to make it look and feel less gross? I can't go to school with dirty hair.

    2. Would it bother you if the only person you live with didn't notice you changed your hair color?

    3. Other than craft stores where can I get super cool fabric?
    I want to make a few tote bags but I couldn't find any fabric I really liked and I went to at least 5 stores.


    1. If you had to be notorious for something, what would you want it to be?
    2. Are there any comedians that you think are not funny at all? Who?
    3. How much would you say a person's musical preference tells you about them?
    4. What dish/edible treat have you attempted to cook/prepare but totally botched up? Or if this is a common occurence, most recently? ;)


    For those of you that went to prom -

    Ladies, what kind of dress did you wear? A short above-the-knee cocktail dress, a dress that was below the knees but not a gown, a long traditional prom gown, or something else?

    Guys, did you wear a tuxedo, a suit, a shirt & tie, or something else?

    What did your date (if you had one) wear? What did most of the people in your group (if you went with one) wear?

    Pictures if you have them :)
    tank girl

    Book ideas time!

    Does anyone know of any alternative, really creative, cute, novel...etc etc books that give you crafty ideas? Any books that are like, well you gots this random stuff..lets make it into something. Or...try painting/whatever with this thing. I'm just trying to find some books that are good and really interesting.

    Thanks guys.

    Edit: I meant books like "101 craft ideas" or stuff like that.

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    When you're making a sandwich at home using cold lunchmeat, what do you put on it? Veggies, condiments, everything! :o)

    I like just meat (either turkey or ham) and cheese, dipped in BBQ sauce.
    coexistence ex.

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    When will the next episode of TRADING SPACES -- MEET YOUR NEW MOMMY be on? The last one i saw was several days ago, involving a blonde who goes to live with a farmer who cooks his own pet after it gets hit by a car. I want to see the continuation....

    P.S. Those who saw this episode - did the farmer's wife make you uncomfortable in any way? I was eating in front of the tv and her face made it difficult to swallow.

    Also do you think this show is staged?
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    1) what shampoo/conditioners do you use? practically everyone I know uses garnier fructis, haha. not sure why.

    2) do you wear/did you used to wear braces? how long did you have to wear them? what was the problem?

    3) Is this sentence gramatically correct?

    "This is shown when Brutus chooses not to kill Antony with Caesar, because he does not view him as an obstacle: “And for Mark Antony, think not of him; For he can do no more with Caesar‘s arm when Caesar‘s head is off.” What separates... (blah blah blah) "

    some random questions...

    1. What will kep me awake other than coffee? I hate the taste of coffee and I don't want to get addicted to it, so I don't drink it. Anything else that will keep me awake for a few hours?

    2. Inspired by an eariler post from here, and we were playing this on Myspace. Instead of just typing your name into google, type in "[name] was killed by". What kills you? Apparently, I was killed by alcohol, fatigue, my alter ego named Susan, a guy named Paul Flores, two women, two lesbians, or a drunk driver.
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    If you have ever been pregnant with twins (or more, i suppose) - can you tell theres more than one baby kicking around in there? It seems to me like something you would just know (not that I have ever been pregnant). This question is inspired by Star Wars and Little Women. If it was twins, how could they not tell? (Especially is Star Wars, where they had the technology to be able to tell).

    If you have been pregnant, do you think you would have been able to tell?

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    When you type your first and last name, in quotes, into, what is the first page that comes up? What is the first page that comes up that actually refers to YOU, and how far is it into the search?

    For me, it's some actress, there are tons of pages on her. A few down, there's a ridiculous fluffy bunny pagan article my mother wrote (it's on a website she writes for) and apparently attributed to me, and I just found out about it. ;) Maybe that doesn't count since it's not actually me, just someone pretending to be me - I guess then the first real mention of me is on the 3rd page, where the vows from my wedding show up on a wedding site I submitted them to.