March 11th, 2006

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When I was in Costa Rica I remember learning about a type of tree that moves to get more light. Their roots help them travel way faster than any other tree can hope to go. I have no idea what they're called. Do any of you know what I'm talking about?

If you had an extra room in your house to do whatever you want with, a room just for your own desires, what would you do with it or put in it?
I think I would either have a ball pit, or a beautiful library and study.

Have you seen The Libertine? Did you like it? Do you want to see it? Do you think it's possible for Johnny Depp to look unattractive?
I saw it tonight. It was HILARIOUS. And odd. And sort of tragic, though I didn't feel very affected by the sadness...

If someone you loved and had been dating for over a year broke up with you, but then 24 hours later called you and said they regretted ending the relationship and wanted to be back with you, what would you do? You're still in shock over the break up and have spent a crucial day trying to figure out how you're going to live your life now without this person. It has been 24 hours of constant soul searching and tears. Would you forgive your now ex?
I still love him, but these couple of days have been so shocking and difficult that I don't know what to say to him or how to fix this.

Does it seem like no matter where you are located in the world, when someone says, "The Bay Area"... do you automatically think they mean around San Francisco, California? Are there other Bay Areas that I may not be aware of? It seems even people from out of the state and the nation know what the Bay Area is! Craziness.
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Has anyone ever taken, or known of people who have taken, 'Irwin Naturals Green Tea Fat Metabolizer' pills before?

If you have, what are the Pros and Cons of them?
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this might be a long shot, but this is bugging me.
when i was in elementary school we would get these catalogues in school that you could order books and science stuff out of, and i remember ordering these little eggs that, when you put them in water, would hatch into these tiny, manta ray looking things. they were alive, not just inflated in water. so i was wondering if anyone knew what they were called or where i could get them? they're not sea monkeys or brine shimp.
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Will the layouts that were made ugly over a month ago due to whatever changes ever look nice again?!?!

I miss my awesome journal and can't seem to get into any of the other styles as much since I had mine all tweeked super spooty. :[
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How many licks?

1. Don't laugh at me but did anybody watch the "Zoey 101 Spring Break-Up" movie on Nick? I recorded it on DVR but the recording ended a minute early so I didn't see how it ended!! I saw where Chase texted her "The message was... I LOVE YOU" and then it panned to her Tech-thingie sitting by the fountain and that message popped up on it... and then the recording ended! Did anything happen after that or did it go to credits from there?

2. What is on your bed that does not belong there?

3. Do you ever stick your boogers in random places when you don't have a tissue?

4. Do you prefer earbuds or headphones?

5. What channel is your TV on, or the last channel you watched?

6. Which classic Disney movies have you not seen? I've never seen Bambi or Sleeping Beauty.. and I haven't seen all of The Little Mermaid

7. What is your favorite hard candy?

8. Any weekend plans?
House -- WTF?

Howdy, neighbour! Mind removing your elbow from my coffee mug?

We're house (well, small ranch) shopping in northern Nevada this week, and have discovered what seems to us to be one of the oddest things. There's huge amounts of land between Silver Springs and Carson City. Huge, vast... tracts of land. So why is it that development consists of like 50 houses right on top of one another - like a 50 house development on 10 acres total, just your average cookie-cutter suburb - followed by five miles of completely empty space, followed by another 50 houses on top of one another? These are houses that are selling for basically the same price as very similar houses (3-4 bedroom, 2-3 bath, site-built homes) on 1-10 acre lots. Do people actually value having neighbors a few feet away, so much so that they're paying a hefty premium for it in the form of giving up land? This isn't exactly high-maintenance land -- it won't get overgrown if you don't lay a finger on it, it'll just keep sprouting tumbleweeds, which are sort of self-maintaining. Is there some other dynamic that is just completely failing to register in our brains?
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Is anyone here currently on Lithium? how's the treatment going so far? any reccomendations/suggestions/comments?
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Hello, all...

You guys were so helpful in my last post on this topic that I wanted to pose the same question again about different colleges & universities. As I noted in my previous post, I'm in the midst of a job search primarily in the midwest/northeastern U.S., and I'm applying for jobs at colleges in either the student activities or residence life departments.

Anyhow, I've applied at these institutions, and was wondering what knowledge any of you might have about the following colleges:

1. Gettysburg College (PA)
2. Bryant University (RI)
3. Youngstown State Univ. (OH)
4. Defiance College (OH)
5. Keene State (NH)
6. Robert Morris (PA)
7. Monroe Community College (NY)
8. SUNY Binghamton (NY)
9. Univ. of New Hampshire (NH)
10. SUNY Oneonta (NY)
11. College of William & Mary (VA)

Thanks again... and, yes, I've done my own research already... but I like to hear what you all know and have to say!

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Any tips for getting rid of the dreaded love handles?

I have a very small frame (size 2 or so) but have developed love handles over the past year or so and they're pretty prominent, and very annoying. Advice?

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help!!! this keeps popping up on my screen every minute: "symantec email proxy-your email to so and so cannot be sent, please log in and something something"  or'your message was unable to be sent becuase' i have no clue what symantec is! i use yahoo. im really confused, i tried using the old spybot but it didnt do any good. :(  hundreds fo symantic pop ups..everywhere >,
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Movin' on up!

1. If you could pick one home furnishings/decoration store and do your entire house in it, which would you pick?

2. If you were a 21 year old girl about to live in your very own apartment for the first time and your mother was freaked out about safety, what sort of things would you buy for your apartment to make her feel better?

3. What sort of plants are "no brainers"? As in those of us who kill everything we've come into contact with besides "lucky bamboo" would still be able to grow it.

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really vague

This may be a long shot, since i don't have a picture, but I might as well try.
A while back I saw a really cool tattoo of a silhouette of a girl shooting herself in the head and the blood became birds. It was all in black. I've seen this in a couple of other places too so I'm pretty sure this wasn't just the tattoo-ee's original artwork. I'd like to find out who the artist is. Can anyone help?
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Name That Movie!

Alright. About eleven years ago, when I was 9, I went on a vacation to Nova Scotia. While staying at my aunt's house, I saw a movie on TV that was probably a made-for-tv movie, or just a really unknown film. I don't even particularly want to see it again, I just remember it every once in a while and have to really rack my brain and make sure I didn't just dream it.

What I remember is the protagonist was a young woman with long brown hair. The antagonist was a man who always makes me think of "Carl" from the movie Ghost. The beef of the story was that the antagonist kidnapped the woman (I don't remember what for), and kept her in this specially designed room with padded walls and sound insulating. It was pretty eerie, there was even a scene where he cut her hair off, I seem to remember. At one point, the girl found a vent/fan leading out of the room, stopped it with a stick, and dropped a note out, asking anyone for help. Of course, the antagonist found the note. I don't really remember what happened after this, or what happened at the end. This movie has just haunted my brain for eleven years. What the crap is its name?
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I use Suave deodorant and it has a very strong smell. I don't like it at all, and often it makes my shirts gross and deodorant-stained.

So, in your opinion, what is the best female deodorant/antipersperant/whatever out there?
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1. I've recently discovered the wonder that is Burt's Bees. The campus bookstore started carrying lip glosses and trial lotions and I am in love. I noticed on the website they also carry hair products. Has anyone had any experience with them, especially if you have problem hair that won't behave?

2. I have a 6 month old kitten who is a bit of a... challenge. She gets lost in rooms by herself while her siblings are, for the most part, independent. She's the runt of the litter and while she doesn't have any major disabilities like CP or deafness, I'm starting to think maybe she's got some kind of a learning disability or spatial perception problems or something. (I know, it's just a cat, but I'm a special ed major so things like this stick out to me.) The other kittens are allowed to go outside, but since she gets lost under the deck and can't figure out how to get out when we're calling her (I'm serious), we keep her in. Lately she's been getting very bored and a little bit destructive... so do you have any suggestions on toys or activities? She likes to chase bubbles, she has a tennis ball she plays with, she likes to play with clothespins...yes, it's a stupid question, but I thought I'd give it a shot.

3. Are you gonna soak up some sun today?

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Im a freshman in College, well almost soph. but Im planning on taking Summer Semesters and Maymester (3 weeks of May)

I dont have much of a choice for the two summer semesters, they're my math classes and I dont think I could juggle math in the middle of a normal semester so Im filling my summer up with 9 credits of math. YES!

But, the only class I want to/could take for maymester is an english (3 credit) class. It's a prereq I want done, but I know the normal semester classes write ALOT. Also if I take this I would have to miss one day of class (a friend is getting married, Im the maid of honor..) And I hear horror stories of falling behind in a 3 week course.

For those of you who have taken summer courses how did you find them? I know it varies from institutes and also profs. but general experience? Was the workload different from normal semester, how many hours did you spend on work outside of class, did you like it more? etc..
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Gag reflex

I have a sensitive gag reflex so brushing very far back on my tongue sucks. Today when I was brushing my teeth I had a song in my head so I started humming it, and I realized I could brush farther back on my tongue.

So does humming do something with your gag reflex?

(This question is a dirty joke waiting to happen...)

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When calling someone who doesn't have a voice mail or anwering machine how long do you let it ring until you hang up?

Do you call that person back later on since you can't leave them a message?

What's your voicemail or answering machine message say?

Recipe question

I recently found This ice cream recipe. I'm going to attempt to change the recipe using skim milk and splenda. Would it work? How would I add a different flavoring other then vanilla? Would I just add an equivalent amount of flavoring? Where would I buy flavoring?

And any other sites like Kiwibox's Cheap Chic? There hasn't been an update since 2002 :(

Calling all mathletes

I'm terrible at math.  Can someone help me figure out the difference in percentage?  Thanks,

For example:
If Quarter 4 is 13,843 and Quarter 1 is 10,407  How much percentage down is quarter 1 from quarter 4???

what is the formula?  thanks!

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whats the name of that band from tijuana that fuses electronica and funky spanish singing? i remember hearing the band on kcrw[los angeles] but i cant think of the name and i love their sound.

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If you have a pair of jeans with rather large holes (that you could fit your fist through), what could you use to patch them up? Could you just sew regular fabric on the inside of the hole?
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1. What is one thing that you will ALWAYS buy the generic version of?

2. What is one thing that you will NEVER buy the generic version of?

3. I know it's hard to say until you're actually in the situation ... but let's say you're with a guy who isn't bad to you or abusive but you just really aren't into the relationship anymore. Let's say you've been together for years. You don't have any friends or any family. Maybe you don't even work. You don't really know anyone in your area. Would you stay in the relationship for convenience? If you would leave, what would you do to get yourself back on your feet?
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I just went to pick out two baby kittens for myself and my brother!! They're two weeks old, and we'll be taking them home four weeks from today, so we'll get them when they're 6 weeks old. My brother and I have never had kittens this young, so I was wondering how best to take care of them. What will they need? They're going to be spayed/neutered and declawed (yes, I know, bad thing, but that's one of the conditions of getting to keep the kittens), if that makes any difference. How do I keep them entertained? Do I need to bathe them? How much will they need to sleep at six months old? What kind of food should we get? Things of that nature.

Also, I'm going to New York for the first time during Spring Break. What do I need to know about New York? All I ever hear from people who go to New York is that their wallets get stolen, or they get mugged, or raped, or something negative. But not every native New Yorker gets their wallet stolen, stuff like that, so they've got to be doing SOMETHING right. What do I need to do to keep it positive?

Thanks very much!

EDIT: Ok, it's 11:40pm here, and I've got church tomorrow, so I'm going to bed now. I'll continue arguing with you all in the morning. Until then, how about doing something constructive, such as giving ALTERNATIVES to declawing, rather than just saying OMGYOUHEARTLESSBITCHDONTGETCATS! Thanks.
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dying your own hair!

So despite things I've said in the past and my best judgment I think I'm going to dye my own hair. I just want it to be a darker brown. I've read the SoYouWanna guide about dying your own hair and it seems pretty thorough.

Anything else I should know before doing it?

Have any dying-your-own-hair-horror-stories that will change my mind?

How much success have you had with dying your own hair?

(no subject)

I want to dye my hair a dark brown color (currently dyed a reddish brown). What do you recommend? Got a picture of the results?
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I need some advice...

I have a bit of a conundrum on my hands. There are two girls that I am talking to, and I have come to a cross roads with both of them. Girl #1, is really nice and is chasing after me hardcore. we have a lot in common, but the one drawback is that she is still in high school(she's 18 though). Then there is girl #2, who I have been talking to for a little while now, and she is really cool, and have everything I want. Shes a teacher and is 22 (I am 20). I know that if i go with girl #1 it is a sure thing and that things could be good between us. If I go with girl #2 it is not a sure thing that anything more than friendship will happen, but she has everything I want.

So What do I do? Go for something that could be good and that is a sure thing, but end up hurting her because she cant offer what I am looking for? Or go for something great, that might not even work out, and end up getting hurt myself?

Any and all advice is welcome. Thanks alot.
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i started up the laptop and it loaded the startup screen but then went to a black screen with a blue background and said

'a problem has occured and windows has shut down your computer'

it then says


then it mentions how you should check for new hardware,etc

any ideas?