March 10th, 2006

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Overall, why do you do, what you consider to be, "The Right Thing"?

I am morally bound to do what is right.
I don't like the consequences of not doing what's right.
Someone is counting on me and I can't let them down.
I don't usually do "the right thing". I just do "my thing".
Other (please comment)
marilyn thinks

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1. I have to unplug my fridge when I leave the dorm for spring break. Is there anything special I need to do besides just take everything out? Set on this one, thanks.

2. How do you like to dress for a longish plane flight? Like do you dress up or wear pj's or have a lucky charm or not think twice about it at all?

3. I'm off to Madrid and Seville for a week. If any of you have been, any tips? Anything at all that comes to mind. For one thing, I'm kind of curious how much English I should expect people (like waiters) to know...

BTW, nobody won my Oscars prediction poll! Better luck next year guys...

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Is anyone here knowledgeable on winamp or similar programs?

I booted up the PC, got online, started winamp, everything's cool. A few minutes later I notice that every song that winamp plays is... different. I may have hit something accidentally, I'm not sure, but now every single song sounds almost like a karaoke version. The vocals are very, very quiet, and all of the background sounds are amplified. It's so odd, I had no idea winamp could even do that to music.

Has this happened to any of you/do you know how to fix it?
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Do you know what you're doing....

when you're asleep?

Do you snore, toss & turn, steal covers, sleepwalk or talk? Maybe something more... unusual?

One of my brothers sleepwalked (is that how you say it? or is it sleptwalked? whatever) so severely that my parents had to get extra locks for the door, and install them too high for him to reach, or he'd leave the house! My son talks in his sleep; when he was tiny (like 8, 9 months old) we'd walk in & hear him "moo"ing!

For myself, I'm told I snore, though not as bad as the rest of my family. Its been so long since I shared a bed with anyone but a kid suffering from bad dreams that I'm not sure about the blanket hog or moving around parts. But I DO have one odd habit, and its passed down from my Mom, apparently: I sleep-strip. That's right, I take my clothes off while I sleep. My Mom beat the crap out of my Dad for being a pervert early in their relationship - she didn't know that she was taking her own clothes off as she slept, and thought that Dad was messing with her!

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OK heres the deal, I have a Canon A75. Not an expensive camera by any means. I think it cost me about $175.00 about a year and a half ago.

The thing is, I travel soo much and half my pictures are ruined because I am a dumbass and I do not know how to take great, sharp low light pictures without flash. If I want to turn the flash off on my camera in a low light setting, the shutter speed slows way down and most of my pictures come out unfocused. Also the darn thing is bulky and heavy.

I want a cheapish (200 dollar zone) digital camera that takes great low light pictures, and is small enough to slip inside a coat pocket or purse. A camera that is smarter than me when it comes to taking pictures. I prefer a Canon or Nikon.... It should be at least 3.2 MP with at least 3x optical zoom. If its a Li-Ion battery it should be able to recharge anywhere in the world. I know I'm asking a lot for my price range. What do you guys recommend? DO you have a nice camera that you want to pimp? I don't want to spend too much, so flaunting your $1,000 camera will do me no good. Just make me jealous. LOL.


First, let me say I'm half-Taiwanese.
That said, I regularly use the word "Oriental" in reference to people of Asian decent. The other day (quite a while ago, actually) my girlfriend told me some people would find this term offensive. I had never thought of it before, but upon reflection, I don't recall hearing the word very often (aside from the Top Ramen flavor, of course).

Would you be offended by the word "Oriental"?
Are you of Asian decent?

This has bothered me ever since it was brought to my attention, but I can't seem to stop saying it! I try (and do a fairly good job), but when I relax a bit the word just comes back.

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1. what are some songs that remind you of spring time and warm weather?? (i want to make a cd)

2. what design do you have on your paper towels??

[edit: extra points if the songs are r&b/hip-hop or country!]
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I just got accepted for graduate school at Memorial University of Newfoundland. It's in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada.

I've never been there! Has anyone here ever been there? What's it like? Does anyone on here go to school there? Is St. John's a large city? What's the weather like? For an American coming from Columbus, Ohio, what would be some big differences? What can you tell me about this foreign place that I only applied to because they were actively recruiting me and waived my application fee?
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all you need is love

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I'm very excited, I finally convinced my parents into letting me get a bunny! There is a local pet store up the street that ALWAYS has bunnies and I went up today and picked out the cutest most perfect dwarf bunny. Its very small even for a dwarf bunny they said, but they assume it'll grow a little bit more. It's black with some brown coloring in it...I'm not sure if its a male or female yet. It was SUCH a sweet bunny, I held him for about 20 minutes and it never moved, it just snuggled up in my hands and let me pet it.

I'd love ANY tips on owning a bunny. Anything I should know before I buy one? I know I need a cage, which I've found one thats wire...(is wire not good for bunnys) and we plan on keeping the bunny in our garage to avoid rain and bad wheather (I live in Seattle, WA)
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What's a really good music podcast that's pretty regular and free?

I work in a cafe and I play my ipod at work and I'm getting so sick of listening to the same music everyday for hours.

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1. What's the new DMC song called? It's with Sarah Mcloughlan. Is there any where I can find this for free?

2. This is a hypothetical. I just want to see what TQC members would do. There's a cop [state trooper, local, FBI, whatever] you like. How would you get their attention/affection?

3. Favorite at home high lighting kit?

4. Favorite new beauty product?

5. Favorite US town or city?
[PW] Max Galactica

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What are some good, non-irritating foods for someone recovering from a stomach virus? I'm to the point where just looking at saltines and chicken soup makes me nauseous.
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Can you remember a time when you were wrong about something big that affected you (religion, a cause, a business venture, etc)? I mean, really wrong, because you were completely sure that you were right or it was a great idea no matter what your trusted family/friends told you otherwise.

Mind sharing, if you're not too embarrassed? How did you find out?
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Halloween 2008

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Is there a link (or book) that anyone knows of where I could find basic patterns for embroidering designs?


I just got a pair or gray and pink Converse hi-tops, and they're begging to be mutilated (read: transform into walking art). What should I do to 'em?


I have a few big, major questions that are pretty important. Please help.

1) I'm going to a CC in another part of the state [Poughkeepsie, NY] , but I'm having trouble finding a cheap apartment [or almost any actually.] Any suggestions? If I can definately not find a traditional apartment/room, what should I do? Not going is not an option.

2) I am on, and they actually have rooms sort of in my price range, but I cannot access any of my mail or mail anyone. Is there anyway to do this without having to buy a membership?

3) And, finally, I am going to a fairly cheap CC college next year, but due to my work load [2 majors] and a sport, I cannot carry a job at the same time, at least not until the spring semester. My parents refuse to give me a dime towards college, and I have no money saved up. I'm submitting my FASFA but because I didn't submit it in January, I might not get a very large amount. So, my last option then is loans. Is it possible to take out about $7,500 a year from a private lender? What if you are under 17 and don't have a parent cosign?

Thanks so much.

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I heard that in one of the war 2 perhaps? christmastime or new years or some other holiday, the opposite troops came out and celebrated together. Is that true? If it is, is there like a newspaper article or something about it that i could read?
sweet dee mothafucker

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I am planning on making some sort of artistic hat for an application for an art program. I have a few ideas but does anyone know what I could use a base for my hat? I want to make a "nature hat" with leaves, sticks, grass, flowers, etc. I was wondering if any of you had ideas for what I could put these things on? I don't really want to use an already made hat.

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Hey guys, I've heard this song called 'Playground' by this hip hop group and I'm not sure what they're called...They're like Pretty Ricky but obv not...Any ideas who it is? :-)

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1. Do you ever wear a bra while you sleep?
No, but I know a lot of people who do and it seems strange to me.

2. Have you ever dyed your own hair? Would you ever dye your own hair?
No, and probably not.

3. If you hit a parked car in a mall parking lot what would you do?
I'd most likely leave.
Music (Beck)

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Hi folks,

Anyone out there have a favourite classical music "album"? (for lack of a better word)

I used to love The Planets Suite by Holst as a kid, and probably still do. But would like to return to some of the classical gems.


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lulu guinness clutch

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I really want to get a ticket for this while they still have the best tickets available. I can't find out how old you have to be to save my life. It says that there is an open vodka bar, so does that mean you have to be 21 for the best tickets? Do they just assume you should know this? I don't want to waste $150 on a ticket I wouldn't be able to use.

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I just got back from a hockey game. (Everblades won, and even scored 3 goals inside of a minute. yes, minor league, it's all I have now.)

anyway...I realized tonight that my generation is responsible for spelling out "Y.M.C.A." with your arms at sporting events.

What ridiculously annoying but fabulously popular thing is YOUR generation responsible for?
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It's a long shot...

Like four or so years ago there was this song...something about heaven or God or something along those lines.
I want to say the band was seether, but I know it isnt so it might sound like that (the name not music type)
I think it was a simple video with roses falling, maybe

Anyone know what it is?

also, if someone gets it...what are some other songs from around that year?

Broken Nail

My nail has a split on the side, but not in the white part that you cut - the part the sits right on your fingertip.

What can I do the prevent the split from spreading? I currently have a band aid on it.

Also, what will happen to my nail if that part breaks off? When it grows back, will it be misshaped?