March 9th, 2006

Detroit Rock City

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How do you actually say Sigur Rós?

Are there any band names that you thought were pronounced one way, and found out it was another?
I always thought Rilo Kiley was said differently than it is.

Is cannabis related to catinip in any other way besides that they're both plants?


so, a bunch of years ago i remember seeing beck at some awards ceremony wearing a pair of custom made leather pants with pot leaves on them. i am trying to find a picture of said pants. anyone know where to find it?

i want to get a pair made.

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If you're getting unwanted attention from a guy, what's the best way to let him down?

I'm really good friends with his cousin, so I don't want to jeopardize that relationship in the process, but even his cousin wants us to get together.
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I remember vaguely on this website, where you upload a face picture of yourself and it takes it and tells you you're xx% this race or that race, for example, saying you're 50% korean or 40% german or something? I wasn't sure if it just told you percents or just tell you that you look Korean or look German. But Something like that, I think.

Anyone know that website could give the link to me?
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I think most of us have heard that (obnoxiously overplayed) AC/DC song "You Shook Me All Night Long".

A lyrical sampling:
She was a fast machine she kept her motor clean
She was the best damn woman that I ever seen
She had the sightless eyes telling me no lies
Knocking me out with those American thighs

My question is, what are/who has American thighs? You can just drop names, use pictures, or describe, etc, just let me know what you think because I have no idea what American thighs are, myself [I mean, obviously they're American women thighs, but is there a particular type of thigh that is overtly American?]

Police of the World

So, I have a Post WWII American History paper due soon. It's on one of three topics. I stated the topic that asks "Do you think America found iself entangled in foreign events because of our fear of communism or because of our new found responsibility to be the world's police?"

I started it by stating my opinion that the US took on the foreign policy because it felt like it had to defend the rest of the world.

What are your opinions?
Would you mind if I quote you for my essay?
What country are you from? (I don't just want opinions from Americans)

Thanks in advance.
miss blue

Routine, or not to routine?

Do you have a routine of any kind? Like a morning routine or a night routine or ... anything. Something that you do at the same time every day, the same way every day. (Or just about every day.) If you don't have a routine, why do you think that is? Do you like chaos? Variety?

I don't have routines. None.
I have certain things that I do every morning, but I never do them in the same order. It's not even a conscious thing. It just happens. I am the most inconsistent person I know. (I drive hubby batty. hehe.) Even when I was really little and just starting school, all my report cards would say, "inconsistent work" in every subject. I don't know what it is. My life isn't chaotic by any means. I don't have anxiety, I never really feel stressed out. I dunno. I guess I just like variety.

What are your routines?
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Charlotte NC

Does anyone here know of a good tattoo place in Charlotte NC, preferably one with a website? I'm going to be taking a daytrip there the 18th and I really want to get my tattoo but I want to find a place ahead of time and get a price quote.

I plan on trying to find one online I was just hoping someone would have a recommendation.
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I finally found a proxy on my school computer that isn't blocked, but I can't figure out how to clear the history!

Internet options is blocked.
Temporary Internet Files is blocked.

HELP! I have until 10:50 to figure this out.

EDIT: It's impossible to delete them from the history manually. When I right-click there is no delete option.
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I've been reading in financial advice books that you should keep things like credit card statements, utility bills, pay stubs and bank statements anywhere from 1 to 7 years.

How long do you keep them?

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When I get my masters thesis done, and I've got my degree, do I have to guy my faculty committee gifts?  someone said something about when I was talking about putting together my committee and not liking one of the professors. 

Me--State Fair

quick one...

Is there a way to tell what the largest sized file or folder is on my computer? I'm trying to move stuff to my external drive as much as possible, and I'm going to try to move all but my music (except for a backup) and I just didn't know if there was something that scanned the hard drive and was like, "these files are huge!" or something.

Sorry if that seems vague...

Girly clothes

Know any really great girl/woman clothing sites? I'm looking for something preppy casual but still feminine. I wear too many different styles, I think.
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Looking for some song lyrics..

I'm looking for some lyrics. I tried Google, but this band is relatively unknown and there is nothing on their main site. It's also rather hard to find because their name is half the name of a breed of dog. What fun.
The song I'm looking for is TZU - She Gets Up - they're a hip-hop band from Melbourne and apparently rather unknown even in Australia. Does anyone know where I can find the lyrics? It's really bugging me that I don't know them.
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How do you think people develop good social skills? Is it genetic? Is it just a reflection of your self confidence? Is it the way you were brought up or your experiences as a child?

What are yours like?
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Can anyone think of a song which has a meaning of "I like you a lot and we have a great time together even though you're not my boyfriend"?

I'm just interested to see if anyone can think of any songs that aren't really love songs, but are about something more than friendship also. I can't think of any off the top of my head. Anyone else?

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If a ninja were to drink an alcoholic drink, what would that drink be? I understand that most ninjas probably wouldn't consume something that would compromise their ability to be sneaky, but perhaps they might drink something on their days off or on vacation or something. What do ninja drink?
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GBA flash ROM cartridges

anyone have any experience with GameBoy Advance flash ROM cartridges?

good points, bad points, things to look out for...

any of that. thanks. I'm looking to buy one, and any reputable sources would be good to know about, also.
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Hey guys,

I'm looking into changing my user name. Which name do you like best?:

onlyhappyinthesun (Ben Harper reference)
allaboutthewordplay (Jason Mraz reference)

Excel Help

For some reason I can't figure out how to take a dynamic (not a fixed) value from a cell on one worksheet and display it on another worksheet in the same workbook. Help?

And for those who can't help,
How often are you asked to do things at work that should be someone elses responsibility?
What do you do?
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it's been an especially shitty day.

*favorite comfort food? (i'm thinking... mac n cheese, a hamburger, buttery mashed potatoes... biscuits... that kind of stuff.)

*favorite de-stressing activities? (cleaning my room... doing laundry...)

bonus-no-credit question: have you ever found six pennies in a row? (i found them yesterday in the science building. all zigzagged from each other.)

bonus-for-credit question: how do you get a cat out of a tree?
i've tried tuna, i've tried cat toys, and he's still 20ft off the ground. poor baby had to go through a thunderstorm up there. getting up on a ladder is not an option, although we are calling the neighbor when he gets home from work. i'm looking for feet-on-the-ground ideas.
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What's your favorite old computer/video games? (from early/mid 90s and before)

I grew up playing DOS games: Commander Keen series, Secret Agent Man, duke nukem, monster bash, captain comic, the incredible machine, etc. I miss simple games that were fun without having super high quality graphics.
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Got a bet on this one...

Do you think men are more likely to exaggerate their penis size or women are more likely to exaggerate their cup size? Who's more likely to lie? Who's more likely to stuff?

And just for fun, what are your measurements?
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1. If your girlfriend of 3 months (who you lived with) was looking at a Modern Bride magazine, would you freak out?

2. How do I housetrain two 12 week old old puppies (a boy sheltie and a girl duchshund) when I don't have a set schedule? My boyfriend and I work and have classes at different times each day, so it's not possible to say "Ok, they'll eat at 9 am and at 4 pm everyday." We've had a sheltie for about 5 weeks and the dockshund for about 1 1/2 and the housetraing isn't going too well.

3. Why does the 1 year old female shih tzu hump the sheltie?
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1. Have you ever:
A. been jealous of a friend
B. thought a friend was jealous of you?

2. If you were the one that was jealous, why were you jealous?
If you thought a friend was jealous of you, what made you think that and what did you do about it?

3. Have you been jealous of a friend purely because of 'looks' (as opposed to posessions, relationships, etc)?

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I'm going to be starting the Optifast diet soon, and my mom (who had an amazing amount of success with it) told me that I'd have to have blood tests done before I start.
Maybe this is a silly queston, but what are they "looking for", so to speak, by doing blood tests? I don't really have anything to hide, I'm just curious.

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i'm trying to post pictures on my journal from photobucket. i finally figured out how to write the link in so the pictures show up, but instead of seeing the picture i get a wonderful little box which says "oops! my image for this link is no longer there." i don't see how this could be true because i'm logged into my photobucket account copying the links as it happens. i didn't delete any pictures, they're up, and i haven't used it before so the bandwidth couldn't be exceeded. anyone know how i can fix this problem?
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Hey guys,

Can anyone remember that Sex and the City quote that went something like " ... New Yorkers are always in search of one of three things - a great job, a great boyfriend or a great apartment.." - Carrie.

A link would be great if anyone can find it, it's on the tip of my tongue and I'm trying to remember exactly what she said.

Thx guys!

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I keep getting this message from LJ:

"Bad Unicode Input
Your browser sent some text which is not recognised as valid text in the UTF-8 encoding, as it should be. This might happen if you forced your browser to view the previous page in some other encoding rather than UTF-8. It may also indicate a bug in the browser. If you cannot get around this error, contact us."

The first time I try to post a comment, I get this error and my comment doesn't go through but the second time I try the comment does post, so what does this mean and how can I fix it? I'm scared I have a virus or something.

Thank you!

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Has anyone read a book called 'Beast'?

It was a retelling of Beauty and the Beast, young adult. The plpot was that the Beast was really an Arabian prince who had been spelled into becoming a lion by a witch. He traveled around until he found the castle and eventually Beauty. The really unique thing was that because the Beast had a human conscience, he still practiced his Muslim religion. He prayed at sunset/sunrise and didn't eat meat.

What's the name of the author?
Text - best is yet to come


1. Do you sing? Are you any good at it?

2. Do you sing in the car? In the shower?

3. When you are singing along to a duet, do you sing both parts or just one?

4. If you don't know the words, do you still move your mouth and make unintelligible noise?

5. Would you ever sing in public? In a concert situation or just humming along to the muzak at a store?

6. Do you tap your feet to music no matter what?

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Is MegaUpload working for anyone right now?

If so, when you click on this can you begin the download? (You don't have to finish it, I just want to know if it even begins to dl.)

Firefox keeps telling me it's "starting."


Aha, it's working for me now. Nevermind.


I lost the necklace I used to wear 24/7 for the past two years, and my neck feels naked without it. =/ It was a gift from someone, and I can't find it anywhere online! Anyways, I've been looking for a replacement - any suggestions? Or any place I can find good, reasonably priced jewelry online?

My preferences:
a. silver, w/ a diamond on it
b. something delicate, simple, and matches w/ pretty much everything
c. heart necklaces are kind of cheesy
d. $75-$150 price range

(I really like the Tiffany's Elsa Peretti starfish necklace w/ a diamond on it. But its $325, which is a little more than I'd like to spend)
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HP stuff and zippers

1. For Harry Potter fans: With the "Schools" feature - since it isn't searchable, grrrr - "Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry" is an available school, does anyone know if Durmstrang is? Since Durmstrang has an ambigious location ("somewhere in Eastern Europe with mountains"), it would take ages to go through all of the possibilities (especially since Russia would be a likely one, but there are over eleven thousand schools listed for Russia, so that ain't happening). I looked through Bulgaria already, but other likely places like Russia and Germany have way too many places to look. Also looked at the schools listings for the first dozen or so people listed as having Durmstrang as an interest, and no dice.

2. For everybody: How much does it cost to get a zipper in a coat replaced where you are?
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amsterdam, disney land, tel aviv...

So...I'm off to amsterdam for spring break tomorrow.

What sort of things should i do/see while i'm there?

and just so you know, I dont smoke pot and neither do the people i will be there with. this is not the place for a drug discussion, so please no comments about it.


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1. How would one go about becoming a mayor or a city counsel member? [No sardonic answers either, please, I just want to know what one would major in college, how to estabish oneself in a community, how to win an election, network, etc]

2. Can you bleach your hair and dye it to a strawberry blonde with a toner?

3. Has anyone tried either Penn Foster career schools or the Professional career development institute [or anything similar?]


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Ok, another Photoshop Question... obviously, I'm an amateur. I know this one's an easy one, but I still must ask.

Ok, so I have this picture (above), and I need to make the white part of the image see-through, if you know what i mean... or i need to make it blue instead of white.  How do I do this?

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I got my new digital camera, whee, a Kodak easy share of 4.0 megapixels. Thus far, I'm loving it, especially that I can record videos with sound. What's a good website for hosting the videos so I can show my LJ friends?

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Are any of those "work from home" companies that advertise all over Monster and such actually legit?

(Sorry for two posts in one night. I've never done that before!)

Edited to add: Figured the answer was no, but it never hurts to ask!

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Well, I hope you're all happy. I got on th computer to do my homework and got sucked into all the fun here at TQC. :p

So, my question.
Are the Gorrilaz (the band) real people? Why are they always animated in their videos and holograms at shows? Are they human beings or computers?
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Pet questions.

1. Do you actually call your pets by their names? What pets do you have, what are their names, and what are their nicknames?

2. Are those canned crickets you can buy at the pet stores really safe? I bought a little can of crickets for the hedgehog today, and he liked them fine, but that pet store is still selling a dog treat that studies have shown to be unsafe, so I'm not entirely sure about the crickets.

3. Are canned river shrimp (from the reptile section of the same store) ok to feed to hermit crabs?

4. Is there a simple and non-stressful way to convince a hermit crab to change shells? I just got a pathetic little thing with a missing leg, and not only is her shell painted it's possibly the ugliest thing I've ever seen.

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Do you feel the heaviest when you're upside down on the rollercoaster? or is it the opposite?

Sorry, I've only ridden on 1 upside down rollercoaster and I pretty much closed my eyes for the entire ride.


Im looking for a fashion community, one with a bunch of amature designers just sharing everything about the world of fashion. Im doing a design course at school and I really want to just talk to others who are doing the same thing. All I seem to find is ones that "rate" each other and all that shit, I don't want to be judged, just want to chat fashion.

Also, anyone good with designers? Im trying to find a designer who mainly designs very formal evening dresses...(so I can look it up on, that site is huge and I'm just not getting any where)


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mom just redid her kitchen from ducks to roosters and it looks kitchen is a mix-match of pink floyd/the beatles/a budweiser mirror w/some japanese woman on it...
what's the kitchen decor at your mom's/your place?
does your mom's/your bathroom have a theme?
(ours is movies & pink floyd)
does your mom's/your livingroom have a theme?
(ours is beatles & pnk floyd)
does your bedroom have a theme?
(ours is music entertainer posters - hah! no pink floyd)
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Gameboy Camera

I haven't been having much success Googling this: Is it possible to upload/transfer pictures and animations from a Gameboy Camera to a PC? (If it can transfer the sound too, that would be nice.)
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To stretch a shoe.

So I bought these really cheap cute shoes off of eBay.
They're red leather flats and I really love them.
But they're too tight. Not horribly, but enough that they're not comfortable for me to bear wearing.

What can I do?
Can I stretch them somehow?

I'm looking for a cheap solution.

Thanks for any advice.