March 8th, 2006


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Hello friends!

I have some questions

Hypthetically speaking of course...

1. If someone from Canada was to be travelling in the U.S. and needed to take money out of their bank, how would one do so? With an ATM? How much do they charge for that?

2. Would it be wise to carry 1400 dollars on you? Would customs find out? If they did, would you have to explain yourself?

3. Lets say there is a person who is 3000 dollars in debt from school, and they are planning on leaving, to become a wanderer or something, is there a possibility they would send bounty hunters after that person? How would they find them? Would this keep them from crossing the Canada/U.S. border?

Thank you!

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i'm going to peru with two friends, and i can't wait.
however, we have sepearate flights. i am flying alone, and i have a connection in bogota, colombia. i am a 19 year old female. i am terrified.

by chance, has anyone had an experience like this? has anyone been in the airport? i'm sure it will be fine, i just need to be vigilant, etc etc but you know, it's nice to have some reassurance.

also: my two friends and i are traveling from lima, down the south coast to cuzco and flying back. we're totally open minded (as in, we could get there and decide to travel north instead). any suggestions/advice/personal experience?
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iPod scare

So I lost all my files a couple of weeks ago -- it's not a huge deal since I have them all backed up and will probably retrieve them when I get home from college, but there is one problem. I've got all my music on my iPod, and I'd like to get it back onto my computer. I know you can't do that through iTunes, so I downloaded SharePod, but I'm really worried that when I plug in my iPod to run SharePod, iTunes (which I also lost and re-installed, so my settings are gone) will automatically update my iPod and erase my entire music library. Seriously, this is scaring the hell out of me, I have a bajillion songs and not all of them are on the backup. Is there any way I can make sure my iTunes absolutely will not automatically update my iPod? Do I have to uninstall iTunes and then reinstall it after?
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i made trisha a sandwich this morning - pbj...
old-fashioned creamy pb, & strawberry jam on butter white my house it's skippy creamy & red raspberry jam on honey white bread...

what's your ideal peanutbutter & jelly/jam sandwich?
what do you/would you include in a bag lunch?
if living at home - does a parent/guardian make your bag lunch, or do you?
when making lunch to eat at home - what do you generally make for yourself?
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Harry Potter

Two questions about the Harry Potter DVDs....

1.) Is the new GOV dvd just the plastic case? Or is there a version with the box slipcover as well, with the boxed insides that folder out?

2.) Same question, but for POA....?

The first two HPs I got were the boxed kind, with slip cover and cases that fold out, not snap shut. Kinda like a TV series boxed set. The 3rd I could only find as a plastic case, and I just received the 4th, also in a plastic case. Call me finicky, but I prefer the boxed packaging, and I want to get the 3rd and 4th movies that way, instead of this plastic crap.

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I'm 15. I was recently informed by my dentist that one of my baby teeth never fell out and is still there, blocking the way of the adult tooth. Is this unusual? Has it happened to any of you?

He says he'll probably have to pull it. Does pulling teeth hurt? What's the process?

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oops, screwed up, mistake

Yeah I'm a Whore... leave the moral comments to yourself please.

Ok. Here's the and me ex broke up, he CLAIMS all this chick did was give him oral and he got chlamydia from it. When we got back together, we used protection every single time. But one night the condom broke. The next day he found out he had chlamydia. He got his medicine (some powder shit you mix in water) that same day. This was on a Monday. Tuesday I went and got tested and took the medicine as well. We were suppose to wait a week before having sex again.

We didn't. We didn't use protection either. In fact, i think we only waited till like Thursday or Friday after i took the medicine before having sex again.

Here's my question. Is there a chance we've reinfected each other again or do you think that since we both had it (and there's the possibility i didn't have test results haven't come back yet) and both took the med, either way, the meds took care of it?

EDIT: maybe i shoulda just reworded that to say Yeah, I'm Not the Sharpest Tool in the Shed. I didn't follow dr.'s advice and now we've both scheduled appts to get another dose.....thanks for the obvious advice anyhow.
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What is your favorite food to put the following condiments on?:

soy sauce-
A1 sauce-
cream cheese-
tartar sauce-
cocktail sauce-
BBQ sauce-

What condiments can you think of that I did not list? What is your favorite food to put it on?
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I was going to apply for pell grant yesterday but before I submitted my application, there was a paragraph where it says that if my student loans are in default (which they are), I am not eligible for pell grant.

Is there anything I can do to fix this? And, no, paying $6,000 in full is not an option.

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1. What are your favorite songs from the Motown era?

2. I'm trying to find this old Motown song that I just adore but don't know who sings it or what it's called. It has something about heartbreak in it (surprise, surprise) and has a deep reverb that you can really feel but I can't place it. Any idea what it may be?

FOUND IT! Jimmy Ruffin - What Becomes of the Brokenhearted?
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Everyone here at tqc is always trying to make some money. We're always asking each other about what to do short of selling our bodies and/or drugs to get it, right? So does anyone have any ebaying suggestions? What kind of items sell well and so forth?
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1. What was your favorite genre of toy as a child?
- For me it was American Girl Dolls, hands down.

2. What are some reasons you wished you stayed in bed today?
- Failed a statistics mid-term horribly, clutched my open notebook against my chest; forgot I had written in pencil so I wound up with pencil smudged all over the left breast of my oxford, and have yet another mid-term this afternoon.

3 Reasons you are glad you got out of bed today?
- UPS is supposed to be delivering my new digital camera today! I got to eat a very large plate of white cheddar shells and cheese. Mmm

4. For those in school, does your spring break begin this week or next? Are you going away?
- Mine starts this Friday, and I'm doing nothing special. Just spending it at home with my family and hopefully passing my road test.

5. What movie characters do you relate the most with?
- Holly Golightly and Annie Hall

6. I graduate from college on May 21st, and my graduation party will be held in June. I do not want themes like a luau or rodeo, but I was thinking of perhaps an "English garden party". I am hoping to attend graduate school in London, so it would be fitting, plus my house has massive gardens that always bloom nicely. Think that's tacky? What sort of food should we have catered?

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1. have you ever had a job that not too many people know about?

2. Do you clock in / out at your job?

3. When instant messaging, do you write lol even if you're not?

4. Do you have a song that's stuck in your head right now?

5. Do you fill out things for sweepstakes? online and offline? Are there any you can think of now?

EDIT* my answers

1. Phone sex operator
2. yes on the phone
3. yep
4. I Like It I Love It - Tim McGraw
5. I do and would like to know more of them
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Mask fun

There is a Masquerade Ball that i am attending in May, and i have very few ideas.
Can anyone offer any suggestions for a costume?
Or maybe how to make the mask?
Where I could go (on-line) and order one?
I would like to do this as cost effective as possible.. any suggestions would be welcome..

Some additional details.. It's being held at a Gothic/Industrial Club, and most of the people there WILL go all out. There is a costume contest and originality is encouraged and welcome. It doesn't have to be professional, but I don't want to look sloppy either. I have long black hair that falls past my waist, so Wigs are difficult to wear.
No Netspeak!

Abbreviations, screen names, and the community

1. Who has NEVER used "LOL" anywhere except for the purposes of illustration, like I am doing here?
2. Who has NEVER had a screen name with numbers / leet speak in it?
3. How did you come across this community?

My answers:

1. I haven't, and I'm proud of it. :D
2. See above. :D
3. I first came across it on my friendsfriends pages in November or December 2004 when someone from holiday_wishes bought me a paid account for two months. I liked what it was about, and I also liked the fact that it seemed more mature than a certain other question community I was in at the time, so I joined.
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Hypothetical real estate question

Let's say that you're looking to buy a house. Most of the nice homes are expensive, but you come across one that's not only nice, but half the price of all the other homes of the same size. It's in a good neighborhood and close to the freeway. Sounds too good to be true. However, the realtor says that the price is this low because there was a quadruple murder in this very house several years back, where someone broke in an executed the entire family in the middle of the night with a fireman's axe. There's been only one renter of the house since then, this family of 3, but they only stayed for 6 months. That was about 2 years ago. She's bound to reveal these facts about the house, and if you still want to buy the house afterwards, she's got the papers lined up.

Would you buy it?
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Another round of NAME THAT MOVIE!!

ok...its probably around 10 years old and these are the parts I remember:
(it could be two separate movies but I think it is one movie)
1. A light shines down on people before they are going to die and only this one guy can see the light, no one else can see it
2. The light shines down on the girl he loves and he has to save her from 'death', and they are at a cemetary at the end of the movie when he is trying to save her
3. When 'death' comes, it is a shape that comes out of the walls, like arms grabbing someone - it distorts the walls but doesnt break through the walls, if that makes sense. And it can come out from ANY wall whenever it wants, as well as stairs and land and flat things in general

I was TERRIFIED of this movie when I was younger, so scared that something was gonna come out of the wall and kill me...and every person i have ever described it to looks at me like I am nuts...if you could help me that would be AWESOME!!

Thanks :)

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okay... I figure that a depressed person can say "Hey, I haven't smiled since 2002", and probably some obsessive/compulsive people can say "no-one else has to flip the light switch three times for safety"(to give some totally simplistic/not accurate examples)...

On the other hand, that woman on campus doesn't seem to realise that she's talking to herself... or that the lesbians are not out to get her...

What forms of mentally ill can/can't step back and say "hold up a second, something isn't right here"? (not that they often do, just that the disorder is wired in a way that it could happen)

Aw, nuts!

I made some cashew chicken the other night, and will be having some of the leftovers tonight for dinner.

My question is, is there any way that I can re-cook it so that the cashews don't come out all chewy and soft?

(Could it be that I used unroasted, unsalted cashews?)

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my roommates wireless (the campus housing we're all on) is coming up as an unsecure network connection, my computer (not even a foot away) is secure. Why is this? and is there any way to get her's secure?

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My boyfriend and I have been dating for a month and a half. About half of the time when he comes and stays over at my house, he forgets his contact case and ends up using whatever I have sitting in my room to put them in, usually some shot glasses. ;)

I'm heading to Target in a little while. Do you think it would be a nice gesture of me to buy him a contact case that he can leave here so he doesn't have to worry? Or is that almost the same category, as, say, him having a toothbrush here? As in, it's too early in the relationship for that.

Thanks guys!

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So, I've decided to make my MySpace page a bit more decorated. Can you guys recommend and good free sites that'd help me with just that? Don't even bother if the websites you know have nothing but cheesey graphics. Thanks!
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Is a money market account considered a savings account?
Can I even use a money market account with paypal?

I was going add my money market account to my paypal account. You have to pick checking or savings.

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EDIT: In the play Antigone, did Creon believe that the Greek gods existed? Did the writing of Sophocles suggest that he believed in them/did not?

Has anyone worked at any of the following: Subway, Boys and Girls Club [or something similar], a Day or Overnight camp, Wendy's. Those are the jobs available to me, and I will probably work at Subway at least until graduation [So.. 3 and half months?]. But any tips/horror stories/etc. would be greatly appriciated.

And.... Where can I find black work pants cheap? Can I dye khakis black? Would the dickies you can buy at Walmart look decent on a girl?

Thanks so much.

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I recently switched to a new foundation, and while it makes my skin look fabulous, dahling, after a few hours I can blind someone with the shine on my face.

Is there any way I can prevent this without switching foundations?
syringe + redeyes = comedy gold

this is NOT a promo, please don't think that it is.

Screw pretending to be hypothetical.....
I have an LJ community. It's doing poorly, just really bad. It has 5 members including me.
I don't trust community_promo to get the word out, since i can barely stand reading that thing for more than one page, it hurts my brain and seems ineffective.

There are 70 people who list the topic of my community as an interest. I feel the best solution is to leave an invitation comment in their journals, or at least as many as i can. I just want people to talk to :(
Is this rude? Do people ever do this?
It seems slightly tacky, but maybe they would like to know that a community exists?
I don't know the LJ etiquette for this stuff.
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If you could respond effectively instead of just reacting with embarrassmet, what would you do/say if you got caught watching porn by your parents? or anyone else you think this would be awkward with??
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Well, I just found out Starbursts have gelatin in them. FUCK, I've eaten some of those lately. D:

Does anyone know where I could find a list of vegetarian-friendly candy brands? I tried Googling around and just got recipes.
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I'm trying to get directions but all the major websites give me directions that include toll roads. Does anyone know of a way to get directions to a place while avoiding toll roads?

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1. Are there any things that you like together, but not on their own?
I like cigarettes and coffee together. I don't really like them separately.

2. I have a feeling I'm alone on this one. When it's really late and I can't fall asleep I watch one of the live shopping channels because I like to know that the world hasn't ended or stopped, and that everyone didn't just randomly die. Does this make any sense? Does anyone else do this or something similar?
I can't really explain it that well.


1) If you had a friend who was barely making ends meet (not able to pay school tuition, scraping by on food and necessites) would you be offended if he or she sold a gift you had given them to make some much needed money? Would you expect that they would tell you if they did?
I have a room full of lovely artbooks, collectible comics and cool action figures...and no money.

2) How cliche is it to drop out of college for a while, do some soul searching and "find yourself"? Has anyone done this? Did you feel more directed and focused and together, or did you wind up working soul crushing retail? Did you return to college? Do you regret your decison?

3)When you feel the need to make a major life change, what is the first thing you do?
I always dye my hair a funky color and buy awesome, yet hideous shoes. It somehow helps me get it together.

4) Do you like sushi? If so, what's your favorite kind? What is a good sushi to recommend to someone that has never tried it before and is squemish about raw fish?
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panda dance

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What's your favorite mixed drink(s)?
If you know any recipes for any of those, or what goes into it, feel free to share.

What's your favorite shots?

What is a mixed drink and/or a shot you haven't tried but want to?

Collapse )
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Today I was discussing singing and vocal range with one of my colleagues. He told me that ever since he stopped singing in choirs his vocal range has decreased from 5 octaves, to only 3.

He clearly either has no idea what an octave is, or is lying through his arse.

What's the most blatant lie you've been told recently?
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Okay, looking through the food-tagged items and google, didn't find the website with "I have these ingredients, what can I make?"

question one. Where is this website? I'll favorite place it, i swear.

question two: barring that, I need to finish my milk and eggs, and preferably my turkey/chicken lunchmeat and bread, within the next few days. I have a microwave... and very few other ingredients. mostly condiments. tuna. chocolate. peanuts. butter. cheese.

Any suggestions? I think I could get right sick of sandiwches and scrambled eggs.