March 7th, 2006

Anything worth watching on TV?

man I haven't been watching TV for soooo long.
Any good new shows? Or anything worth checking out.
I usually like anything off-beat or offensive so...
but not Family Guy anymore. God, that just got so annoying.

Damn, I haven't been keeping up with the Office. How's it going?

edit aha sorry typos
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How do I manage a mailing list?

My business/dance school has 60 gals on a waiting list and I need to e-mail them all to let them know that classes are scheduled and I'm accepting deposits. I expect the list to continue to grow. Is there some way to manage the list effectively and mail everyone, other than just pasting all the names into the "BCC" box of my e-mail? I've been referred to a couple ways of handling this, but they were too technical for me to understand or involved software I don't know how to use.

Any recommendations for managing an e-mail list for the technically challenged?

(no subject)

What are some techniques involved in photography? The only one I know of is macro, and that's not helping me a whole lot (I need to know for a project). If you could tell me any others that you know of and give a brief description, I'd really appreciate it. ♥ Thanks!
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Bagless vaccums

Why don't they make disposable canisters for bagless vaccum cleaners? (Like Gladware, but for your vaccum.)

(I love my bagless, but dumping all the dirt & hair and stuff out of the canister, and then having to try and get the dust out of the filter, is really messy - the dust ends up going all over the place no matter what I do.)
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My hubby has a 1500$ annual budget to spend on gifts/awards for his employee's.
If you had this budget, what would you buy for your employee's?
As an employee, what would you want as a gift?

He has to split it up 9 ways. He'll give 2 quarterly smallish awards for like, highest sales or something and one annual "manager of the year" award. Manager of the year would probably be 500$ of it.
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4 questions (I keep thinking of questions to add)

3. Can a high fever cause the skin on your face/scalp to die and peel off, or would these two things happening at the same time just be coincidence?

2. What is it about strawberry leaves that makes cats go crazy? Is it related to catnip?

1. If you're not exactly a "well-maintained fashion-spending pretty person" and you went to an upscale salon to get a hairdo, waxing, pedicure, or what have you, did you get treated or serviced any differently than the normal clientele? Is this something I should worry about? This is a dumb question but I'm paranoid...

4. Would you feel disrespected if your boyfriend "revoked your laundry privleges" instead of calmly asking you to stop doing the laundry incorrectly?


Do you miss any shows that were on TV or Cable? any year is fine even if it's re-runs.

mine are:

Queer As Folk
Three's Company

off the top of my head that's all I can think of.

(no subject)

Why are Japanese horror movies typically more graphic/gruesome than American horror movies?

Are the Japanese less bothered about gruesomeness? Is it some cultural thing? Or is it just that American movies are more subject to censorship?

(no subject)

1. Are you too shy to ask someone out on a date?
2. do you have any good date ideas?
3. would you rather go 5 years back in time or 5 years ahead?
4. Would you rather go 10 years in to the past or 10 years in to the future?
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(no subject)

what does the word "humanity" mean to you?

i was reading an article and it was mentioned that producers who are putting together a documentary about a family in turkey who have full-grown children that walk on all fours, were "moved by the family's 'tremendous warmth and humanity'". i'm confused as to what that could mean?
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I downloaded some episodes of Scrubs off of limewire, and each episode is about 20 minutes long. However, a bunch of the files are gigantic, like 2.5 gigs, and when I play them in realplayer it says they're almost five hours long, even though the episode is only twenty. The rest of the time is just blank space.

Is there a program (hopefully free) that I can use to edit the files (most are mpegs and some are avis) to cut off the episode as it finishes? They're taking up a huge amount of space on my hard drive for no reason.
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Let's keep this short and sweet.

1. What's the most expensive item you own?
2. What's the most valuable thing you have?

My answers:
1. I'm typing on it.
2. I would have said my health, but I'm currently coughing my lungs out. It would have been that and the love/support of my friends and family. I really hope I get that whole health thing back, though. Ow.
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(no subject)

I'm trying to decide between a Motorola E815 and a Razr.

Any feedback on either, good or bad? (I'm a Verizon wireless customer.) Is the Razr's battery life really that abysmal?

Edit: I picked up an E815 today. Thanks, guys.

turning 21

My best friends 21st birthday is next month and I don't know what to give him because I've already given him so many rare items for his bday and xmas. I always come up with great ideas, but this year is hard. I know his other friends will give him alcohol, so I don't want to give him that. He likes stars, but I've already given him a chinese star paper lamp, black and red star watch, star candles, a moon and star lighter. I just don't know...I was going to give him a gift certificate to Express or Abercrombie and Fitch or American Eagle, but his friend overheard us discussing it. Any suggestions?
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Many Random Questions.

1. What commercial annoys you most? I'm going to scream if I hear the radio ad for Lance crackers one more time... "I got Lance in my pants..."
2. Are communal showers at a gym mandatory? Can you walk out the door stinky after exercising, and go home to shower in private?
3. Why do people feel the need to go over the speed limit to pass me, only to slow down directly in front of me to make a turn?
4. And why must they come to a complete stop before making a right turn?
5. I've seen one McDonald's restaurant that has no order speaker on drive-thru. Instead, there is a window where you tell the lady what you want and give her the money, and another window where you get your food. Anyone ever encountered this?
6. What cheers you up when nothing else will?
7. If money, time, living arrangements, and other people were not an issue, what would be your ideal job?
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my friends and i were talking about were we would like to vaction this summer
and mexico popped up we all agreed that we would really like to visit mexico but we really dont Know much about it one of my friends and i both speck spanish
but i was jsut wonder ing if anyone had any suggestion on were we should go
we will want to be camping-but we sort of feel a little sketchy camping in mexico
we are looking for a good party place thats not expensive to stay
we also wnat to stay beach front
and we would like to stay neer beautiful scenery
thank you
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(no subject)

If you drink coffee, what brand do you buy? Does it require a coffee maker?

I am interested in buying something i can make at home that is fair market and without preservatives...
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(no subject)

Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday of this week the freshman, sophomores, and juniors at my school have standardized testing. They are half days so we are only there for 4 hours. The seniors basically have nothing to do, we have to stay in the auditorium for the whole four hours. Today we watched Walk The Line which I wasn't particularly fond of. Me and my friend hated it and we kept trying to go to sleep but just couldn't get comfy enough for that in movie theater-esque seats. Tomorrow we will be watching Harry Potter, I cannot even explain how much I hate Harry Potter. Half of the seniors aren't even coming to school but I have to as to avoid credit withdrawal (I skip school far too often).

Should I bring a pillow? Would it be weird if I brought a pillow?
I know if I had a pillow I would be asleep within ten minutes and there certainly isn't any shortage of space. I brought a book today but it was dark so I couldn't read =[

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Okay, lets say by some very strange turn of events you were given a very difficult choice.

Someone told you that you had to decide between having 1,000 random people die, or having a place filled with countless works of art, and with priceless historical value be totally destroyed. Think Westminster Abbey, The Louvre or the Valley of the Kings and everything inside them be totally destroyed, or having 1,000 randomly selected people, from the Dalai Lama to Charles Manson to even yourself be killed.

Which would you chose?

Honestly, I'd prefer for history to survive rather than people. Everyone will one day die, but these things can never be replaced.

What if it was 5,000 or even 10,000?

(no subject)

Uh, my husband's car's back lights are stuck on when the car's turned off, and it's too late for a mechanic to be open. Yes, he's fiddled with it numerous times, turning the car on and off, etc. Any other ideas so his battery isn't completely worn out by tomorrow morning? Thanks. :/
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Diverse? Accepted?

This is NOT homework, and I'm sure most or ALL of you can relate to it in some way, personal or not.

Today in class, we did something very interesting. We're writing essays on somethimg that sets our generation (people born about 1975-1990) apart from previous generations, and my topic is the diversity and social acceptence. So the professor had us write down three questions that related to our individual topic and go out on campus as ask random students in our generation those three questions. I found the results very intriging, and I wanted to get answers from more people (because we were only given time to ask three people) to get a better idea of ideas. Here's the three questions. (Please answer before you read the other people's answers. If you are part of the generation mentioned above I would appreciate it if you could answer. This is not homework- the work is done, I'm just asking for more personal interest):

*Do you feel that your generation is more socially diverse and accepting that previous generations? Explain.
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*Do you think social diversity and acceptence will change for the future generations? How?
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*Has there ever been a time when you did not feel socially accepted because of something you couldn't/wouldn't change about yourself? (If you want to describe, I would appreciate it, but I understand it's hard for some people. Because of this question, I have set the comments to be screened, so you can write whatever you feel. I will make no judgements. If you do want me to unscreen your comment, please say so. Thank you.)
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Thanks so much for asnwering. I'm really interested to see what the responses will be!
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computer question - wireless

Someone near my apartment has a wireless connection that I've been using. The other day, my computer randomly said that it couldn't connect to that wireless network. The network name still shows up, it says that it's not locked, and it has all green bars. Any ideas about why it won't connect anymore? What other ways are there to block people besides locking the network?

(no subject)

1. What song will you always be amused by? Is it supposed to be an amusing song?

2. You have a big cup of coffee. How should you drink it to maximize use of the caffeine in it? Or does it not matter?

3. And, for my own entertainment, which one of the girls in this icon do you think is me?
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(no subject)

this girl i know said "I heart you!" in a myspace message. so the question is, do girls say this in a friendly way or is it likely that she meant something more than something friendly?


ps - i need friends so check out my profile and if you think im the bees knees, leave a comment and add me. if you are the cats pajamas ill befriend you back.

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I just got a new place and I'm considering getting cable internet. I have one concern.

I do a LOT of torrent trading and I read a report from one person that said his cable company restricts his bandwidth when he starts to download big files .

He said he'd start a torrent running at something like 200k/sec, then later it would be going at barely 10k/sec. He further said this wasn't the fault of any software, because if he exited his torrent software and ran a speed test it would come through as 10k/sec.

Has anyone else had this problem? If it helps I'm in the Sacramento CA area and planning on using Comcast cable internet.

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on the volkswagon commercial with the guy and the girl dressed in white "pimping ze rides"... they use a catapult to throw a pink car?
anyways, my bf was wondering who the guy is

figured it out, he's on "Prison Break"
thanks guys!

Crochet Pattern

My google-foo has failed me.

I'm looking for a crochet pattern for a chicken/rooster tea cozy.

Hell, I'll settle for a bloody plain tea cozy.

I can only find knit ones and pear one, knit one baffles me.

~ K.
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(no subject)

1. Approx how much per month do you spend to live? including rent, bills, food, misc.
If you don't live by myself, how many people in your household? Is this money for the whole household or just for you?

2. Approx how much do you save per month?

3. What do you usually save your money for? What future major purchases? (for example - house, car, vacation, etc)

4. Do you invest your money? If so, in what?

5. Do you think you're fiancially intelligent? Do you think you manage money well?

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(no subject)

In my Corrections class last week, we discussed whether some criminal sanctions are more important than others. It was a really interesting discussion! So I thought Id start a discussion here.

How would you rank these in order of most to least important and why?

1. Punishment
2. Retribution
3. Primary Deterrance (deterring the offender)
4. Secondary Deterrance (deterring the community)
5. Rehabilitation
6. Protection
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Poll #686754 Wristlets.

Do you know what a wristlet is?


I ask because I know a lot of girls who have no idea what a wristlet is but the man I was talking to in the grocery store did.

(no subject)

Have you ever thought about what you want to go down at your funeral?

I want a big choir to sing 'Oh Chariot'.
My friend Meghann wants a fog machine to go off and her body to be lowered to the coffin on wires while Chip & Dale dancers dance around.

(no subject)

I have a phone that I had under Cingular service (A Razr) and now I've switched to Verizon... would I be able to bring my phone into a Verizon store and have them do something so I could use it with the Verizon service, or am I just better off selling the phone? (Sorry if this is hard to understand)

(no subject)

What do you call a sentence on a test that does not require a question mark yet is calling for an answer?

For example: Give two examples of P&NG tenure in Alberta.

If you agree that this is a question, then why do you get upset when people post a question in thequestionclub that doesn't require a question mark if it clearly is this type of question?
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A question of business, ethics, education, and the weather.

I teach piano three days a week -- Monday, Thursday, and Friday. This Thursday we're supposed to have some nasty storms rolling through -- the weatherman just said our biggest threat was "damaging winds" and they've been talking about how bad this system's going to be since the weekend -- oh joy, he just said "isolated tornadoes" too. I work on the other side of town, have a half hour drive home, and I have five or six students that day. Whenever there's a holiday or bad weather, most of the time people don't show up.

Now I don't know what time of the day this mess is going to hit and probably won't know until tomorrow, but if it does hit in the afternoon, would it be a good idea to call and cancel my day's lessons (which are from 4 to 6:30 in the afternoon)? I'm thinking not only would I have to drive on a dark wet road, but so would my students' parents, and the way they're making these storms out to be is not pretty at all. A thunderstorm I can handle, but this stuff sounds bad. Plus chances are a lot of my students won't come anyway...

Like I said, I'll make a decision tomorrow, but opinions, anybody?
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How can I put this delicately?

A friend of mine wants to get into gymnastics. I'm concerned though because, she's really not fit for it.
She's 5'4'' and weighs 200 pounds. And with all due respect, she has a poor diet which makes her gassy. She drinks soft drinks, eats hot dogs and other gas inducing foods. And she's made some noise (farting) when she walks, but I ignore it out of politeness. I don't want her to get embarrassed by enrolling in a gymnastics course, but I don't know how to approach her. She'd have a better chance if she cut down on junk and lost weight. I'm also worried that she might strain or hurt herself.

Do I tell her what I think?


Do I let her learn the hard way?

Any other tips would be appreciated.

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A (hopefully) hypothetical question for you...

Imagine that you and a stranger are kidnapped. The stranger is rigged up to a machine that will kill them quickly and relatively painlessly when a button is pressed. Your kidnapper places the button in your hand and aims a gun at your head. If you press the button, you survive. If you don't press the button, your brains become a work of modern art on the wall behind you.

The questions...

1) Do you press the button?
2) If you press the button, are you to blame for the murder of the stranger, or is your kidnapper?
3) What about if it was a friend or family member, not a stranger?

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