March 6th, 2006

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Bank account info safety

If you're giving someone your bank account info for them to transfer money into it, how important is it that the info remain private (that no one else sees it)? The info is really bank routing information and my account number, as well as my name, etc. Basically, what I'm worried about is someone finding this info later and being able to do something harmful with it... Or is that not possible?

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Ok, with the new apple ipod 30gb.
they say
7,500 songs
25,000 pictures
75 minutes of video

so if I didnt have any video or pictures would I have more room for songs or do they just mean 25,000 pictures with NOTIHING else on it.
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are there any communities out there that discusses new movies (in theaters, and/or on video) that are out?

are there any communities out there that discusses new music that's out?

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I have a theory that in general, people are either book smart or street smart.

I've found that some people who do really well in academics don't have much common sense. ANd some people who know everything about nothing don't seem to do well in school. Most people I know are either one or the other, but with everything there are exceptions.

Agree or disagree?
If you agree: are most people you know book or street smart?
If you disagree: what's the flaw in my theory?
Sex, Kaylee -- Have Good Sex

Is it porn or is it prostitution?

Hypothetical situation. Is prostitution legal in a case such as this? (US-centric, yes, and also ignoring many counties in Nevada.)

Someone opens a porn production facility. They have cameras, editing equipment, bedrooms, and female porn stars available for rental by their clientele.

A client comes in and books a room, equipment, and talent for $300-$3000 per hour. The client pays cash in advance, fill out all forms required by law to be kept on hand for pornographic material production (e.g. proof of age, etc.), picks out the talent, and then goes to one of the available rooms to produce the scene. The client finishes the scene and leaves with the master tape. End of deal.

The management's premise is that this is a legal porn production. So, how long before management gets busted and thrown in jail for running a brothel?

(And no. I'm not considering doing this myself. :) It was a question I saw posed on a legal board awhile ago that got no answers.)


What do you think would cause a 'severe infection of the anus'? Google has only given me gonorrhea as a possible answer, which I'm kind of doubting in this case...although if it were that, I'd laugh. A lot.

Edit: Go ahead and give your best guesses, because as far as I know, it's related to a stunt for the Jackass sequel. Or else those boys really are as gay as they come off on television. Does vigarous anal sex and bad hygiene = anus infection? Because god I hope so. Hahahaha.
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body jewelry question

I know nothing about body jewelry, but I figured someone here might.

I have a friend who's studying to be a radiology tech. He has a belly button piercing, but once he starts working, he won't be able to wear anything metal. We found some on the internet that are called "UV Flexible". They look plastic, but I can't see for sure what they're made of. What are these made of, and would they be safe for someone working in radiology?

Website hosting information for existing web site

Hi internet gurus -

So I obviously need to take better care of my business-like records...

About a year ago I developed a website for a friend of mine, and now he would like to add on to it, however for the life of me I can't remember what hosting company we used. *smacks self on forehead* Is there any way to tell what company is hosting a particular domain?

Yes, I am obviously a very amateur web developer. :p

Thanks in advance.

two unrelated questions

1. why do you think that Alice in Wonderland has survived and is still in poplar culture consciousness? That is, that people are actually familiar with the story.
1. a. have you actually read any of the Alice stories by Carroll?
1. b. if not, how are you familiar with the story?
1. c. if you have read them, what were your opinions on them? When did you read them? Do you think this affected your opinion of them?
*This is purely for research purposes. I want to see if what I think about this holds true with other people's perceptions of the Alice stories.

2. what's the name of the song/ singer of the song from O Brother Where Art Thou? It's been driving me nuts. The song has been stuck in my head for days.
In advance, thank you for any thoughts on this!
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humidify me

do humidifiers really work? if you have one, would you recommend it? this winter, I've been getting a lot of nosebleeds and I'm thinking it's just the air here and I'm wondering if purchasing a humidifier would help.

also, apart from rubbing a bit of vaseline into your nose now and then, what are some good things to do to prevent nosebleeds? (not picking at it, etc...)

thanks =)

before i get up to go again...

I don't have an incontinence problem...but ive gone pee like so far 6 times since ive been at work and thats been since 7:40. I have to go again right now, so that would make 7. All I've had today was oatmeal, a banana and 1 cup of coffee. Anyone have answers to why this is? I guess I can search on the net for it, but thot id ask u first. And yes i know you arent doctors.. Omg cant stand it...gotta go!
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Buying a Used Car...

I'm going out today to look at used cars and decided to first do some research and put together a game plan. One car I looked at online (the one so far I'm really creaming myself over!) allowed a free car report through AutoCheck and no problems were found EXCEPT the exclamation point next to "Lien record(s) found". Below that, the lien was reported on 3/11/2004. What does this mean? I know what a lien is, but why would the report make this sound as if it's a problem to watch out for?
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age of 35

I'm turning 35 this year and have been wondering if there's any medical problems that can occur when u get to this age? I tried lookin it up, but havent found anything, capt pregnancy concerns. Thanx!
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Ok, I have to eat something... I'm really hungry and I have class in an hour. NOTHING sounds good.

What do you do when you have to eat but nothing sounds good?
What are your default places to eat out when nothing sounds good?

Oh Apple how you confuse me so...

Two questions.

1) In iTunes I have everything set to share my playlist but it doesnt show up on my roommates computer (I want to share with her so I can stop passing out my cd's to everyone) Am I missing a step or is she?

2) So, I posted about the battery issue with my iPod mini and now I wonder, I know if I sent it straight to Apple they'd replace it but I dont want a replacement (unless thats the only options then Id just sell the new mini) I want the 30gb (60?), has anyone ever had apple just credit you the amount of the damaged product so you could purchase something else from them?

(no subject)

1. where did the idea to spell "LiK3 tH15" come from?
2. when you see spelling like that - what is your very first reaction?
3. your thoughts on why people spell like that?
4. do you think this is continues in college and later on in life?
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What are some of your favorite online stores to shop for bikinis? (I can't wait for Summer, this snow is driving me crazy and the only way I can deal with being snowed in is go shopping online!)

I know victoria's secret...what else?


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Where were you born? Where do you live now? Have you moved a lot?

Me: Born in Brooklyn, NY and currently live in Newton, MA. I've moved quite a bit. I lived in a few places in NJ and a bunch of places in California.


I don't suppose any of you know of some way to determine whether or not one has a fever without access to a thermometer, do you? I'm feeling craptastic right now, but I don't have a thermometer with me here at college. Suggestions? (Well, suggestions other than going out and buying a thermometer, that is.)
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I have an electric stove, and I have to use oil to brown chicken. Last time I did it I had the # too high. If you have an electric stove, and have browned chicken before, what # did you do it on? Please hurry! Haha thanks :)
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C'mon, be honest now.

Who here really really didn't care/know about the oscars?

Me, I knew about it, but I just don't care enough to make a big deal about my favourite movie not winning anything/not being nominated. I liked it, and I don't need it validated by a silly little award either.
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Swedes for Germany?

I'm watching an old Saturday Night Live from 1989.

Dana Carvey opened with his George HW Bush impression. He mentioned the Medellin Cartel threatening to kidnap his (Bush's) family, and then talked about why his family was ready to defend themselves. He talked about Barbara ("She's ready to die. Cyanide capsule on that necklace of hers"), Dora (his only daughter), Jeb ("Packin' heat"), and Neil ("Knows 30 ways to kill a man. Seen it with my own two eyes - seen it many times.")

In 1989, George W. Bush was thought so little of that Dana Carvey didn't even bother to include him when parodying his father talking about his children. What does that say?


I just saw a VW commercial that was pretty weird, but made me laugh. But the WEIRDEST thing was that it "starred" Peter Stormare who says VW is "representing Deutchland" even though Peter is Swedish.
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brunette, blonde, or redhead? why?

i'm a female and have dark brown hair and have always been attracted to guys with dark hair as well. well, except for the one time in first grade. i wonder whatever happened to that blondie matt cipolla? haha.
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I'm lookin' for answers....

1. In songs (like "Fly Away" by Lenny Kravitz), how do they make that clapping-but-not-clapping noise?

2. Star Trek, Star Wars, or neither?
2a. And what's your favorite Star Wars movie?

3. Did you do anything stupid today? What was it?

4. If you had the choice, would you live in a brownstone in New York City, or in a cozy home in Colorado with no electricity?

Collapse )
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a few you are thequestionclub after all!!

1 - what is the weirdest food mixture that you know anyone to have eaten? i used to know a girl who would eat sandwiches with banana and mayonaisse!

2 - have you ever met up with someone you spoke to/met online? how did it go? see, i'm planning on meeting someone that lives nearby, we get on well alhtough we haven't spoke all that much. i'm pretty nervous...any tips anyone can give me? what if the conversation completely dries up?

3 - my hair is realllllyyy long and i go for the kind of punk/alternative look in fashion etc. any ideas as to what way i can style my hair for a change? i usually just leave it hanging loose

4 - what is your definition of a goth? i don't really have one yet

5 - what is your weirdest habit? probably sucking my thumb i think

6 - if you feel lazy and unmotivated, what do you do to make yourself more motivated to get things done?

7 - what songs do you want played at your funeral? probably flower of scotland or bohemian rhapsody!
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I'm doing a project and the required element is something green. What do you think of that either actually is green, can be green, the slang for is 'green'....anything. the more lateral, the better :)

thanks muchly in advance.

and if you can't help out, here's a few questions for fun:

1. what are you having for breakfast (or what did you have)?
2. favourite breakfast drink?
3. the perfect breakfast that somebody could make you?


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I'm getting a post and crown tomorrow for a root canal I had done awhile ago.. how much discomfort/pain/annoyance am I in for compared to the root canal? It seems like it shouldn't be as bad as the actual root canal, but I don't want to think it'll be fine then be surprised with hell, so any experiences would be apprieciated. Also.. what exactly do they do? I'm a little hazy on this.
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I've got a strange relationship that I'm not going to go into, but it's VERY complicated. But for now, let's use a metaphorical relationship.

So, here's my question: do you think love conquers all? Like, if you love someone, is it worth it to stay together no matter what is wrong with the relationship?

Let's assume that the metaphorical relationship has no abuse of any sort, and is entirely platonic.


Does anyone know what's wrong with my friend's Firefox?

He says: Firefox has started crashing whenever I try to download any file with it... it downloads websites and shows images... but you go to save a file... the whole thing dies. so I'm going to restart and reinstall. .... it STILL won't save anything after that, and it all started yesterday! I just uninstalled it.. deleted everything it left... went through the registry deleting everything Firefox related... reinstalled it... SAME PROBLEM. and all my bookmarks and plugins are still there too!
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Two things about this dress

1. what is your general opinion?
2. does it change if you know that it's actualy green, and made by john galianno for dior?

1. I actualy like this dress. It's an arcitectural catoure gown and it's fab.
2. When i found out it was green (the NYtimes has the only picture that i've been able to find of it actualy being green) i liked it alot better, and i knew it was galianno when i saw it.

chicken pox

What's the deal with kids/infants getting chicken pox vaccinations now?

I understand wanting to keep children as disease-free as possible, and i understand that some cases are severe and deadly, and this is true of any sickness. But it hardly seems worth the effort to wipe out a virus that has previously been considered harmless enough and easy to get it over and done with.

Perhaps it's more of a problem than i realize or remember?
I dunno. Help me out here.
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Name that video

There was a video close to 10 years old that was on MTV, I want to say it was of a hard rock or alternative genre, and the video ended with an old woman playing a hurdy gurdy and singing in a very drab voice just staring blankly at the screen. The video itself was of the band but the image kept flipping like you were on the inside of a machine and the band was moving around you...

Does anyone know the band/song???
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If I only had a name...

What should I name my image gallery? It's currently called Lora's Gallery. Which is not very original. I'm revamping it and getting a new and simpler script, and I'd like to give it a catchier name. It houses my icons, wallpapers, and screencaps, and perhaps eventually my stock photos. I have no clue what to call it, but I'd like something a bit better than "my gallery." I once had a gallery called snap!, which I liked, but it kind of fits a photo gallery better, since the whole snap thing kind of brings cameras to mind. I also once had one called starry-eyed, which I'm considering and which is my best bet at the moment.

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Assuming the only thing you had to go on was Collapse ) how old would you say I am?

The picture is from the summer but I look pretty much the same. People always seem to be horribly inaccurate about my age one way or the other. I really think I look my age

EDIT: I'm 18!
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I have a quote in Latin:

"Sentio aliquos togatos contra me conspirare."

I know what it means (I think that some Roman citizens are conspiring against me,) but has anyone any idea where it's from?
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Does anyone know for a fact (like you've done it yourself) which restaurants would give you a discount, free dessert, or something on your birthday?

Even if it includes you joining a birthday club or mailing list.

I know there's a "you can get these free stuff on your birthday" list floating around but I've called around and most of those places don't actually do those offers where I am. So I am looking for choices that you've actually done yourself, or friends have done.

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1. does anyone have any suggestions for fun or interesting lj communities?
my favorites are: brutal_honesty, ohnotheydidnt, baby_names, hot_fashion, thequestionclub (of course!), ljsecret, _altered_states, dobermans, breedists_no, piercing & too_much_info.

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Do you still see a pediatrician?
How old are you?
If not, when did you make the switch?
what's a normal doctor? how'd you find it?

I havent been in for a physical in God knows how long, should I go in to see my pediatrician while Im home. I always go see them last time I was sick (and home) which was probably when I was 17 or maybe 18. (Im almost 19)

Also, Ive noticed its become more frequent but every now and then I get this weird sharp pain in my heart gets worse when I take deep breaths...after a few minutes it goes away but they've become more and more frequent.
Something I should be worried about, and if so who should I see about it?