March 5th, 2006

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If you saw a girl crying alone in a coffee shop...
If you witnessed a minor stealing alcohol...
If you noticed someone smoking crack behind a tree in a public park...

...what would you do?

Looking for downloadable books

One of my roomates is really into the Anita Blake Vampire Hunter series of novels. I'm talking about how on Wednesday I got her the book that was released the day before and she finished it on Thursday night I believe. Right now she really wants to reread the series from the beginning, however our finances around the apartment right now are really tight so we can't afford that. Would anyone happen to know where we can go about to download these books online, preferby for free or extremely cheap? My roommate says she had found a site previously offering the books for download but now is unable to locate the bookmark. Any links or information or help would be really appericiated.

Thx in advance.
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eight questions inspired by boredom

1. There's an Allstate Insurance commercial that says something about how they won't increase your rates for having an accident and that this will contribute to more safety on the road... maybe I'm dense but how will not increasing the rates after an accident contribute to road safety??

2. I accidentally sent out an envelope with a 37 cent stamp because I wasn't thinking. What will happen to my envelope? Will it come back to my house? Will it have writing on it? It was a card so it had the special card-sized envelope that I don't want to have the embarrassing "You idiot, you didn't put enough postage on the first time!" message on it.

3. How many sheets of toilet paper do you think you use on average?

4. Do you consider popcorn a vegetable?

5. There's a new Gillette Fusion Razor with 5 blades. 5 blades!! Does anybody else think it's getting ridiculous? How many do you think they will go up to before they realize that they are putting an insane amount of blades on one razor? 7? 8? 13? hm...

6. Is Crystal Light actually healthy or is it one of those things that you think is healthy but is not?

7. Is anybody else on a nocturnal sleep schedule recently?

8. When was the last time you ate at IHOP? What did you have there?

candy questions

1. What is your favorite candy?
2. What is your least favorite candy?
3. How often to you eat candy?
4. List the original Starburst flavors from your favorite to least favorite. (just state the color, not flavor)

My Answers
1. reese's peanut butter cups
2. i don't really care for skittles
3. maybe about once a week or so
4. red, pink, yellow, orange
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So this is pretty much for the women.

Do you have trouble having an orgasm, or are you easy to please?

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Is there a way to learn to have multiple orgasms or is it just something you can or can't do?


i am considering joining americorps. have you ever done this? do you know anyone who has? do you have any relevant information on the subject? i have read through the website, i am just wondering if anyone has any personal experiences or anything.

what about the peace corps?

are there similiar organizations out there?
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1. I was buying hanging file folders for my filing cabinet at Staples yesterday and I noticed they charge more for different colors. For instance, the blue ones were $4.97 a box, but the red ones were $5.70 per box, and the black ones were $4.05 a box. They were exactly the same product, just in differing colors. Why do they charge more for certain colors?

2. For those of you who either work in a nursing home, or have a loved one in there, do they have activies all day long? We just put my Grandmother in one, and my relatives are grumpy and saying she sits around bored a lot of the time. In my opinion, she's just unhappy to be there so she's whining and they aren't supposed to be like Disney Cruises or anything, but i'm curious to see how others are.
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I still use hard disks.

Yeah, I'm lame.

I put files on the disk -- notepad documents, nothing heavy -- with a computer I no longer use about a year ago. Now this computer (Windows XP Home Edition) says the disk isn't formatted. I know it has stuff on it -- but I can't get to it, and formatting will erase everything.

Does anyone have any suggestions or am I out of luck?

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Situation: You are a single mother with a twelve year old son. You've been invited to a group gathering by your online chat friends. The gathering is for adults and will take place in a large city a considerable distance from your home. Family members (such as spouses and children)/relationship partners are not invited. There will be drinking, evenings out, trips to cultural events and so on.

You decide to bring your child along to experience the large city's history. Since you also plan to attend the main gathering, held in another group member's hotel room with a lot of drinking, you decide to allow your son to bring his best friend. They will be left alone in the hotel room while the adults party on a different floor of the hotel.


1. As a single parent, would you bring your child to a gathering as described above? Would you tell the other child's parents of your intentions or would you only highlight the portions of the trip where the two children would be supervised by you?

2. You are the second child's parent. Do you allow your child to go on this trip with his friend?

3. Should this parent bring her child on the trip or leave him at home with his grandmother for that weekend?


Our house is sort of built up the side of a ridge with a hall next to the rock (behind it)and 3 bedrooms along the front. Mine is the middle one and as such at no point during the day gets direct light, there is enough the mornings and evenings while the sun is somewhat low but at mid-day it gets darkish. On weekends i do all my work in my room but it gets a little depressing in the back corner where my desk is (and i have tried sitting other places :D). So... what can i do (apart from lights) to generally brighten up my room? Thanks - Lisa

laser hair removal and nachos

1. have you ever had laser hair removal? are you pleased with the results? what hair did you have removed? was it worth the money? how did you choose the doctor/clinic/whoever did the removal? what was the whole process like? i am considering having this done and would like to know what to expect.

2. if you ordered some specialty nachos off a menu, and in the menu it listed all the toppings, but when the nachos came out they also had jalopenos and tomatoes on them, what would you think? neither ingredient was listed in the menu. is this normal for nachos? this happened to me last night and i was annoyed, the tomatoes were fine but i didn't want jalopenos. i don't order nachos often though so i didn't know if that was normal.
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What are some fun/unique ways of using a journal or a notebook? My boyfriend bought me a cute one, but I use a Moleskine for journaling and creative writing. I don't want it to go to waste, however. Got any ideas? For example, one of my friends was going to keep a notebook full of things she wanted to do with and teach her future children. The only ideas I've had so far is using the journal to keep track of the pieces I have published (what it was, where it was published, date, etc), or using it to do random character sketches so when I write a story, I have a plethora of characters to choose from.

Got any more ideas? I have several little notebooks, so the more ideas the better!

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I wash my hair every second day, but on the second day, it always looks icky and a bit oily.
It really bugs me, because I know people who wash their hair every third day and their hair always looks fine.

I wash my hair with an oily hair shampoo and conditioner (Herbal Essence), but it doesn't seem to be doing much.
Does anybody know of some good oily hair shampoos/conditioners, or anything else I could do with my hair?

(I'm in Australia, so certain brands of shampoo I mightn't be able to get)

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I recently (like yesterday) got this stuff called Shave Secret and it works wonders.(Available at all participating Walmart stores and retails for $3.94)

you put it on your face and -I think-, wherever you want to shave, and then shave and it gives you an amazingly smooth shave, even if you have ingrown hairs.

note-use the 4 blade or more-gives a more closer shave without worry for accidental cuts.

however, it contains menthol,clover and vitamins a&e.
will this damage my face eventually?

also-how do you get rid of pimple scars?
not the 'crater' kind; more like the settled kind that just died out or accidently cut it while shaving but applied neosporin?

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I remember a while back seeing a test that determines your gender based on what you write, how often you use certain words, etc. Anyone know where I could find that again? I remember you could copy-paste things into it or link to a website (maybe just livejournals?) to find out what the likely gender of the writer was.

Are 12 hour shifts every day common in the Air Force? I have a friend waiting for medical checkups and stuff to go through before being able to come back home from voluntary discharge, and 12 hour shifts almost every day of the week just made me go wtf.

Ever had a culture shock experience, and if so will you tell about it? Just reading Culture Shock! Thailand's making me nervous about how much my brain's going to melt come August.
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I gained a little weight, then I lost it, but it still looks like I have the very beginnings of a double chin.

What can I do to tighten the area under my chin?
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Online journals and privacy...

I have had personal experiences where school officials have been informed (or worse yet, infiltrated) of the contents of my journal. This was back in junior high school, and I am in college now.

In those years, this has been happening to more and more people on a much broader scale. I can name at least three people in the past six months who have been penalized for expressing themselves in a journal. Yesterday, I had read that someone lost their job over something they had written on livejournal!

So, tell me. Anyone out there have personal experiences with this? How did you deal with it? How did it turn out?
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If its a sat or sun and you have nowhere to go and nothing to do, how long do you typically wait after waking up to shower and get dressed?

What time do you normally wake up when you have nothing to do?

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I just got a really old Nintendo... thing. (See here for a picture, if needed.) While trying to plug everything in to the right places, I came across this. This is probably stupid, but I really don't know what to do with it. I'm assuming I'm supposed to plug the part that says "TV" into the TV, but what do I do with the part that says "ANT."? Will I need to use an older TV for this to work correctly?

If you know of a community that's better suited for this question, please don't hesitate to say so. :)

And thanks in advance. :)

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1. My dermatologist told me not to use toner for a while. However, I was quite happy using this product called "Tea Tree Oil Freshener" in conjunction with my sensitive-skin-soap-that-isn't-soap to remove my makeup every day. So what is a good makeup-remover that is ok for very, very dry sensitive skin? I can not use anything astringent. Not wearing makeup isn't an option.

2. I use my laptop mainly as a desktop replacement and it would be nice to leave the (Li-ion) battery in the freezer to prolong its life. But when I take the big fat battery out, the laptop is rather wobbly on the desk. Is there a more stable solution to upright the computer, rather than propping it up with stationery items? I use Windows XP Home, if there's some way to leave the battery in but tell the computer to use AC power.

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So my boyfriend and I are moving into our first apartment on April 1st. It's gorgeous, i'm totally psyched for a million different reasons... but i'll admit i'm kind of terrified, as well.

does anyone have any tips for me? Just general advice would be nice. Things to remember... budgeting advice... things you wish you would have known..?

Thank you!!!!

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I asked this question here a few days ago, but didn't get it resolved. So here I go again:

I'm having trouble starting up my desktop computer... It's running on Windows 2000 Professional, and that's about all the stats I know about it.
I turn it on, it takes about 10 minutes to start up, and then at the "log into Windows" screen, it tells me that "they system cannot log you on now because the domain wolf_food is not available."

The day before this happened, the computer was working fine. But now I can't get into windows.
I've tried starting up in safe mood, and even that doesn't work. I've restarted the router and everything like that. I don't have a network; I cannot access the other computers that are also connected to the router. And I don't normally log onto my computer with a password.

I'm hoping I don't have to reformat! Anyone have a suggestion as to what might be wrong?

Cross-posted to a few places, sorry.

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1. For about a week now, I've felt fine, but have been blowing my nose like crazy. The mucus is sort of a dark yellow. I've been going about my normal business and feeling like my normal healthy self, except for the whole snotty thing. Any clue what's up with this?

2. When I was living in Asia, I hung out with a Scottish couple. They had a file on their computer of a very angry Scottish mother calling up a woman and going totally off the handle on her answering machine, saying things like, "If ye tek twenty quid from me son, I'll tek twenty quid from ye face!" In the middle, she stops and says, "Oh dear. I'm afred I've got the wrong number."

I can't find the file, and I've lost touch with the couple. Does this sound familiar to anyone? If so, can you send it to me? I'd love to hear it again.


How often do you clean your bedroom? I'm talking a thorough top to bottom cleaning...

Do you believe the state of your bedroom affects your mood?

For me, having a clean bedroom fills me with joy, and makes me feel like my life is in order.
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body questions

1, I have this tiny piece of skin next to my armpit which my mom says will develop into a mole. She also insists that I have to wait until it grows to get it removed. Is this true?

2, This one is more embarassing and mainly for the females. Is it normal to have little "mini nipples"/bumps around your nipple? How common is this?
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Well, after cleaning my bathroom, putting laundry away, and reading this post, I figured I'd ask another cleaning-house question. Do you have a set chore schedule, or do you just clean whenever you feel like it, or wait until the house gets gross enough, or what? If you do have a chore schedule, what is it?
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anyone know any good historical fiction books? (authors or titles)
I am most interested in royal history (including tudor england, romans emperor, romanov, etc).
I especially like stories with prominent women characters.

Besides Fast Food Nation, anyone know any good books dealing with the same topics?

What is everyone's favorite documentary movies, and what it's about?

What's the last movie you saw? Did you like it?
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The other night at a party, I stupidly dropped my digital camera one too many times. Now the bloody thing is broken, and I feel absolutely lost without a camera. So, I went to Target yesterday and purchased a cheap Polaroid digital camera, advertised at 3.2 megapixels.

Well, the damn thing is crap and takes the poorest quality photos ever. It has been used and is out of the package, but all the parts are still together. Would I be able to bring it back to Target, with the receipt for a refund? Or could I send it back to the manufacturer?

I need a good quality digital camera, but one that could withstand being tapped a bit. What does everyone recommend? Nothing more than $200.
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Oh my GOD!! You've gotta help me, I swear, I'll go CRAZY if I don't find this!

Ok, so it's a book, and I need to know the title. I started reading it while I was babysitting, and I didn't think to write down the title. Basically, I think it's about a girl who can see the future, and she's feared because of it? Maybe? It starts out in the palace, where the princess is flirting with the man who's going to marry her mother, and it starts out almost being a sex scene, but then the main girl walks in on them. She says something like "I see a gallows behind you" and walks off, or something. I think the title may have had the word emperor or empress in it. It was written in first person, if that helps.

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A few questions...

1. For my computer graphics class, we're supposed to re-do a DVD case for a movie. We have to provide ourselves with empty DVD cases, and then we work on the paper part that has the title of the movie, etc. Which movie would you re-do? Right now, I'm leaning towards Little Shop of Horrors, but I'm not totally sure about that yet. Any ideas for Little Shop of Horrors are welcome, and other movie ideas are welcome as well. :)

2. Where are patterns for crafts you can make out of colored duct tape (preferably somewhere on the 'net)? I want to do something moderately difficult, but there is no place that has any well-diagrammed patterns like that. There are lots of places that sell things made out of duct tape, but no place has somewhere that explains how the stuff is made.

3. I hurt my foot on Wednesday. I iced it down on Wednesday, and it is much better now than what it was on Wednesday. It's still sensitive, but that's about it. What can I do to speed up the healing process? I've worn an ankle brace, but it didn't fit my foot properly (and it wouldn't have done any good, anyway). I'm wearing an ACE bandage right now, and it's helping a little bit. Are there any websites that explain how to wrap your foot in an ACE bandage (as opposed to wrapping an ankle)?

... and the toughest question last.

4. If a rabid dog jumped the fence into your yard should the owner be held responsible? Should the owner be held responsible if there are young kids and another dog in the yard? How about if the rabid dog killed another dog a few days prior? Should the owner of the rabid dog be held responsible? There's a reason for this question.
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Where would I find AIM Triton in 'Program Files'?

I'm wondering where I would find the main program file for AIM Triton in my 'Program Files' folder under my C-Drive of my computer. My keyboard has special buttons along the top of it that I can program to open up different programs real easy, and I want AIM to be one of them, but I can not find the exact file I need. I have an older version of AIM still installed just for when Triton is being a pain, but that alas is all I can find. Any ideas would be appericiated.
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Movie Quote?

I hate doing this, but Google is not my bitch tonight, and IMDB doesn't have this quote.

In Save the Last Dance, Chenille talks to Sara (Julia Stiles) about how most young black men are gone by the age of 21 because of prison, drugs or drive by.

What excately does she say? It is driving me nuts!

EDIT: Got it, thank you!
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Folder problems.

*sigh* Ok. I woke up yesterday morning, got on the computer, and the toolbar at the top of all the folders had vanished. The one with the 'file edit view whatever' menus. The one below that with the buttons like the 'view folders' button. You know, the ones I NEED. There's nothing up there now except the thing with the window title.

I can find NO way to get them back, and I have no idea what happened to make them vanish. (I suspect my mother accidentally did something to them, but she swears she had nothing to do with it.)

I'm using Windows XP Pro.

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When you delete images from your camera's memory card, are they erased permanently or can they be recovered (like "permanently" deleted items on your computer that haven't been shredded)?

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So, for those of you who don't care about the Oscars (I know I can't be alone here), what are you doing instead?

I'm probably just gonna bum around the internets... maybe watch a DVD or something... nothing exciting :) Oh and waiting for 11:30 when the re-run of the Gauntlet 2 episode I missed is on.

This question is actually reserved for vaginas

Did any of you ladies (or males if you wish to answer) ever had an orgasm or started masturbating at a young age before you knew anything about this stuff?

I don't know because when I was 8 that's when I had an orgasm in my sleep and I found that if I just touched myself in a certain way I'd feel that feeling. It's kind of weird because technically I started masturbating at a pre-pubescent age...
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MISC: Go Ask Alice


  • Am I the only one not watching The Oscars tonight?

  • So there's this book I remember reading in middle school (when I was addicted to those $7 young adult paperbacks) about this girl who was cast as Eva Peron in her high school's production of Evita. And as it was a thriller, many creepy/gruesome events start happening per someone's effort to off her.

    I can't remember a title, author, or anything. But does it ring a bell for anyone out there?

    Because anyone who read it too is just the bee's knees.
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    so, right now, i'm a little stressed out from school and school obligations (i'm getting a master's degree in english lit), i'm wondering, are you stressed out right now? if you're not, lucky you. if you are, what are you stressed over?

    (no subject)

    What are some memorable, amusing questions you like to ask people when you're just getting to know them? The questions that are just beyond 'what's your favorite band?' but not quite as personal as say, 'when was the last time you masturbated?'

    Discussion topics work, too. Just pretty much anything that you think is a good way to fill conversation and get to know a person better.
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    If you were planning a slideshow of pictures for an organization thats been around 80 years this year, what song would you use as the background music? Something meaningful-ish.

    If you're feeling "blah" about your appearance, what do you do about it?

    Have you ever had a make up trial done at a department store counter? How do you go about getting one, do you feel obligated to buy something then, and did you like the results? (im tired of being plain jane)

    (no subject)

    Is the soundtrack of my life the name of a band? If so, could you direct me to a website?

    I've tried several search engines, but all I can find is either people's journals, or 'live' recordings of artists.

    candle dancers

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    I'm thinking about transfering schools. I currently attend Hunter College, a school in New York City with over 20 thousand students, no campus and no dorms, but with a large variety of classes. I don't like the fast atmosphere of my college and I have problems living at home and want to leave. I want to attend a school with a campus and live in a dorm. I want to study philosophy and literature. I know Collegeboard has a school recommendation section, but I thought maybe I could learn of a school here I might be interested in. From personal experience can anyone recommend a school?

    (no subject)

    I read this book a while ago, it was about a group of girls at a boarding school in Victorian England (I think, it was at least set in England, not too sure about the time frame). The girls are into the occult and dark magic, and one of them discovers that she has a talent for opening doors or something into some other place, that's like a paradise garden (maybe), and goes there frequently, but she shouldn't. The cover shows a close-up of a laced up corset. In the beginning of a book, there's a scene where the main girls mother is killed by some dark fluid thing, and there was something about an Indian guy. Green eyes were also important somehow? I think the name was something like "A dark and evil magic" or "A dark and deadly evil", but I could be really wrong. Anyways, does anyone know what book this is?

    (no subject)

    Some guy called my sister's cell phone asking for me. She did not know who it was and they did a number look up and the guy who called is from Tennessee. I only know one person from there and I don't see how he would have gotten her number. I was wondering if there was a way to find out who it was without calling them( I wouldn't know what to say) and without paying. Any suggestions?

    (no subject)

    Do you think that people tend to be more brutal/bitchy through internet chats than through real life chats? Are there things that would piss you off after reading them online, but that you wouldn't really care about irl?

    I think that internet drama is mostly attributed to the misunderstanding found in typed words (whereas irl you have expression/tone) example i can think of right now is some post that went like this:
    op- what is your favorite sandwich?
    lj user- i like bacon, ham, salami, and cheese
    me- that is so not kosher!
    lj user- Fuck off and don't tell me what i can or cannot eat, BITCH.

    i was obviously joking through my comment but the poster didn't get you think that had to do with misunderstanding or just personality?
    what about in general (that is, if you see a lot of unneccesary internet drama), what do you think causes it?
    OR Are internet users just more open to saying whatever they're really thinking because they have more anonymity online?