March 4th, 2006


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I'm looking for a college/university:

-not too big (or expensive)
-not too smart (I don't exactly have the best grades)
-can be christian
-preferably someplace that snows
-has to have dorms
-preferably in Canada, preferably not in prairies
-programs aren't that important cause I don't exactly know what I'm going to do yet....I'm mostly just looking into things as this will happen not the 06/07 semester but the 07/08 semester.

Any ideas?

Note: When I say preferably, don't let that stop you from suggesting something totally opposite.

Is there a website that I can look at that might be in some way helpful?
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Random questions.

1. Ok, so, I was in a chatroom once and person A called person B 'Paranoid'. At that point, person C flipped out and started going on about how that was a terrible word. I believe it turned out that he wasn't a native english speaker and he thought it meant something other than what it actually did. So, does anyone know what word he might have been confusing it for? I'm lost.

2. What's an Al Bhed? All I know about it/them is a. they have awesome eyes and b. they're from some final fantasy game.

3. I have this skirt in a thin fabric with vertical, brightly-colored stripes. It's beautiful, but the problem is that I never wear skirts. I want to cut it up and do something with the fabric so that I get all the pretty without having to keep this stupid skirt around. Any ideas? It's about ankle-length and a medium/large adult size.
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"Bump"ing? and wedding day

I was just reading a message board for a tv show, and all over the place I saw messages that just said "bump." What on earth does that mean?

And would you go to a wedding on the Sunday during Labor Day weekend? Say, Sunday afternoon, 2:00 or so? It's being considered to allow out-of-town family to have travel and visiting time. [becgueule proposed a couple of weeks ago... :-) and I said yes!]

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Okay, I need a proven-to-work(from experience), fast-acting hangover remedy. I dont have much of a headache, but my stomach is killing me and I can like, barely move without feeling like Im going to vomit. It cant have anything to do with eggs or alcohol. Thanks :)

Edit- I have band festival and I have to leave in like, 2 hours. Not the greatest situation haha.

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i think this was asked recently but i'm not sure how recently.

i've looked on google, but i want better answers.

i have a brown tshirt. 100% cotton. i just switched antiperspirants after finding one that finally works (secret, for the record) but it leaves really bad stains. apparently, in the wash, whatever residue was inside the shirt bled all over the general armpit area and the shirt looks pretty horrible right now. =/

what can i do? i'm not sure if it's stained or if it's had a bleach effect on it or what. it does feel kind of deodoranty so i guess it's just a stain. but if i wash it again it'll probably continue to bleed all over the shirt.

what works? have you seen this work with your own two eyes?
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My mom and I were invited to my cousin's bridal shower, but we won't be able to make it on that date. We're not sure how much we should send as a gift though. We're not close to her and her family, we just see them at weddings/large special events. Any suggestions on how much we should give for the two of us? Thanks.

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My coolant light has come on in my car.  The owners manual says to fill it with the standard mixutre of water and a special brand of coolant... not using that coolant will void my warrenty it says, but I bought it used, so there is no warrenty.  Can I just use any brand/type of coolant?  or should I go for this special kind?  I'm not even sure you can just buy it, and it costs an arm and a leg to take it to the dealership I'm sure. 
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Sooo, I'm home ailing

and I thought I would use this time to ask for advice.

I'm scheduled to do the children's story time at my local book store, and I need some kid's books recommendations. The audience varies in age from infant to pre-k, these litle monsters are usually accompanied by very judgemental nannies, and housemoms who won't hesitate to complain if story time isn't up to snuff. I'm filling in for a story lady who usually closes out the story time with a rock and roll song, and she's a tough act to follow.

So my official questions are,
What should I read to the monsters to keep them at bay?

What songs should we sing?

Should I try to include a popular music song, and if so, which song should we sing/dance?

Thanks much for all the suggestions so far, and all the suggeestions forthcoming.
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Do you have any internet enemies? If so, how did it start? Do you think they pose any threat to you in real life?

I'm a little intrigued: I've had pissy little fights with individuals, but never had a fullout war declared.
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Poll #684666 Easter?

You're not Catholic, but your in-laws (that you're spending Easter with) are. Do you

Suck it up and go to church with them.
Skip church because you don't believe and they should respect your wishes.
a third option I haven't thought of that you'll describe in the comments.

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A couple of times, it's been asked, who would you go gay for? The answers are always interesting. Now, my question is directed at the gay guys and lesbians in this community. Who would you go straight for?


I have this Apple II emulator, and I keep getting stuck in Oregon Trail just before Fort Laramie. The game tells me to flip the diskette to side 2 so I can continue. The only problem is that I don't know how!

So how do you "flip a diskette" in an emulator? Anyone know?

Edit: Answered, thanks!
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have you ever made fresh salsa?

i've eaten it, and i want to make it today, but i need a recipe. there are tons online, but if anyone can RECOMMEND one, i'd be grateful!

(and yes, i'm about to look in cooking communities)
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Calling in a favor/ Networking for job/ Tacky?

Hello everyone!

I'm applying for a state job and have walked for the mayor in parades, handed out brochures and helped put up signs, but I don't personally know the mayor and I don't know if anyone in the office remembers me.

Should I call the party office and ask for help/ ask someone on staff to put in a good word for me?

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I have an ipod mini and now, less than a year later the battery is crapping out on me.
I have taken it to best buy and had it sent to Apple to be fixed (we bought Best Buys repair plan) I asked them while there if they could just credit me what I paid and Id just purchase a 30gb because Ive heard of the battery problems with mini's. They said not unless it cant be fixed.
Well, I got it back (a month later) and it isnt fixed, when I picked it up from the store it wasnt charged and once I charged it I thought it was fine until I walked to class and it died 3 minutes into my walk. So, they obviously couldnt fix it, we dont have the replacement plan but do you think they'd do it anyway? They said they would but I recognize this is apple's fault.

I also live an hour away from the nearest Best Buy so going in repeatedly gets old...and expensive.
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I went to see Ultraviolet yesterday, but the stupid theatre messed up the reel. About 1/2 way through, they'd spliced it in backwards so everyhting was in reverse - the audio, the image was upside down and in reverse. I got a free ticket to come back, and I liked the film but I didn't like it so much I want to sit through the first half again.

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This is an odd question but I can't find the answer anywhere!

I have a verizon phone, I have a texting plan, but I have no clue... how do I find out how many txts I have used already this month etc.?

I know there is some number you call but I can't find it anywhere... anyone know?
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Just curious....some people use the words "expecting" and "pregnant" as two not-completely-different, but still different, things. So my question is:

What do you consider to be "expecting", and what do you consider to be "pregnant"? Or is there a difference in your mind at all?
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perceived obligations

1. If you found out that someone you worked with lived two blocks from you and was taking the bus while you drove, and you offered to give them rides, with the person never asking you to drop them off or pick them up (just walking from wherever you parked, etc) or otherwise go out of your way, would you expect gas money or some kind of compensation? Would you feel the person was taking advantage of you if they didn't at least offer? (For what it's worth, 12mi. daily round trip.)

2. If you returned someone's lost pet, would you expect a reward, feel the person was cheap (or whatever) if they didn't offer one?
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can fish get cataracts?

Highlander, my dwarf honey-painted gourami, has identical light spots, one to the pupil of each eye. you can see them from the side, but they do appear to be inside. it seriously looks like cataracts.

I'm going to be so annoyed if it's ick again. goddamit, i keep my tank warma nd salty to avoid that crap.

Disabled Family Member?

Do you or someone close to you have a family member who is "disabled"? Do you feel the need to inform people about them before they meet that person?
My dad has a degenerative spinal condition and walks VERY slowly with a cane. He can't really get around without "The Cane" in an open area, but can move around his house fine by keeping a hand against a wall or countertop for balance.
He works full time and needs zero assistance with anything at all, but my mother feels the need to tell people about him before they meet him, like she's warning them or something. Like they're going to gasp in horror at the sight of a man with a cane.
Growing up it never occured to me to tell anyone "about him" before they came to my house, or saw him somewhere.
I also have an aunt whose brain grew faster than her skull, causing her to be 46 years old with the mentality of a 5 year old. She'll never be able to advance cognitavely past that level. I never felt the need to explain her either.
What's your experience with disability in your family?
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Satanists and gifts!

1. Do you know of any families raising their children as Satanists? Are there any Satanic children's books, like "My First Book All About Satan" or something like that?

2. I really hate these types of questions, but I'm at a loss here:
I want to get my boyfriend something "special" for our anniversary but have no clue what. I want it to be something he can keep for a very long time (if not forever). He likes gadgets, but has them all (iPod, Nintendo game thingie etc.). He doesn't like rings and already wears two beaded necklaces. He doesn't have any piercings. He doesn't like watches. He's a 24 year old Libra, if that helps any. Anything like chocolate or food will be eaten before you can even say the word. I can knit, but I don't know if he'd wear anything I could make him. Oh and he apparently likes blue, even though he's colour blind.
He plays the cello and World of Warcraft. Any ideas? I have a month....
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Why are so many people abusive (physically or verbally)? How much of it do you think is learned behavior, and how much of it do you think is innate? Do you think being abusive is part of human nature?

Do you think that being twitchy and/or emotionally hypersensitive can be a result of being abused?
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1. When you lived with your parents, did they ever tell you they felt unappreciated when your room was messy or did not hang up your coat?
2. Do you listen to National Public Radio?
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MP3 go where?

Has anyone had MP3's disappear on them? I downloaded a song, played it. Went to do some other stuff, then went to back to play it again later to find it wasn't there anymore. I thought maybe I deleted it along with a couple of other files I deleted, so downloaded an undelete program - to find that wasn't the case. I know I'm not alone here because others are having the same problem.

Does anyone know anything about this or how I can recover the file?
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Has anyone gotten an abscess on their body and had to go get it sliced and drained? Is it really horrible and painful? I have a huge one the right side of my stomach that wraps around my side, a large one right below my right elbow and one towards my left wrist.

They are absolutely disgusting and I'm in so much pain D: D: D:

I know I probably need to get them drained but they hurt so bad and I'm scared.

Movies related

Who's the more irritating bunch?

-- Narrow-minded, stupid people that like all the dumb-comedy or mindless mainstream movies?


-- Pretentious hipster-types that only watch movies that rarely anyone heard of and feel superior to people that didn't watch them?
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Would you rather be considered cute or hot by the opposite sex?


If you chose Neither or Other, please explain.

Do you think the opposite sex prefers someone hot or cute?


If you chose Neither or Other, please explain.

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