March 3rd, 2006

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Pretend it's still Thursday, and do my second Oscars poll!

This one doesn't actually have anything to do with the upcoming Oscars, it's arbitrary competition among the last 5 Oscar winners in the big 6 categories. On the actor questions it's up to you if you want to vote by their specific work in the nominated performance, or your opinion of their acting in general, or their personality, or their fashion sense, or the annoying sound of their voice, or whatever.

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Now, out of all those actors, who had you totally forgotten was an Oscar winner? Heh...
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Do any of you use an internet service to rent games?

I just finished my Gamefly trial, and I wasn't very happy with it. The games took over a week to ship (!), and for $21 a month and only two titles out at a time, it wasn't working for me. I go through games really, really fast, so waiting a week to get a new one just.. yeah no.

Right now, I'm looking at Gamerang and NumbThumb, although RedOctane and GottaPlay are options at this point as well.

What're your opinions on those, or other ones I might've overlooked? (My systems are: PS2, Gamecube, DS, and the only reason I won't use Blockbuster is because they don't rent DS games.)
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So I woke up this morning to find out that one of my cats had peed on my bed. Joy. It’s not like the first time this has happened either. In the past little while my cats seem to have relocated their litter box onto my clothes or various other places in my room and I have no idea what’s going on.

Because they started doing this (I think it was when we got a new litter box they didn’t like), I started cleaning their litter boxes (we set up their old one as well) pretty much every day. The area around the boxes is clean, and there’s nothing I can see that is putting them off it.

We’ve had them on a diet food for awhile now, which they don’t really like. Our cats tend to be rather vindictive, so it’s possible they’re expressing their displeasure in the food, or lack thereof.

I just have no idea how to get them to stop it. If anyone has suggestions I’d be grateful. That, and how to get the smell of cat pee out of things.

*sigh*, and I was looking forward to sleeping in this morning...
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Redken Dye:Devleoper Ratio

Hey all... I'm going to bleach and touch up my hair tomorrow and I have an important question... What's the ratio for Redken dye to developer? It says to consult Redken literature on the bottles of dye, but that's all at school - which is closed for the week. :( Um, help - preferably from someone who's used Redken before...

I am pretty sure it's 1:1, but I've also got 1:1.5 in my head, but I think I have Redken and Nexxus Aloxxi mixed up. BAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! X(

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Papa Roach

1. In the song "Getting Away With Murder" by Papa Roach is he saying "I feel irrational" or "I'm feeling rational"? I'm guessing it's the first one.

2. I like their music but don't follow the band. What's the lead singer's name? I know he went by one thing for the first album but didn't he change it?
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I'm at school right now and certain sites (, for example) are blocked. As are sites like
So my question is, is there another way I can access these blocked sites without using annomous proxy site thingies? :P

(I mainly want to use, or
My eyes burn


Has anyone ever gone on the same diet twice only to get different results?

This is my second time going on the south beach diet and I'm seeing absolutely no change in my body. The scale says I've lost 8 pounds (in 9 days) and I know that's waterweight but like I don't feel any slimmer or less heavy, but I've been using the same scale the whole time so...I don't know.

The last time I was on it during the summer, I could see the difference and I was excited and so I kept strictly to it.

The whole time I've been on it (sorry for making it sound like I've been on it for months and months when it's only been 8 days but they've been a long 9 days) people kept trying to be like "oh it won't hurt your diet to have some potatoes." "I made some enchiladas!" "I just made some homemade cake" "Holy god this homemade cake is the best thing I've ever had" they keep trying to tempt but I refuse. I haven't strayed. But I'm just feeling more and more utterly depressed and my stomach is always hurting.

It just sucks, I'm not happy ahha.

rare questions...i think

1. If you live in an apartment or community townhomes/condos, when xmas time comes around, do you get scared when people purchase fresh xmas trees in fear that they may cause a fire?

2. Even if you're not religious, do you always or sometimes say Bless You after someone sneezes?

3. Have you ever celebrated PRIDE, participated in the parade? If not, would you like to?

4. Do you have one of those stickers on your car such as: Support Our Troops or the colored ones? If so, which one(s) do you have?

my answers
1. every year
2. sometimes if everybody around says it
3. no, but have future plans in going to San Fran see it.
4. no, none
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Parents and kids

Parents: What is the most irritating people said or did while you were pregnant/expecting?

Non-parents: What is the most irritating thing parents/kids do in stores and restaurants?

Just out of curiosity...

And to make sure my kid isn't annoying you.

the little comrad's room

1. i refer to the restroom as "the little comrad's room" - (some call it the head/john/latrine/WC/toilet, etc...) what do you call it?
2. what smell bothers you the most?
3. grungiest bathroom was where and why was it like that?
4. does it bother you to clean the toilet bowl in your own home? if so, why?
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College-bound Shopping

One of my roomates is graduating from high school this year and will be going away to college in the fall. She also turns 18 right before graduation. I was thinking of getting her something for her dorm-life, but um... I've never had the dorm experience, so I have no idea of what one would need in a dorm.

Assuming that she's going to have little space, what would you suggest?

Also, would it be lame to get her a pass for the bus [MUNI] system? She doesn't drive (at least not yet, by choice) and even if she did, she's expressed great fears about driving in San Francisco. (Can't blame her - I've lived here my entire life and I still hate driving in San Fran.)
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My daughter is in track. Im in Southern Cali and looking for the best place to find a track and field shoe. Any stores you know of that carries the running shoe for track? BTW she's 9.

Movin' on down

What advice would you give to someone moving out of their parent's home for the first time?

My college apartment doesn't count. But I understand the process of setting up utilities and having roommates to lower the cost (see below). I plan on relocating to the Baltimore/DC area. I'm not very familiar with either city apart from their tourist hot spots. Any specific advice for the area would be doubleplusappreciated.

Also, does anyone have any experience living platonically with a member of the opposite sex? Good/bad idea? What's it like and how does it differ from rooming with people of your own gender?
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I've been doing an internship for the last 5 months and there's a possibility that it will end next month. It was originally supposed to end April 6 but the manager likes me and wants to extend it to just under a year. HR has already approved the extension but the board of directors needs to as well.

I'm not going to bet all my money on the BoD approving it since they're trying to cut down on money, so I'm starting to hand out my resume to a couple companies and temp services.

Now because I'm merely an intern I can get a letter of recommendation. My manager already said she would love to do that for me. But I was wondering if I am allowed to get more letters of recommendation from other people I've worked more closely with?

I see my manager about 5 minutes at best a day and sometimes I don't see her at all. So I'm not sure how in depth her recommendation is actually going to be.

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I am looking for advice on a salary range. I have no clue at all what to start at and didn’t know if anyone here had an opinion. I will put most of the details behind the cut. Basically, it is a construction job. My position is admin assistant/project engineer.

The longer version…
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Thanks for any input.

Medical questions

1. Let me preface this question by saying that I am completely aware that the question club isn't a substitute for an actual doctors opinion. That being said, I'd like to know what you guys, based on any ailments you may have had in the past, think I have. My symptoms are fever, sometimes severe sore throat, horrible body aches (especially my neck), headaches, and no energy whatsoever. This is completely different than any other sickness I've had in years. There's almost no congestion and no sneezing like when I've had colds in the past. I work in a nursery and the flu has been going around there. I can't remember the last time I had the flu so I wouldn't know if that's what I may have. What do you guys think?

2.Do doctors usually run blood work tests or give you any kind of injections when they diagnose you with the flu?
The reason I ask is because my health insurance covers the visit after a co-pay but only covers 70% of any x rays, injections, or lab work. Like I said above,I can't remember the last time I had the flu so I'd like to know what I'm getting myself into money wise before I make my appt.

Thanks in advance.

3. I forgot to ask... does a person absolutely HAVE TO go to the doctor if they have the flu? Is there really anything a doctor can/will do other than tell me to get lots of rest and drink lots of fluids? I hate going to the doctor for many reasons and if I can fight this at home on my own I'd rather do that.

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My friend just recently broke up with her boyfriend of 3 years. During those three years, they had a child - now almost 2 years old. She has been seeing this new guy for the past two weeks, and there's something about him that disturbs me.

I think what he is wanting is an instant family. He is already talking to her about wanting kids with her, and has completely stepped into the dad role for her son. The plus side about him being around is that their son is actually being properly discipline, and has a more normal sleeping pattern. What I don't like is how he feels he has a complete say in how this kid is raised. He has been in the picture for 2 weeks, and when my friend tries to do things, he'll put his two cents in. For example, she thought the kid might have been hungry. In the process of making his food, he said, "Don't you think it's a little too late to be giving him food?"

From what I know, the reason why his last relationship died out was because he wanted a family and she didn't. Now he's with my friend who has a son - instant family.

I don't know if I even have a right to tell her what I think of him... or give it some more time.

I just feel he's in this relationship for all of the wrong reasons, and I don't want my friend getting hurt.

What would you do?

Fear and Respect

This is a repeat of a poll I did in 2003 and got very odd results on.  On a whim I decided I would put it out there again to see if I get more rational numbers this time.

Poll #684200 Power and Fear again

Did Pope John Paul II have political power?


Was the Pope feared?


Was the Pope respected?


Does the Dali Lama have political power?


Is the Dali Lama feared?


Is the Dali Lama respected?


Explain any answers you can.

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So everyone always says that highlighting your hair is like, death to hair. Same with acrylic nails. How long does it take for your hair and regular nails to become healthy again once you stop doing that stuff to it? IE, if I got my nails done today, they fall off two weeks later and my nails are ruined, but I don't get them redone, how long should it take for the nails to go back to the way they were before I had them done? My nails are fairly healthy now, and I really want to get acrylic tips because they're so pretty but I don't want to damage my nails permanently. If it's just temporary damage that lasts until my nails grow out more, I'm fine with that. Thanks!
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I have had neck pain for years.  It's usually fairly achy, but the general consensus among non-medically trained friends is that something is very slightly out of place, which irritates the muscles there.  It often feels swollen (internally) and the lines of tendons have been mistaken for bone they are so tight.

I have seen a doctor about it when I was in Germany, and she just told me to do neck exercises, which I do every day anyway.  I also rub it, apply heat and try to stay fairly conscious about things like posture and how I sleep.

Today, I twisted it weirdly and it's kind of seized up.  The pain is sharp and nerve-like and I can't rotate it or tilt to the left at all.  Applying heat and massaging it hasn't helped, and I can't move it at all to do any exercises.

I can't afford to see a chiropractor or a doctor and I'm kind of worried.  Before I take the jump and have to end up broke for the rest of the month, is there anything I can do to treat it myself?  I'm thinking that I will have to just go, but if there is anything else I can do, I would rather take care of it now.

And yes, I do intend to get it treated professionally when I can.  Right now, I am awaiting my green card, which means I'm not allowed to work and I can't get insurance.  I'm living off my partner's paycheck and we just don't have enough money for medical treatment unless it's absolutely necessary.

EDIT: Thank you for all the advice, I appreciate it. We're going to see if it's possible for me to be added to my husband's insurance that he has through work, and we'll get it checked out this weekend if possible.
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I came home from work, and someone else in the house started doing some repairs, and the chemicals they're using fucking reek. I've tried spraying air fresheners, and it covers it up for about a minute. I can't open the windows because it's about twenty degrees outside.

Does anyone have any suggestions for getting rid of this smell??? I swear it's starting to burn my skin off.

Edit...I've opened the windows, but it doesn't seem to be helping very much.
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Sometimes if I take a Stacker, or some sort of dietary stimulant, I will feel a soreness in my shoulders, back, and sides when it wears off. It intensifies when I breathe in. Does anyone know what may cause this? Thanks!!
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1. a. Those of you who are married, do you still celebrate your dating anniversary? If so, do you celebrate it differently from your wedding anniversary?

b. Married or not, do you celebrate/honor any anniversaries that aren't just when you started dating/got married? What are they?

2. Every time I've dyed my hair, there's been something in the instructions that admonished against using foil or a metal clip to hold up my hair up while the dye is in, and yet every time I see someone get highlights, the hair-person wraps the hair in foil. What's up with that?

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If I'm sitting here in a Panera connected to a WiFi connection, and my friend is also here with her laptop but doesn't have a wireless card in her computer, BUT we have an ethernet cable that we can use to connect our two computers, is there anyway that she can connect to the Internet via my wireless connection?
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I work at a day camp as a counselor. Last summer, at another campus, a counselor broke her arm. So this year, they are requiring all employees to fill out a health form. On every health form that I've had to fill out, they ask you to list out every medication you are currently taking. I am currently on a mood stabalizer, but I'm not very comfortable with my boss knowing that. I can't really say that the medicine is for anything else, since its only other use is to prevent seizures...and I don't want them constantly worrying that I'm going to suddenly have a seizure. I also don't want them constantly worrying that I'm going to have an emotional breakdown either (which I won't be, I've been on these meds for over a year with no problems). I know that it's possible I could get fired if I lie, but I am almost positive that they won't know if I do. I know that I have secured this job and there's no chance of them denying me because of my meds (which shouldn't happen in a job, but I think it's still possible) and the job does not provide health insurance, they just need to have the health forms so they can tell the paramedics, should there be an emergency, if there would be any complications. Should I put my mood stabilizers down, or not?

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I'm looking for a CD. I don't know the name or the artist, but the cover has a drawing of a line of red pine trees on it. I realise this is a long shot, but hey, worth a try.
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Two Mac-related questions:
  1. Is there a text editor for Mac OS X that fails to suck? I've been using Vim since I got my Mac a few years ago, and I've yet to find a graphical editor that I actually like. Ideally, I'd like something like a native OS X version of SciTE, but at a minimum, I'd need something that does syntax highlighing for PHP/Perl/HTML/CSS/JavaScript.
  2. Is there a way to launch apps without having to use the mouse? In Linux, I have my window manager configured to bring up a little widget that lets me type in the name of the app that I want to run. As I type in stuff, it suggests apps that match what I've typed in (kinda like text-entry on some cell phones). For me, it's much more efficient to type Ctrl+Alt+P fire[enter] (or on Windows, Winkey+R <name of application that's in the system path>) than it would be to open up Macintosh HD:Applications and double-click on the Firefox icon. Spotlight sorta does what I'd like to do, but it's slow and shows any filetype that matches, instead of just applications.
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Dairy free.

So.. I have to cut dairy from my diet. Boooo. =(

I did a google search to try to find a list of what all might contain dairy but all I could really find was the basic milk, cheese, yogurt, ice cream, etc.... so,

1. What might I be surprised to know that contains dairy? Do thinks like boxed-mix cakes and brownies contain dairy? And cookies?

2. What are some ideas for quick meals and snacks that are dairy free? Other than fruits and veggies and nuts...

(no subject)

1. why is it when there is an area/slot for shopping carts at the grocery store parking lot, people don't return them to that spot?
2. what is your favourite health-food snack? favourite junk food snack?
3. what do you think GOD is thinking every time someone does something stupid?
4. if there was a battle between ronald mcdonald and jack-with-the-big-head from jack-in-the-box, who do you think would win and why?
5. what do you think a dog is thinking when he/she is laughing?

2 completely unrelated questions

Thanks to all that gave me advice in my earlier post. Sorry to be asking twice in one day but I'm desperate for an answer to my first question:

1. Does anyone know of any home remedies for relieving the pain of a sore throat other than tea(which makes me nauseous sometimes) and throat lozenges(which make my teeth hurt). Help. I'm in mucho amounts of pain and I've still got 2 hours to go before I can drink some more Theraflu.
and on a totally unrelated side note:
2. Is the magazine Real Simple put out by the same company that does Martha Stewart Living? 'Cause they sure do look alot alike (same fonts and everything.
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Does anyone know how much damage serious caffeine abuse (and I do mean abuse) can do to your body. I have a friend who goes through at least a pint of espresso a day, with a few cups of brewed, and caffeine pills on top of that. We're starting to get worried.

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Is it possible to rent just the vest and tie from a tux at a place like after hours formal wear?

My boyfriend and I are going to his fraternity formal in April, and he has a tux with a cummerbund and bow tie from when he was in orchestra in high school. I would love for him to be able to match my dress though, without renting a whole tux that he doesn't need. I'm planning on just calling and finding out in the morning, but I'm curious right now if anyone has heard of such a thing (or even knows about how much it costs)

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a Doctor Who question.

So, the Sci-Fi channel is going to start showing the new Doctor Who series, and it looks pretty interesting. Thing is, I've never seen the original series and wonder if I'd be lost. Do you think it'd be possible for me to start watching now and not be confused about anything?
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For those of you who watch American Idol:

On a scale of 1-10, how inebriated do you think Paula Abdul was on Thursday? 

I just watched the results show (I taped it) and I was very confused about the whole fortune-cookie-melon-moth thing, but I googled it and there were no explanations, not that I expected anyone to know what was going on.  Do you have any thoughts about it?

It's been a while...

1.What did you get on your SAT/ACT/other standardized test for college?

2.What is the one thing you look forward to that gets you through the week?

3.How often do you change your journal's layout?

4.What was your first choice college and why?
b. Did you get into it?

5.Do you know of any businesses where you can apply online? (Coldstone, etc.)

6.Wheres the best place for a 17 year old to find a job?
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