March 2nd, 2006

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So, I'm applying for jobs at different colleges right now, particularly in the northeastern U.S. All the jobs are in the residence life departments of the schools. I'm wondering if any of you are familiar with any of the following institutions, and what you might be able to tell me about them from a personal point of view?

Of course, i've done my research online, but you don't always get that personal perspective by online research.

1. Kent State Univ. (OH)
2. Lebanon Valley College (PA)
3. Oberlin College (OH)
4. Slippery Rock Univ. (PA)
5. West Va. Wesleyan College (W.VA)
6. Binghamton Univ. (NY)
7. Case Western Reserve Univ. (OH)
8. Goucher College (MD)
9. Medaille College (NY)
10. Univ. of New Hampshire (NH)
11. Univ. of Pittsburgh (PA)

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Does anyone know if incense smoke is as bad for your lungs as second-hand smoke from cigarettes?

If not, is it bad for lungs at all?

What is incense made of?

Thanks in advance.
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The Receptionist Classic

Who Are You?

Do you know your ethnic make-up?
If you're like me and don't, does it bother you?

All of my friends know exactly what they are and it drives me nuts that I don't. My ancestors apparently were in some ancient witness protection program or something because we cannot trace back to any other countries except for the US. So when I say I'm American, white as can be, I don't mean it in that 'White and Proud!!!' way. My grandmother has been doing searches for decades and can't come up with anything. (Although my dad's grandfather was born in Wales, but his family was from the US, but he happened to be born in Wales. Way to make things confusing!)
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Roman Griffin from the Boston MFA

Rodney King

I'm more interested in the younger members perceptions. College age and younger. I have my reasons, I promise.

What do you remember about the Rodney King incident?

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I know a wiener man
he owns the wiener stand
he sells me everything
from hotdogs and down

One day I'll be his wife
I'll be his wiener wife
Oh how I love that wiener man!

I remember singing this in my childhood.. is it from anything? Or did my friends make it up?

Minor Injury - hospital or clinic?

Edit: I've decided to go to the hospital and get it checked out -- that way I can save myself a trip! Thanks!

We had a lot of freezing rain last night, and I fell on the concrete walkway as soon as I left my apartment building this morning. I banged my left elbow pretty bad, and I can't lift anything with my left hand. It hurts to strighten out and to bend my arm, but I can still rotate it, so I know I didn't break anything. It basically feels like a bad sprain of sorts.

Should I go to outpatients (aka the hospital, where I can it x-rayed if need be) to get it checked out, or should I just go to the nearby clinic (since I'm pretty sure an x-ray is not necessary, but the doc may still want one)?

I just don't want to waste anyone's time, but seeing a doctor would help my case if I need to take a few days off from work.
maxx love

ANSWERED!! Thank y'all so much! ^_^

I let my sister use my computer, and I'm not sure exactly what happend so bear with me if there's not enough information.

I do know that my video acceleration has been tured completely off and that when I go to the display options and click "advanced" there's this error message:

an exception occured while trying to run "shell32.dll,Control_RunDLL "C\WINDOWS\System32\desk.cpl",Display

How can I fix this or at least temporarily get around it?

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this is the first month in the past six years that i won't be able to make my credit card payment in time. it's due the 6th and i don't get paid until the 10th. what steps, if any, should i take to make sure the late payment isn't counted again me?
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My eyes burn

cheese bread recipe?

The biggest thing I remember from high school (funny that it was just 2 years ago) is the cheese bread at lunch every Friday. Holy crap, it was like the only good thing they made.

Basically it was rolled up so when you looked at it, it looked like a spiral (think of a cinnamon roll) with cheese melted on top of it. You'd dip it in marinara sauce and it was delicious and then when you got into the middle, there'd be a big goo of various cheeses.

Does anyone know of ANY recipe like this? I want to make it sometime and it's killing me haha. I've looked through and I can mostly find recipes for the breadmaker, or used on french bread with cheese put on top.

I want a spiral damn it! I want to surprise myself and ahhhh tasty.

Sorry, on the South Beach diet (going on the second week) and food's driving me crazy. I keep thinking of everything that's utterly tasty and yummy and I just convince myself that I can have it not too long from now :)
real men read


Based on a recent post, if you were fine with having an interracial relationship, how do you think your family/friends would feel?

Do you think there's a generational difference when it comes to multiculturalism and race relations?

If so, why do you think this generational difference exists? What brought it about?

When do you think you first took on your attitude of race tolerance/intolerance?

Collapse )
Theresa Fallen Over You
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Any ideas on how to get a program from my laptop to my home computer without using a flash drive, internet, floppy, or cdrom?

(I can't find my flash, the home comp doesn't have internet, the laptop doesn't have a floppy or cdrom drive.)

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the bottom eyelash part of my right eye keeps twitching...i'm under a lot of stress...

what happens to you when you're under a lot of stress?
what's a major stressor in your life?
where do you take refuge?
who/what helps you cope?

thank you for answering
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questions about changing my name

so i am about to go to court to finalize my divorce and i need to decide what to do about my last name. i'm definitely not keeping his (even though i really like and am used to it now)and i don't know that i really want to go back to my maiden name - 1) i don't LIKE it and 2) i'm not particularly close with my family anyway. i thought about taking an older family name but i didn't like those either. my best friend and i spent a long time thinking of potential new last names for me and i settled on one that i really like: st. pierre (don't ask me why, i don't know!)

so my questions:

1. what would you think of someone in my situation who just out of the blue chose a totally random new last name? would you think i was a total weirdo?
2. if your last name was st. pierre and you learned that some weirdo like me had just picked it, would you feel offended/possessive of your last name, and possibly annoyed that i had "stolen" it?
3. when you have a last name that starts with "St.", is there ever a time when you actually spell out the word "saint", like on your driver's license or signature or anything, or is it ALWAYS just "st."?
4. if someone in your family made this decision, would you feel offended, as if they were turning their back on your family and saying they didn't want to be a part of it anymore by giving up the family name?
5. what would my initials be? would they be JS, JP, or JSP?
6. do you have a last name that starts with "st."? what are the pros and cons of such a last name?


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1. I believe this is Japan, but what are those restaurants like, the ones that have a conveyer belt and you just take your item off?

2. How long would it take for a letter to arrive in London, after being mailed from the States?

3. What is a really ridiculous lie you told? Maybe I'll share mine, depending on the responses I get!

Amish hypothetical

Let's say you were a young Amish teen. Your whole life up this point was focused on family, tradition, morality, labor, practicality, etc. You live in a fairly tight community, all bound by the small town lifestyle. Now, Amish tradition says that when a person reaches the age 18 (or somewhere around there), they're allowed to go into the city (ie, the outside world) and explore the rest of the world, for one has to choose to be Amish, and without understanding what you'd be giving up, it wouldn't be fair. So you're 18 and have a free pass to go into the city and see how the other half lives. You've seen cars drive by, but never seen so many before. Skyscrapers, movie theatres, fast food joints, megaplex store outlets. The works. It's all new, and you're both excited and frightened. You were raised in a moral, conservative environment, and that doesn't seem to relate too well here. But, if you're male, there's lots of attractive women who aren't wearing bonnets and knee-length dresses. If you're female, lots of attractive men without beards who dress nicely. Everywhere, there's nice clothes made of soft materials you've never seen, in colors you've never seen. There's sights and sounds and smells that are foreign but appealing.

Now, seeing what lies beyond the Amish borders, would you go back? Pandora's box has been opened. Things to consider:
-you have no money, marketable skills or experience. Once your 'mad Amish money' runs out, you'll be homeless
-everybody you know is back at home. Friends, family. You'll never see them again, most likely. They'll not want you coming around if you've strayed from the faith and are not repentant

Remember, you're Amish. You don't have the upbringing you have now, so you have to put yourself in their shoes. You go from familiar, comfortable routine in a small town to unpredictable, strange, exciting but disorienting experiences in a space larger than you can imagine. So, would you go back?

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Is anyone subscribed to the Wall Street Journal online? There's an article in the paper my supervisor showed me that is amazing, but it's too large to photocopy and you have to pay to get anything online. I don't want a year's subscription, I just want this one article!

I was wondering if anyone was subscribed to it and wouldn't mind accessing the article and sending it to me?

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Do you plan on using livejournal for the rest of your life? Supposing LJ lasted that long, anyway.

Can you see yourself checking out thequestionclub when you're in your 80s?
Happy Eternal Moon

Michael Jackson

When did Michael Jackson stop being "cool"?


I think he did it too; I want to know when you stopped thinking his music was good, if at all. Was it after he was "Bad" or when you couldn't tell if he was "Black or White", or before or after that??
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Hey guys,

Okay, my typing speed is around 90 WPM.

I just got back from a data entry speed & accuracy evaluation, which I have to take before I can interview for this new data entry job, and my results were 9000 keystrokes per hour.

I want to know how well I did on the evaluation, compared to my usual 90 WPM, but I don't know how to compare 90 WPM and 9000 keystrokes per hour. Does anyone know how these equal up to eachother?


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Okay, so I have this all black sweater that's startign to fade... It's not as black as it was upon purchasing it, probably due to just washing it so many times.

My question is, how can I get it to be black black again? Is there a way I can dye it?

bathrooms and amusement parks.

So..for some reason..public bathrooms have been a topic of conversation among some of my,now I'm kinda curious..

1.when using a public restroom with three stalls would you go in the first,middle,or last.
[I always go in the last one..I feel better there]

2. Do you use paper towels or hand dryers when given the choice between the two of them? or is there something else..?
[I almost always use the hand dryers.]

and on a different note..

3.what's the last amusement park that you've long ago was that?
[last place I went to was Tivoli in Copenhagen..summer '04..ahh,it's been awhile.] you take sandwiches/snacks in a backpack or something if you go to an amusement park? what do you do with the backpack if you go on rollercoasters or something.[I know sometimes you can just go on wearing the backpack..but it seems like for some rides,that's not an option.]

I hope that's not a stupid question..I just can't remember what I've done in the past....and I'm going to six flags this'm trying to figure out the best method of bringing in some peanutbutter sandwiches or something.

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When I was younger I remember my Dad singing me a song about a man who built a giant sausage-making machine and turned all the neighborhood pets into sausages. One night he crawls in to the machine to fix it, but his wife is sleepwalking and turns it on. I can only remember the line "and all the neighborhood cats and dogs will never be seen again". I'm I delusional, or does anyone else remember this song? Or know the lyrics?

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Why do criminals sometimes get sentenced more than one consecutive life sentences? For example, today on the news someone just got sentences "11 consecutive life sentences." It's not like they're going to live for more than one lifetime! Life in prison without parol is good enough.

Maybe it's a christian thing? He'll go to hell when he dies, and then the devil will keep him locked up for 10 more lifetimes. Then after that, he'll be free to roam hell or something. :p

Or, maybe they'll keep his rotting corpse in the jail cell for 10 more lifetimes after he dies, as a kind of "symbolic" imprisonment?

Yeah, I really can't think of a logical explaination. Anyone know? Thanks!

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1. for those of you that have a tattoo, what did it feel like when it was being done? and how did it feel after?

2. did you have a nightmare last night? what was it

(i dreamt that i was at the beach and i saw a shark swim under me :\

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1. The Killers have this song called "All These Things That I've Done" and part of the lyrics go I got soul but I'm not a soldier. Did they make this line up or did it come from somewhere? Maybe I'm going crazy but I feel like I've heard somewhere else before.

2. I'm making a flyer advertising babysitting. Should I include my age? gender? the fact that I'm a college student? have a clean driving record? Anything else (aside from availability & a phone number)?

3. My friend Adam and I sometimes will just sit somewhere and make fun of people (usually pre-teens, it's just so easy) who are dressed weird/acting less-than-intelligent because we are really mean like that. Does anyone else do this or anything like it? We can't be the only ones.
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On several water fountains at my school (Hamline University, if you care), I have seen strange symbols on the water fountain lever (what you push forward to release the water), the basic outline is this:

E (only the middle line is slanted diagonally through)

Does anyone know anything about this? I'm assuming it's just the company name.
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I have to write a demonstration speech to deliver tomorrow. It has to be 5-7 minutes long. I have no talents other than juggling and playing the bass, neither of which I'll be able to give a 5 minute speech on.

So, my question is: what should I do my speech about?

If you have any ideas for relatively easy five- to seven-minute recepies, that would be perfect. But I won't be able to use a stove or and oven or a toaster or a microwave or anything of that sort.

NOTE: problem solved, thank you guys very much!
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What's the deal with the ending of National Lampoons Vegas Vacation?

The old guy playing keno apparently has 2 heart attacks, whispers something into clark's ear (apparently telling him to take the ticket), then he 'dies'...clark tells ellen that the old guy said to take the ticket. Then the old guy wakes up again and winks at you think that he's just kinda fooling so that clark can take the money and be a hero to his family or something...but then the EMTs come in and say he's dead.

I don't friggin get that part...if anyone knows something more about that part of the movie, I'd love to hear what you think.
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1) How often do you wash your jeans?
Maybe this is gross, but I don't wash them until after ~10 wears or more.

2) How do you wash your jeans?
I turn them inside out and take them for a spin in the washing machine.

3) What are some specific food products that you just can't live without? Be specific
Trident citrus gum, kashi go lean crunch, kashi go lean crunch bars, fuji apples, dannon lite n fit yogurt, costco's muffins.

4) What do you think of shoplifting?
It's too profitable/easy not to do it, and the statistics show: millions of americans do it every year. Even when I'm walking down the aisles, I can see evidence of stealing: ripped off pieces of barcodes, opened packages, torn tags lying in the wrong sections. As long as shoplifters pay the consequences upon getting caught, I don't frown upon the activity. Maybe shoplifting isn't fair for the store owner/other customers, but the law is fair, and caught shoplifters will be prosecuted accordingly. And therefore I don't frown upon shoplifting - to me it's more like taking a risk or grabbing an opportunity (while recognizing the consequences), squeezing the most out of life and acting in one's own self-interest.

Name that spaz dancer!!

Who the heck is the chick in the new Pepsi commercial with Jimmy Fallon? Where they are dancing on opposite sides of the street, and then when they meet up on top of a vehicle, Jimmy throws her in the air, and she never comes back down. I KNOW I know who she is, but I can't think of her name. I keep thinking Sarah Silverman, but that's just because I love her the little tiny-est bit, and think I see her everywhere! I know its not really her, but every time I think "Who is it? Is it Silverman? Oooh, I like her - I'm going to go find some of her stand up on Limewire." Then I get distracted & forget, until I see that blasted commercial again!

So who is it?

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1. if it requires a uniform, is it a worthless endeavour?
2. what type of execution would you be interested in bringing back?
3. what is a good philosophy to have?
4. what's a good way to cure the hiccups?
5. what are two of your favourite oxy-morons?
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Hey maybe you guys can help me.

I need to know the artist of the r&b/rap remix of Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb.

Do you know anything about this?

Thanks for your help

EDIT: not the Scissor Sister one, thanks. This is definitely R&B or rap. Maybe not comfortably numb? Maybe another Pink Floyd song....?

Addendum: Still haven't found the song or artist. I give up!
Summer puppy by ninneve

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According to my future roommate, I will need a Wireless "G" Adapter to be able to get hooked up to the internet in our apartment.

1. How would I find out if I have one on my computer already? I have 2004 Dell Desktop, and I currently have dialup, though it did work with T1 connection at college.

2. Where would I get one if I don't have one?

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In the movie "The Prince and Me", with Julia Stiles (playing character Paige), what does Paige's friend (actress Elisabeth Waterston), write on the paper that she smirks and holds up to show Paige in the library? I know this question is a little vague, but for those of you who have seen it, you probably know what I'm talking about.
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College! It's crazy!

I am a high school senior about to graduate in two months, and I've basically got two choices as to what I can do for college.

The first option is go to an instate university (Marshall) with a science college that has my preferred major (geology), and just get a bachelor's there and start working after that. The school is an hour away from where I live now, so I'd have to live on campus and put up with a lot of the people from high school I no longer get along with. It wouldn't be outrageously expensive, and I know the school is not too particularly challenging.

The second option is to go to a private university (University of Charleston) in my hometown that does not have my major, get a degree in something useful in terms of a future career in geology, and then go to graduate school somewhere for a higher degree in what I want. I get scholarships for being in the university's high school collaborative program, but the school will still be expensive, and I'll have to continue living with my dad while I'm there. Not to mention the added expense of graduate school.

What would you do?
Any suggestions?
For those of you in college now, what are you doing?
Is it too late to move to South America and live off the forest?
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I was reading Johnathan Strange&Mr Norrell by Sussana Clarke and in one scene of the book a dress is described as having the sky on it. This made me half-remember a story that I read as a child but can't remember.

Does anyone remember a fairytale in which a princess(es?) gains or has a dress with different weathers printed across it, I think it might have actually been literally made out of the sky.

Cover letters to someone you know

I'm applying for a job where I know the person in charge of hires pretty well - first name basis and all.

How do I address the cover letter? Dear First Name or Dear Mr. Last Name?

edit: have applied! Formal manner. He wrote back to me tons more casually. :P

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I'm having a strangely death-full week so far and I have no idea how to comfort these people.

Last weekend, one of my friend's cousins was murdered. He is not exactly my closest friend, but I think he's a great guy and I really care about him, but I have absolutely no idea what to say. Being 16, I haven't had much experience with death and grief.

Also, my other guy friend, Max's, birth mother died last night. Max is adopted or in foster care I think, and his parents are really strict. I was totally shocked that they made him come to school today considering his mother had died. I can tell he is really upset (he just got up and left class for 15 or so minutes after telling me he didn't want to start crying in class like he had a few hours ago), and I want to help, but yet again I have no idea of how to handle this type of situation.

Any type of suggestions on helping my friends through this time would be really great.

Thank you.
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(Debatable opinions in bold)

"Morality is only made apparent when it conflicts with your choices. When reason tells you to do one thing, and morality says another, you are expected to do the moral thing, in spite of coming to a different logical conclusion."

Example: If you find a wallet on the ground in which the owner is obviously nowhere nearby and no-one else is around, you are still expected to give it back, even if there is money inside. The satisfaction you get from giving the wallet back is not directly because you gave the wallet back; it is because you did the moral thing. In opposite, the expected guilt at keeping the money is because you did NOT do the moral thing. The reward/punishment for the act is only caused by having the morality in the first place, making it logically circular to be moral to be rewarded. A totally amoral (not immoral-just without a moral code either way) person would take the wallet and be better off than the moral person in the same situation, no matter which action(keep or return) the moral person chose. The amoral person would only gain money from the situation and have no emotional reactions either way, gaining resources and losing nothing.

Now, having said that...

1. If you do NOT agree with the bold sections, what is the flaw in the argument?

2. If you DO agree with the bold sections, or at least have a similar train of thought, what purpose or value does morality then have?

turtle not again ~obsessiveicons

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So, my boyfriend is a big dork (and I love him) and he wants to teach me and another girl how to play D&D tonight. She and I never played before. He went over the various kinda of characters with me last night and told me to think about what kind of character I want to play.

I'm kinda confused about this whole thing. I know he's explain it more tonight, but I want to be a good girlfriend and show him that I'm putting an effort into one of his hobbies. So, any suggestions?
coexistence ex.

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How do you study? In what position? On a bed? On the floor? Sitting at a table? What kind of table is it? In what room? Listening to music? Alone? In the library?

I have really bad study habits.... i think the best studying position for me is on an uncrowded subway train. At home everywhere i go i am uncomfortable and i am distracted by the stillness of the library.

(no subject)

So, there's this kid.

Socially awkward. Totally inept at human contact. Except, hey, he's very clever and witty online (makes me wonder about some of you...) and whatnot. He wouldn't be ugly if he tried to put any effort into his apperance. Like showers or soap or clean clothes.

I never liked him much. I don't like people who are very different in real life than how they are online. But I tolerated him and could joke around with him when we were hanging out in our group of friends.

So, now we get to the relevant information.

He's head over heels for this girl who is way out of his league. She's gorgeous, intelligent, and terribly sweet - too sweet. She can't bring herself to tell him to fuck off. He's been pining away for oh, nearly two years now? But just recently he found out that two girls had crushes on him (don't ask me why, I find him to be amazingly repulsive) and decided to date the 'cuter' one. They've barely been going out a week. He asks said girl, who is adorable and sweet and almost illegally young, if she will give him a handjob. She said yes, despite not really wanting to. Now here's the question...

Do I have the right to punch this kid in the face? I mean, I've wanted to do it before what with all his constant moping and annoying as fuck repeated 'funny' phrases and comebacks, but now he pressured his barely girlfriend into getting him off even though they'd barely been dating at all and there is ZERO emotional attachment on his part. Or should I do something more along the lines of kick in the balls and flay alive?

edit: To clarify, because everyone's all uppity, I'm more concerned with the notion that the asking for sexual favors won't be stopping any time soon. And she's not likely to grow a backbone. Which sounds harsh, but hey. I suppose yeah, I could keep my nose out of it. But if you were a really naive, eager to please teen girl and you were just pressured into giving a handjob and were afraid of being pressured further, wouldn't you want someone to step in? If she said anything like, 'back off', I would. I just would like to have one less female in the world who does not have an unhealthy relationship when it comes to sex.
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(no subject)

okay. i'm really desperate.

can anybody tell me what song goes: Heeeeey Lilah.. Or Lila. Something like that. I know it's little, but does it ring a bell? Anyone?

sweet jeebus! thank you people! i love this community! ♥
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Simba turns

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I signed up for a magazine subscription using instant billing (I gave them my debit card no. and they bill me instantly unless I call and cancel the subcriptopn). But I remembered that my card expires in April. Do I need to contact the magazine customer service to give them the new card number when I get my new card?

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Long story short:

Our Sony Vaio computer has a fried motherboard. What is the best route to go: buy a new motherboard? or buy a new computer? any other options?

Where would be the best (aka cheapest/reliable) place to purchase a new motherboard?

(no subject)

Does a chai latte have caffeine in it? Or, does it have enough caffeine to count? I have my period, which caffeine excasrcerbates, and right now I just want to curl up with some hot chocolate, but it's Lent. So, does it have enough caffeine to count?

(no subject)

1. What is your favorite flavor of dum dum?
2. If you had another sibling, what would you want them to be like?
3. How did you get your last wound?

my answers:
1. Root Beer!
2. I would want a brother who is 3 years older than I am, and more outgoing than my sister and I am. I'd want him to have fun sweatshirts I could borrow, too. It would be cool if he played a unique sport like lacrosse or rugby.
3. I skinned my thumb trying to scrape ice off of my car. It didn't stop bleeding for quite a while.
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1. Did you have a senior quote for the yearbook in high school?
2. If so, what was yours?
3. If you had to re-do your senior quote, or if you never got to have one in the first place, what would yours be?

I have to turn my senior quote in tomorrow, and I'm not sure what I want it to be yet.


Where can I get some cute / nifty-neat / pretty stationery?

I have a few pen pals and I write letters often. I've tried eBay, but it seems like their selection isn't too great.
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Total randomness

1. How should I go about convincing my mother to let me get my monroe pierced? (I can get it done legally in a month, but I'd rather have her permission. I'm nearly 16 and I've healed all my other piercings (nostril, navel) perfectly, never forgotten to clean them, don't play with them, etc. I really want this done)

2. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal? (Yes - My black kitty "Artist Formerlly Known As" and my white fluffy bear)

3. Am I the only freak who has full conversations with her cat? (I think so)

4. How'd you wear your hair today? (I wore mine in plait-pigtails with butterfly clips in them - my psych teacher dared me)

5. How can I be entertained?(Besides asking questions here)
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Used Cell Phone

I just bought a new cell phone because I was getting crappy reception with my old one. Any suggestions on what I should do with the old one, the antenna is mostly broken, but works sometimes...

I know I could google, but yeah, I'd rather hear about something that someone else has done first hand.

(no subject)

My best friend is the lead in our school musical. He has a really good ear and so do I. Neither of us have perfect pitch, but we're pretty damn close. The part is really high and some of his notes are flat. Should I tell him?

What should I say?
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(no subject)

I've got a pubcrawl next week as part of a big 'get to know everyone in your course' thing for uni. Essentially, I think the drift is that we go from bar to bar and have a drink in each one. My first pubcrawl - so I've got no idea how one should dress for this.

So, firstly, what should I wear to a series of bars?

And secondly, does anyone have any pubcrawl horror stories or tips they'd like to share?
Good and Evil

Informing the family- what's the process?

Watching CSI always leads me to ask strange (and usually kinda morbid) questions. I know not everything on the show is accurate. And I've tried Googling these questions, but from what I hear, the protocol changes from place to place and situation to situation. So, what do you know about the following things?

1) If a person dies in an accident, murder, etc. who informs the family? A random police officer? Some specially trained officer who deals exclusively in notifying families?
2) How do they inform the family? On TV, two officers always come to the door and tell the family, but I've also heard of people just getting phone calls to come identify a body.
3) It would seem to me that just coming to your door or calling and saying "Your loved one is dead" might lead to a case of mistaken identity. What if it's not really their loved one? Are families asked just to come with the officers and identify a body, without being told exactly whose body they may be identifying?
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I'm in a book reading slump. For those who have read A Heartbreaking Work Of Staggering Genius, could you recommend something similar? Obviously not a carbon copy, but in the ball park. I used to be into classic literature, but I'm in a modernist phase right now.

I'd be super greatful for any help! :]

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how old were you when you had your first serious romantic relationship?

i haven't had one yet, but i'm 17 so i'm assuming that there is still time for me. although, most of my friends have already had one/are in one.

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Does anyone listen to the music from the musical "25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee" and also watch the show 24?

There's one point in the song "Second" where William sounds like Edgar from 24 and I wanna know if I'm just crazy or if other people have noticed it.

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I have an English project. We are reading The Inferno, and my project is to come up with 9 circles of hell. Each circle represents a different type of person that I want to send to hell. I'm having trouble coming up with original ideas. So far I've come up with thieves and paranoid people.

Any ideas? What type of people would you want to send to hell?
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One of my friends is heading off to OU(Ohio University) this fall, and everytime she mentions where she's going to anyone, they respond with, "Oh! Second best party school!" So, if that's true, what's the absolute number one party school in the States?
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