March 1st, 2006

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1. Where have you resorted to peeing when you couldn't find a bathroom?
In a plastic bag from The Body Shop while I was in my car in a Target parking lot. I'm gross.

2. Do you like pistachios?
No, but I like pistachio flavored things, like muffins and ice cream.

3. How often do your socks match?
Mine almost never match, unless they're visible to others.
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Have you ever hated the person you're madly in love with? Not just a passing anger, but friendship ruining hate.

So much that never want to see them?

Do you try and rememeber the good times or try to forget them completely?
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Anyone have any suggestions on great places to eat in Seattle (My range of driving is from Tacoma area to Bellevue area, I won't go farther for food haha)? More so on the expensive/formal/nice side.

Also any nice bed and breakfast places (or spa resort type places) in Washington in general you'd like to recommend?

My fiance comes home in 15 days and I'd like to take him out somewhere nice for dinner since we've never actually gone somewhere really nice...where we could dress up :) I have that 10 year old inside still that LOVES to dress up!

Hyenas and my mother

My mother, who I suspect isn't all there, insists that she watched a show on the Discovery Channel about hyenas and she quoted them with much feigned authority (it was the DISCOVERY channel after all tra la) that hyenas can change their sex at will. She said, and I quote, that hyenas are predominantly female because the females KILL the males at birth, indeed even in the womb itself, and then when they need to breed, a female will change to male, breed with the females and then TADA! change back into a female again. Now, I have been on this earth a long


time and I have never ever heard this startling bit of news. So, getting on the internet, I thought that I would see if she was full of what the cows leave behind or on drugs or something and I see that it is a quite an ancient myth that many people still believe in. To quote one of hundreds of sources: Myths about hyenas originated from confusion about their sexual activity. Male and female mate just as other mammals do, but male and female genitalia are quite similar in appearance. One theory holds that the female has a large amount of male hormones to increase her aggressiveness. Whatever the biological reason, the confusion inspired claims that hyenas could change sex at will. So, printing off a few sources and giving her the facts, she still insists that that is what she saw on the Discovery Channel and she stands by it. Has anyone else see this show on tv or should I just give my mother a great big hug with a long-sleeved white canvas coat?
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So, I forgot to take my glasses off before I went to bed, and now they are nowhere to be found. I am legally blind without them, so taking notes in class and driving to work later will be interesting. (Thank God I learned to type off the home row, otherwise I wouldn't be able to do ANYTHING :-p)

My question is: What object have you lost, that just happens to be a necessity for your day? Where did you end up finding it again?

EDIT: The boy has been going "HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONK" in his sleep all. night. long. What's the weirdest thing your bed partner ever said while they were asleep?
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ok...let's say you have a new job ambition. you are qualified, you need and want the increased money that comes along with the new job, you need the intellectual challenge that it presents, you don't even mind putting in extra work to prepare yourself for it. It might even make you more of a solid citizen, which is also a reward.

why do i keep putting it off?
what in the world is keeping me from pursuing it?
how do i break through and become successful at this?
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I'm a sophomore in English II Gifted. Our teacher has just informed us that our end-of-the-year project is going to be a debate of sorts: we all must pick a person (any person, as long as they'r real) and we will be put into groups of 3 or 4 and be forced to debate a topic chosen by the upperclassmen.

This person should be someone who was (or is) influential, but can be ANYONE.

I've come up with a few ideas so far: Oprah Winfrey, Kurt Cobain, John Lennon, Hillary Clinton, Harriet Beecher Stowe...

Does anyone have any suggestions or agree with any of my choices?

Thanks for the help!
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Marriage & Children

You've met a wonderful wo/man, s/he says:

1) I don't ever want to get married
2) I don't ever want to have children
3) Both of the above

Do the different statements change the way you approach the relationship?

Would any of the statements make you end the relationship?

spanish books

How do I find a Spanish version of a book? I need some Spanish copies of Nothing but the Truth by Avi for ESL kids in my class. The ESL teacher at my school doesn't know where to look. So far I can't even tell if any exist! I have googled and searched amazon and barnes and noble. Are there any other resources I don't know about?
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Really random

Say the draft is reinstated. The military won't accept you if you are overweight by a certain amount, right? So would being overweight get you out of military service, or could they force you to lose the weight so that you could serve? What could they do if you didn't?
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You know those icons lots of ppl have on here where they have a scene and go to the next scene, and so forth? How are those made? Also, how can you take a clip from a video and turn it into an icon? Is there a specific software I can download? Help! Thanks. :D
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1. Fish question: Why, oh why, will spatter not eat the food i specifically bought to make his fins all pretty? Eat the bloodworms, spatter. they're good for you. (he still eats the other food.. but he spits the bloodworms out.)

2. Strategy question: My dorm is holding a game... if you saw the oldish movie Gotcha, kinda like that. I've registed, I have an ID number, any minute now the website will open and i can put my ID number in. I'll be assigned a total stranger, and I am to hunt this person down and whap them with a plastic spoon. Then, this person will give me the information for the person -they- were going after, and I'll hunt that person down... All this while not getting hit myself.
I've already removed my picture and room number and class list from my facebook profile, and made it so only my friends can find it. Any more suggestions? (ideas for coaxing strangers out of their rooms would be nice, as one's own room is a safe zone)

3. Girly question:Collapse )

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At about 3AM this morning, I started vomitting and having diarrhea, I thought it was just like a normal cold or something but there are some other factors that lead me to think I have something else.

I've got a fever, chills, my abdomin is sore and I've started to vomit just bright green stuff which is Bile I think. I also can't drink or eat anything as I literally vomit it straight back up.

My friend mentioned food poisoning, does it sound like I have that?


p.s Sorry if I grossed anyone out =/
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How much to sell computer for?

How much would you say is a fair price to sell my computer for? It's a Gateway Desktop...don't really know much about computers, but I haven't put anything into it as far as programs or upgrades, it came with Windows XP. I bought it for $1200 two years ago from a Gateway store, at that time it was one of their "new" models in the price range.
So how much would you say?
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Microsoft Word tells me the wording for this is correct, but it seems foreign to me:

"neither of them knows Japanese nor is very willing to learn it"

if you can guess what movie I'm talking about, bonus points!
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Questions that occured to me at work

1. Are you one of those people who takes 30 napkins and then leaves 28 on the table because you never needed 30 to begin with? Why do you do this?

2. Would you ever use the napkins that had been sitting on the table?

3. What is quite so hard about getting sugar into a 3-inch diameter coffee cup?

4. If you wanted food, and the line was out the door and around the corner, would you stand in it? Our line often wraps throughout the store, out the door, and about 10 feet outside (somtimes more). I can never quite believe why people stand in it. (The place in question is a fastfood restaurant with an average wait time of 6 minutes on a small line and 18 on a line that is out the door).

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Would you like to take my Oscars prediction poll!?

Even if you haven't seen a lot of the movies, just go with what you think based on buzz you've heard or how you liked the movies you *did* see. Or abstain. There's no "I haven't seen that" option.

In the event someone gets all the "will win" questions right, there may be a prize, though I make no promises.

NOTE! the fourth question says "Michelle Williams" but it means "George Clooney", so just pretend I didn't screw up my copy/paste. :\
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Do you have any more thoughts you'd like to put in the comments? Like, anyone who wasn't nominated who should have been? Anyone who was nominated who really *shouldn't* have been? Anything I should ask in future Oscar polls, if I do any? Whatever, go crazy.

Two unrelated questions

1. On Friday, I'm going with two people in my college band to my alma mater to recruit people into the band. Public speaking terrifies the crap out of me. Whenever I talk in front of a large group of people my voice shakes and I physically shake. What can I do to calm down?

2. I hurt my foot/ankle this morning. My foot buckled when I was going down a staircase, but I was holding onto the railing so I didn't tumble down the stairs. The side of my foot hurts, my big toe hurts, and part of my ankle hurts. My foot doesn't look swollen, but I can tell a difference when I put shoes on. What can I do so I can fix my foot?

Thank you!!
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What ingredients are good in stir fry? I don't need recipes, just ingredients that tend to turn out well in stir fry. (We usually just experiment by throwing in different veggies, spices, and meats each time).
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I can't seem to update my yahoo profile.

I log in, go to my profile, click on edit profile information and I get: "create new public profile" with all blank forms. how to I edit the profile I already have?
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Can't Believe I'm Asking For Tech Help

I am getting a new computer. It comes with Windows XP Home Edition. Now, according to what I'm reading about what comes on it, it doesn't have such things as Excel or Word, Power Point or Publisher.

Just so happens that I have this CD set here for Windows XP Professional. (Somehow we ended up with three copies of these at work. We don't ask.)

Could I pop this into the new computer and load Excel, Word, etc on there?

(Please don't poke fun - I'm coming from using Windows 95. XP is a shiney new and very confusing world for me.) Thanks!
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lead me

please sir, i want some more!

a. I'm singing at a wedding reception on Saturday. Not like, singing one song dedicated to the newlywed couple, but singing with the keyboardist who I assume is sequencing everything... I'm not sure. Either way, it's gonna be a rockin' good time, but what the hell am I gonna wear? I'm thinking my nice jeans, a dress shirt, and a blazer, but I could be wrong.

b. I'm learning to play guitar. I'm sort of... impatient. I already know how to play piano, so it's frustrating as all get out to not be proficient at making music on this six stringed thing. However, a couple of my favorite songs require a capo and I don't have one. Even though I only know a few chords but have the motivation to learn some more complex fingerpicking stuff, should I go ahead and pick one up or would it just be a waste at this point?
ETA -- do i need a special capo for a D neck guitar?

c. How long has it been since YOU had a school lunch? I had my first school lunch in 5 1/2 years today with the pre-k early intervention class I observed. Grilled cheese and vegetable soup with an apple and a chocolate chip cookie. Ain't nothing better.
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Me--State Fair

feeling lost...

I found out yesterday that my therapist is no longer at the counseling center I go to. I've been very upset about this and I'm not taking it real well.

Has this happened to anyone else? Is it rational that I feel this way? (I saw her for about a year.)
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who wants to do my homework for me?!

Rituals are meaningful, emotionally-engaged actions performed by members of a group. In traditional societies, where members share common beliefs and values, the meaning of a ritual is obvious. In pluralistic societies, where emphasis is on the individual, it is more difficult to determine the meaning of a ritual. Give examples of two traditional societies and their rituals. Give examples of two pluralistic societies and their indeterminate rituals (rituals which are less solidly ingrained in the society, or which can have more than one interpretation). Then state what you consider to be the benefits and/or costs of these rituals to their societies and the individuals within the societies.

ok, so maybe not do it, but what are some traditional and pluralistic societies? i've got japan and the us already... for yall that are worldwide (not in the blasted us)... what do you consider your society? what are your rituals?

help me?

also, so as not to be totally selfserving in this post... what are you having for dinner?
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They don't make 'em like they used to....

What are some products that have gone above & beyond the call of duty for you?

1) In highschool I got this first generation Panasonic Shock Wave CD player for my birthday:

That was in 1996, TEN YEARS AGO, and it still works as well as the day i got it. It withstood daily use banging around in my backpack in highschool, same beatings in college, and now i use it in my car with a tape adapter. This Shock Wave stuff will not die. It's incredible durability is the main reason i don't own an MP3 player yet. How could i just pack it away when it works perfectly? It may go through batteries a little faster than modern portable music players, but no way will they be as sturdy or last as long.

2) In 1994 my parents got a separate phone line for me and my sister. We were both given cordless phones for our rooms. I still have that phone. It also lasted as my main phone through college, and it still is today. My dad can't believe it, 2 or 3 times a year he'll call just to ask if i still have the phone. My sister had to toss hers a few years ago when she broke the antenna off, and has gone through 3 other cordless phones since, but mine keeps on going (it's also by Panasonic). I guess they don't make 'em like they used to.

Both of these things have stood up so amazingly well that i emailed Panasonic last month to tell them that they kick-ass.

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I just started a new job this week, and one of their benefits is the ability to buy their common stock each month. How do I decide if this is a good deal to take, and how much to invest, if any?


What can I use to seriously exfoliate the soles of my feet?
I want them to be soft again.

Any tried and true methods out there?
Pumice stone maybe?

Nothing expensive, but I need effective.

Hell's Librarian


What are symbols (non-religious, or at least nothing that isn't fairly commercial) for the month of March?

It's for small drawings on a poster, and for work (hance the lack of religion)

~ K.
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Did anyone record American Idol tonight?

Would anyone be willing to upload Taylor Hick's performance from tonight on American Idol? That's the only part I need. I got home just AFTER he got done, and I recorded the rest of the show...but missed my favorite guy! =o(( Alternatively, do you know where I can watch his performance online?

VERY odd question

I have this thing about veins. Mine itch a lot. It's worst on the inside of my elbow crooks, between my fingers (I know there aren't ACTUALLY veins there, but it feels like it), and the backs of my knees. I'm pretty sure it's not a physical thing, that it's psychological somehow? My veins/whatever in those places feel like ants are crawling through them more than half of the time. I've been scratching the inside of my elbow constantly and getting strange looks about it, and a lot of the time I want to slice into my skin and pull them out because I hate the thought of them being in there, visible, under my skin. I'm not that crazy though, don't worry.

Um, so does anyone have something similar that they experience? Or does anyone know what this might be caused by or how I can get rid of it?

Genetics question

OK, I'm a Biology major, but am too chicken to ask my teacher this (plus he'd probably think I was kidding).

But do any of you know if humans and bonobos (our nearest animal relation) are genetically similar enough for offspring to be produced from inseminating a female bonobo with human male sperm or a human female with male bonobo sperm?

Not that I'm suggesting such a thing be attempted, due to the huge moral complications, I just want to know if it would work. Lions and tigers can make lygers and Zebras and donkeys and horses and donkeys can make mules.
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you know when there's more than 1 person in a presentation, what should the people that aren't talking do? should they just stand there and hold whatever props are needed? should they keep their attention on their colleague who's presenting, the audience, or both?

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Alright, so I'm going to buy myself a new pair of sneakers tomorrow. The ones I own now I old and worn out. I'm looking for a good sneaker that is best for walking, does anyone have any suggestions? I've got the typical shoe stores around like foot locke, lady footlocker and a few others. I'm willing to spend a decent amount of money because I want them to last. Thanks..

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I have a cousin. We will call her Taylor. Note the unisex name- she has one in real life too.

My aunt (not taylor's mother) told me that when Taylor was born, the doctors said "Congratulations, it's a... baby." Taylor was born with sexually ambiguous, or intersexed, or with ambigious genitalia- whichever. Taylor was shaped into/raised as a girl.

Taylor gets a buzz cut every summer, with all the boys, because it's too hot for long hair.
Taylor is on the football team.
Taylor sings bass.
Taylor has that chunky, "those could be breasts... or manboobs" body style.
Taylor likes girls (and boys).

Taylor, I believe, has bever been told about the way she was born. She's about 14, I believe.

I seriously feel something needs to be done about this, but what?

please help me with mi espanol, gracias

Would anyone like to find it in their heart to help me with my Spanish report? I'm just learning the language and had to write a report about Christina Aguilera in Spanish. I've written most of the report. I just need someone to proofread it and change any errors. There's probably a lot. But I would really greatly appreciate it.


recommend a different community I should ask for help in.

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thanks darlings :)
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(no subject)

When you see your communities come up on your friends list, do you click on the name of the poster and check out their LJ just for the fun of it, or is that just me?

BTW, I find you all fascinating. *stalker grin*
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Have you ever cried to get out of a ticket? If you haven't- would you?
I did last night and I would definitely do it again.

PS: Thanks a lot to everyone who responded to my college question, you were all really helpful.
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If you could pick one album, from begining to end, to be the theme music for your life, what album would you pick? why? (no fair creating mixes I want studio released albums as you can find them in the store)

my answer: Tapestry by Carole King, because the songs all speak to me in a very personal way. And I grew up on the album.
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1) What would be the good, and bad things about having a federal healthcare system(US), as in everyone is covered by the same health insurance?

2) Any special talents?

3) Do certain allergy/cold medicines make you go nuts?

1) I can't think of any, other than that everyone would have healthcare/insurance, instead of those who can afford it.
2) I used to do gymnatics, and I can still do half the things I learned. I can tumble really well.
3) I find when I take Dayquil/Nyquil/Benadryl...I feel like I'm stoned. So if I take it at school, or work, I have about 20 minutes to get my ass home before I fall asleep.
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A) I have a nasty theatre history test Thursday afternoon and have been trying to study since the weekend. I have my books and notes out and I stare at it and get so overwhelmed that I don't know how to study. It would be hard to make flash cards because although some of the terms are specific people or definitions, most of them are huge concepts. Any suggestions on how I can do this? I have 12 hours to do nothing but study and sleep (the test is at 12:30pm Eastern). I just don't know how to make myself tackle this. Help?

B) My computer has two CD drives and I copied straight from one to the other. I've never done this before, because usually I'm making music CDs so I rip and then make a new CD... but this one is video, so I just copied from one disc to the other. Well, after the data was copied, a window popped up saying "The files are ready to be written, but the CD was ejected from the drive." When I go into My Computer, it shows the CD as still being in the drive. I try to open it and it won't - the button is seriously doing nothing. I try to eject it through My Computer and the "files are ready to be written" window comes to the front. So... I know that once I eject and re-insert the disc, the files will be written and all will be well. But first - how am I supposed to eject it?!?!

Total n00b.

Is THIS MIC going to be able to plug into my computer and record? (without an adapter, that is)

I want to make sure before buying off the internet that an 1/8" cable is what I think it is. I googled it already but my heart is not yet at ease.

Also, does anyone else own a mic at home? How about Adobe Audition? And are you a singer?