February 28th, 2006

Anyone in Allentown, PA?

Because if you ARE in Allentown, PA, maybe you can help me...

Does anyone know of any good apartment complexes in between Desales University and Allentown/Whitehall? My boyfriend and I are looking for a place, and he goes to Desales, so we need one that is nice, and not too far from there...

Any ideas?
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Some Qs

1. Where should I go for Spring Break with my boyfriend? We live 3 hours apart and we both have the week off. We're like old fogies and we don't really party. We like culture type places. We live near St. Louis and would like to drive but not more than a day's drive. Also, something in a good budget would help. He has only been to Missouri and Illinois. I have been to all these states. I don't mind repeating a state but it should be worth it. Spring break begins March 10 for us in case that helps. I'm thinking we could still stay in town and tour St. Louis since he doesn't get around much. I also like the idea of trying out Kansas City since we've never been. I'm going to Chicago this summer so maybe something warm would be nice.

2. If you had an upstairs attic that was huge and were converting into another room, would you choose a study or a master suite?
I want a suite, he's rooting for a study.

3. How did you find your current job?
I work at a Career Center so I'm curious. I found it advertised on campus and applied. Best job ever.

4. If you were any animal in a zoo, what would you be?
A hippo, of course!
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Come on, everybody does it sometimes.

Would you rather that a "friend"/relative talked shit about you to your face or behind your back?

Would you rather that a stranger talked shit about you to your face or behind your back?

Are you more likely to talk shit about a "friend"/relative to their face or behind their back?

Are you more likely to talk shit about a stranger to their face or behind their back?
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(no subject)

This semester I have an unpaid internship 3 days a week. When I was hired, no mention was made of spring break. However, it's coming up, and I'm dreading going to my internship on my week off. I'm not going out of town, but still. How bad/unprofessional would it be to ask for that week off?

I'm pretty sure it's unprofessional, but I tend to be paranoid and overthink stuff like this.

Useless wad of bread dough

I tried my hand at baking tonight and tried to bake a loaf of whole wheat bread from scratch. I tried raising it in a warm oven, but the yeastwas no good and didn't work. At all. So now I've got a wad of flat whole wheat bread dough. What should I do with it?
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when you select your user pic for your LJ post...

I don't expect anyone to know the answer to this, but I thought your guesses might be interesting. I have somewhere around 75 user icons (so this might not make sense to those of you with 10 or fewer icons). When I'm making a post I select the User Pic drop down menu and the list of my user icons comes up by name in a strange order. It lists around half my user pics in alphabetical order and then starts all over at the beginning of the alphabet listing the second half in alphabetical order. The pics often jump from the first alphabetical list to the second, never staying put in one alphabetical list or the other. So finding the particular icon I want usually involves a bit of hunting for it.

What do you suppose is the reason LJ doesn't just keep all our icons in one large alphabetical list. Why divide them up into two alphabetical lists one after the other?
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So a lot of people feel fairly strongly about teasing. Either it should be done so the kid can "buck up and learn" or it should never be done because we shouldn't be mean to each other.

In 'studying' for my EdPsych course, I've learned that this is often a cultural view. Some cultures tend to regard teasing as a proper way to let people know what they need to get done or change about themselves, while others are shocked that parents would tease their own children.

So how did you grow up and how do you currently feel about teasing?

I grew up being teased and I don't have a problem with teasing at all, as long as it doesn't go too far. I always had the opportunity to say "No, don't do that." I give my current friends that same option and I expect everyone around me to respect it. I am even able to tease my parents without being rude or disrespectful (I just recently sent my mom a birthday card that called her old with no backlash, while she teases me about being engaged to a geek).

photos on a CD

I have a CD with a bunch of pictures of it. The CD was lost for a while and I just found it and it has some scratches on it. When I open it everything opens up just fine except for one particular folder of photos - the ones I need! When I opened it on my laptop at home it kept saying Not Responding and nothing would happen. So I brought the CD to work and everything opens up. When that folder opens and the thumbnails of the pictures show, about half of them load all the way. The rest of the pictures load a little ways and then the rest of the image is just gray. When I open one of the images in Microsoft Photo Editor it shows a little of the image and the rest is all yellow. What does this mean? Are my pictures totally gone forever? Is there any way to get the data back and restore my pictures? Is this because of a scratch? Should I take the CD to Best Buy? Would they be able to do anything? As far as I know this is the only copy of these photos in existence and I would be willing to do a lot to get them back. THANKS!
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How do you define when you're in a mutually-exclusive relationship?
Is it when one person asks "Will you be my bf/gf"?
Or is there a point where you realize that you've been dating for a while and are exclusive enough to start calling the other person your SO?
Is it before or after certain things happen in the relationship? (IE: start having sex, spending the night, meeting the parents, etc.)
Too bad it's true!
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Two different questions

Question 1: Which looks better to a manager: a BS with accounting major or a BA with accounting major? I already have to take all the science classes to get the associates but I have to take at least 6 classes of a second language to reach 203 which take up a shit load of time and I'm going on my sophmore year and I have yet to take one second language class.

I know I'm not going to retain much if at all from the classes but if I look at scheduling for future terms. I'll have science class for 5 hours and I'll have a second language class for 5 hours which doesn't really leave room for taking another class since they're split up into two days so I'm going 4 days a week. I only go night classes because I'm going to work and school full time. So I'm wondering if it's actually worth getting the BA versus the BS and prolong my stay at school because I can only take 2 classes for 3 terms?

Question 2: I've been wanting to do my taxes for awhile and I'm going to do them sometime in the next couple weeks when I have time to be at home and not be asleep and I'm planning on claiming myself. My mom says I can't because I live at home. But I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that if I pay for more than 50% then I can claim myself?

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Ironic...Just like the song.

In attempting to post a question on this community, I have stumbled across another question.  How do you post pictures on a blog?  And, to clarify, I am an idiot.  So, I need the "LJ-for-3-year-old-monkeys" response.   This is how far I have gotten--I have loaded the picture on to my LJ scrapbook thing.

And BEFORE you say it, I checked the FAQ for LJ.   Please don't overestimate my intelligance...because it was gibberish to me.


Thanks, y'all!

(no subject)

it was drizzling a bit last nite - was at a stop lite, when i drove thru the green, i fish-tailed a bit...scared me...

that ever happen to you?
ever been in a serious car accident? what happened?
do you know how to change a tire? have you needed to do that?
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There was a career skills test we took in high school and I can't remember where to find it. Anyone have any idea as to where I can find it? We started on a .gov site and it directed us to another site. Help!!!

edit: it was an online test.
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Vegetarians and one other question

1. What made you become a vegetarian?

I saw a current affairs program last weekend that had a story about the live animal trade and showed the way the Egyptian "butchers" horribly slaughtered these cows. The things they did were so horrible (and unnecessarily cruel) I was in tears! Since seeing that video tape I can't handle the thought of eating beef. Just the thought makes me sick.

2. Is it cheaper to be a Vegetarian?

3. Did anyone try to talk you out of being a Vegetarian?

When I mentioned I was off beef, my family started saying, "What about spaghetti? No more meatballs for you then? What about Mc Donalds!! You can't give up McDonalds!"

4. Have you ever completely changed your mind on any particular issue?

I used to have all the arguments in the world to support eating meat, and I claimed I would "never give up meat". Obviously I've completely changed my mind.
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ON Japanese customs...

1. Why is it that a japanese lady must be on her knees when closing a sliding door?

2. Why is it that when twomen bow, they do it with their bodies pointed to the side, face forward?

3. Why do they hand you buisness cards/money/recepits with two hands?

Now for the real question!

Originally uploaded by camilla_72.
Has anyone ever seen this picture/character before? I am playing a game that requires me to identify this character with only the clue "fuego". I have spent hours...countless, sleepless hours...laboring over this. Any ideas? Even if you don't know but have an idea, please let me know.

Yours truly,
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Hi all,

I am shopping around for a GPS system (in the UK) and they all claim to be the best so anybody have recommendations/horror stories? An example of why I'm confused: TomTom appear to be the market leader but a quick Google revealed a lot of issues with their system. On the other hand, the Maplin's best seller and top staff seller is a brand I've never heard of (Garmin).

Things I'm certain of:

It has to be portable one
It has to be easy to use/set up
I might as well get one that has speed cameras database included and maps of other European countries.

Thanks for any help.

(no subject)

Do you remember that Seinfeld episode, the 'Master of your Domain' one? Pretty much, the gang makes a bet who can go the longest without masturbating. Let's say you're in on this bet, but the bet extends to no sex with your significant other either. How long could you go without sex and/or masturbation? Be honest and no giving me loopholes out of this scenario.

What to eat?

I go work out at the gym everyday at different times of the day, depending on when I get finished making dinner, waiting until my husband gets home etc...
I always eat something with protein before I work out, ie: a sandwich. By the time I come home (if its around dinner time) I'll wait to eat til i get home from the workout.

My question is, what would be the best thing to eat after my workout if it's not dinner time, but in the morning or afternoon? I want to eat healthy, but plain vegetables or fruit won't fill me up and I'm always starving when I come home.


Coffee anyone?

1. if you drink flavored coffee which do you drink most?

2. what brand do you drink most?

3. where do you usually buy your coffee?

my answers

1. French Vanilla
2. Dunkin Donuts
3. I get it delivered to me every 2 months because we don't have Dunkin Donuts in SoCal.
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The inevitable tax question.

So...yeah. I actually forgot to attach my W2s to my state and income tax returns. Hurrah.

I'm not proud. But it happened to someone else in my family too, so maybe its a herditary stupid gene. *shrugs*

I've done a little research on Google but couldn't be sure I was looking at the right information.

So I ask you smart (and infinitely less forgettable) journalers:

Should I wait for the tax people to contact me or is there something I can do to send the W2s right away?

Thanks very much in advance. *foreheadsmacks*
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(no subject)

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i wonder, what do you think it is that makes a person "spoiled?" just having stuff? what about being given it vs earning it? to you, is it just in the attitude? do you believe people can be spoiled but still appreciative?

(no subject)

In random places on my apartment floor, the floorboards squeak REALLY bad. Is there anything I can do about it, or do I have to bring it to the apartment managers attention?

How is your weather? I live in eastern kansas and it is gorgeous. I think it's 70 something.

What are you currently addicted to? Me: Animal Crossing: Wild World. I can't play it as much as I'd like to, but anychance I get, I'm on it!
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(no subject)

How do you act around a person that you like (as in, potential gf/bf) but do not know very well? Do you make it obvious? Do you try not to make it obvious? If so, why?

Would you tell friends of theirs that you're interested in them?
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(no subject)

I don't live in America and had a baby last year so my tv time was zero. Recently I got a satellite and now I can keep up with all the news and what's going on in the world. Every morning I watch all those American news shows and with that I've been hearing alot about Natalee Hollaway (is that spelled right?). This morning was the interview with the Dutch boy who supposedly saw her last. I know this may have been asked before and it happened a while back so this may be old news for most of you but...

Do you think this Joran killed her? What do you think happened most likely?

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you folks always give great advice, maybe you can help me

yesterday my cell phone suddenly stopped working. it is a sprint sanyo PM-8200, and when i went to sprint yesterday they told me it has "water damage" and so there is nothing they can do about it. on JULY 1ST my two year contract is up, and so i can get $150 toward a new phone. i wish there was a way i could make this phone last for four months, but it keeps shutting off randomly and won't always charge when it's on the charger. i don't have the money to buy a new phone right now (and no, i don't have insurance)!
i've searched ebay for the same exact phone (used) and a lot of the prices are still pretty high (all over $50 PLUS shipping). does anyone know of a website/place that sells used phones for cheap? it doesn't have to be the same phone - i could care less at this point - but how do i know which type of phone sprint can turn on for me?

(no subject)

Let's say, hypothetically, that one day you meet god. Your higher power, in whatever form he/she/it/they appear(s). And maybe the next or a few days later, you meet again. And the visits continue, you look forward to the encounters, and they cheer you up immensely. Day after day, for a long time. Then they stop suddenly without warning. You continue to look and wait and hope, but no sightings ever again.

How do you feel? What do you think?

(Athiests, consider... oh, your favorite person in the world.)
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I WISH this was hypothetical...

Little Background: I live in the Marshall Islands, my family lives in Ohio. I have a chance to go for training in the States in a couple weeks, after which I'd visit my parents (the airfare is a KILLER from here, so when I get training I go home for a bit too). This particular training ends on March 17. My mother has leukemia. She was diagnosed in 2001, went into remission and has it again. She is going into the hospital on March 23, having the transplant done on the 27th.Her sister is coming out for her part of the bone marrow transplant this week, and if I can possibly visit my mom BEFORE the training I will, so I can see my aunt too, but it's cutting it so close that I don't think I can pull it off. My little boy's third birthday is on the 26th... SO, if I go after training should I...

A- go see my mom for a few days, help my brother and dad get her settled in the hospital and get back for my little boy's birthday


B - Stay with my family until after my mom's transplant, and then celebrate my son's birthday on another day (with extra guilt presents I'll pick up in the States)

Vacation days aren't an issue. I can use sick leave, and I have plenty of that for either option.
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(no subject)

What happens to their debt (bills, credit card debts) when a person dies if they don't have any money or legal assets in their name? Do the debts just "go away" or do the companies go after family members?
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(no subject)

If you were my checkbook, where would you be?

EDIT: Nevermind, I'm an idiot. :D

So this isn't a total waste of a post...

How old were you when you learned to:
-tie your shoes
-do long division
-write in cursive
-ride a bike

As for myself:
-I'm 19 and never learned.

Earthlink Dial up

Does anyone on here use EarthLink Dial Up Internet? I may be moving in the near future and there is a monopoly in my town for hi-speed internet meaning it is uber expensive. I was thinking about using earthlink b/c they seem cheaper and i don't really use the internet a whole lot from home.

So for those of you that use it, is it a decent service? Any bad things about it? Do I need to have a home land line to use it? (I only have a cell phone so i don't really need a land line).

Any other recommendations for alternative internet providers- dial up or hi-speed?

(no subject)

I have a Dell Inspiron 8500 laptop. On the side of my keyboard are 4 buttons: play, stop, back, and forward. I love these buttons, but unfortunately they only work with Windows Media Player. Is there a way I can change that? I'd like to make them work with iTunes.

2 questions

1) How much would you tip for getting artificial nails done costing $25 or $30? How about refills that are around $15? And how much does it cost altogether (including tips?) to get the nails taken off? Would you rather take them off yourself, or have them taken off by a professional?

2) From your own experiences, if your GPA was around 92+ in high school, how hard was it to keep your college GPA above a 3.0? I need to keep my GPA above a 3.0 for my four years in college to maintain a scholarship, and I was wondering how hard it is to do that.

syringe + redeyes = comedy gold

voice post requests

My paid LJ account runs out in 2 weeks, and I've only made one voice post the whole time.
It would be a waste to let it go like that. I enjoy voice posts even though i have to call long distance to make them.

What should i say?
On what subjects should i speak of?
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(no subject)

I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday buying a birthday present for a good friend when I wandered into the "classics" section. I realized that for some reason, as a child, I missed out on a lot of them. I think it may have been the private school I went to for a while whose main reading was the Bible. So, now Im going to try and catch up. What in your opinion is a classic must-read that no person should go without?

I bought The Scarlet Letter to get me started.
Ive read, Lord of the Flies
To Kill a Mockingbird
Fahrenheit 451
Of Mice and Men
The Stranger

And that's about it, the rest of my youth was spent readin every Stephen King book ever made, horror, and sci-fi.
Help me out please! Thanks.
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(no subject)

I bought a new hard drive and an enclosure. I've got everything hooked up correctly. The manual for the enclosure says to plug it in and Windows will run the Add New Hardware Wizard. ...It isn't. So! How the hell do I go about getting this thing to work? I can't get the drive formatted or anything since my stupid computer won't let me access it.
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(no subject)

What's your 'weakness' when it comes to attraction?

Have you ever wanted curly hair, if it's straight? Have you ever wanted straight, if it's curly?

Are you a 'dumper' or a 'dumpee'?

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(no subject)

Is it just me or are more people dying young?

I know of at least 5 people in my high school who have had a parent die this year.

Is this happening anywhere else?

PS I really hope this doesn't offend anyone. I don't know how it would. I just know sometimes death is a sensitive subject.
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History Essay

You guys know any decent research websites? Anything except Wikipedia which I can no longer use as half the people in my class now just copy and paste stuff from there and the teachers are gonna find out sooner or later.

I got an essay for History to write titled;

"Why did a war between Austria-Hungary and Serbia become a World War in 1914?"

Anyone got an specific interest in this subject and can point me in the right direction?

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(no subject)

yummers in the tummers!!

dessert is 2 huge-ass glasses of butter nipple

what's your dessert for the night?
what type of alcoholic beverage do you prefer?
when in a bar, or place that serves booze - what type of non-alcoholic beverage do you prefer?
what's a shirley temple made of?
what's a roy rogers made of?
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lead me

ah yes.

i. what should you be doing right now?
ii. do you want a muffin?
iii. let's say one of your parents works for a contracting company. the company s/he works for does a lot of work with a major telecomm carrier. your parent's company's boss's dad works for the telecomm carrier. this has prompted a meeting at central headquarters over a potential "conflict of interest." if a conflict of interest is found, your parent's company will go bankrupt and s/he will be out of a job. the question: do you think this situation is more likely to play out badly than for a compromise to be reached?
iv. have you done your taxes yet?
v. what should i do for my 21st birthday?
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Long-grain sushi?

I know you're only ever supposed to make sushi rice with Japanese/short-grain rice. But I'm in a bit of a bind, as I was planning to make sushi for an event tonight and couldn't find any short-grain rice in my area. So, is there any way it can be manageable with 'regular' rice? Any tips? I was thinking I might rinse it a few extra times and then cook it longer to get it stickier... will that work?
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sweet dee mothafucker

(no subject)

Can anyone tell me what the current campaign slogan is for the Libertarian Party? I must be blind, I cannot seem to find it.

Edit: I am actually being serious about this and would like a serious answer if that's possible. It's all I need to complete my essay.
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(no subject)

Have you ever experienced fear of success? If so, what were the circumstances?

Edit: I just noticed I'm listening to the same song as the person 4 or 5 entries down. Wacky!
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