February 27th, 2006

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What is the best natural cure/supplement/etc. to relieve sinus pressure/pain? I've been on medicine on and off for sinus infections for about a month and I'm still having pressure, any alternative recommendations?
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In all honesty, I'm not trying to be disgusting or anything, but I seriously wanna know... What makes the color of your "crap"/poop/fesces certain colors. For instance, really green versus just ugly poop brown?

Ok, that's all. lol.
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I'm studying for my CCNA.

I'd like to set up a test lab here at home. To do this right, I need two Cisco routers to connect(mini WAN setup).

Obvious thought is to get two actual Cisco routers. IS there a specific model thats easily and cheaply available used that supports all the commands and features likely to be on the test, or at least most of them?

Alternately, is there any software that would turn a regular PC into a router compatable with all the Cisco commands? I'm thinking maybe a Ciscoy front end to the Linux iptables and such...

There are network simulators and such, but there is nothing like practicing on a real(if skimpy) network...

zombie eyes

So after you've been crying all night, how do you make your eyes NOT look like those of a zombie freak (ie: puffy, red, wrinkly etc.)????

So far the only thing that's even slightly helping is white eyeshadow but even then they look all puffy and zombie-like.
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I've noticed a bird on the window ledge in the past few days. It is starting to be a problem because the bird has started bringing twigs and grass everytime it comes to the window ledge, which obviously means it's trying to nest there. It's a problem because my roommates and I live on the sixth floor in a dorm, and it's not a normal window. The window we have opens on an axis (it has a knob you turn, and it opens a little more each time you turn it). The spot the bird is trying to get into is between the screen and glass. We leave the window open a crack because right now, the whole dorm building has the heat turned on, and it's pretty warm outside, so we're trying to let some air in.

I know that closing the window is probably the best way to discourage the bird from making a nest there... is there anything else we can do?
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would you like to take a survey?

hi I'm new at this and i got questions to ask for my psy. class so anyone who might have kids could you help me out? The subject is childhood truth- and lie-telling. The main question i'm asking is what age do kids develop honesty? To find the answer to this question i'm taking a survey of as many parents as possible. So thanks to all who take 5 min. tx very much. Here goes.

1. To the best of your knowledge, does your child tell the truth?

2. Do you know at what age your child first told a lie?

3. Did your child know they were telling lies?

4. a. Did you actively make an effort to teach your child truth- and lie- telling skills?

b. If yes, what method did you use?

c. Do you believe that without your active influence your child would have developed these skills on their own?

5. a. has social interaction affected your Child's truth- and lie-telling skills?

b. If so can you explain how social interaction has affected your Child's skills?

c. Has this effect been positive or negative?

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Is there a website dedicated to butcher aprons, and ordering them? Ebay seems too troublesome to search though and I'm not sure where I should look, I want the full body sort.

Rather, I want to know if any of you have had experience building a Pyramid Head costume? What did you use for the apron?

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Daisy worked at the Boar's Nest, Uncle Jessie was old and probably had a pension or social security coming in. But just what did those Duke boys do for a living? Did they just sponge off of the other two?

I nee

I've recently started taking measurements of myself for a weightloss competion.

I want to find stats about arm size, waist size, etc. from guys who are my height who are at a lower body fat percentage then I am so I can have an idea about which muscles I need to increase in size and how much I still need to lose in other areas.

I've been googling all morning, but I'm not coming up with much.

Any ideas for sources?
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1. Have you ever sprouted a really long white hair on the most random parts of your person? About every few weeks or so, I'll wake up and have a long white hair dangling off my bicep. I shave my arms practically every night, so it must sprout up in my sleep. What on earth causes that?!

2. For those with roommates/flatmates, how do you handle the garbage duty? Do you each have your own trash bin in the kitchen? I seem to think that it's a fair system if my flatmate and I alternate taking out the kitchen trash. Apparently this isn't agreeing with her, because two bags of trash have been sitting in the kitchen for a week, bags that she should have taken out. I'm going to start throwing my garbage into a small bag and dispose of it accordingly, that way we are each responsible for our own garbage. Besides, her bedroom is downstairs next to the kitchen, not mine, so why should I care if she doesn't remove her garbage?

3. While on the topic of cleaning, when you are a guest, do you offer to clean up your own mess? Say you have particularly messy friends, and they clearly aren't picking up after themselves, do you insinuate in any way that they should?

4. Do you have people on your buddy list that you haven't spoken to in forever, and they don't even know you have a new screen name? Ever accidentally IM them by mistake?
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Cab Rides

How much are you supposed to tip a cab driver? I have recently started having to take cabs home from work every day and I have no idea how to tip a cab driver. I usually will tip about $3 on a $6 fare. This seems like a bit much to me but maybe it's not. Is it a percentage?
Thanks in advance.

I'm in Birmingham, AL if that helps.
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Way-back Machine

Suppose you've got a time machine that can only go back 10 years. You test it out and find yourself in 1996.

What were you doing in 1996?
What would you like to tell your 1996 self? Any words of advice?
What CD would you go buy from the record store while you were visiting 1996?
Anything else you'd do while you were there?

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I'm thinking about starting (yet another) photography community where people take photos of their towns/houses/schools/etc... and then discuss the differences between their communities.

Is there already a communtiy like that?

Does this sound like any fun?

Would you join something like this?

What would make this idea better?

Help viewing video

When I go to view a QuickTime video, I can't see it. I don't usually have any trouble with QuickTime.

It says it's an Mp4.

The video is here.

What am I doing wrong/need to do?


EDIT: Solved. Used the VLC Media Player. :)

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I know, I know, the show is trashy and corny as hell, but I'm addicted, so I have to ask...

Who do you think will win Flavor of Love?

Edit: How old is New York? I know she has to be at least 21 (the alcohol consumption and whatnot), but she seriously doesn't act a day over 15. haha I've tried googling and whatnot, but I can't find anything.


Anyone know of any good office chair cushions? I had surgery on my back a month ago, this is my first day back and I'm hurting!

Know of any ways to adjust to work after being gone for awhile?

It seems like people have been sick more this winter, have you been sick?
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So our dog died suddenly on saturday morning... this inturn caused me to cry oh just about all day saturday and a few times yesterday... Now when I cry for extended periods of time I usually end up with swollen lips... so yes my lips swelled up... now that they are back to their normal size, I have a really dry peeling ring in the shape of my lips going around my lips...

Does anyone know how to get rid of this??

I've tried moisturing and using lots of chap stick but its not working so far...

2 questions

1) If I know I want to teach, but don't know what I want to teach, should I just not declare a major entering college? How would I know what classes to take? All 3 things I want to teach are completely different. (high school chorus, elementary school, physics)

2) Am I the last person to hear that Drake Bell was in an accident? Links to pics? I can't seem to find any good ones.

EDIT: Drake Bell is the co-star of the Nickelodeon show Drake&Josh.

His website is www.drakebell.com

He's really hot.
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I know you may not want to see me
On your way down from the clouds
Would you hear me if I told you
That my heart is with you now
She's only happy in the sun
She's only happy in the sun

Did you find what you were after
The pain and the laughter brought you to your knees
But if the sun sets you free
Sets you free
You'll be free indeed

She's only happy in the sun
She's only happy in the sun

Every time I hear you laughing
Hear you laughing
It makes me cry
Like the story of my life
Of my life
Is hello goodbye

She's only happy in the sun
She's only happy in the sun
She's only happy in the sun
She's only happy in the sun

Ben Harper - She's only happy in the Sun

Question: What do you think these lyrics mean? How would you break them down and analyze the song? What do the clouds represent? What does the whole story mean?

computer problems.

My desktop is running Windows 2000 Professional. It's been fine for the past year, but this morning the system wouldn't start up. It was working fine last night.

WIN 2000 normally takes a while to load up (at least on my processor). Today, the "windows is starting up..." screen was on for about 5 minutes; and then there was a "connecting to network..." screen that took like 10 minutes. After that, it said that I can't log on because the domain is not present.

I never put a password lock on the computer, so I don't really know why it's cutting me off at the log-in point.

Anyone know why this is happening?
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So I was thinking today, has anyone ever been to a non-religious funeral? I mean, I know they have to be out there, but I, personally, have never been to one. How did it go? Who led the service? Was it just people saying nice things about the dead? Since I'm not religious, I was wondering how mine would go.
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Online Shopping

Where are your favorite places to buy jewerly from Online? I checked out amazon and googled it but it just wanted to give me places that sold high end jewerly and I am looking for something interesting for under $50.
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What are your favorite mythology characters, and why? And what's a famous story (or a few) with that character in it?

can be from any mythology - greek, roman, asian, celtic, etc.
also, can be gods/goddess or mortals

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For the past few months, on and off, I've been getting really bad headaches.
For the past few weeks, I've had them every single day, and they seem to be getting worse.

I've been to the doctor, had blood tests, and brain scans, there was nothing there (thank god), but the doctor doesn't really have any idea why I'm getting these headaches.

It's not dehydration, I drink plenty, it's not because of my glasses, I paid a visit to the optomitrest (sp?), so what else could it be?

I -thought- tension, but I get the headaches when I'm lying in bed, waking up in the morning, just random parts during the day when I'm not really thinking or stressing

Any ideas?
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Do you use them regularly? (How regularly? Why or why not do you use them? Which do you use? Keep in mind that diet soda and sugarfree products are sweetened with artificial sweeteners)

Do you think they're dangerous?

Do they make you feel weird?

How much do you consider too much?

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-What time do you get up in the morning? Go to sleep at night?6:15-6:45; 11-12:30

-So, how do you stay awake during the day?I just usually dont have time to sleep, so I don't.

-Do you wake up refreshed? HOW? I don't. How do you?

-What kind of bed do you sleep on? A waterbed.

-How many (and what) caffine drinks do you drink a day? None religiously, but if I have extra cash and I'm by a gas station, I'll get a Rockstar. I sometimes have a mellow yellow at lunch. I'm pretty sure that's caffinated?

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About every 15 seconds the picture on this monitor shakes back and forth. I'm worried it's going to crap out on me, and I have a research paper to write for tomorrow.

If this monitor breaks, is it possible to just plug in another one and have it work? I have an extra working monitor here, but I don't have the software for it.

Or do you usually need to install software for a new monitor (and how do you do that, if you don't have a working monitor to see the screen)?
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Does anyone know where I can check a TV show's ratings or if it is renewed for another season? There's a show on ABC that I want to know if it's coming back after this season. Google and ABC.com were no help to me.

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how would you describe the style of the Romantic poets? how could i emulate that style without sucking?


yes, the Romantic time period. not the "omgziloveyou" poets. the 1790-1840s poets. keats, wordsworth, etc.

Shortening words

Hi :) - At the moment I attend college full time (to get my associate degree)and have at least 2 lectures day. This of course then involves many, many notes and the nessesity of figuring out shorter ways to write things. - for example - people becomes ppl, sociology becomes socy, because is b/c and and is simply +. I can understand my notes just fine but whenever other people try to read them they are lost and vise versa which got me thinking - how do you shorten words? It doesn't matter what words no matter how useless (for a specific course) or ones that you use every sentence and a half, I want to know please :D Thanks - Lisa
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For renters:
How much rent do you pay a week/fortnight/month? What is it for? (House/unit/studio apartment?) Is that just your share?

For home owners:
How much are your morgage repayments a week/fortnight/month? How much did you buy your place for? How long will it take you to pay back?

For everyone:
What is an average price for homes where you live? Where do you live?

rude questions

1. are you getting some on the regular?
2. what do you consider regular?
3. what song makes you want to get it on? why?
4. can you raise one eyebrow?
5. are your parents divorced? (assuming you know your parents..)
6. does anyone else work the night shift?
7. do you have troublke sleeping during the day?
8. have you ever measured your ass?
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so my boyfriend and i are on a break. officially i guess since 3 days ago even though we were supposed to a week ago. we're sleeping in separate rooms as of 2 days ago but he's always asking me to lay with him for awhile the last few nights. we've both made promises not to date/sleep around while on this month break. basically we still act like a couple in public if we're together just nothing physical. the physical rule we do break a lot though. we do things for each other still too. right now i have this great optimism. i know how to fix things. and i think he's starting to realise some of the wrongs he did too. and he's fixing them. i feel so happy i could burst. i will improve. so will he. and i know it's just starting to pick up from now. my question is: is there anything wrong with this? the longest relationships i've been in prior lasted maybe a month at most. any input on how to make this work?