February 26th, 2006


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puredeadthingy and I are trying to find a community on lj. It was based around Harry Potter, and was basically a glorified RPG. As she describes it—

-The premise was about characters writing letters to each other.
-It had characters from different time periods.
-It was aimed to be a Sirius/Remus plot last time I looked.
-I think it had a 'q' in the name somewhere...it was a longish name and hard to spell.
-The characters sometimes signed their names with a graphic of their signature--Tonks' one was very splotchy, for example.
-Luna wrote letters to her mother.
-Remus had an Italian friend he wrote to.
-Lily wrote to Bellatrix/Narcissa, and the two 'bonded' over Lily's Potions work until it was revealed she was Muggleborn.
-One of the Hufflepuffs' icons was of a line-drawn girl holding an umbrella in the rain. The rain was animated. Her lj name started with 'h4...'

We've determined it's not the shoebox_project . . . does anyone here know what it is?
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I need to start exercising. The gym is really boring to me, as is running and biking (which is why my bike is gathering dust outside). I would LOVE to join a team and play a competitive sport, but my knee issues are limiting me. So I'm thinking I want to get one of those dance workout videos, because I enjoy dancing even though I suck at it.

Have any of you ever used one? Which one was it and how did you like it? My only real limitation is that I have what my doctor affectionately calls "Catcher's knee" which means areas of cartiledge are missing under my kneecaps, but I usually wear a kneebrace, so it shouldn't be that limiting.

my favorite pastime

Some questions about books:

1. Do you have time/like to read?

2. What do you usually read? (Internet, Newspapers, Fiction, Non-Fiction, etc.)

3. What is your favorite genre? (i.e. Romance, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, etc.)

4. What are some of your favorite books and why?

5. Do you think reading is important for a child? What about for an adult?

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Lets see if I can make this make sense.

Im looking at transferring to SFSU, Id be out of state. the website says that out of state pays an extra $339 per unit.
They group the cost like my school now. If you take less than 12 you pay X amount if you take more than 12 you pay Y. No matter if you're taking 12 or 15 (I realize CA has different credit #'s that I have yet to comprehend)

So, does anyone know if I pay $339 for 12 credits (or units) even if Im taking 15 or do they charge for every single unit?

I hope that makes a little bit of sense.

Could anyone explain the CA unit system to me? I assume 6.1 is full time but what's the limit where you are taking more than full time?

Also, Anyone know of a good site to search for scholarships? The entire scholarship thing completely confuses me.
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$500 gift

If someone was going to buy you a present that cost around $500, and it was an actual item (meaning, not money you could use for bills or put in savings), what would you buy?

My mom and other mom were going to buy my sisters and I gifts around that price this year in honor of our golden birthdays and college graduations.  My other mother died, so now my mom wants to still buy us something big, but in honor of our bdays, graduations, and in memory of our other mother.  One sister already picked out a diamond ring, and my other sister and I will probably pick out some piece of jewelry, but I can't decide what to get for that amount and something big that I'll remember my whole life (so not like a bunch of clothes or something).  What would you get if someone offered to buy you a $500 item in honor of some big event in your life? 

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Is there any other site that operates like Pandora? Its down, I guess, and its irritating me because Im a forgetful person and will forget to look up this band on Pandora later. Any ideas? Thanks!

Calorie counting blog

Is there a free place that you can have a blog-like output (you can write comments and friends can view) that would be useful for counting calories?

I have been using my lj blog for this purpose but I would like something that has a database like input so that everything is lined up and it adds the calories automatically.

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I need a program with a little bit more functionality than Paint, but nowhere near as advanced (read: expensive) as Photoshop. I might be using it for photos, but more likely drawing.

Anyone have any suggestions or favorites?
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Ways to get rid of cramps? Period cramps to clarify that. (Not medication, Aleve is what I generally take and the only medication that helps and its NOT helping these cramps)

They're the ones that are mind-numbing and make you want to curl up in a ball and die because they're going all down your legs.
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In honor of my youngest brother who is getting his high school class ring today:

1a. Did you get a high school ring?
b. What did it look like?
c. Do you still wear it?

2a. Did you get a college ring (if you went)?
b. What did that look like?
c. Do you still wear it?

3. Did you do anything special when you got your ring(s)?

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1 - you are addicted to the internet, you have no life outside the internet..you know it's going to be cut off for a week..what do you do?! what do you do online before it goes?

2 - have you ever gone camping?

3 - did you enjoy it?

4 - i went once and was petrified of scary axe murderers roaming the hills and killing me while i'm in my tent...(i read too many horror books!) any way you can convince me not to let this stop me going from now on!?

eta -

remember the cartoons Love Is....? do you know anywhere where i can get them sent to me daily by email? i used to get garfield sent everyday and i was hoping there is somewhere i can get these too....


most romantic song? lyric-wise? i need some ideas for a scrapbook i'm making for my boyf, i have everything else i'd just like some lyrics now...


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she said "some families speak fluent spanish, mine speaks fluent sarcasm"

what does your family speak fluently?
do your friends get your type of sarcasm, or do you have to explain what you just said?
when does sarcasm hurt you?
when are you not sarcastic?
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Hey you guys! I died!
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edit okay so someone brought up a good point about the lack of information and parallels in my questions, so here they are with background information:

1) what are good organizations, companies, corporations, and so on to send letters to to ask for financial support for a good cause?
The good cause is that i am going on Alternative Spring Break this semester and we need additional support so that we can make substantial donations to the organizations we are volunteering for. my particular trip is going to New York City to facilitate art programs for schools in underprivileged neighborhoods. the template letter to the organizations with more info is behind the lj cut if you are interested in reading it, or even in donating to the cause

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2) and also, kind of weird, but where do i find good orange hair dye a la Fifth Element?
this question was unrelated to the first of course. the reason that i am asking is that i will be in my school's production of The Vagina Monologues, which is also for a good cause [rape crisis, women's rights, and so much more] and i wanted to be able to portray my characters in a certain way, and i have this thing about having orange hair...yeah. i hope this helps.

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I am beginning to collect things to send to some buddies in Iraq. I am not quite sure what to send so my question is what would you send?
It has to be able to withstand heat and have a shelf life of more than 45 days.
I have hard candy and powered, presweeted drinks (poweraide and koolaid)
what else?

Which is best to study and when?

This question sort of relates to the starting a research paper post.

I saw a TV show in which a man is training students to get into a top college in their country (okay... so it's this one). In his training, he makes them do mathematics first thing in the morning and foreign language last, saying something about brain patterns. He has them eat a special meal of fish for breakfast. I know this guy is on to something and I've heard these more interesting study tips before, but I can't find any sources on the internet about it.

Help, anyone?
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Computer question

Ok, another computer question.

How do you get rid of the little arrows in the white boxes, in the lower left corner of desktop icons? If they can be removed? Like this..

ALL of my icons on the desktop have them, except for the recycle bin. I dont remember them always being there..

Im really computer slow. Thanks in advance.

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1. Stupidest/most ridiculous thing you (or your friends) have done when drunk?

2. If you had a truth serum (like in Harry Potter!), and you were allowed to use it on three people - who would you use it on & why? - what would you ask them?

3. Best prank you've ever pulled?

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Happy panda

Community Questions!

Hey everyone, hope you're having a good Sunday. There are several activities that I really enjoy, and I was wondering if you all had some good suggestions for communities to join.

1. Learning Italian. Any good communities with good tips, verb usage, articles, etc?
2. Violin playing. I'm interested in communities on technique/sheet music, if those are available.
3. Writing. I really need to get refocused on my writing. Any good communities that offer tips, creative writing prompts, etc?
4. Crochet. Any good crocheting communities that offer patterns and tips?

Thanks in advance for any help!
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high school graduations

1. If you went to your high school graduation: Do you think you would have regretted not going?

2. If you didn't go: Do you regret not going?

I don't think I'm going to mine, but I really can't decide. I was going to go for my dad, but he said he didn't care either way. Granted he probably just said that to be nice. It might be too late though since I have yet to hand in my cap&gown money. I didn't hand it in on time because I couldn't decide.
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Any computer people in the house?

I got my laptop fixed last week -- it was literally falling apart (one of the hinges was broken) and the HD was bugging out, so they pretty much replaced like... everything.

Anyway, since I got it back, my click & drag functionality appears to be gone. I can't move files or even icons on the desktop. I didn't think about it before but now it's starting to get to me, big time. Any idea what the hell is going on and what I can do?

edit Oh, sorry, I should specify. It's a Dell Latitude D600 running Windows XP Professional.

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Okay, I'm kind of a hypochondriac, so forgive me if what I'm about to describe is normal or if I'm just being stupid or the answer is obvious or.. whatever.

About once a month for the past few years (I just turned 16, if my age matters) I've been getting chest pains near where my heart is, and at the same time I'll become extremely irritable with an urge to just break things and throw things around (but I don't, I usually just sit down and try to calm myself). These things seem to come out of nowhere, and usually only last about five to ten minutes (though I've had some that have lasted almost an hour). Afterward, my chest will still be a little sore when I breathe deeply, but otherwise I'll be perfectly fine as if it didn't happen at all.

I don't think there's something physically wrong with me (like a health issue), and my mother suggested that I'm probably having anxiety attacks... but I don't have anything to be anxious about. Are they anxiety attacks? Could they be something else? Are they nothing at all?


I've just started going to the gym regularly again. I used to do the elliptical machine for half an hour and the stationary bike for 10 miles, but I want to start running. I got on the treadmill, walked for a minute to warm up and then jogged at two minute intervals for half an hour. I got some leg pain but it wasn't bad. The next day I woke up and my shins hurt, on the inside of my leg. I've had shin splints in the past, but this time it was pretty painful.

My question is I was wondering if there's something I can do to ease the pain. I asked my trainer and he said that I can try switching from running on the balls of my feet to running more flat-footed (or vice versa), or changing the incline, slowing down or speeding up, etc. I've tried these, and it's still pretty painful. Anyone have any suggestions? Is it permanent, or is it something that I can work past if I jog every day through the pain? Are there any stretches or lifting I can do to strengthen whatever it is that's causing the pain?
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SNL and Jesus Horses

Is Weekend Update on Saturday Night Live responsible for the whole Dinosaurs = Jesus Horse thing? When they did that a couple years ago when Jimmy Fallon was still an anchor, it was the first I'd ever heard of it (and personally I think it was one of the funniest jokes I've ever seen on Weekend Update).

I couldn't find a clip, but the actual joke used in the skit was: "In Georgia this week, a compromise was reached that will allow the word 'evolution' to continue to be used in classrooms. As a trade-off, however, the word 'dinosaur' will be replaced with 'Jesus horse.'"
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bathroom tiles [personal - do not take!]

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I was wondering how much this tattoo would cost if I were to get it on my shoulder. Like kinda covering my shoulder blade and going down a bit. And I want it to curve with the curve of my shoulder...does that even make sense? If so, how much would it be...color and all?

(I don't know if any of you know much about tattoos...but what the heck.)

EDIT: I found a picture! It's almost similar to the one this girl has except it doesn't have the weird eyes and the whiskers. And it curves more. Collapse )
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It's the most wonderful time of the year . . . not!

So, for those who have taken those delightful little ACT, SAT I or II and AP exams . . . (or other college board exams like that):

What were they like? Did you find them super difficult or fairly easy? Were you able to answer the majority of the questions?

Also, what books are best to study from, and how did they match up to the actual test? Specifically, which were most accurate and comprehensive?

Myself, I'm finding Princeton Review to be the best at the moment, but I'm not sure how well they'll compare to the real exam. I do know that Arco absolutely sucks, and I'm finding Peterson's a bit low quality as well.

And one last little one: why is everyone taking their exams in April? I can understand that one might want to re-test, but other than that, I don't see any real reason to do it.

Thanks in advance!

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Internet question

I've decided to take the plunge into high-speed internet, and am switching companies to do it. Company B is handling my cable TV, and I saw a bundle / promotion on their website (confirmed by the CSR) that included high-speed internet for not that much more a month than I'm paying now.

How much notice do I need to give Company A that I'm cancelling their service? I plan to switch on Tuesday afternoon sometime. Would Tuesday morning work?

Edit: Answered, thanks!
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Ok, I live in Kansas and my boyfriend lives in California. His birthday is March 3rd. Ok, if I have 80-90 dollars to spend, will that cover a gift and shipping through the Postal Service? And when should I send it, for him to get it on time?
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For all of you who've had broken ankles, what's the best way to protect the splint/cast from water if you want to bathe? I was thinking as far as positioning myself, since no weight what so ever can be put on it, I'd just sit in the tub, hang my leg over the edge, and detach the shower head. As for ensuring water not getting on my splint I was thinking of a garbage bag thing and duct tape. Anyone have first hand advice?

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What is the best way to go about getting into babysitting (aside from referrals)?

Last time I distributed flyers in my neighborhood, but I know that there aren't a lot of small children here anymore. I was thinking about making a flyer, but where would be the best place to hang/distribute it and how would I go about doing so?
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Do you say "on accident" or "by accident" and where did you grow up?

Have you peed in the ocean? Do you think about other people peeing in the ocean when you're in the water?

If there were such a thing as the internet olympics, what events should it have?

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Age-old question: Is it better to have a life that is exciting and unique but lacking in material comforts, or one which is comfortable and stable but lacking adventure and passion?

If you are going to answer "find a compromise" please give examples of how you have found a balance between these extremes in your own life.


OK, now that Turin is over, a quick Olympic question for you guys...

Where is the next winter Olympics being held? (In 2010) Without looking it up, do you know? Did you before today's closing ceremonies (if you watched it?)

The reason I ask is because I live near where they will be held (no peeking!!), and its just such a common topic of conversation (obviously!) that it seemed weird last week when Ellen Degeneres and (I think) Paul Reiser were talking about the next winter games, and didn't know where it was. I forget that its not plastered all over the place anywhere else.
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boring tax question

In 2005 I was on unemployment for a little while (around a month and a half).

How do I claim it on my taxes?

I'm in New York if that makes any difference. I know I chose to have some money taken out for taxes so I wouldn't have to pay, but unemployment doesn't send a W2, so I'm not sure how I do this.
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I have a blister on the ball of my foot. It's not very big, as I can walk, but I want it to go away. I want it to callus, since I'm a dancer, but I definitely want it to go away.

Howcan I deal with the owieness but still get it to harden?

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So I have a demonstration speech due tomorrow in one of my classes. I've been completely clueless about what to do it on all week. The only requirement is that it has to be around 5-6 minutes, and it has to demonstrate how to do something, and it can't be food.

Anyone have any ideas on what I can do?
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Testing, testing, 1 2 3

Please answer either first or second question, NOT BOTH. Minus two responses for the male question already. Please pay more attention. Thanks!

Poll #680800 Jealousy Cues

(If you're male) What would upset or distress you more:

Imagining your partner forming a deep emotional attachment to someone else
Imagining your parter enjoying passionate sexual intercourse with that other person

(If you're female) What would upset or distress you more:

Imagining your partner forming a deep emotional attachment to someone else
Imagining your parter enjoying passionate sexual intercourse with that other person

What's your sexual orientation?

Heterosexual male
Heterosexual female
Homosexual male
Homosexual female
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Have you ever known someone who competed in the Olympics?

George DiCarlo went to my high school, and i knew his sister.
he won a gold (400 m freestyle) and silver (1500 freestyle) swimming medals in 1984.
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Do you listen to music when getting ready (getting dressed, doing hair, brushing teeth, etc, etc) in the morning?
Do you listen to the radio or CDs or iTunes or what?
Did you listen to anything this morning? What?
Does your music selection vary according to mood or what you're doing that day? Or both? Or something else?

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In windows media player when i try to play a movie full screen, the menu bar is still at the top and the bottom and it won't go away. I have autohide menu bar checked on the top of the screen where the pin is and also in the options. I also tried pressing ctrl shift m like it said to do to autohide menu bar. None of that made it go away. I want to watch my movie without the stupid media player on the screen. How can I make the menu bar go away?
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call the drama llama

omg why is it every other post on here is a request for the group to do someone else's homework for them?

i wish i had that when i was in school! then i wouldn't have had to Learn or Think!
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fake jewelry

Does anyone know of a website like Ziamond that ships to Canada but isn't so expensive?

I want to order some pretty rings and stuff. I prefer fake/cheaper stuff so that if I lose it, I won't cry :P

I always see ads in Cosmo, People, US and all those magazines but most won't ship here, or else they don't make rings in 3.5 :/
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Loud Banging Noises

At least five times in the last hour and a half, my roommate and I have heard loud banging noises on our roof. We live in a townhouse complex, where there are other units on two sides of us, and then one side with all of our windows, and the fourth side connects to an interior common hallway. We don't have any units above or below us. We're in the middle of the row - that is, there are two south of us and two north of us, and then there are correspondingly five more units on the other side of the hallway.

We've heard these noises before too, and have no clue what is causing them. It isn't snowing, or windy, nor are there any trees near where the banging is happening. And it is really loud and strong - it kind of shook my floor a little once, and sounds like it is almost cracking the roof. It's like a 300-pound man is jumping on the roof. I wouldn't think that there would be any sort of repairpeople up there at midnight on a Sunday night, nor is the roof easily accessible to any pranksters - it would require putting up ladders and whatnot, which would be kind of obvious.

Any ideas as to what is causing this?
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