February 25th, 2006

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Ok, you guys know the movie Galaxy Quest? Well, I was having a discussion with one of my friends, and we've decided that Alan Rickman's character Alex would end up dating the guy who worshipped him, had that guy survived. So, we're wondering, we're not crazy, right? Someone else HAD to have had that same idea. Do you know if there's any fanfiction out there between these two? We just want to know that we're not alone in our assumptions. :-P Yeah, weird, we know.

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girl scout cookies

so what's your favorite kind? mine is samoas.

a related question: you know lots of different companies make the same kind of cookies as girl scouts. like keebler makes their version of a thin mint, etc. but who makes samoas? i have really looked, to no avail. i swoon at the thought of being able to have samoas 24/365!

edited to add: someone PLEASE tell me where i can buy samoas without going through a girl scout!

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01. From what I can tell, there are 29573425 different kinds of alcoholic beverages. So, if I walk into a bar and ask for a ___insert drink here___, how the hell does the bartender know them all? Have any of you taken a bar tending course? How hard is it really?

02. When you're driving, do you like listening to fast beats, slow songs or the radio? (Bonus points for books on tape)

03. What is one piece of advice you're going to give to your kids that you wish your parents had given to you?
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So I've had real difficulty finding a job lately - as in I've been unemployed for a year now. It sucks.

I'm trying everything I can think of but nobody seems to want to hire me. A friend of mine suggested I put my CV on Monster. I do have a few questions though.

I have very little experience, and only the most basic of qualifications (Don't have Maths English and Science GCSE's, but I do have Art, Drama, History and French) I didn't go to Uni and I have nothing like an NVQ or anything like that. Would it really be worth it to put my CV up there? Has anyone in a situation similar to mine had an offer from them after putting up your CV?

If I do put my CV up there and it doesn't yield any results, what else can I do? Going back to school is NOT an option, and I've done everything I can to find a job, job center, calling up employers, visiting them and letting them have my CV, asking friends and family if there are any openings where they work - and still nothing. I don't want to be unemployed forever, so what else can I do?
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So applying to college on a weekend is not helpful because no one is there to answer my questions.

Therefore, when applying to a Florida State University System University (UNF in particular) for a second bachelor's, when it asks me if I have previously attended, does it care if I attended dual enrollment in high school or does it only care if I attended as a full student?

Also, it wants to know about family members who have attended. My mother went to UWF, but did her student teaching through UNF because we moved. Her degree still says UWF. Does she count?

And why don't they just have someone around on weekends to answer my questions?

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okay, i'm looking for a good tattoo site, but not just any tattoo site. i want one without your generic wizerds & tigers & tribal tattoos. not that there's anythign wrong with those: i'm just looking for something different. what i have more in mind is more...artistically-themed ones. for example, a tattoo of one of mc escher's or da vinci's works.
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Getting started.

As most college kids know, getting started on a research paper is the hardest thing in the world.

How do you motivate yourself to get started?

Answers I don't want:

"Just do it."/ "You just have to tell yourself to do it." etc.

I want other strategies.
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1) Is there a group of people that you're afraid of? I don't necessarily mean an ethnic group, but more a group of individuals that you know and potentially interact with in real life. People that you just wouldn't mess with.

2) Have you ever thought you were going to die? What was the situation?

3) What kind of peanut butter do you eat?

4) Do you consider yourself artistic? What kind of art do you do?

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I am so damn talented. I managed not only to trip over nothing, but also had my army boot on (which I always keep tied tight.), and still broke my ankle. Go me!

So, does anyone else have a story like that? You know, a huge injury from the simplest thing?

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1. Did you get picked on during that "awkward adolescence" stage? I did, until I was about 16. I was incredibly awkward with my body, and uncomfortable around my peers. Due to excessively perky breasts, I was nicknamed "Daggers" and the guys would shout that out whenever I walked by. Ouch.

2. How do you handle it when people just keep sharing redundant information? For example, my roommate always complains about the same things, over and over. I've taken to not responding to her, and I'm hoping she'll get the hint that I don't care anymore.

3. Do you like sock monkeys?

4. Do you think that children are growing up faster these days? My 11 year old cousin's AIM profile is adorned with all these cheesy love quotes, and then says "Sexy Girls Have TASTE!" and stuff like "I love my girls!" I think I was still wearing dresses and playing with my American Girl Dolls when I was her age.

5. Does anyone else know the art work of Alicia Peck, www.bellamuse.com ?
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1. When meeting someone for the first time, is there any action you can do that is less formal than a handshake, but less intimate than a hug? It would have to be something relatively common or straightforward, because the other person would have to know what the hell you're doing...

2. Would you say that you have a naturally 'angry' or 'happy' (etc) face? Everyone says I have a really angry-looking face when I'm really never very angry at all. I'm hoping other people have this problem because it will make me feel better. =P
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I'm going out for Sushi in 20 minutes or so, I always stick with the same things:

Spicy Tuna Rolls (My favorite)
Yellowtail Sashimi
Shrimp Tempura Rolls
Salmon Sashimi

The only things I really dislike are Eel and California Rolls. Any suggestions on stuff to try?

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What is something that you eat oddly?

For me, McDonalds Hamburgers, I eat the buns first, then the pickles then the beef. I have no idea where I developed that either but I cant ever remember eating one of those normally.

I used to pick apart subway subs too but Ive stopped doing that.
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Bathroom questions

1. When you see that a girl has a detatchable shower head, do you automatically assume she uses it to masturbate?

I don't, because that's not what I use mine for (the apartment came with it), but I've had quite a few people tell me that they do.

2. Do you look in people's medicine cabinets or under their counters when you pee in their house?

I definitely do.

3. Do you believe in toilet seat carpet? (The kind that goes on the lid).

I don't, because I grew up with a little brother and it just became a pee carpet.

4. How many towels do you use when you shower?

I use two, one for my body and one for my hair (if I don't turban-up my hair, my body will never dry).

And 5, completely unrelated, but why do people automatically assume "They're just jealous" when someone doesn't like them? Why can't they just think "Okay, that person doesn't like me."? Or is this just some weird internet trend I've noticed?

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am i the only one that doesn't get offended by ANYTHING? i have never felt offended by anything in my life. the post yesterday about "why do gay men have so much sex with different people" reminded me of this. i have a gay brother that is not a slut at all, but i'd never think to be offended by that question.

edit: it probably has a little to do with the fact that i am a straight white female, where there aren't really any derogatory terms that can be thrown at me. i would probably get offended if someone could yell racial slurs at me, or something similar to that situation.

what offends you?
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Burning of national flags

What do you feel about people who burn or otherwise desecrate your national flag?

IMO, the only proper circumstances are to dispose of a flag that is no longer fit for display and has no specific value as a historical artifact, and to prevent capture by an enemy. The flag is the symbol of all the nation stands for, desecrating it is like desecrating the nation itself.

That said*, at least for the US, the flag stands first and foremost for the freedoms the Constitution guarantees. To ban its desecration would be a direct assault on those freedoms, which is far worse than an attack on the symbol. Symbols are important, but what they represent is immesurably more important.

* I don't know enough about other national cultures to state any objections to laws against desecration of their flag. Citizens of other nations are free to bring such objections up.
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Suggest a site

I'm looking for sites that have any kind of news on folk/celtic/roots music in general. I.e upcoming awards, top 10 lists, Sales of records (gold/platinum/ect)stats or any other kind of info. Thoughts/ideas?

Motorola software

I have a Motorola phone and I have no idea what thing it is that I have to download in order to upload pictures onto my computer....
I'm really confused about this.
Can someone help me, please?

I've looked over the motorola website and I tried to find the software but I couldn't.
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Bus Dilemma

In June, the city I live in wants to cut my bus out of their route schedule due to lack of funds. I wont be able to attend a city meeting because of work, but I'm thinking about writing a petition letter. Does anyone have any advice to keep public transportation an option for me? Also, I'm carfree and I really just don't know what'd I'd do if this happens (and it's most likely going to). I ride my bike to work, but the nearest grocery store is about 10 miles away! Does anyone here ride a moped/scooter or know much about the legalities of this? Any suggestions for alternative transportation? Thanks!

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Do you name any of you name your inanimate objects (your computer, car, etc.) If so, what are their names?

Do you talk to your inanimate objects?

(This was prompted by a conversation with the guy at the bicycle repair shop when I told him what my bike's name was. He heard on the radio that girls tend to name and talk to their objects way more than guys do, I'm wondering if it's true :)

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Does anyone know....

where I can find one of those "tickers" that count how long its been since I had a cigarette? I quit smoking @ 10:30 this morning, and I want to have a counter telling me how long its been since I had one.

I tmight make it easier to STAY quit this time (Bad English, I know...)

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What do you like browsing in shops?
What do you hate shopping for?
Do you think there should be more child minding facilities in shopping centres (as a parent, or as a customer who doesn't like noisy children)?

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What are the kids using to "share" music these days?
Any new p2p networks?
Upstart bittorrent tracker sites?
Should I just invest time in a usenet client?
Can anyone invite me to IndieTorrents?

Soulseek has been my accomplice for the last few years, but lately it's become harder and harder to find even the not-so-obscure albums. Ideally, what I'm looking for would be skewed toward indie/electronica, organize results by album and have a client for OSX.
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What pokémon do you take with you to the Elite Four?
What pokémon should I take with me to the Elite Four? Pick anyones, I'll go get them and train them up, etc. I started with Squirtle (which pisses me off). Any suggestions?

PS- I love being a nerd.
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Do all Samsung cell phones get terrible reception, constantly drop calls, and have short battery life? Or is it just my e317?
In my experience, flip phones get worse reception than "block" phones.
So, does my phone suck because it's a flip phone, or because it's a Sumsung phone?

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i was going through my old photo albums looking for pictures i wanted to scan and have online. i was looking for one particular photo and couldn't find it although i knew it was with the batch i was looking through. inside the cover of the photo album i have a kodak index print, that includes the photo i really want a copy of. it basically has a teeny little version of each image. at the bottom there is a bar code. is there any way i can take this to walmart or wherever and they can pull up my photo and print me a copy of it? or is the index print just something convenient for me so i can keep my photos in order? i have a huge box of negatives (keeping my fingers crossed that the one i want is in there) at my parent's house so all is not totally lost; i am just getting a little panicky at the thought that my original copy of this photo is gone and now all i might have is the little square on the index print mocking me.

calling all vegetarians, vegans, etc.

I've been a vegetarian for about a little more than a month. I like it, but I've been having some strange dreams lately. I have nightmares that where I eat something, then realize it's chicken or beef and then I freak out.

So I have a question for all you people that choose not to eat some kind of food. Do you ever have dreams that you accidentially eat it and then freak out? Or am I just crazy?

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Interweb Questions

In your opinion, what is...

1. The most useful site on the web?
2. The most overrated?
3. Underrated?
4. The website with the best wares?
5. The funniest site?
6. The most sobering site?
7. The site that brings you the most joy?
8. The site most likely to make your blood boil?
9. The site that you pimp the most?
10. Your absolute must-check site, every day?
11. Your search engine of choice?
12. The best LJ community?
13. The best site for procrastinating?

Who on the internet...

1. Has the best LJ?
2. Has the best non-LJ blog?
3. Has the best advice?
4. Is the biggest internet whore?
5. Has the best site design?
6. Makes you wish you were them?
7. Is most entertaining?
8. Would you sleep with?
9. Would you like to learn more about?
10. Hear less about?

Links are appreciated.
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My boyfriend picked up a can of pink Salmon so he could have Salmon patties. Normall he gets the small cans that are like tuna. But this tim he bought a big can (Like a normal soup can sized can) because they were out of the small ones. When I opened it, a hunk of fish came out complete with bones and skin. Now the can didn't say "whole" fish or anything. I've never bought/used canned fish before in my life. So is this something that's assumed? That you should know you're getting a hunk of raw fish instead of the tuna-like stuff?
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Gizmodo is Garbanzo

I read Gizmodo and suddenly, it's gone all kerflunkty on me. The page is solid white, links and images only. No formatting, no style sheet, nothing. Even with F5, Ctrl-F5, clear cache, enlarge cache, nothing seems to work.

I'm on Firefox, any idea what could have happened?
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This might sound a bit odd, but do you touch your friends often? I don't mean like groping them, but you know, hug them, walk arm-in-arm, arms around waists and that stuff? And I mean it in a completely non-homosexual way. ;)

The reason I'm curious is that I see it everywhere! Most people around me (my school, my town) - and I'm talking girls - hug all the time, kiss on the cheek. When they meet in school, when they go home, when they're leaving for the bathroom for like 5 minutes... Personally I'm not a very physical person, I don't like to have physical contact with people I don't know very very well. (Feels like I'm the only one sometimes) For example, there is a girl in my class who insists on hugging me everytime she sees me, squeezing the life out of me. Not appreciated.

Whoa, this turned out to be a ramble. But anyway, let me repeat the question: do you have physical contact with your friends often? Or are just all people around me über-friendly?
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Screen Capping

I'm trying to take screencaps of a DVD I'm watching. I'm using InterVideo WinDVD 4. I haven't set a default folder for the caps to go to, but they're saving somewhere. I want to save the caps I've taken so far in case my computer does something weird.

Where could the caps have gone, and how can I set a default folder for them to go to? The help menu is very, very vague.

Thank you!!

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We have a senior project coming up and I'm having a hard time coming up with something my parents will agree to let me do and something that will interest me long enough for an 8 week project.
Any ideas or inspiration?
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is there anyway to block someone on myspace? this guy keeps messaging me everytime he sees i'm online. he's harmless enough it's just a bit irritating after the 50 millionth random message. i just went on to do some stuff, i planned on straight online, straight off and he sends me this : -

" hey got a min? i got a friend who is in love with thisguy Ed ok but he is half way around the world and she has a flatmate ok i think a guy ? but that dosen't matter shes drunk < and told the flatmate that she had a crush on them can ya help me out PLEASE!!!!"


i replied saying ,"
ooh okay, she told the flatmate that she has a crush on ed? that right? and i take it now she regrets it?

and i get this...

"no on matt be his name the flat mate she is with ed in the states ????"

i don't want to keep this up. and i know i could just say 'get lost' but i feel bad doing that to people, even if it is over the internet. i know, i'm stoopid. :-) i'd just rather block him and pretend i fell off the earth than have messages everytime i go on myspace and see him message me with 'hi how are you? i love your hair' (which is what i get all the time!)

hope someone can help a bit!!!


ETA - okay i found it...but, just out of curiosity (i'll be blocking him anyways) will he know i have blocked him?
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This has been bothering me for a while but I haven't really been able to make it coherent yet, but ah well. There's a movie, I think it's Disney/animated, where one of the characters walks around singing something akin to ""zoob a doop, zoob a dop, zooba do dop be bop".

I'll post to whatwasthatone if no one can think of it.


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sorry for two posts in one day, they're kind of wildly different from each other.

i'm a college student and i live on campus. i recently moved across campus and out of the regular dorms and into an apartment-style room with a mini kitchen. i have a fridge (look, it's in my icon!), a sink, a stove, and an oven. i haven't really been using any of it, except the refrigerator. thanks to a clerical error somewhere within the housing department, i don't have a roommate, but i will this weekend. she has a meal plan though so her existence is kind of irrelevant.

for the past three weeks i've been ordering out or eating on campus, which is getting way too expensive because i don't have a meal plan and dinner in the dining halls is like nine bucks. so i'm going to go grocery shopping one of these days, because i'm getting paid soon.

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health is not a major concern. i'd get some fruit but i'm allergic to a lot of fruit, so i just drink a lot of orange juice and hope i get enough vitamin C. i can't cook so meat is pretty much out of the question. and i really mean i can't cook. oh god i can't cook. trying to properly cook broccoli is going to be a really big project for me.

1) what else do i need?

2) how much do you think this will cost me? i'm in suburbs in delaware if it matters
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1. Where can I find shoes/sneakers that don't have flat soles? Like something to wear for walking long distances...and for working out at a gym? I don't want to buy two separate pairs. Oh and something that's a little fashionable...not something that looks like this:

2. Is Palisades Park, NJ a nice area?
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Sorry for asking so many questions lately!

I'm switching MP3 payers from an iPod to a Phillips mp3 player. Is there a way I can import my iTunes library to Windows Media player easily? I'm trying to avoid reburning all my CDs (I have too many!), but all the files that came from CDs are all iTune files and I'm not sure if they can be converted, what do I do?

Edit: the itunes format are MPEG-4 Audio Files. Is there a way to convert those into standar mp3 files?


1. What is something that you have not yet done that you believe you can accomplish during your lifetime?

2. What place of business do you think has the stupidest name? Where the play on words is just too much?

3. What cancelled tv show do you wish they'd bring back?

4. Have you ever returned something to the store after you've worn it?

5. Should kids have cell phones? How old should a kid be before getting a cell phone?

6. If the temperature had to be the same on every day of the year, what would you want it to be?

7. When was the last time someone took a picture of you, and what were you doing? When was the last time you took a picture, and what was it of?

8. Have you ever attempted to put together your family tree? If so, how far back were you able to go? If not, would you like to put one together?

9. So who wants to tell me why words like "penis" and "panda" are on this list of "difficult" and obscure words? And that's just the P list.. who knows what's on the others.

Lyrics Quiz

Part One
From what song and by which artist are the following lyrics? A cookie goes to the first correct answer for each. No Googling or you don't get a cookie!

1. "You got yourself an ass with a mind of its own."
2. "I don't believe in magic, it's only in the mind." -manynames
3. "Kick 'em when they're up, kick 'em when they're down." -suzermagoozer
4. "Those who feel a touch of madness, sit down next to me." -bopeepsheep and ms_elusive
5. "I will remember to send a thank you note to that girl." -keneally
6. "She'll have no doubt that we're doing the best we can." -doublefourtime
7. "I suppose you’re going to have to play it by ear."
8. "Jeremiah was a bullfrog." -classicjazzbari
9. "That old man here is me." -jukebox_hero
10. "Let the handcuffs slip off your wrists." -wedahr and ms_elusive

Part Two
Now it's your turn. Would you care to post a fragment of a song lyric (new comment thread per lyric, please) for others to guess? Here is a cookie jar so you can hand out rewards.

car repair

So I just backed up into a curb and now my back bumper has a pretty big (like from the top to bottom) crack in it. Do you have any idea how much money that would cost to fix?