February 24th, 2006


Wireless Earphones

I'm looking to get away with listening to the radio or an MP3 player at work. To do this, I would need headphones, the kind you stick in your ears, but without wires. Is there a company that makes wireless earphones or a place I can purchase these? Does anyone have reviews if they've used a product like this?
TV: Huh?

Film Premieres - Exclusive or No?

So the burning question @ 2:14 AM concerns film premieres.

Are these actually ticketed events for press and fans?

Do commonfolk actually go? And if so...how would one find out the date/location/price of such a thing?
(Googling only produces creepy "Leave your money in a box by the door and turn away" type deals...)

There are just some things in life that need clearing up. And although I live in very un-glamorous Indiana, this has been nagging me since last week.

Thanks in advance.
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yummers in the tummers!!!

apparently some clown out there in pittsburgh went to the local quickie-mart/circle k/stop-'n'-go and wrapped a severed penis in a paper-towel and stuck it in the microwave...

the clerk found it...

and it wasn't me cuz i burned hotdogs in the microwave -
not weenies...

as far as you know - what's the weirdest thing someone's put in a microwave?
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(no subject)

Hey guys,

I was laid off at work yesterday. Besides monster.ca, where else can I post my resume to cruise for jobs?
Also, my monster.ca profile has a mandatory "Resume Headline" and "Job Objective" section. I never know what to say for those types of things.

Basically I'm looking for an administrative desk job sort of thing. I've been working in Order Entry for Canadian Securities for the last year and a half, so I'm qualified for anything involving computers and typing, or maybe secretarial. Anything involving writing, I'm currently in school taking part time night classes to complete my technical writing degree, and I've got about another year to go. I'm excellent with editing, spelling and grammar.

I'm having trouble summarizing that into a Resume Headline and Job Objective and making it sound great. Any suggestions?


(no subject)

who has seen "primer" and can explain to me wtf happened? (i do plan to watch it--at least a hundred times--over to try and figure it out) but i would appreciate some other perspectives. :-)

***the comments to this post may contain spoilers for the movie "primer"***

(no subject)

At what times of the day do you eat? How long until you decide you're really hungry?

This is my tentative eating schedule:
6:40 - Breakfast (bagel or 2 pcs toast and a glass of milk)
10:00 - Snack (usually a sweet & salty granola bar or some almonds and a huge glass of water)
12:00 - Lunch (lean cuisine or pasta leftovers, with a yogurt or fruit cup)
3:00 (sometimes) - Snack (granola bar or 100 cal pack of pringles)
5:00 or 6:00 - Supper
9:00 - cup of tea/hot apple cider

If I want to lose weight, do you think I should eat so frequently? I drink lots of water throughout the day, and I don't usually let myself get hungry. Some people (Oprah!) tell me to wait, but others say to eat regularly so that you don't get hungry... confused!

ALSO: What is your favorite Winter Olympic event? Ladies and Mens Hockey, for me :)
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(no subject)

"The ideal candidate MUST have:

· Over 10,000 kspr

· Solid written and oral communication skills

· Must be pleasant and professional

· Strong knowledge of Excel, Word and Outlook are a must.

· Some Accpac experience would be an asset"

Question: What does "kspr" mean, and what is "Accpac"?

on an airplane...

Is there any airline you would not fly on?

Do you say anything to the person in front of you that leans his seat back and your knees are trapped?

If you're bigger, meaning not skinny and not just meaning fat, but have some stomach and/or wide hips and can't get the seatbelt fastened...what do you do?

Is there anything embarrassing you've done on an airplane or think you may have done?
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Front Toward Enemy

This morning, my co-worker returned from her doctor and reported that she had ruptured her eardrum with a Q-Tip. She's going to completely lose hearing in her right ear for a few weeks and may need to have a new eardrum fashioned out of spare skin.

Now that I plan to return home and dispose of my cotton swabs with the same care and caution I would provide explosive devices, a question arises:

How do you, LiveJournal, clean out your ear canals?
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socks and cat

How does this whole fund transfer thing work? Where does the money hide?

I PayPal'ed $40 to a seller. The seller then refunded the money the same day. PayPal said there will be a hold on my money for 3 to 4 days while they wait for it to clear my bank. Yes, my own money has to clear my bank before I can have it back. The funds are already gone from my bank, so my bank doesn't have the $40. PayPal claims they don't have the $40 because it hasn't cleared my bank.

I'm not asking how to solve this, because I really don't mind. 3 or 4 days waiting for the refund won't kill me. I'm just really curious, where is this mysterious place that the $40 is residing for 3 or 4 days. My bank doesn't have it, they already sent it to PayPal. And PayPal doesn't have it, they are waiting for it to clear my bank. Is there some transitory place that funds like this hide for a few days?

(no subject)

OK, I just moved in January to Lafayette, IN. I moved here b/c my boyfriend and my best friends are here, and I was tired of living 90 minutes away. So I moved to be with them, essentially. I subleased a bedroom from someone who was moving back home. I have one bedroom in a two-bedroom apartment. The girl who has the other bedroom is actually quite nice, but she was a total stranger. I've lived alone for 4 years, so adjusting to having someone share the bathroom and kitchen was kinda weird.

Anyway, here's my issue. My roommate is upset that I'm never at the apartment. I admit, I'm only there to grab clothes most of the time, or drop stuff off, or do laundry. I spend every night at my boyfriend's (he has a full, I have a twin...we fit better at his place, lol), and I work a lot. I shower at my boyfriend's place, eat out with him and my friends, and spend most of my time elsewhere. I don't really know her, and I don't feel obligated to spend time with her. She's a nice girl and we get along just fine, but being at my apartment is rather boring.

So, the question: Is what I'm doing a bad thing? Spending time out with friends, chilling at my boyfriend's apartment (which is totally A-OK with his roommates, btw, who are all my friends too), never being at the apartment? It's nice and cheap, a good place to store my stuff, and I've even slept there once or twice.

What do you guys think??

Am I getting screwed? Very long......beware

I think my husband and I are being taken advantage of by his parents. Here's the abridged version of what's going on:
We are currently "renting" a house from them. Supposedly we are renting to own, but there is no paperwork stating this, no legal contracts, nothing.
We pay the, $500 a month for "rent", which each month is supposed to be taken of the lum sum we are paying to "buy" this house. I hope this is making sense.
Well, here's what bugs me. The house is in grave condition. Terrible condition. The city would probably condemn it if they were notifed of it. Some of the major things wrong with it are: the basement leaks profusefly at any hint of rain. The kitchen counter tops are actually growing live mold because they are so old and went uncared for for years and years. I have to wipe down the counters every day and put towels over them to keep it at bay. The people who lived in the house before we "bought" it peed on the carpets (they were complete animals) so the carpets have many stains from human waste.
So why did I agree to "buy" it? Because my inlaws said they'd have the place fixed up before we moved in. Well, that never happened. They've put zero money into the place since we "bought" it in August 2005. ZERO.
Here's their side: They used to rent the house out for $750 a month (a 4 bedroom, one bath ranch with a huge yard, 3 car garage) and are charging us only $500 a month. They let us live rent free for two months last year when I was looking for a job.
My side: No one would in their right mind would rent or buy the place in that condition. Yes, we only pay $500 a month, but the total purchase price they want is $75,000. The house was assessed at $50,000 in it's current condition. So basically we are paying for the condition it could be in if they did what they said they were going to do and fixed it up, not for the condition it's actually in. If they put it on the market, no one would pay for the condition it "could be in if it was fixed up"!!
Plus, we have no legal ownership in the house. We're slowly paying for the repairs PLUS the monthly payment on the place, and if my inlaws were killed tomorrow the state would snatch it right away from us and we'd get nothing from the sale.
My husband doesn't think we're getting screwed, because his mommy and daddy can do no wrong. I would never have agreed to this if I had known they wouldn't keep their word and that he wouldn't demand they do so.
First, do you think we're being taken advantage of, or are the inlaws right? Second, if you agree with me, is there really anything I can do?
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Joey vs Trillan - ROUND ONE!

Sometimes when I'm talking to people on Trillian, it dies. What I mean is that I send the message, but they don't get it and Trillian tells the other person on the other end that I'm still typing, even though I'm not.
I was told that the latest update would fix this, but it still does it. Sometimes it's every few minutes, sometimes it doesn't happen at all, but it's very annoying. Is there any way to fix this?
Any help is appreciated :)
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I realize this isn't a group of lawyers, but I have a question.

Can you file for bankruptcy and still recieve student loans? I do NOT want to discharge my student loans, those are fine. I have personal debt I want to discharge, and I want to still be able to recieve student loans. Is that possible?
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(no subject)

While our public library isn't currently filling any job vacancies, their website says: "We do take applications and keep them on file for six (6) months, for all positions, in case a vacancy does occur and needs replacement. If you are interested in working at the PWPL, please bring a completed PWPL employment application to the Circulation Desk, Main Floor, or stop by and pick one up." You can download the application from their website.

I'd like to fill out the application and drop it off, just for the hell of it (I'm really sick of my current job, so if something better came up it would be nice). Should I include a resume when I do so, or do you think they just want applications on file, and if they ever brought me in for an interview or something, they'd want one then? I would guess the latter, but I just wanted to be sure. Thanks!
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Cooking and comedians!

Question one!
Are you the kind of person that cooks because you LIKE to or because you HAVE to?
If you like to cook, are you self taught or did you go to school for it?

Me, I love to cook. I specialise in chicken and desserts, although not on the same plate obviously. I also do a lot of vegetarian diskes and I'm currently learning how to use tofu. I'm a very creative person and I can't draw or write very well so all my creativity is put into my cooking. I'm constantly thinking of new things to make, and I'm always learning. I love cooking for other people, it's nice to have something you made be appreciated like that.
I have a basic food hygiene certificate but other than that I have no formal training in cooking, I'm completley self taught.

Question two!
Who's your favourite standup comedian?

I have three. Dylan Moran, Peter Kay and Adam Hills. These three never fail to make me laugh.
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(no subject)

so, i turned 21 today (woohoo!) and my friends and i are going out tonight. i usually only drink vodka and cranberry juice, but id like to branch out. i dont like tequila, but thats really my only setback. what should i drink tonight?


Okay, so you're in your bedroom, with all the bedroomly things, a computer with internet, and no hand or power tools to speak of. No, not like that, pervert.

I just went to open the door to walk out of this room, and the knob made an unnerving "snap" and will not turn at all, now. I tried to pry it open with a pair of scissors, but no luck.

My question, then, is HOW THE HELL DO I GET OUT OF MY ROOM? Because, really, I have got to pee very badly.

EDIT: I GOT OUT! Industrial scissors + omgwtfgottapee = yay free

And, hey cool, I win at teh questions.
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(no subject)

I have an ipod nano, and I was wondering if there is a product out there that would allow me to use my ipod through my car stereo. Best Buy told me about an FM transmitter, but I don't know how they work. Basically, I want to listen to all my ipod tunes on my car stereo (through the cd player). I've seen a cassette that can connect the ipod to a car stereo but I have a cd player. So, my question is, is there a way I can use my ipod (listening to songs I have on my ipod not the radio) in my car through my car cd player? Sorry if this doesn't make sense lol. Also, if you could include a product name in your comment, it'd be helpful.

(no subject)

Today in school we took one of those tests that tells you what career would suit you. Then we got a list of careers we should look in to. One of the careers on my list was...
Like a Native American cheif. I'm serious. And no, I'm not a Native American, so there's no way that's even an option for me. o.O

So, my question is this: For those of you have taken tests like this, have yo ever gotten any really odd results?
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I was listening to Natasha Bedingfield last night when I asked myself, "What ever happened to Daniel Bedingfield?" I thought that he was talented and would've bet that he would've had a much longer career here in the states. last I heard of him, he had gotten into a pretty bad car crash a few years ago.

Random Questions

Has anyone take or know anyone that has taken Relacore? I was thinking about buying it. Just wanted to see what some people think of it. Thanks.

Does anyone else think that the game Animal Crossing: Wild World is addicting? I can't stop playing it and the WiFi option makes it even more addicting.

Who can't wait until winter is over??
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(no subject)

so i recorded a documentary on a&e called 'skinheads usa: soldiers of the race war' and its talking about the aryan national front. its interesting, but i had a few questions.

during the documentary the people in the white power groups had what they called demonstrations, and they were on the open street and they had swat teams, and police (hundreds of them of all colors) protecting these people. ...its legal to walk around and yell 'white power, we're going to hang all the n*ggers, gays, & jews'?? i mean i know about freedom of speech but ...isn't that crossing the line? you dont see this kind of shit going on anywhere but alabama! are the police obligated to protect these people during their 'demonstration'?

oh, and why do they hate jewish people? they always say white power, but some jewish people are white. that might be a stupid question since i guess they most likely follow hitler to some extent, but i just don't get it.

are women allowed to be in white power groups? i dont think so far i've seen one woman, only teenage boys and older men.

where did the whole 'hail hitler' arm thing arise from? did hitler start that, or his followers?

why are most (i wont say all) white power people from the south?

can you recommend any good books on white power groups (non-fiction) or hitler? i'm really curious but all the books i find are too history oriented if that makes sense, i just want to know more about nazism and such but in an easy to follow way.

3 Questions

1. Have you ever done crystal meth? What was it like for you? Did you become addicted right away, if at all?

2. Have you ever watched the show Six Feet Under? Did you like it, hate it, become obsessed with it, think it was a waste of time?

3. If you have more than one pet, is one favored by you? Why? Post a pic of the chosen one if you want...

My answers:
1. Never, but my husbands cousins in Arkansas make/sell it.
2. Love it.
3. I have two dogs, one is by far my baby, one is my husbands. Here is my sweetheart, Bear: http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y293/Bearsmom/Dogs/bear.jpg
And the one who isn't my favorite, Maverick : http://i7.photobucket.com/albums/y293/Bearsmom/Dogs/maverick.jpg
But they are both spoiled rotten and happy, as you can see :)


The other night, I was making some broccoli that I planned on taking with me for lunch the next day. I didn't have a steamer, so I cooked it in a pot with a little water. It finished up right about the same time that I finished my dinner, so I took the pot off the burner (forgetting to drain it) and set it aside to let it cool. Obviously, this gave me broccoli mush.

1. Is there any way to de-mush my broccoli? Some way of re-heating it perhaps? Squeezing out the excess water or something?

2. What's the last cooking mistake that you made?

3. What's something that you can cook that you really enjoy?

4. What's something that you can't cook that you'd really want to learn?

The last three questions are, of course, contingent on your ability to cook at ALL.
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(no subject)

Why do people get all huffy about people not crediting them for icons?  I'd be jazzed if I found people using my icons...credit or not.  (I credit my icons when I know where they came from)

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A few more questions...

1. Does anyone here own your own small business and pay employees? Be honest now, if given the choice between giving an employee who'd been with you for several years and has been a good worker a significant raise they really deserve or letting them go and hiring someone new who you can pay less for the same job/same quality work, what would you do? In other words, do you reward loyalty or figure if you can pay someone less to do the same job, why pay the long time employee more just for being loyal?

2. Do you prefer Heinz Ketchup, Hunts, or some other brand?

3. How old is old to you?

4. If your child played an after school sport and was CLEARLY the worst player on the team BY FAR...would you be a little embarrassed?

5. This one is mostly for men: if your only son were gay,even if you were completley accepting, would you be a little disappointed?


1) I vaguely remember an episode of "Are you afraid of the dark?" where a girl went with her parents to a bed and breakfast and a boy there attempted to suck out the parents souls through mirrors. Anyone else remember this? What was the episode called?

2) What is the creepiest [note: not scary or gory] television show/episode you've seen? Movie?

3) What is the creepiest thing that's ever happened to you?

And, finally, this will scary anyone who's in high school...

4) What is the least difficult to take, The SAT or the ACT? If you took the ACT, what score did you get?
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Job questions (an advice post)

So I graduate in May and am looking for a job now. The debate is whether to stay where I am or to move to where my boyfriend's family is.  I sent out applications to his area, and just found a job at my dream place here that I'm applying for.  The job here won't even be interviewing for 2-3 weeks.  A place out west called/emailed me to say that a position there is open and they wanted to know if I'm still interested and to "discuss flying me out for an interview."  I *really* want the job here, but it's a little above my head so I'm not sure I'll get it.  How should I best respond to the email to the out west place that wants to discuss the position with me "asap" and possibly fly me out?    I don't want to put a small social services org through the trouble of flying me out if I don't take it, but at the same time, it seems wise to interview in case the thing here falls through, and she seems eager to have something lined up even though I wouldn't be starting til late May.  There's some other issues with making up my mind, but basically:  what's the best, most professional way to say that yes, I'm still interested, but I'm holding out hope for another place first?  :\

Restriction Codes

My cellphone was lost. I am currently using an old one that belonged to my mom. We had the same phone, and hers doesn't have any ringtones or pictures anymore for background. I tried to switch the SimCards so I can use the good phone, but it says service restricted. I need a code to get on my phone.
Does anyone have anyway to get a code, aside from going back to the store to get one. I don't wanna pay for one, cause I already paid for one for the first phone.

Thanks in advance.


(no subject)

I don't have a wet measuring cup, is it still the same amount if I use a dry measuring cup?

Example: I'm going to make brownies and I need to measure 1/3 cup of water, but I only have a dry measurin cup, Is it still 1/3 of a cup if I use the dry one? Or is there a difference?
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Two questions that have nothing to do with each other.

I'm thinking about buying some of those gel pads for my shoes, because I stand up all day and my feet kill me within a few hours. Any suggestions?

This one is more for my own curiosity, but for those of you who have a PSP: do you actually watch movies on them? I feel as though the screen would be too small for me, but if you do, is it a good experience or no?
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And when I touch you I feel happy inside.

Forgive the crappy wording of the question, but this headache is making it hard to think.

When you have been holding/have gone to hold someone's hand, have you ever sung at/to them The Beatles' 'I Want To Hold Your Hand'?

Has someone ever sung it to you? Who?

My Dad always sings to me, and has done since I was little; loudly, usually when we're in public places.
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Jesus question

In the recent post about Nazism, one of the reasons given for people in general hating Jews is that "they killed Jesus." I've head this before too. My question is, even if they did, so what? I mean, Jesus was supposed to die, right? That's the whole point, that he died for peoples' sins. God sent him to be killed. So why is it a bad thing if Jews killed him, since it had to happen, and God made it happen? I'm Jewish, and I've never understood this.


Have you been to a casino before? If you're underage, do you think you will go to a casino when you're of age?

Do you go regularly?

Do you usually win?

Do you play slots or games?

What's the most you've ever won? Lost?


What do you think of when you see the words, "metaphysics" and "metaphysical"?

[This is an opinion question. Please don't point me at definitions. I know what they mean. I'm wondering what you thiink of.]

(no subject)

1. What do you do that you KNOW is (really!) bad for you, but you do it anyway because you really just don't care enough to not do it?

2. What do you not compromise on, as far as that stuff goes? Like, what *bad for you* things would you never do?

Collapse )

im freakin out!

my girlfriend has been having pains in her lower stomach, near the waist line.
we had sex on sunday, and she said the pains started on tuesday or wednesday.

is this a sign of pregnancy?

also, what does the morning after pill do?
would i work in this kind of situation? would it cancel the pregnancy if she is pregnant?

(no subject)

Is there a good way to de-tangle dreadlocks? My 7 year old niece loves her long hair but her mother had been dreading it for the past 10 months. She wants to have her hair cut but doesn't want to shave it. We got some of it un-matted but it's really, really bad. Any tips?