February 23rd, 2006

minnie and zeus

follow up + golden birthdays

Thanks to those of you who voted in my poll yesterday about which quote was more fitting in a certain bday card.  I went with the popular one, and he liked it.  =)

And inspired by the discussion in the comments to that post - golden birthdays:  do you know what they are?  have you had yours?  do you get an extra special gift on it?  if yes, what didja get? 

-my golden bday is this year, as is my sisters'.  my mom thinks that for it, we should have a special gift (and is already asking me to think of something), as she got one for hers...so i'm curious if others have a bigger celebration for it or not. 
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Do you ever feel bad for not commenting to people's questions here?

What if it's a good question and they only have like 4 comments, and you just don't feel like answering.. do you feel bad, even for a split second?

What if they have zero comments and it's already like 15 entries down?

If you ask a question and it gets zero comments, do you wonder why nobody commented?

I sometimes feel bad when a good questions has so little comments and I still don't feel like commenting. Only for a split second though until I scroll on past. haha.
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1. What is one car that you would never buy?
2. Do you use coupons for grocery shopping (or anything else)?
3. How often do you go shopping for clothes?
4. What's one thing you always feel guilty spending money on but buy anyway?
5. What's one thing you'd NEVER feel guilty about purchasing?
6. Is there something you buy every single day (cigarettes, coffee, lunch, etc)?

A question stemming from a rant...

Honestly, I could not care less about a celeb's personal life, but I'm tired of hearing celebrities bitch and moan about how they deserve their privacy. Did they not anticipate papparazzi and public attention when they were struggling to get where they are? Were they not enthralled when the press started covering their likely mediocre rise to stardom? Is making an exorbinant amount of cash that one could barely spend in a lifetime not enough compensation for being in the public eye - a situation in which, uh, they put themselves in and just comes with the territory of all the money, glamour and special treatment? I'm not saying that the paparazzi isn't brutal... i'm sure they get annoying as hell. But for chrissake... suck it up and shut the hell up... without the coverage they'd likely have no career to begin with.

Or better yet... yes, yes, please continue bitching. Please sue. Please make a stink. Maybe you'll get your wish and I won't have to listen to your crap. :p

So the question to you all is... what do you think about celebrities and their supposed "right to privacy"? And can you tell I haven't had my coffee yet? lol
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(no subject)

I have an appointment to meet with someone from HR to drop off copies of my IDs & to sign the official acceptance of offer sheet. How should I dress? Would a pair of jeans with a nice shirt be acceptable or should I go in as if I was going in for an interview? 

Also: My first actual day of working is on Casual Friday. Over the phone, the HR rep told me I should feel free to go in on my first day in jeans. It doesn't seem like that would be a good idea since it is my first day. I've never had a job that had a casual friday. I've either had jobs where you didn't have to dress up at all or you were required to do so all of the time. Should I go casual on my first day or stick with my gut and dress up?

Edit: You guys are amazing! Thanks for all the quick responses.
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(no subject)

Can someone explain this comic strip? I'm not getting it. I think I missed a core high school class in something.

OK, now that that's been answered.... new question. If vampires can't see themselves in mirrors, how come they always look so well groomed? (Example: Movie vampires, Sims 2 vampires, comic book vampires. Contrast with zombies, who look like they've never met a mirror in their life)

What font gives you the ♥ and what character do you have to type to get it? (I used the HTML code for a heart, but that doesn't work for AIM, etc.)
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(no subject)

This is kind of a stupid question, but I need to know the answer.

Okay, I just recently got a library card. I haven't had one in over 10 years. At the library I go to, you can take out up to 50 books at a time. I took out 4 the other day and I am about to go and return 2 of them. My question is, can I take out more even though I have the other 2 still checked out?

And yes, I know I could call and ask but I feel like an idiot calling them and asking.
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Phone Numbers

What odd/random numbers to you have stored in your cell phone's phone book?

I have the Pizza Depot number (pizza place by my mom's house, which is a good 60 miles away), 4th and C (a fish and chips place here by work), Super Cuts (but not the one I normally go to), and my ex's dad's phone number (you wouldn't believe how many times that boy has called me asking for his dad's number or address).
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real men read

Open Letters

I can totally relate to THIS open letter directed toward women who pee on public bathroom seats and don't wipe up afterward.

If you were to write a similar letter, who/what would it be directed toward and why?
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(no subject)

i did a pretty nice thing last nite...went to petco and got the critters some treats...

Buddy (the dog) got dog cookies, Bear (the hamster) got yogurt treats, Lucky (the cat) got breath mints...

what did you do last nite that was pretty neat?
do you have critters? if so - what?
what did you do for them that was pretty neat?
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email programs

Do you know of any good email programs (besides Outlook and Eudora) that I can download to my PC?
Hubby uses Eudora for his, so I need something different that isn't Outlook.
Any recommendations?


In my job, I wear a lot of hats, and among my duties is ordering supplies for the office. We were a longtime customer for Viking, until they were bought out by Office Depot and their prices went to shit. For the past few months, I've been ordering from this friend in Chicago. Rose and I have gotten to be pretty good friends. I enjoy talking to her. We talk like once a week, and it's usually about 15 minutes into the phone call before we even get around to the office supplies. So, we're good. Her company's prices aren't that great, but better than Viking/Office Depot, so it's not hard to get approval from administration.

I get petitioned by various vendors. Most of the time, they don't follow up or their prices aren't notable. But today, I talked to this one guy, and his prices are significantly cheaper than the Chicago company. It's like wholesale vs. retail. The guy was so eager for getting my business that he's already set up an account for us.

For my firm's sake, it's far better to buy from this guy. But only I know about his company. I enjoy talking to Rose, and management would never be the wiser if I kept buying from her overpriced company. Rose would be hurt if I stopped being her client, and my work week would be less interesting without our chats. However, the responsible side of me feels that I should do my job better and go with the cheaper, local company. It's stupid supplies. It doesn't play a factor in my job 95% of the time, and it's not my money that's being spent on the supplies, and my company's making pretty good money.

So, if you were in my shoes, would you go with your friend, and enjoy the talks and laughter and free cookies (she includes cookies in with our orders) at significantly higher rates, which doesn't effect your job at all? Or would you do the other thing and buy the better priced goods, and maybe get a pat on the back for saving the firm money, but probably losing touch with that friend due to business differences?
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car color

what color is your car?
why did you pick that color?
the next time you get a car, would you get it in the same color, or would you try something else? if something else, what color?

(i'm trying to decide what color i want and i can't make up my mind.)
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(no subject)

i live in scotland and i'm 23. i'm pretty much a huge lover of pink and childlike things...i love tweety pie/bird, garfield, pink things, faeries and all sorts of things, you get the idea. anyways...i have a double bed i think in america, that a double is a queen...i'm not sure. but anyways, i am bored with all the bed sets available for a double or king size bed (my actual duvet is a king size, im not sure what that is in america at all. i can use either a double or king sizew duvet cover). is there anywhere i can buy a tweety duvet cover or something kid like for my bed? i know anything i have seen here won't fit cos its all for a single.

please help!

(no subject)

Sometimes I want to strangle my new Mother in law. My husband and I got married Feb 2nd at the courthouse and plan to have a reception this summer.
This dingbat mil of mine says the other day that we're not "really" married because a judge married us not a priest and that she doesn't consider us "really" married until a pastor or priest marries us.
Well, the certificate of marriage I have says we're married.
What makes people (ok, her) think that they get to decide what a "real" marriage is?

Banging head on wall......
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application advice

I'm filling out an application for a travel grant for study abroad The last thing on it is "Amount of travel Grant Request:" Other than "Whatever you are willing to give me." I have no idea what to put here.

The travel costs are likely to be around $1,200 and the Study Abroad advisor said that the grant probably would cover most (but not all) of the travel costs.

What would be a good amount?
Should I just make up a high arbitrary number or should I just put the likely travel cost?

Much thanks in advance.

edit $1,500 it is.
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(no subject)

1) Do you know the origin of the phrase "Burning a hole in my pocket?"
2) I feel like I've got a lighted match in my throat and I inhaled a bunch of ash. I also have a dry cough. Any idea what could possibly be wrong and how to fix it?
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(no subject)

I e-mailed yesterday to inquire about an internship that I really, really, really want to get. After how long without a response would it be appropriate to e-mail again?

I was saying the other day about how I believe that way way way deep down, at the very core of yourself, there is one of two feelings: Man I Really Suck or Wow, Am I Awesome. Do you agree? Which one are you? (for the record, I'm Man I Really Suck).
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Unisex names

1. What are some unisex names that you think are undeniably one gender or the other?

I think Jesse is for boys, not girls. I think Shannon is a girl's name. I think Taylor for girls and Tyler for boys.

2. What is a recent naming trend that you absolutely hate?

I hate last names as first names. McKenzie, Spencer, Raegan, etc. I also hate "Hey, Alison is such a common name, I'm naming my kid Allycin!" as if spelling it different means only she will turn around when you yell it. I also really do not like place names (Savannah, Sydney, Brooklyn), but that's not really a recent trend.

(no subject)

1. What do you do when you get bored with the area in which you live? I think I've explored every dead end in this area and don't know where else to go/what else to do.

2A. Is there a movie that ends with The Verve's "Bittersweet Symphony" playing during a series of shots showing the different characters of the film for the last time (as if to reinforce the point/message of the movie)?

2B. Do you even know what I'm talking about?

(no subject)

I joined MySpace. Is MySpace cool? I don't even know what to do on it! I did it to keep in contact with some of my cousins...do you use MySpace?
1. Do you use Myspace?
2. Do you like it? Why or why not?

If you do use it, like it, and feel like looking me up there, my MySpace name is Bears Mom, here I am! http://www.myspace.com/55232655
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White Stripes "Blue Orchid" shoes.

So for anyone who has seen the music video, do you remember the shows the girl was wearing? The incredibly torturous looking shows with the heels lighted to almost look like ballerina on her toes? Does anyone know if these shoes have a special name or know where to find a pair? Or even just have a picture of them? Thanks for your time.

knee pain

I run cross-country and track. The pain in my knee first started when I was running a short distance (400-800) in a fast pace. The pain was quite intense, though beareable, but it made me slow down because it hurt the most when my front leg was high in the air. It subsided shortly afterwards. Since then, it comes and goes, always when I do speedwork - run very fast and lift my legs high. If I ignore the pain, it does not stop until after I stop running.

What could it be? The knee is not swollen; it looks fine. It's hard for me to describe the pain, but I guess I could say it feels a little like burning, and it's not on the surface of the knee, but inside, sometimes below the cup.
It doesn't hurt to press on the knee at all. Sit-ups are usually fine, too. When I'm sitting down, I can sometimes inflict the pain by straightening and bending my knee slowly, trying to "catch" it.

It's been 4 years and I've been to numerous doctors, yet the problem persists... If you had anything similar, I'll be glad to hear any ideas.
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(no subject)

Okay, so I've just managed to lose the tiny screw that holds my glasses lens in its frame. After much scrabbling around, I've finally found the lens - but the screw is long gone. I'm currently wearing the glasses AND holding the lens like a monocle (with my eye muscles). Although I can see fairly well like this, I look ever-so-slightly deranged.

How do you suggest that I hold the lens in place? I've not got any spare screws, though I might be able to dismantle something and steal one.
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(no subject)

1. Have you ever left something on top of your car and then driven away?
In August I left my camera on top of my car and then drove to the park with my dog. I heard it fall off on the highway =[

2. Have you ever suffered from Internet Disease? Care to share any pictures?
Yes, & no.

3. If you are a vegetarian: Do you eat gelatin?
NO!. To me if you knowingly eat gelatin, you aren't a vegetarian. Gelatin tricked me for the first few years I was a vegetarian because it was in a lot of things I would never have expected. Today this girl argued with me because I said something about not being able to eat Skittles because they have gelatin, and she bitched for the rest of lunch about how "You're not a vegan are you? You can eat gelatin!" I didn't even bother arguing with her, I can't fucking stand people like her. She's almost as bad as the girl who told me that I could eat fish since I'm "just a vegetarian."
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(no subject)

1) what are you doing?

2) what do you WANT to be doing?

3) do you believe that coincidences are just that or are they a sign or whatever?

4) what's the difference between fate and destiny?

5) do you believe in fate/destiny?

6) what song are you stuck on now?

7) if you could have one person murdered and not have any consequence, who would you pick? why?

1) watching law and order
2) fucking
3) probably just coincidences, it's people that make it a sign
4) i didnt think there was a difference, but there was a commercial for some movie on ABC family that was like "fate was pulling them apart, but destiny brought them back together" and i was confused, hense the question.
5) um, i dont think so
6) tom petty- kings highway. i cant get it on morpheus and i dont want to buy it but i really want to hear it.
7) i would pick... oh, i dont know. my dad? stupid psychological bull.

(no subject)

1. Collapse )
2. For those who work full-time office jobs and such:
A)Do you bring lunch, eat in a cafeteria, or go out to eat? (Answer the one you most regularly do)
B)If you go out, do you go the same place every day or do you try to hit up a different place every day?
C)If you go to the same place every day... where is it and what do you get?
.....I go out to eat and I go somewhere different every day.

(no subject)

This Saturday I'm going to this scholarship thingy at a college I am considering. I just got the itinerary for the day and am a little freaked. I don't know what I was expecting for it, but they sent this article about the government's wiretapping/terrorist threat sort of thing (I haven't read it all yet) and the actual competition consists of writing an essay, doing a group discussion, and having an interview.

I am very, very quiet and shy, and the idea of a group discussion is terrifying - I always am the girl who attentively listens and never says anything, and I know that if I want to make this count I have to actually discuss.
And as far as the interview goes, I don't know what to expect. I haven't gone to anything like this before.

I'm pretty much a nervous wreck over this. Any ideas on how I can calm myself down on Saturday?
Also, as far as the interview goes - does anyone have any idea on what this will consist of? (Like, do you think they'll be asking me questions solely on the material, or questions about myself/why I want to go to Hiram/etc, or a combination of both?)
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A post devoted to ultimatums!

How do you feel about them in general?
Have you been in a relationship (not just romantic) where you've been given one?  What was it and what did you decide to do?
Have you been in a relationship where you've given one to someone else?  Why and what did they do?
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I'm not good with the technology...

For a class I have to download this clip from a website... I want to be able to work on it without an internet connection. How do I save it to my hard drive, hopefully in a format that can be burned onto a CD? I use Windows Media Player, but I could download something else if necessary. When I try to burn the file it says, "cannot synchronize." Help?
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I'd like to start applying for a job at places that aren't normally open during the day. I'm talking bars and nightclubs. What is proper etiqette for this? Should I call in the afternoon to see if they are even accepting resumes? Should I see what the business hours are? What?
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(no subject)

1. So I spend much of my time holding my wrists in one single position or doing repetive motions with them. My right wrist is starting to get sore after a while, and I'd prefer it not. I just got a position-switch at work, so hopefully that will slow down (I was writing orders for 8 hours a day and now I'll be baking), but I can't shake my computer addiction and I think my mouse is killing me. So what can I do either stretches or product purchases to not kill myself anytime soon?

2. I have a rug that is wrinkled. We bought it at Target and that's all I know about it. Can you IRON a rug?
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Olympic babble

Does anyone know what songs were playing (or where I could find out) when China's Liu Yan and Russia's Yelena Sokolova were skating today? Apologies if I spelled the names wrong, I scribbled them down as fast as I could.

Did the nitpicking about Liu Yan's SHOELACES bug anyone else?

(no subject)

I don't really know where to ask this...

If I went to planned parenthood for birth control, I know they want to see 2 old pay stubs, would they let me use my boyfriends pay stubs or do they have to be my own? We don't live together if that makes any difference.

(no subject)

What songs do you like to/easily fall asleep to?
I have trouble falling asleep at night, but the past couple of nights I've listened to "Sleepwalkers" by They Might be Giants and "No Surprises" by Radiohead and fallen asleep in no time. I want to make a mix CD to fall asleep to.

(no subject)

Where could I print about 100 pages of something in Word for relatively cheap? A home printer is not an option.

Do places like Kinko's print regular Word documents or just fancy stuff?

(no subject)

A few years ago, when I was living in a dorm and had DSL, I played a certain web game I would love to play again.

There were words on the screen that you could move by clicking and dragging. You were supposed to link them up so that they formed phrases that interlinked. For a (bad) example, Be linked to good, good linked to night, and night linked to owl.

Now that I can play web games again, I'd love to play this. But I can't remember the name!

Does anyone else remember this game? Remember the name? Know where I can find it?

Thanks in advance!
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(no subject)

im looking for answers:

I hate complaining but I just had a pretty decent convo with this cool chick from my class at a play.
she was going to meet a guy friend who I think was someone she likes.
however, at the end of the play, she looked at me for my reaction before him.
then I felt like I was intruding when I know deep down I wasn't, so I kinda like ostracized myself in order to give her guy and her some time alone but i think it actually gave her the wrong impression.
now I won't see her until tuesday.
I could go to her job and try to explain myself-which I really won't.
but I want to solidfy this thing asap.

any ideas?

(no subject)

Has anyone ever heard of/used zillow.com?

It tells you the approximate value of your house (although I think it's a couple of years behind, but still pretty close). My mom just told me about it and we spent the last hour typing in addresses of people we know.

(no subject)

whats wrong with my computer?? all of a sudden ( around 9 ) it started slowing down, everything is freezing up, i've restarted twice, done a virus scan and such, and it wont let me install photoshop b/c a file is missing, so i tried repairing it, but that dosent work either, ares wont connect either... what shall i do??

this computer is brand new as of december