February 22nd, 2006

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help me decide on a quote

A friend's golden birthday is coming up, and I'm making a card to give him tomorrow.  I found a cookie monster picture for the outside, and I'll probably buy him some bakery cookies too, but am trying to determine what to put inside.  To summarize a long story, we dated for a short time in high school, grew apart, started talking again after 9/11, then he wrote me while in the Army (I never got the letters though) and he couldn't find me although he searched like crazy.  He found me through facebook a month ago, and everything clicked as we had before, except that I'm in a relationship now.  So I need a quote that is appropriate for a friendship,  but nothing overly sappy or romantic (I think he likes me?).  I thought about trying to create a cheesy poem to write in there, just to be funny, but had issues trying to rhyme (and it must rhyme for cheese factor)... and found these two quotes.
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So, pick either of those options, give me suggestions for other good lyrics/songs/poems, etc. or any feedback.  gracias, mis TQC amigos! 
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MP3 player

I just got a new MP3 player for my birthday on Monday. It's a Zen Microphoto, made by creative labs. I've got songs on it already and everything, the only problem I'm having is the orginazation of these songs. When I go to 'artists', about half the songs are listed alphabetically by the singer. But there organized on that list is the catagory "UNKNOWN". The other half of my songs were loaded there. Even some artists are split up. For example, say I have Hotel California by the Eagles downloaded. This might appear under 'The Eagles' in the artist section, but 'Desperado' is under the 'UNKNOWN' catagory. The songs that are unknown weren't downloaded any differently than the others. It's not that big of a problem, just more of a hassle.

Do you have any idea how I could maybe rename these songs so they will appear under the proper artist? Or will I just have to go through and create a playlist for every artist in order to get all their songs together? I'm sorry if I was a little vauge here. I'm not the most technologically advanced person, plus this is pretty hard to discribe. If you have any questions, just ask.

I don't use iTunes, if that means anything.
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(no subject)

I'm 17 and a senior in high school.

I'm desperate to meet new people. Especially boys. But I'm not looking for just hookups. I want to find friends. Where can I do this?

EDIT: I didn't mean to sound like I had no friends. I'm actually very happy with my group of friends. It's just that all I do is theater and so all my male friends are gay. (stereotypical...but true in this case) I want to find some straight guys to be friends with also.

(no subject)

1. If you had to get a drug screening for a new job and had a choice between a blood test and urine test, which would you choose?

2. How are blood tests usually done (do you they have to wrap something around your arm first before using the needle?)

3. If they're checking for drugs, do they check for anything else, like STIs or pregnancy?

4. How much would you spend on a bridal shower gift (considering the wedding reception will probably cost about $30/person, and you're planning to give a gift there too)
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2 ethical dilemnas

1) say you were a gay male, and you and your partner wanted to have a child via insemination. you would want to use your older sister and his sperm. do you think you should compensate your sister, above and beyond just fees incurred during the pregnancy, a monetary amount for what she has done for you?

2) yesterday i was involved in a car accident. a car basically ran me off the road, over a mailbox and into a tree, and then ran off. (i was going the speed limit, they were tailing me, and when i slowed for a curve they rammed into me from the back and sent me into a spin.) i'd never been in an accident and was driving alone in a strange town, completely unaware of what to do. so what i did do was back out of the muddy ditch i had landed in and just drove off and home. (it was roughly a forty minute drive). it seems petty now, but i DID completely demolish someone's mailbox-as in knock it over and crush it. it didn't occur to me that perhaps i should do something until long after i was out of there. if i should have, what should i have done in that scenario ?

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i just had the worst pain in my right foot. you know that pins and needles feeling you get when your foot has fallen asleep and you change position to wake it up again? it was like that, only much much much worse. plus, my foot had not fallen asleep i was just sitting on the couch with my feet in front of me just about to get up to go to bed them BOOM. scared the shit out of my. lasted 3 or 4 minutes and now it's totally subsided. does ANYONE have any idea about what just happened? maybe even happen to know what to do if it happens again?
my first thought was, i went to the doctor today and got some meds for a sinus infection. one would happen to be cough medicine with hydro codeine in it. at least that's what heather told me, the bottle says HYDRO-DP SYRUP. i already read the side effects and says nothing about that, unless some how that would be listed under "tremors"

(no subject)

Has anyone ever given a used DVD to gamestop? (enter some other used DVD store name) How did it work? Did they just sorta guess on a price or go by what you say you bought it for and then the condition? Did they just do exchanges or give you cash?
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HTML and LJ cuts

Yes, I'm asking an LJ question. This one isn't in the FAQ, so sue me (or refer me to a different community in which to ask).

I've noticed something about using cuts and it's so annoying. If you use HTML before a cut, for example to make the text of the cut a larger font, the HTML will apply after you end the cut using a "/" followed by "lj-cut" in brackets. I tried using a command to turn off the HTML a second time, like a second "/" followed by "font" inside brackets. But then when you click the cut, the actual HTML code you typed in with the "/" and the "font" inside brackets is visible.

I guess you can't use HTML before a cut, unless you want the text of the rest of the post totally messed up or a visible HTML tag that makes it look like you screwed up. Has anyone found a way around this?

(no subject)

Does anybody know the website where you can enter a band name, and it will tell you the names of all the members it has ever had, as well as all the other bands all the members have been in?



have you ever cheated.....

in school? (Yes, but I was given permission by my teachers - if I was really close to passing a test, they gave me the computer code to fudge my results so that I didn't have to do a bunch of extra work - I <3 alternate schools!)

in a game? What kind? (As a kid, I was very competitve, and would cheat at board games. And I still do @ mini-golf, but EVERYONE cheats at mini-golf, right??)

in a relationship? (No, if I don't want to be with someone, I get out, rather than complicate matters or get anyone else involved. Not to say I haven't been tempted!)

Did you get away with it? In the end, did it help you or not?
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Organ Donors

I have gone back and forth on this issue. I have had EMT's tell me that an organ donor card is a step above a DNR order, and having one means doctors MAY take an extra moment or two to treat me if something were to happen. I've also read wonderuful stories of one person's death and sacifice meaning life for another. I can't decide whether to register and put that pink sticker on my DL.

Whats your opinion?
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(no subject)

Can you read music? How did you learn?

Are there things that you can do that you are surprised that other people can't?

Are you following women's figure skating? Who's your favorite skater?

Did you follow the men's 1500m speed-skating race? The one that was had four American gold medal winners? Who was your favorite of the four (Joey Cheek, Derek Parra, Shani Davis, and Chad Hedrick)?
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(no subject)

So I see lots of girls with tall puffy furry calf-height boots, and they have their jeans either cuffed or tucked smoothly into the boots instead of hanging over the boots. What exactly are they doing? I can't figure it out because, see, when I tuck my jeans (even tapered leg jeans) into my boots, they come out of the boots when I walk and make me look like I'm a military fashion victim. And when I cuff them over the boots, well, cold air goes up my legs and when I walk you can see my calves because the cuffs move up and down. I don't understand how this whole "exposed boots with jeans" works without revealing your legs. None of the girls I see in this getup seem to have this problem.
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Meditation and stuff.

1) When I did Tai Chi, my instructor used to have us meditate at the end of every session. She talked through it, asking us to imagine light and things like that. It really really helped me calm my nerves, but since the course ended, I haven't been able to do it on my own, without that voice. I tried to google it, but I guess my google-fu is weak because I couldn't find what I wanted. Is there anywhere I could download something like what my Tai Chi teacher did so I can put it on my iPod and listen to it while I meditate?

2) Do you meditate? Why? Why not?
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hump daaaayyyyy bow chicka bow bowww wicka wicka wicka

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edit: i'm always curious why some people don't answer every question. i mean, i understand if i didn't put a don't know/don't care choice on there, but the almodovar movie question for example- you either have seen them or you haven't, so why not answer?

i don't have a problem with it, by any means, i just always wonder why people don't answer yes/no questions. anybody?
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Cell phone

My cell phone died. I was gifted a Kyocera Energi cell phone until I can get a new one. Meanwhile this phone has all kind of stuff on it I don't want/need - so my question is, unlike my old phone which had a nice big highly visible selection that blatantly said "master reset" - this phone has no such option.

Anyone know how to do a master reset on this sucker? Hidden pin push type button? special top secret code? Whatever?
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Why is getting my journal to look nice so difficult? I'm trying to figure out all this HTML and CSS stuff and I don't get it. How do you get your lj to have pictures and things on it? I've even looked in the FAQs, and it isnt helping enough.. Any advice?

(no subject)

Okay, based on two recent questions:
Tell me how to do something that you don't think I can do. (or from things I've said, you -know- I can't do.)
To help you guess at what I can't do, I'm 19, female, a sophomore in college, double majoring in Journalism and Sociology.

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credit to http://catty-laughs.livejourna

(no subject)

What do you guys think of the whole **OMG DONT STEAL MY ICON** stuff??

I ask someone before adopting one of theirs just because some people are picky about it, but I notice some people really get in a huff about it. I think its kinda funny then. I mean its the internet what can you really do if someone takes your icon? I understand that some people make their own and they are the artist and all of that, but is it really that big of a deal??
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your state history

did you take a state history class? what do you remember from it?

i grew up in texas and took a texas history class in 7th grade, but remember learning texas history as far back as elementary school. texas independence was gained in march of 1836, i think. heh.
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(no subject)

Does it bug you when people use a cut on vagina talk because, gasp, the guys might not like it?

Seriously. Unless a guy never plans to have a relationship with a woman ever, they're going to have to live with vaginas, periods, yeast infections, and all those other "girly problems" that are apparently too "TMI" for the fragile minds of the males on the interwebs.

But yea. It's not going to kill someone to talk about vaginas, periods, tampons, pads, yeast infections, etc without putting it behind a cut. It boggles me even more when people do this in female-bit-oriented communities. If someone joins a community like that, they should be prepared to be TMI'd, IMO.

Have you ever tried LightLife veggie dogs? Did you like them? If you did, what is WRONG with you?

(If you haven't, never try them. Ever.)

What's the difference between genderqueer and genderfucked?
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(no subject)

i've been thinking about consolidating my two student loans. i owe all together about $8000. still i can currently barely afford the payments each month.

have you ever consolidated your loans? pros? cons?
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(no subject)

Okay. I have to write a parody poem for tomorrow night. Can you think of a well-known poem that would be reasonably easy to parody? I mean, without difficult metre or rhyme schemes? It has to be about a Robert.
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I've got a bit of laryngitis.

Problem: I need to use the phone for my job. Have to call people to schedule service calls and such. I drop in unannounced, they might not be there, or might not be ready for service. And then theres the whole telling the receptionist why I'm there- that would be fun.

So, any tips on keeping it from getting critically bad for at least tommorow and friday, so I can at least talk when I have to, and then get better by monday?

Obviously I should avoid talking as much as possible, but I was wondering if there was any other short term treatment to keep my voice understandable for at least a couple days. I don't expect a total cure in two days, just holding on long enough that I can actually do my job.

Drinks and such that could give a temporary calming effect to the laryngitis while I'm out on the road would be helpful too.

I'm willing to endure a longer than normal recovery time if it would let me use my voice during working hours for the next couple days.
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(no subject)

why are small things automatically cute?

I'm not just talking babies or kittens or tiny bears or anything like that, there is obviously an instinctual desire to care for young ones.

I'm talking... shoes, and... cups and... ketchup bottles and... well, anything really.

T- for Thanks
Q- for ....question...answering
C- for cru....mb..le

well... you all, whatever you spell, have at me.

(no subject)

Here is the complicated backstory about my question:
Last year, my niece and nephew were kidnapped by their mother. They have been missing for 10 months. My brother was advised by an organization to put up a reward for them and he did. He put up $5000 that he does not really have but can be scraped together somehow. Yesterday, the kids were found because of one of the fliers that mentioned the reward and the person that found them would like to collect it so now my brother is $5000 in the hole. The kids are in California and we are in Tennessee so my brother will need to fly out there and he and the kids will fly back home.
I have been told that there are provisions made for the return of missing children and that they can be flown home for free to be with their parents. That would be really helpful to my brother because he is so in debt right now. It is also my understanding that the provisions are only made if the kids are just flown to him from California to Tennessee. Apparently, it becomes null and void if he flies out there to them and then they all come home together.
The organization that has been helping my brother was kind enough to give my brother airline tickets so he could get the kids himself in California. That's wonderful and I am thankful for that but they are not paying for the kids to come back. I understand that they are not responsible for paying for the kids return and I am not trying to say they should. It's nice that they have done so much already but my brother does not have the money already and I am trying to help him avoid getting deeper in debt.
Does anyone know anything about any programs or organizations that help with situations like this? It would be a program where airlines would offer free or reduced rates to kids returning home after being missing or kidnapped. I know they have bereavement fares for people going to funerals sometimes but does such a program exist for kids in our circumstances? I need to find out so I can help him save the $600 in airfare for them if possible.
I have tried googling it but I can't come up with anything so maybe no program like this exists. I have called the airlines and they do not have any programs like that. This is just a long shot but maybe someone here has had to do something like this.

(no subject)

where'd you get your username from?
how long have you been doing lj?
what do you like about lj?
what do you dislike about lj?
where did you learn about lj?
what do you wish lj had more of?
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You tell me

What is the worst invention ever, and why?

EDIT: By the way, this is an opinion question, so everyone is going to have one. Please take arguments and flame wars elsewhere (if that isn't an impossible request on "the internets").

(no subject)

do you believe in ghosts? have you ever seen one or witnessed some sort of paranormal activity? my answers: i really don't know if i believe in them or not. i've never seen an actual ghost, but i have had weird things show up in digital photographs.

(no subject)

1)Would seeing a therapist or getting a psychiatric evaluation disqualify you for the Air Force?

2)What food choices are the safest, considering the dining hall at my school has had health code violations and I know quite a number of people who've gotten severe food poisoning after eating there? My boyfriend threw up for 4 days after eating the nachos (the cheese must have been sitting out for a looooong time), I know someone else who threw up for a day after eating the tacos, I know two people who get sick every time they eat the fish, and more stories that I've heard about other people. What foods would be the safest and would at least provide some balance?

(no subject)

What would you do if someone was trying to "pimp you out"?

I'm trying to make new friends in the area and I just met an awesome group of girls who I really like. They all have boyfriends or husbands and they see a problem with me being single I guess so they want to set me up. They invited me to a club to meet guys and they are inviting all these guys to come along. I feel really honored by all of this and happy that they like me that much... But I HATE being set up. And I never date the kind of guys you meet in a club. I like shy sweet innocent guys, not the kind that go to clubs to meet girls. Also, I'm really serious about dating. I like to get to know people on my own terms and I only date those I would consider marrying. I don't really casually date at all. I'm just not that kind of person who dates around. I like to get to know people in a way that doesn't involve alchohol and booty dancing and talk about real things and serious issues before deciding to go on a date. I hate the pressure of going on a date with someone I don't even know if I like yet and I especially hate it with the kind of guys that look for a girl at a club to get laid. Because that is DEFINITELY NOT me. So anyway, I'm stressed about this because I want to be friends with these girls and I appreciate their efforts. But, I really don't want to be pressured to date random guys that are their friends or from a club that I know nothing about other than "they're cute" which seems to be the deciding factor here....

I've only met these girls twice ever. They barely know me. I don't want to come off as rude but what do I say to them?
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A long shot

For years now I've been looking for the title or author of a series of books that were enthralling and had absolutely gorgeous full-color graphics. I had two books - and this was during the 80's - but there may have been more. This is what I remember:

-The two books I had were hardbound with dustcovers. One of the books (sans dustcover) was purple and the other was blue. The dustcover had illustrations on the front.

-The main character was a boy who had a burn scar on his cheek. It embarassed him so he'd cover it with his hands when he talked to people. He may have been known as Scar. He was an orphan, IIRC.

-There was some evil corporation or something that made orphans (or maybe just kids) work in the sewers and waterworks. They might have lived down there as well.

-There was a dump where there was a doorway to another place, a kingdom of sorts, where social outcasts and people with deformities became beautiful and lived together in peace. This place had a king and I think he had bright red hair.

-When the boy with the scar went to that place he didn't have a scar.

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(no subject)

I have a memorex 512mb usb drive

today I plugged in the drive into my usb port, but nothing happens, and the light that was supposed to be on doesn't get turnned on.

I was wondering, is there anyway to fix this and get the files from the drive? i didn't drop it/step on it/break it/etc, it still looks perfectly fine and intact. i just had it in my pocket for a little while on monday, that's about it.

(no subject)

1. When it comes to potential significant others, do you prefer them to be more experienced or less experienced? By experience I mean how smooth they are with their words and actions, if that makes sense.

2. What city/place do you think a lot of people generally consider "really cool?"

3. My "best friend" and I got into a yucky argument last Thursday and neither of us has made any attempt to contact the other. This is the first argument we've had where we were both angry at each other. Is it bad that I don't care? She is supposedly like a sister to me, but I just can't bring myself to really care. I am not really upset by the whole thing either, I am really neutral to it. Is our friendship headed for the dumps or is this just a bump in the road?
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(no subject)

I have a decent amount of pizza dough left over from dinner (I made garlic broccoli ricotta pizza) what should I do with it?
I was thinking about either making pizza to have for lunch tomorrow or making cinnamon pretzels. They used pizza dough to make pretzels on the Food Network once and I've always wondered how they'd be.
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(no subject)

I have this friend. We went out for dinner tonight, and at the conclusion-or-so of her talking about spending too much money on clothes and me making fun of her for it and debating how long shoes should last for the price, and she said "Oh, can I tell you a secret?" I forget if I nodded or said "okay" or whatever. She then said "Not even my boyfriend knows." First thought was "She's really a guy?" Then she added "My sister and mother don't know either." So I gave up on that idea (although she later jokingly suggested that, and was surprised when I said that was actually my first thought.) By the time we got to the car, she changed her mind about telling me. First I guessed a tattoo somewhere hidden, then a piercing, and it was neither of those. As she was leaving for the rec center after I dropped her off at her car, she said she'd tell me if I could guess it, so...

What's your best guess?
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(no subject)

For those of you who watch cooking shows - what's your favorite cooking shows/chefs?

I like to watch Iron Chef sometimes, love to watch Good Eats/Alton Brown.
I watch unwrapped. Sometimes I watch 30 min meals and 40 a day.

Occasionally other shows on Food TV but not as regularily.

For those of you who watch documentaries on TLC, Discovery, Travel Channel, etc, what are your favorite shows?

I like Ballroom Bootcamp, Trading Spaces, Dirty Jobs, weird medical shows on TLC, some history stuff on discovery, and a bunch of diff travel shows and top tens on Travel Channel - great hotels, passport to europe, it takes 5, (esp europe and tropics)

I also watch a lot of makeover shows such as what not to wear, how do i look, 10 years younger, etc.
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This is your song.

I need to broaden my musical horizons. So, I'd like to learn more about what YOU like to listen to. Chances are I know the hits from that person/group, but I know nothing of the lesser-known songs. That being said;

Imagine you win a private performance from your favorite musician and are allowed to select 10 songs that you would like to hear him/her/them play. The catch is that you can't pick any greatest hits.
1) Who's playing your concert?
2) What 10 non-hits do you request?
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Sorry if you get too drunk...

Do you own any syringes?

How many syringes do you own?

What do you use your syringes for?

What is your favorite brand of syringes?

What is your least favorite brans of syringes?

Have you ever been to a syringe factory?

Do you have a syringe fetish?

What is your favorite use for a syringe?

What celebrity would you most expect to see with a syring?
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(no subject)

1. What electives did you take in high school?
I took drama I&II, fine art, applied art, economics, food science, psychology, sociology, human conscience, marine science, and environmental science.

2. Do you check behind the shower curtain when you are using someone else's bathroom?
I always check if I'm in a house other than my own. I thought that it was really common but I saw it on Post Secret which makes me think it's not that common.

(no subject)

I'm going to make a flute for my physics class.

Where can I buy some nice bamboo online? I'm having trouble finding websites and am avoiding eBay.

What else is an option for material other than plastic?

(no subject)

I have to teach an anti bullying program to my homeroom students twice a month. I think its a great program. Its got skits to act out and its down to earth and at their level, etc. Problem is, the school only gives us time two days a month to work on it so since its not routine, they hate it. They think of it as extra work even though they are not really doing much work. Also, since its homeroom, I can't grade them on anything. So, no tests, no failing nothing. I tell them it goes in their permanent record, but that doesn't really scare them.

They complain NON STOP about it. I mean, the whining and moaning never stops. They are extremely rude throughout the entire program. None of my other classes are like this but because I normally see homeroom for little to no time and they don't do anything but sit there and listen to announcements, they really have no respect for me. I hate that I yell at them. I give out more detentions in homeroom than any other class but they don't really care if they get detention so that is an ineffective punnishment. Silent homeroom requires detention in order to keep them silent and they don't care if they get detention so that doesn't work. I've tried making them be the teacher but sometimes that backfires too so it really can't be done often at all.

I think I am fighting a losing battle here. I don't want to care any more. Its just homeroom. None of my other classes are like this. And yet, it completely DRAINS me having to put up with the constant whining and rudeness and shouting.

How can I stop being upset by their rudeness and ungratefulness? How can i stop being annoyed by their constant and non stop whining about everything? It really really irritates me. It ruins the day. How can I stop caring?

I would've loved a program like this when I was in school. I think its so important that the school be anti bullying. They really really piss me off when they whine about it.

(no subject)

-What is/are your favorite quote(s) and/or lyric(s)? Who said/sang it? Should I download music by that artist?
-So who else is/has been sick or knows at least 5 people who are/have been? Ugh this time of year is TERRIBLE.
-Has anyone here ever gone to Western Michigan University? What classes did you take? Did you enjoy your time there, the professors you had, ect?
-Can you speak a fluent foreign language? Which?
-Can you easily eat just about anything with chopsticks? If your Asian, do you automatically assume a white friend cant eat with chopsticks if you havent eaten with them before?
-Whats your favorite color?

Thats about it for random time... :)
And now to TRY and sleep because Im sick and cant sleep on my bed when Im sick. Its a waterbed and its either too hot or too cold because of the fact Im sick. /rant. Jeez. I spent half of last night hallucinating because of the feaver I had? Lmao weird enough I guess. Good night :)