February 21st, 2006

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Hey everyone. I have some questions..
1. For the students: what are you studying? What degree are you hoping to get? How many hours of studying do you think you usually do in a week?
2. For anyone: What's your favorite artist? Favorite art style and/or genre?
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I just drew a picture. It's in pencil, and I want to color it. Do I need to ink it first?

I am NOT an artist, but I worked very hard on this thing (it's some fan art for a webcomic I adore) and I want it to come out right.

What would I use, anyway? Would a ball point pen be alright? Or do I need something special?

I am going to color it with crayons, cause that's all I have.

IF you want, I coul post the drawing as it is right now.
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What are you absolutely obsessed with? How long have you been obsessed with it?

I seem to be more and more obsessed with my bodily cleanliness, washing much more than I probably need to. And I am anlso in a very one sided relationship with romance novels at the moment. My love affair with books comes and goes. What about you guys? Good or bad.. let out your obsessions... :)
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how to critique writing // Facebook // ebay // random

1. For my writing class we're doing workshops on our fiction pieces, meaning that I have to critique eight stories a week. Does anyone have any advice on how to do this? My professor went over her expectations for us, but I still have trouble with it. I tend to either like something or dislike something (in varying degrees, of course), but have a hard time pinpointing exactly why. This is something that I'll have to do a lot of in the future, so any tips would be appreciated. Also, I'm not talking about grammar or spelling or anything like that, but rather why a story is good, what works for it, what doesn't, what should be changed, etc.

2. I've heard some things about employers checking out future employees on Facebook. What exactly are they looking for? Are they scoping out possible workers, or looking up dirt on people that applied for jobs?

3. What's the last thing you bought on ebay? I bought a clicker (for clicker training) and a chew toy for my dog.

4. Anything new and/or exciting happening in your life? (We're getting a "new" car today, woo!)
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Cell Phone Opinions, Please

Hello all-

So I'd like to upgrade my boy's cell phone for his birthday coming up. I've whittled it down to two choices (links attached), both of which he's expressed interest in, but I'm not sure which one to go for.

Needed features:
- Decent-quality camera
- Good talk/standby time
- VCast (we're on Verizon)
- MP3 capability (planning on getting a Trans Flash card for this too)

http://www.mobiledia.com/reviews/lg/vx9800/page1.html - LG VX9800

http://www.mobiledia.com/reviews/samsung/sch-a950/page1.html - Samsung-a950

Could I please get some opinions and/or reviews to help aid in my decision?

Thanks! :)

kinda gross question...

There's this late 20's woman who sits in a cubicle on the side of my desk. She eats a lot of vegetables and eggs and tuna during the day. For a few days now within 2 weeks she's been letting out those silent but deadly farts. There is no one around when she does it and either I have to spray my perfume to drown out the smell or I have to simply walk away. Another co-worker has noticed the foulness as well. What do I do? What can I do? I don't want people to think it's me and I don't really want to ask my supervisor on what to do or complain to the culprit myself. Luckily our dept is being remodeled and HOPEFULLY she won't be seated next to me. Any suggestions?
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Frozen meal question

I had a frozen Lean Cuisine thing in the freezer at work. I just went to go heat it up, and found that someone had taken it out of the freezer and put it in the fridge. Why, I don't know. One the box it says "Keep Frozen". It is definitely not frozen anymore, it must've been taken out of the freezer awhile ago. Is it still edible?
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1. Gift ideas for a girl's 21st birthday?
I don't know what her hobbies or particular interests are and I don't think she'd enjoy anything alcohol or sex related. Generic gifts seem okay (CDs, DVDs, clothes, framed picture) but I was thinking of something more unique or at least cool.

2. Are you an organ donor? Why or why not? Are you donating your whole body or specific organs? How did you go about making a decision to be, or not be a donor?

3. Shoes: a casual pair that's both comfortable and stylish?
I tend to wear sandal-types but something like Skechers Sightsee looks comfortable.
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How does one force oneself to sit and write a paper on an alltogether uninteresting topic?
I'm trying to do this and the words just aren't coming. I know what I want to say but it isn't coming out in words. This is the first paper I've written for college, and I've been out of high school for almost 3 years, so it's been a while since I've written anything scholarly, really. And I wouldn't really say that I procrastinated, so much as I totally didn't realize that the paper was due so soon, and now it's due tomorrow, and I'm having the worst time writing it. Any advice how to free up my writer's block? Thanks..
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What useful piece of advice do you have reguarding LJ?

Me, I know how to change the ssecurity of all your entries at once :D. Download the newest Semagic, and then press the Options button. Nothing special there. Close it. Now hold Ctrl + Alt on your keyboard and open it again. There is a shiny new option there for advanced History options. Click it. Now press Ctrl+H and the History button should come up. Press the Change Security button and follow all the options there. Tada!
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Do eggs make anyone else sick?

For some weird reason, the smell of eggs cooking, the sight of eggs, and the taste of eggs make me very sick now. I have always loved scrambled eggs and omlettes, but now even those make me dash to the bathroom. It's horrible! It just started in the last couple of months, too. (No, I'm not pregnant. That was my mom's first question.)

So here's question two: is there anything you can think of that would make me react like this? Are allergies like a light switch, your body can just flip 'em on and off? (Because I've been able to eat eggs just fine for 25 years, then BAM! no eggs.) I'm trying to think if I've started any new medications that would react to eggs, but I only changed brands of vitamins (from One-a-Day to the store brand).
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So my sister and I were talking about preschool for some reason and how they have those commercials that say if you go to preschool you'll do better in kindergarten, if you do better in kindergarten you'll do better in elementary, in middle school, in high school, and more likely to go to college, etc....

But then she said she heard or read some news article that says that while it's true that preschool gives kids an advancement, it really only gives them an advancement until about the third grade.

My sister and I both did not go to preschool and I did pretty well in school but she did not. She hated school and she's always suspected that if she'd gone to preschool she'd have done better.

I kind of think that preschool maybe helps socially because it teaches kids to interact with peers at a younger age, but I'm not sure what I think about it academically.

So what is your opinion? Did you go to preschool and do you think it in any way affected the rest of your academic years?

Costume help please :)

One of my friends is having a leaving party in April before she heads off to the other side of the world for a year, and the theme is Movies. We all have to dress up as a character from a film, and I have absolutely no idea what to wear!

So, can any of you lovely, creative, imaginative people out there lend a hand? I can't afford to spend too much on a costume, it needs to be something that I can wear for a whole evening (a whole sober evening) so relatively comfortable, nothing too skimpy, and nothing that I would have to spend hours trying to explain to people.

Any ideas?
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was there mail delivery yesterday?  I swear I saw more than one mail truck out and about, and I got some mail that was put in the mail sunday morning, and I got it today. 

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I was assigned to read and analyze Kate Chopin's "The Story of an Hour." I read it and understood the majority of it, but the ending has me a bit bamboozled.

You can read the short story here: http://www.pbs.org/katechopin/library/storyofanhour.html

Louise's heart evidently gave out on her upon seeing her husband. What I don't understand is this: was this of joy? Of disappointment at seeing him again? Of shock? The story says that she died of "a joy that kills," but why should she feel joy at the return of a man whose death gave her the freedom she was just celebrating?

If anyone can help, or has anything else to add, I'd appreciate it a lot. Thanks!
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I have a dear sweet friend whom I love very much. We've only been friends for a short time (six months), but we've become quite close. We're students in the same year and same major at the same school, so we have lots of classes together (three, actually). We sit next to each other in all those classes, and generally that's ok.

The problem is this: She talks too much during class. It's only in one class that it's a problem, really, because the prof is pretty laid back, which seems to make her think that it's ok to talk. Generally, she's even talking about the material. But, the prof isn't really happy about it, and when she talks to me - well, you know how it goes. It makes it look like I'm talking back to her. I'm of the opinion that speaking up in class and having conversations about the material are good things when the prof allows it, but that to have a "side" conversation about the material, or about anything else, is rude - especially when other people are talking and should have the class's attention.

I've tried ignoring her - she'll tap my shoulder until I respond. I've tried "ssshhh"ing, which seems condescending and she still doesn't get the point. Last night it came to a peak - she was talking while someone was asking the prof a question, I asked her to keep it down, and the professor turned to us and told us to be quiet. So the prof thinks it's me, too.

It's a small school and a small classroom, and sitting somewhere else just isn't an option. Do I say something to her? I don't want to hurt her feelings - she's very sensitive and has an anxiety disorder that makes it hard for her to make friends, and I'm afraid to say something that might hurt her.

Do I say something to the professor? He's a great guy and I know he'd take her aside and ask her to keep it down, without implicating me at all, but she'd be absolutely mortified... and I don't want to look like a tattletale.

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Is anyone familiar with the coffee mugs and/or tumblers that allow you to remove a part of the cup and then decorate it, with magazine cutouts and such? Does anyone know a good place to find these items, especially at a reasonable price?

Thank you in advance!!

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A man came over to fix our sewing machine (a little (very heavy) one from the 60s). He said that the wiring was a bit shoddy and that we can keep using it. but we might die.

... really?
could my home sewing machine kill me?? I'm scared of it now, I've always thought I might die in a really unlikely but still very mundane way.
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So I have a test on Thursday in a class that I have with a friend. I do not want to study with her. She wants desperately to study with me. I've already tried saying "our study styles don't really match up and I think I'd do better solo" which didn't seem to satisfy her, as she kept asking.

I work with her for 8 hours tomorrow and the easiest way I've figured out to let her down easy (and somewhat politely) about the studying is to be stricken with a headache towards the end of work and say I'm going to go lie down and probably won't study much.

However, if you have any better ideas....How do I say "no, I will not study with you" in a nice, polite manner?
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Four questions.

Four questions of varying seriousness.

1. Do you prefer 2 dvd sets or double sided dvds?

2. Do you think there's a difference between saying "love you" and "I love you"?

3. Do you think a person has to have had sex with a person of the same gender to know if they're bi/gay?

4. I think my kitten is in heat (she's about four months old) and my cat (about three years) appears to have been trying to hump her... but he's been neutered for years. Does that matter? Is this going to be an issue? (We can't get her spayed for another month I think.)

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What would be the maximum price you'd pay for this camera?

The reason I ask is because it is going for about $300 on eBay, with shipping. I could get it for $350 at Best Buy locally, and I see the MSRP is $395. So I guess I don't know what to do. On the one hand, eBay is cheap, but if I bought it new, I'd KNOW it was new. I am torn.

ETA: I am leaning towards Best Buy because I am a Reward Zone member and I'll get money back. Also, I don't have a credit or debit card, so I'm very limited in buying things online.
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I've got a Samsung D500 which has the great anti-perv feature of a loud shutter noise whenever you take a picture.

Unfortunately I'm not japanese and barely a perv, and the shutter noise annoys me. Can I switch it off?

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If anyone here has seen the movie 'The Last Remake of Beau Gest', can you recall the rest of the quote, "Life is as brief as a butterfly's fart..." I know the rest of the quote has to do with fighting 'till you die...

How do you spell the name of the planet Ford Prefect is from?

So, who else thinks the Hitchhiker's Guide movie was a complete disgrace? I gave up comparing the movie to the book within the first half of the movie. I'm talking about the movie alone. I thought it was terrible...
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chapped lips

How can I fix my super chapped lips by tomorrow morning?
They have gotten so chapped throughout today that it looks like I'm growing an extra lip. Plus it hurts a lot. I currently use L'Occitane and it isn't helping at all. I'm probably going to Sephora later, anything I can get there that will fix them?
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Shoe removal order and Boys peeing

I've got two apparel-related questions.

1.) How do you take your shoes and socks off? Do you go shoe, shoe, sock, sock? OR, shoe, sock, shoe, sock?

2.) Guys, when you're peeing, do you use that little hole on the front of your boxers/underwear, or do you pull your underwear down slightly in the front? Do you just unzip the zipper on your pants, or do you unbutton AND unzip your pants? Any combination of the above?
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Random questions to offset a bad day.

1. How was your day?
2. Does anybody here like Terra Chips? I'm addicted to these things.
3. Do you take glucosamine? If you do, have you noticed a difference?
4. Where would you go if you were looking for a really nice winter coat?
5. You've got an extra... let's say $200 to spend. If you could spend it on a guilty pleasure, and not feel guilty, what would you get?
6. Imagine there's just been a law enacted that says everyone who doesn't know or isn't in the process of learning a language other than English must die. If you could learn any language, what would it be?
7. We've all got lots of criticism for the US education system, but what do you think is right with education in America?
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on the road...

Has anyone here has ever just left where you lived, with no intentions on where you were going?

I would really love to hear stories...

did you learn anything from it?
what cities did you explore?
were you by yourself?
meet people?
what interesting places in the cities did you go to or find?
did you sleep in your car a lot...?
as far as running out of money were you able to find maybe one day jobs anywhere?... and how much money did you start with?

When my tax returns come in I'm thinking about leaving arkansas for a while on my own. The place where I live has been a blackhole to me. I'm starting to devolop a case of severe exploring lust.

More foot + misc questions

Can you remember ever seeing a sunset or sunrise (or a few) that was so beautiful that you can still remember it? If yes, where/when did you see it?

Do you find this badly edited, silly video even vaguely amusing?

Have you ever gotten to meet/talk with someone who is a favorite celebrity of yours? Like a favorite band, actress, director, writer, whatever. If yes, how'd it go?

And now about my foot...

I hurt it Friday night and it was hella painful all through Saturday and a lot of Sunday. It hasn't been that bad recently, but it now has a very cool looking bruise on the outside bottom edge of my foot. It's an inky purple/dark blue color and goes from mid heel and stops an inch or two before my toes. The top of my foot (where you can usually see veins and stuff when you wriggle your toes) is swollen and there's light blue bruises around my toe knuckles. Should I do anything besides trying to not fall on it again? Ice, medicine, wrap it? I'm clueless about that kind of stuff.
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Computer Problem

Hi. I'm having a problem with my monitor. At random it has been going into Power Save mode. All of a sudden the screen went totally black, and only if I hit some of the buttons regarding shade that are on the bottom of the screen would it bring up an information box saying something like "Your monitor has gone into Power Save mode. To activate it use the PC." I don't know what to do. If I (as a last resort) restart the computer by shutting off the power (I swear I had no options. I try not to do that.), it restarts like normal, but reverts back to a blank screen a half hour or so later.

My father suggested that our monitor is fried, but we're not sure yet. I would leave the computer alone, except I need to finish a paper for tomorrow.

Any ideas of what might be wrong, or what I can do would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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Working out - TQC

I'm pretty much a newb in the whole aspect of working out. I've used weights, and weight machines and know all about lifting weights, but I know nothing about aerobic machines. I recently moved and my apartment complex has a small aerobic gym. It has two treadmills, an elliptical, a bike (not sure the real name for it?) and another bike but this bike is horizontal as opposed to vertical. I'm curious which one of these machines is the best for burning off calories?

My other questions are, how long should one work out? And how often?

And my last question is that I have no idea how many calories I eat a day. I've heard the best and most productive way of working out is figuring how many calories you eat, and then trying to burn a portion of that off. Is there an actual formula for this?

For instance, today I went on the bike for 25 minutes, and burned off 100 calories. I have no idea if that is too little, too much, or if that's just fine.


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1. For those who watched the Olympics tonight, figure skating event:
What was the song that the Russian girl did her program to? She wore pink and messed up.

2. What is a staple in your fridge, freezer, or pantry?
For me: Morningstar Farms Vegetarian Sausage, Trader Joe's frozen peaches, and cous cous.

3. When do you do your dishes, presuming you do not have a dishwasher? Do you do them right after you use them? Or let them build up?
I do them directly after each use, even if it means waiting to eat.

4. Do you sleep with your covers tucked under the mattress?
I've started doing that, or else I kick them off and wake up freezing. I feel like I'm five again...

5. My shower is very clogged, despite being barraged with Draino. Any other options before I must call a plumber?

6. Reading any good books at present?
I'm working on Anna Karenina (Tolstoy) and The Beautiful & The Damned by F. Scott Fitzgerald
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I figured I'd ask you cool cats before I ask my personal trainer. I have really weak wrists, what would you do for it? I've been working really hard to get in shape, and I'd like to be able to do handstands and other stuff like that. Any ideas? Thanks!
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How are you supposed to save someone who has always saved themselves? The strong, silent type in desperate need of a helping hand. I'm not the closest to them, but what are some general motions (towards a guy) that could make him feel better? Any ideas?

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