February 20th, 2006

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1/ How long do you usually expect your jeans/pants to last, either before you wear them out, they go out of style, or they stop fitting?

2/ What's the oldest piece of clothing you still wear? How old is it?

3/ Favorite piece of clothing you've ever owned?
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How do you make friends?

I'm sure it seems like too simple and open-ended a question, so I'll qualify it a bit. I want detail rather than abstract ideas. I don't really have anything worth inviting potential friends here to do, and little money to do anything "out". I'm willing to do pretty much anything other than volunteer work, both for finding friends and for things to do with them.

I don't know how to "just talk to people" with a topic in mind, and I don't know how to approach people when I don't know what I want to talk to them about (never minding that first problem.)

How does you answer change if I throw in extra detail? Specifically, I can't seem to make friends with anyone at the Japanese student organization events. (I don't particularly care to make friends with the other non-Japanese unless it leads to making friends with the Japanese students.) I see pretty much every other non-Japanese there making friends with one or more of the regular groups, and I feel like I'm the only one not invited to non-organization events, like parties, going out to restaurants or random fun things, etc.

And, no, master of Google that I am, I don't think any combination of search terms will find me what I need in this case...

This is not awesome.

I have dark chesnut brown hair and lots of it.
It has been below freezing for the last week.

As you can guess, my scalp has completely dried out, and it looks like I just pile on the shampoo and jump out of the shower. Flakes everywhere.

How can I battle the dry-scalp during this bitter cold snap? I'm so scared at work to look in a mirror, because I know there will be thousands of flecks of dried up HEAD, and I just can't get it to come out.

I shower mostly every day and use a shampoo that has fruit in it. I have a conditioner, but haven't been using that. I get greasy if I don't wash my hair every other day, but dryish if I wash every day.

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What was the last song you listened to on repeat a significant number of times?

For me it's this one. Between the lyrics and the passion in Steven Page's voice, I can't get enough. =)
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Rogers Wireless (in Canada)

All right.

I just got a spiffy new cellphone this weekend (my previous one was a three and a half year old dinosaur of a phone). This one has mobile Internet access, and Rogers is my cellphone provider. I'm in Canada (Ottawa, Ontario, to be specific).

Now, I have a monthly phone plan, but I don't have a mobile Internet plan, but I can access it anyways on a pay-per-use basis, according to the Rogers website. But, as you can see on that webpage, it doesn't actually really give you the pay-per-use rates (note: Pay As You Go and pay-per-use are different things - Pay As You Go is a pay-as-you-go cellphone, rather than a monthly plan) - the section of "navigate plan vs. pay-per-use" looks exactly the same as the section above, but with different headings that make no sense. Maybe the pay-per-use rates are the same as the Pay As You Go, but it doesn't say that anywhere, so I'm wondering what the pay-per-use rates are.

That website has led me in circles, I've looked through the FAQ and everything, and nothing to answer my question.

So, two questions, answer either or both:

1. What are the pay-per-use rates for Rogers Wireless in Canada (Ontario)?
2. Can you find anywhere on that website that says "pay-per-use" rates? Maybe my eyes just aren't working.
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Edit: It was open!! w00t!!
Are all banks closed on President's Day? *whimpers*
Maybe that's a silly question, but I've lots of crap to do that requires cash, and I totally forgot tomorrow is a holiday; thus, I'm holding on to any thread of hope that my bank might be open tomorrow. Not to mention I honestly have no clue.
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table for one please!

Have you ever travelled anywhere by yourself for a vacation?

I mean you go away specifically on your own for however long, do the touristy stuff, then go home. Not like "I flew alone to go to college

How did it go? Any tips for a first timer?

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Money order

Where can I get a money order or cashier's check, on President's Day, for 1500.00?

Problem #1 Bank Holiday
Problem #2 most places won't do that much, which leads to
Problem #3, even if they do do that much, it'd have to be in cash, which you can't withdraw that much from an ATM, and
Problem #4 you can't go into banks to withdraw that much because well, see problem #1.





Can anyone recommend some good cello/violin duets. I'm looking for something that just has one cello and one violin, potentially with a piano accompaniment, but preferably without.
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Driving me CRAZY....

Please help with this movie. When I was abut 7 I remember seeing this movie that still creeps me out till this day but I have NO clue what it is. This was about 20 years ago.

Bear with me this is all I remember.

This girls to this house to stay with maybe an aunt or something and the next thing you know she dissapears. But when someone tried to find her (maybe years later) they only see her in a mirror and she is always blindfolded and reaching out to them and they can't figure how to get her out. I don't remember if she ever says anything though. Another part that I remember is that whoever is looking for her also goes into like a fun house at a fair and she is also in the mirror. For some strange reason I don't think they ever find her though.

Man this movie just creeped me out!!

Does anyone remember this movie??

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Weird Insurance Claim

I just received a second email from Progressive Insurance, describing an accident involving me and their desire to address the issue (I ignored the first one as spam).

The problem is that:

A) I do not have insurance with them nor with any other company
B) I do not own a car
C) I do not drive
D) I have not held a driver's license since 1998

1) Does this look like a case of identity theft?

2) Any recommendations on how to deal with this? (I've already called them at the direct number and left a message)

3) Have you run into any situations like this?

Edit: False alarm (whew). It looks like they made a typo on the email address because none of the other information matched up.
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Okay, I have a weird question for you all. I'm mom to a 3 year old, and I'm not exactly a typical mother. I spent my time watching movies and playing video games instead of cleaning and baking, you know? Well I've recently joined a local playgroup, and need some advice. What is the best way to make sure I get along with normal moms? I've always had trouble with that, but I want my daughter to have fun with this group, and that'll be easier if I get along with them.

Thanks, everyone.

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Computer question for you all (cause my computer skillz are not 1337)

Which brand and specs of flatscreen computer monitors would you recommend?

I recently got a new flatscreen monitor (19") whose optimal resolution is 1280x1024. At any resolutions other than that, text comes out smudgey and blurry. At 1280x1024 the text is readable but bloody thin. Personally, I hate 1280x1024 since it makes everything very small and while you can adjust your icons, you can't make the text in your folders bigger.

Is there anyway around this problem? Why the heck are the words smudgey to start with?? Should I return this monitor and get another one whose optimal resolution is smaller? (Would getting a smaller optimal resolution help?)

The thing is...this monitor is glossy and makes pictures absolutely breathtaking to look at. So I love it for that.


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I'm going to be taking a tour of a graduate school and I have no idea what to wear. I'll also be sitting in on a class and speaking with the director of admissions. This will not involve a formal interview. What do I wear for this kind of thing!? I was thinking business casual...what do you think?
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Currency conversion

I'm going away on vacation tomorrow to another country (leaving from Canada to go to the U.S. if it matters). What's the best way for me to deal with currency conversion?
-Go to the bank and ask for foreign funds
-Go to a place that does specifically does currency exchanges (I'm thinking this probably is *not* the best option)
-Use my debit card while I'm away
-Use a credit card while I'm away

I'm just concerned about paying as little as possible in extra fees. Thanks.
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it's not the wind.

My PC is making whooshing noises like the wind. I have no idea why. What could be causing this? Could my fan be going out? Power supply? Something not terribly expensive? It's about four years old...
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I downloaded a clip I'd really like to see. The format is .rmvb, which I've been able to play a couple times before I have RealOne Player version 2.0. When I attempt to play the file, it says "RealOne Player needs to download new software to play this clip". I then click "okay" and it says that "There is no software update available from RealOne to support this content". When I click "Details..." it says that the Content Type is "raac".

I really hate Real Player but I desperately want to view this clip. Am I missing something? A... codec or something?

Please help!

ETA: Figured it out.
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A few years ago, there was an email that went around- it was something to the effect of "Curious George books that never made it to print." The one that I can remember was "Curious George and the Electric Fence," but those words haven't yielded anything great on Google.

So.. does anyone have that list? Or maybe know of where I could look for it?

Anndd.. I have a dry-clean only shirt with a spot of blood on it- it's like the size of a pencil eraser. Any ideas on how to get it out? It's not easy for me to get to the dry cleaners, and it's such a small spot..

Ehh, while we're on the topic of laundry issues- I had a pen totally explode on me the other day, and it got on one of my sleeves. I pre-treated hoping that would help things along.. but the spot just bled out and spread. I pulled my jeans out of the wash, and they have two spots on them from the same color as the pen.. but I don't remember them being there when the pen actually exploded- is it possible that the spots are from the shirt? Any tips on getting these stains out?
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having just bleached my hair i need to brush it, let it dry adn add my atomic pink dye..thing is, i couldnt condtion it after i bleached it.i just washed it. now, how the hell do i get a brush through it? its half way down my back and looks like a birds nest. any easy way to brush this out? stupid question but im stuck!
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1. Where do you put your plunger and toilet bowl cleaner? Do you clean them? With what? What do you do with the plunger after you've used it? How do you transport both of these things after you've used them to where they belong? Do you wait for them to stop dripping? Do you dare wipe them?

2. Do you wash your pots and pans in the dishwasher? Are you supposed to? If you are not supposed to, then how do you get them very clean?

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my motto for years has been:
"if everyone woke up to a little sam cooke, some jackie wilson and al green - the world would be a better place"

what musicians would you change for this to be your motto?
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Changing the way you were raised

If you intend to have kids (if you don't, you could treat this question as a hypothetical if you wanted) or already have them, what is something you're hell-bent on doing differently than your parents did with you?

My answer: My mom never made much of an effort to protect me from being worried about money. I always knew when she was broke (which was always), and I remember that really really stressing me out as a kid and making me feel like burden. I don't want my kids, if I have them, to be worried about money, even if we don't have a lot of it.
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Does anyone know of good online resources relating to eating disorders and feeling "too fat." I am looking for things i can send to my friend who's really sensitive about her weight. Jokes are also okay.
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OK, singers or public speakers. Help!

I’ve lost my voice, but I don’t appear to have laryngitis. I’m a bit phlegmy, but I don’t have a sore throat or a fever, and my throat doesn’t feel raw. But the only time you can actually hear my voice is when I cough. (I do have a cough, but it’s not bad. It’s just sort of there.)

For about a day I thought I had a cold, but it all went away. The day after that, I spent the night at a friend’s apartment, where she has cats (I’m allergic to them but am fine if I take my allergy meds -- which I did), I noticed I was getting hoarse. I went to work.

The next day (today), my voice is gone. I’ve stayed home all day.

I only have to leave the house once tomorrow, ironically enough, for sign language class, but I’d like to get my voice back since I may have to go to work for a few hours after class, and would rather not be writing stuff down the entire time just to communicate with my co-workers.

Any solutions to reviving my dead voice? I’ve avoided whispering for the most part, and I’m drinking a lot of water. Any help would be great. Thanks. :-)

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Quite often, my family is so embarrassing, that even when we're in the house alone with no one around, it's unbearable.
Is yours? Provide examples please!
Are they better or worse in public? Mine's worse.
Made by alienhybrid

Murder vs. Assasination

Dictionary.com defines

Murder as The unlawful killing of one human by another, especially with premeditated

and Assassination as To murder (a prominent person) by surprise attack, as for political reasons.
To destroy or injure treacherously

But how do normal people define the difference?

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Sometimes I'm on campus in the computer lab just bored, waiting for my next class.

What are some amusing/entertaining sites I can look up when I'm bored as hell and done reading livejournal? Worksafe please.
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So, I have a copy of my credit report, and I found something very interesting. It's a big mistake actually. There's a listed address, in the section where it lists every place you've been reported as living, where I have NEVER EVER resided. EVER. I've never even lived in that town. In fact, I was living at a different address at the time. I was reported to have lived there for 6/05, followed by the codes "U 1X". Who do I talk to about this? I don't think it's negatively impacting my credit, but I'd like my report to be accurate. Is there a # I can call? There are no #s listed on the report itself. It's a generic print out that I got from the credit union that is sponsoring my loan.
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For those who you who are particularly gifted/talented at something (such as writing, playing a musical instrument, cooking, what have you), do you look down upon people who aren't as good at it as you are?

On that note, how can I stop comparing myself with others constantly?
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Okay. Another GS cookie question, but this one is specifically about Thin Mints.

If you buy Thin Mints, do you freeze them or no?

Do you think they taste better frozen or unfrozen?

If you buy other GS cookies, do you freeze them too?

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You all do it.......

Are there any songs that you really SHOULDN'T know all the words to still, but you do??

Watching Ellen the other day, I realized I can still sing (recite?? whatever) every bloody word of Ice Ice baby, and I'm pretty sure I can rock out to most every Kriss Kross song, too. I'm sure there's more, as well, but none of them are nearly as bad as being able to say "Something grabs a hold of me tightly, Flow like a harpoon daily and nightly, Will it ever stop yo I don't know, Turn off the lights and I'll glow, To the extreme I rock a mic like a vandal, Light up a stage and wax a chump like a candle, Dance go rush to the speaker that booms, I'm killing your brain like a poisonous mushroom " without screwing up.
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I need help with my ipod. When I got my ipod I took some music from my sister's itunes, so there are less songs in my Library than on my actual ipod. However, I want to put the songs on my ipod into my Library (because the ipod has songs that aren't in my Library). How do I do this?
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Ok, this is a dumb question, but I need opinions.

We are invited to a friend's 21st birthday celebration. The plan is that we're taking a limo to dinner (bw3's) and then heading out to bars in the area. The invitation says that everyone has to dress up - guys in suits and females in dresses.

1. What kind of dress am I supposed to wear out to a bar, in March?
2. Specifically for those in Indiana - we're heading out in Broadripple - does that change your answer of what to wear? And what are the bars like there?
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Sorry I really wish google or free translation was helping me but apparently Latin is slightly more difficult and they keep saying something about Conjugated verbs.

Any chance someone can translate "Esse quam videri" into plain English for me?

Summer puppy by ninneve

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I've got a bunch of historical stuff I'm looking to sell or give to a museum. Things from my towns history, maps, pictures of original buildings, tickets to the canal boat that used to go through town, etc. They were up on Ebay for months and no one bid. Our town doesn't have a museum and the ones in neighboring cities aren't interested because they are mostly art museums or very specific museums. I have no desire to keep this stuff, I have far too much junk already, but it seems wrong to just throw it out.

Any ideas on places I could sell this stuff? Or how to find a historical place/museum that would be interested in it?

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Thanks to everyone who answered my previous question.

One more computer question for you.  

I've done this before but I can't for the life of me remember how to do it now.  Where would I go in WinXP to optimize my disk to folder copying?  (ex: Say I'm copying from a CD-ROM onto my computer.)   I want quality over speed in my copying.  At this moment my system is sacrificing quality for speed.  >_<    

Weird Talents

1) Are there anything you can do that other people find amazing?

2) Are there anything that you can't do but your friends could, and you find amazing?

And an unrelated question:

3) Are you paranoid? If you are, how do you get rid of that?

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I am looking for some stuff to post in a new community of mine, so my question is, do any of you have some "erotic art" they'd like to share?

It can be paintings, drawings, photography, whatever. If I use your contributions, I will credit you. Community name available upon request. :)

i know nothing about creating webpages..why am i web master of my college club?!?! good question

i have just finished creating all of the webpages for my college club's webpage on microsoft frontpage. i registered for a college webspace account and was approved, so that is taken care of. i just need help loading it online. this site ---> http://www.skidmore.edu/studentorgs/sga/newsite/clubwebsite.html explains how to make a site for college. i have done everything up to step three. this site ---> http://www2.skidmore.edu/it/selfhelp/how_to/DreamweaverSetup.pdf. shows how to load a page online if you have dreamweaver. with all of that information, does anyone know how to load my webpage online? any help would be greatly appreciated.