February 19th, 2006

Cameron -- Gambling Girl

Satellite internet reliability?

We play poker online for a living. We're considering moving to the middle of nowhere in NV to save on both housing and taxes, and to be able to afford a small ranch so I can get back to raising hoofstock and poultry. Unfortunately cable and DSL aren't generally available in the middle of nowhere, and broadband is kinda essential for us, both professionally and personally. So we'd have to get satellite internet.

Is satellite reasonably reliable these days? I know it used to suck really badly, but we've also heard from some people using it now that it's a lot better now. But then, they're not poker players or gamers, and they'd notice temporary disruptions in service an awful lot less than we would.

Are any of you currently using satellite connections to play (poker, or gaming -- games would have similar experiences with connection quality issues, just without $1,000+ in play at the time), online? How often does it bite you on the ass? More important, how often does it bite you on the ass unexpectedly? We're okay with outages during storms, which are rare and would have dialup backup available -- we're not so okay with frequent random lagginess, and dropping out of six or eight tables of poker with a bunch of money in play for no discernable reason on a regular basis.
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jon dance

we're not always doin business...but we're always open

I am trying to find a topic for a paper that is moderately interesting. I am thinking that I will do an analysis of some scenes in the movie Boondock Saints while visiting some of the locations. I was wondering, does anyone know some locations where it was filmed? Google and my own knowledge of Boston has told me that there's the Church of the Covenant on Newbury Street, the Longfellow Bridge, and the Charles Street Jail. (I know that the Bunker Hill Monument and the Pru are also included, but I am looking more for places where the actors are actually seen). Does anyone know of any other locations in the Boston area?

x-posted to boondock_saints...but with different wording because livejournal is kind of smelly.

EDIT: Does anyone have any idea how they filmed this (http://www.amfp.org/boondock/snap0376.jpg) shot? From the angle that it's at, you should be able to see the camera.

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i've known that in the living room the burgundy couch is way more comfortable than the pink couch - especially to sleep on...

what piece of furniture (other than beds) in your house is the most comfortable to sit and/or lay on?
do you like sleeping on the floor? why? why not?
are you able to fall asleep normally in a hotel/motel room? why? why not?
when listening to music at bedtime, what do you like to hear?
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New member here, be gentle with me. ♥



I was looking at this asian furniture site and they have a lot of these things, and I was wondering what they were. Unfortunately I can find about 2389047102938099 other places selling them, but absolutely none of them explain what it actually IS.

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Does anyone know if Apple has plans to come out with a "middle of the road" MP3 player? I want more than 4gb, but I sure as hell don't want or need 30gb. I know Creative has an 8gb player - do any other companies have players with similar memory capacity?
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So i had some issues with my desktop computer a few months ago and now it works. But the thing is inorder to get on the computer i need a password. I had password protected it but i completely forgot the password. The clue for the password hasnt jarred my memory. How can i get into my computer?

eta: w/out having to reinstalling windows hopefully?
once upon a time

computer help

Last night I took a look at my friend's computer in hopes that I could fix whatever problem it had.

Sadly I have no idea how to fix in and was hoping someone here could either help me or point me in the right direction.

I turned on her Dell laptop which is running windows XP. It seems fine until it gets to the login screen. Whenever I attempt to click on her login in I get the blue screen of death.

It mentions:


and also



it mentions physical memory

I don't have any idea how to fix this. I searched and I kept getting things that told me to turn off the paging in the virtual memory... can someone please help?

Tan and wrap

1. How does one go about evenly applying self tan? I exfoliated but still have really dark patches (i.e on the top of my foot).

2. Saran wrap or aluminum foil?
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Lend me some insight into the mind of teenagers!

A good percentage of the members of this community seem to be quite young. I was wondering if you (and anyone else - young or otherwise) could tell me, from your viewpoint:

1. Did you go to college when you graduated from high school (or plan to, if you are still in high school)?

2. Were your parents strict with discipline? What constitutes "strict" to you?

3. Were you respectful to your teachers in school? Did you get rude with them or say arrogant, smart-aleck-y things in class?

4. What is your viewpoint on respect? How did your parents teach this to you? Do you believe that everyone deserves respect until they prove that they don't? Do you think that teens should respect their teachers (assuming the teachers are good people deserving of respect)?

I am currently teaching high school, and even though it's been four years since I started working with teenagers I am amazed at how different things seem to be since I was in school. There seems to be a huge lack of discipline and respect. I'm only 32; surely things can't have changed THAT much since I was in school? I'm trying to figure out if there is actually a generation gap or if it is just this particular school.
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My family's Catholic and my parents were married in the church. The preist who married them (and many other couples in the area) met someone at their wedding, falls in love and leaves the order a year later. Does this have any affect on their marriage? Does it make it invalid?

Question about phones

I only have a land line. No cell phone. I don't want a cell phone. I haven't yet found an opportunity to need one while I am away from home (no long drives - or fear of being stranded). Yet people still think it's unusual that I don't have a cell phone.

When I chat with my friends on the telephone, I like to have a cup of coffee, sit in my office, put my feet up and relax. Am I just old-fashioned?

Is there anyone else out there who doesn't have a cell phone?

What are your telephone habits?

Why do you feel a cell phone is necessary or unnecessary?

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some of the comics this moring were really funny/highly amusing...

what are some of your favourite comic strips?
what books of them do you have (i.e., "the far side", "calvin & hobbes", etc...)?
what are some comic strips can you do w/out?
what are some that you like to quote?
who do you suggest that i check out?
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misc // love will come through

New Computer and File Transferring

So, I'm getting a new computer. And I was wondering what is the best way to transfer all the files from my old computer? Specifically 5GB of music and another gig or so of photos and files. Also, does anyone know of any programs that let you transfer music from an Ipod to a computer (without using the iPod as a disk drive)? Thanks in advance.
niet eten.

(no subject)

does anyone know who sings and what that one song is called in advertisements lately that goes.. "what the world needs now is love, sweet love.. it's the only that there's just too little of"?
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My roommate is taking a class called Media Criticism in college. The entire class, the entire semester is watching the show Firefly and being tested on it.

I'm watching the show with her right now, just for the hell of it, and I can't understand what this could possibly have to do with media criticism.

Am I missing something or is her professor insane?
Red fraggle

Places to stay

Has anyone been to Niagra-on-the-lake in Ontario Canada?

Where did you stay? Did you like it?

Even if you haven't been there...anywhere specific you've heard of to stay and/or stay away from??

Looking for a place for the weekend and there's lot of choices with not so many blow-me-away-oh-how-romantic options. Thanks

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So what's up with this "Worlds of Warcraft" game people keep mentioning? My husband is obsessed with some game that sounds similar (Optima Online or something), and makes a lot of money selling things he makes in the games (like houses and castles) to people outside of the game for real money (I have no idea how people get that invested in a game...) but, yeah, what's this game all about? I showed him the website, but he has a short attention span, ha - can anyone sum it up? His most pressing question is if it's all just fighting with others or if there's more to it (as he's more into the "more to it" stuff than the fighting/leveling/etc.). Thanks.

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How intense would a tattoo of white ink show up against fairly peachy/white skin? I've been contemplating a tattoo for awhile, a saying I like, but I really only want it to be slightly visible, not exactly screaming for all the world to see.

Healthy choices?

Any critiques on Lean Cuisine frozen dinners?
I have been trying them out and have been loosing weight, so they appear to be doing the trick.

Does anyone recommend any low fat/healthy meal brands? And are there any that are not nearly as healthy or good for you as they lead you to believe?
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(no subject)

As much as I love the drunken, stoned teenage bash, I'm sort of in the mood for something different this year. I did the formal, dress up sit down dinner for my 15th, I did a drunken bash for 16, and now I want something different. What ideas do you have for a different, but still scandalous really fun party?

(no subject)

Is there anything you really, really wished you had known when you started fending for yourself in life (be that moving out, getting into a "real relationship," your first job, or some other point)?

As for me, I wish I new more about people.
Quinn Twin

Mini Top Hats!

Hey all! I am gearing up early this year to get ready for Dragon*Con in September and for one of the concepts I have I need a top hat. They're kind of expensive, plus I think I'd like the look of a mini top hat (like in Gothic Lolita fashion) better. My question is, does anyone have any good tutorials on how to make one myself? I want the colour to match the outfit I'll be making perfectly, so self custom would be best. Thanks for any tips, leads or other general help! :D

x-posted like your mom on a lonely Saturday night!
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Quinn Twin

Suicide/Sept 11th

Oddly, I've been thinking about asking this a few weeks now, then tonight I watched The Day the Towers Fell and then it got brought back up in another question here, so I feel even though I just posted a lighthearted question, tonight is the time to ask this... /preamble

Reguarding the events of September 11th -

1) Do you think you would have jumped from a window or offed yourself some other way had you been trapped in the towers that day? What are your opinions of those who did?

2) Do you think you would have helped crash the plane downed in PA in order to possibly save the lives of others who might have been where ever they planned on striking with that one? What are your opinions of those that did?

ETA : For those who follow a faith that believes suicide is one of/the worst sin imaginable, how do you think your God judged the people who basically died at their own hands that day? Does God make an exeption for extraordinary circumstances, or does He still think you should give all control to Him?
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cat tea

(no subject)

I was reminded of this the other day and I don't think I've ever asked here.

Do you think the following situation is weird?

As a lot of you seem to know, I am getting married and my fiancé is an only child. He is 25 years old. His mother has kind of freaked out since we've been engaged - actually, "kind of" would be quite the understatement. Anyway, to get to the point, she wanted to get a tattoo of a heart with Barry's initials inside and underneath, have it say "My heart" in Gaelic/Irish. My fiancé says he wouldn't think it AS weird if she were to get his initials AND her husband, but she doesn't want that. I wouldn't think it were that weird if she had done this when he was born or if he died suddenly but he is just getting married!

I know at least ONE person will think this is pretty normal, but I'm wondering what everyone else thinks. (And I realize the general situation would give you more insight as to how weird this is but I'm not going to go through everything.)

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Is there an online English-to-pirate translator? Or anything like it?

I might be playing a pirate character in a RPG soon, and I don't speak pirate very well. >.> Is there anything that can help?
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Question for anyone who knows their fonts:

Anyone know the name of the font used on the 'I love new york' shirts?

Also, I don't know what they're called, but does anyone know where you can get those custom made "borders" people put around their license plates? They put them over top of their license plates and it goes around them acting as a border and they say stuff like "I love golf" or whatever
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bad dreams

I know this is a difficult question to answer, but how often would you guess that you have nightmares?

I wake up from at least one practically every night. It feels a bit excessive.
Kyouya - Outside the Lines

(no subject)

So what the hell do I need to major in to be a charity worker, besides medical stuff (I have a needle phobia)? Charity work is honestly all I want to do with my life. There's not really a charity major, though, so I have no idea what the fuck I need to do or can do.

creative suggestions needed.

okay. I have classes Mon- Thur and an internship from 930-630 Fri. But I desperately need a job or a way to earn extra cash. unfortunately on mon and wed, classes are in the day time. tu and thur theyre in the night time. any suggestions for what I can do for money? or jobs with really flexible hours? nothing crazy please like.. sell yourself to craigslisters. may sell blood or plasma though. pretty desperate. please give suggestions. You see mcd's dollar menu, I see 10 packs of ramen noodles. :P
lead me

heartbreak on the way.

My 14 year old dog is in bad shape. Friday night my mom came home and he wasn't feeling well... and he's been having problems with one of his back legs all weekend. He won't put weight on it, or very little when he tries to walk on it, and he's afraid of falling down. I've done a little research on hip dysplasia (we know he's had some minor hip problems, but nothing quite this bad) and the "bunny hop" part makes me just want to cry because I know that's what it is and I know we can't afford hip replacement surgery for him even though he's not in a lot of pain.

So I'm pretty sure my dog's going to be put down tomorrow. My mom said she refuses to call me tomorrow if that's what the vet says we should do so I can be there with him, she's just going to go through with it and tell me later. I'm kind of, uh, in pieces tonight.

So aside from that, I have to work tomorrow night from 4-8 and I need to do some lesson plans and practice for those, I have two essays to write that are due Tuesday (if I don't do Tuesday's work tonight it won't get done tomorrow when I get home), yet at the same time, who the fuck cares? My dog's going to die tomorrow.

If you were in my position right now, what would you do? I'm really lost. And this is just the beginning.
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pie & stuff!

1. What's your favorite kind of pie?

2. Have you ever had Raspberry Pie?
Yes. It's gross.

3. Have you ever seen Ghost World?

4. Do you have an ice cream maker?
I think I'm going to buy one tomorrow.
tank girl

(no subject)

Does anyone know of any blogs/articles/opinions/editorials dealing with jews, rabbis/etc uhm basically demonizing body modification?
Yes, I googled, but I am having a hard time with it. I suck at searching.
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(no subject)

I know someone just posted about their favorite girl scout cookies.. but any one know when they start selling those things?  I just happen to stumble on them when I'm out shopping, and last time I remember buying them, it was warm out.  I'm really in the mood for Tagalongs!!

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