February 18th, 2006

cliffs of insanity

Ring around the armpit

So... I wore a new shirt to a party the other night and it got rather warm and I was sweating. Came home to find nice pretty deoderant rings on my brand new shirt. Me = not happy. I laundered tonight and covered the affected areas in Shout Gel but they remain... unmoved. I did check before drying and couldn't see them but now they have been put through the dryer. ::cries::

I use Dove Invisible Solid and here are some pictures to illustrate the damage: Shirt1 and Shirt2.

Any suggestions on how to fix?

And.... what kind of deoderant/anti-persperant do you use? What is the kind that is being advertised now with the girls turning their shirts inside out?
Ahh! Babies!

Will you please help me?

Every time I type and apostrophe or space or a capital letter or anything into a text box while using firefox, spell check pops up and the cursor moves down there and i have to click back in the text box. It is BEYOND annoying. This just happened again and it wouldn't let me move my cursor back up or type anything and I lost a really long post. I've looked through every possible option on Firefox and found nothing about a spellchecker.

Please help me fix this and let spell check never pop up again. I'm about to switch back to Internet Explorer permanently. Firefox fucking sucks.

roommate problems...

ok. scenario:

College housing applications are due in a couple of weeks and my current roommate and myself are in a bit of a conundrum...

So at the beginning of this year, I had a roommate that I didn't get along with at all so I became really good friends with this girl, Kelly, who lives in the room next door. My roommate ended up moving out and another girl, Hannah, moved into my room taking her place. Hannah and I became really good friends so the three of us- Kelly, Hannah, and myself have since become a trio, doing everything together. We are really the only friends eachother have, so Kelly just kind of assumed that the three of us would room together next year, and is pressing to turn in the forms so we can get a triple.

The only problem is that Kelly can be EXTREMELY irritating at times because she is pretty dense and pretty loud and can just be really annoying. However, she is extraordinarily nice and I would never want to lose her friendship, I just know for a fact that neither I nor Hannah would be able to live with her. Hannah and I do really well living together- we haven't had any problems thus far, and it doesn't look like we ever will, so it would be a good idea for us to continue living with each other.

So the problem stands... we don't know how to tell our third leg, Kelly, that we don't want to live with her in a triple next year... she's the type of person that would be really offended and hurt if we told her that we wouldn't get along with her if we lived together. She's good in small doses... She is a wonderful friend, but I just know that our friendship would go downhill really quickly if we were living together and neither I nor Hannah want that to happen.

Any ideas how to go about it???
lactose intolerant

(no subject)

have any of you ever visited amish country?
what was that experience like?

edit-do you know anyone who has or is currently partaking in "rumspringa" (i believe)-the period at age 16 when they are allowed to run free for a year to test out the rest of the world?
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(no subject)

1. What DVD sets are you hoping someone will produce? (Because you'll drop the money, no matter what.)

2. Do you ever feel that music sounds better late at night? Like, the melodies are brighter, textures resonate more? Any ideas why, if you agree?


Okay, so I've been debating on this for months. I am contemplating shaving my eyebrows off and drawing them on. But, I only think this looks good on a select few. So, do any of you have drawn on eyebrows? If so, pictures? Tips? How did you decide to start doing this? What are people's reactions to the fake look?

Also, if I do decide to do this, I am taking a shot in the dark. So do you know of any communities for drawn on eyebrows? With tips, or pictures.. anything that would help me out?

Thanks. :]

(no subject)

I'm being held responsible for picking and procuring a film for a get together tonight. While I've been given freedom with the genre, I don't know a lot of the people who're going to be coming and have been asked to avoid traumatizing people.

Now, the trick lies in the fact that the only feasible place for me to get this movie will be my university's library, which mostly has art and foreign films. Even though I'm tempted to watch gleefully as a group of unsuspecting humans takes in Un Chien d'Andalou (i.e., Salvador Dali's notorious razor-blade-to-the-eyeball film), I don't want anyone to be pissed at me. Browsing is one thing, but I really watch very few movies (7 or 8 a year) and would like a little guidance.

What art/foreign film might be good for a mixed audience?
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(no subject)

Is there a literary term for a dialogue in which one character says something ignorant or controversial, which leads to another character (usually the author's mouthpiece) lecturing them (and the reader) on the subject?

For example:

JUNIOR: "If you're not doing anything wrong, why would you care about the government spying on you?"

GRANDPA: "Now listen here, son... [history lesson]"

edit: I'm looking for a word that refers specifically to the ignorant statement.

(no subject)

Can someone please for the love of God tell me who sings this version of Wild Horses? I've been told The Sunday's and Mazzy Star. Can someone tell me who it is once and for all???
Please and Thank you very much.

(no subject)

A person would definitely be able to tell if their foot/ankle/whatever was seriously hurt, yes?

Because every time I hurt my ankle I'm always secretly worried that it's sprained or something.

But then it's okay in a few days.

What would that be considered anyway, when it hurts to walk properly but your foot and ankle aren't broken or sprained or anything?

I was playing capture the flag last night and failed to realize there was a step down onto the road and ate shit so hard. My left ankle still hurts and I just wonder if I should do anything for it.

And now for things that have nothing to do with my health...

Which makes you laugh more; the fake vampire teeth the singer of A7X wears in their new video or the fact that the guys in A7X have names like 'Synyster' and 'M. Shadows'?

How would you react if a close friend ran away without telling you or anyone else about it? How would you feel when they came returned a week later completely fine without any real explanation for why they ran away?
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(no subject)

1. How many of you have seen the movie Clue? My friends and I love it, but it seems like we're the only ones who know it.

2. What, exactly, is Jews for Jesus? I saw a group of people in "Jews for Jesus" jackets and had no idea what that was. I tried to go to their website to read an explanation but my stupid computer has it blocked. Damn parental blocks.

3. My iPod is acting up. Randomly, in the middle of a song, it pauses. It does this frequently. It's kind of annoying to have to press "play" again every time it does this, so for the time being I'm just listening to my records. Do all iPods do this or is mine just evil?
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Decorating no-nos

When decorating a bedroom, is there anything wrong with having your bed against one wall, and the opposite wall have both your long dresser and tall dressers?

Do you feel it will make the room look unbalanced?

The room I may be having has the closet and windows placed so awkwardly that there is only 1 available wall after the bed goes in?

And are there any other decorating tips as far as furniture placement for a bedroom???
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(no subject)

1. Whenever I cut up onions, the smell stays under my fingernails for around 3 days, no matter how much I wash them. It's not a very strong scent, my boyfriend says he can't smell anything, but it's frustrating for me when I go to bite my nails and I get a whiff of onion :P
Is there anything I can do/use to make the smell go away?

2. Where did the rhyme "Eeny Meeny Miny Mo" come from? What does the line "Catch a nigger by the toe, if he squeals, let him go" mean? (I'm not asking what "nigger" means, but does that line have a reference to anything?).

(no subject)

Is there any place to find music to add to your myspace aside of myspace music? It doesn't have the song I want and I have no clue where to find it or if it's even available to put on myspace.

the song is Morning Glow from the musical Pippin
Moi 10/08

Question for the night owls

I'm doing my first night shift ever tonight. 7pm-7am. Last night I slept from about 11pm until 9am.

Should I take a nap at some point this afternoon before going in tonight? What time I should I nap, and for how long?

Any other tips for preparing to stay up all night? I need to be able to stay focused, think on my toes, and take care of my patients.


(no subject)

So, I thought my computer's stereo speakers were broken. I noticed one day that the treble on ANY type of audio or video was echo-y, tinny and barely even audible. I didn't bother troubleshooting at first, thinking the speakers were almost certainly borked and I had an excuse to buy newer fancier ones.

Today I started troubleshooting by replacing the speakers with earphones. The sound was great! Yay, I'll buy new speakers. So I happily listen away to mp3s in Winamp 5.13 and start ripping CDs therein. Disaster! The sound is borked again! Same problem as before.

Straining my memory, I think the first breakdown may have been after I was ripping music in Winamp 5.13.

That's as far as I've gotten. What things should I now check out? Reinstall Winamp? Reinstall mp3 codecs? Buy new speakers? Buy a new sound card?
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Personal Assistant Wages

What is a fair salary for a really informal personal assistant?

One of my former professors is looking for a personal assistant, and I'm going to ask her to consider me for the job, but I'm not sure what I should tell her for a salary requirement (I know she's gonna ask). We're on a really informal, personal level, and I think it's only a couple hours a week picking up dry cleaning, going to the post office, that sort of thing.

Do I charge by the hour? By the job? By the month? And what SHOULD I charge? I'm honestly not even sure what would be a rip off, and what would be fair, so any help would be really appreciated.

*Edit* If I charge gas mileage, how exactly do I do that? Do I just keep a log of how many miles I've gone during the jobs and convert that to a cash value?
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(no subject)

This is something my boyfriend and I discussed a while back, but never mind that now.

Would sleeping with your clone be viewed as:

A). Incest?
B). Masturbation, or
C). Sex. Just sex.

Assume that said clone is close enough in age to you that sex wouldn't be weird, that the sex is completely consentual, and that you were not raised together (there's no family pressure). Plus, while your genetic makeup is the same, your outward appearence is not exactly the same—think that they have a different haircut, dress differently, have tattoos or piercings that you don't have, etc.

Collapse )

Yes, I realise that I posted asking about sex with zombies a while back. No, I'm not some kind of pervert—the zombie question was meant to be a bit of nonsense, and I wanted to start posting on a high note. :)
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lead me

food stuff again.

I made this. It looked good. I like rice, I need veggies. I did the thing where I substituted fresh veggies for frozen ones.

rice and veggie medley

This is about the blandest thing I've had in my life. Healthy, but bland.

Does anyone have any spice suggestions?

Also, what are *you* having for dinner? I'm making baked mac n cheese (kudos to tat2whttrsh for the recipe a while back).

(no subject)

1. I feel out of focus. What are some good productivity and focus tips?

2. How old were you when you got your license? I'm 21 and have had my permit since I was 16. Today I took my 5 hour course, required to get my license, and plan on taking my road test in March.

3. How much soda, diet or otherwise, do you drink in a given day? Sometimes I find all I drink is Diet Pepsi, my kidneys are going to hate me b the time I'm 30.
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Just curious: LJ habits

(1) What do you use your LJ for?

a) Commenting in ppls LJ’s or comms.
b) Keeping up with existing friends
c) Making new contacts
d) To keep an online diary.. bits of blah, thoughts, reflections and randomonia
e) More of an online journal.. Mon I did this, Tue I planned this etc.
f) Other. Like..?

(2) Do you ever feel like deleting your LJ?

- Have you just felt like starting up a new one.. and done just that?
- Do you ever read anything you’ve written before and think.. hmm, eugh, oh grt :/ etc. Infact, do you ever read any of your old posts?
- Have you left it for months and then gone back to it later?

(3) Does your personal LJ contain ‘friends only’ or ‘private’ bits?

- If someone was to read everything a ‘friend’ would be able to access on your LJ, would they pretty much know a hell of a lot about what you’re about, or just scratching the surface?
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(no subject)

1. Do you have any drug addictions or have you in the past? If not addictions, have you or do you abuse any drugs (legal or illegal)?

2. What is one thing you wish you had the money to buy but don't - EXCLUDING travel or a home.

3. How do you feel about nudity? Do you mind seeing other people naked? Do you mind if other people see you naked? Are you modest about changing in front of others, etc?

4. Do you ever post pictures of yourself in your LJ? If no, why not?

5. Do you have a method of organization for you bills and other important papers/documents?

6. Have you ever made a late payment on a bill?

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(no subject)

Has anyone ever been to El Corazon (formally Graceland) in Seattle? Would you be so kind as too share some pictures of the venue? I'd also like to know about how strict security is, things like that.

Thanks so much.

edit: I knew I was going to forget. But Are there any MEST fans in here? I'd like to know your opinions on the newest CD (Photographs) vs. the rest. I think Photographs is way different than any other songs they've done (save a few songs on the s/t). But a few people have told me that they think the new CD is crap, so I'd just like a few more opinions.
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(no subject)

I am watching Jurasic Park on TV - to engineer the dinosaurs, they took the DNA of the dinosaurs from a mosquito and mixed it with frog DNA. Obviously its very much fiction, but could it even work theoretically to mix reptile and amphibian DNA?

(no subject)

Question for me: How do I make it so I can give keywords to certain sites, like instead of having to type www.google.com I can just type google and it will go there? (I have IE if that helps.)

EDIT: The AI question got answered by my mad Googling skills. Also, I should clarify that the computer question is regarding something I can do at work but I'm not the one who set it up that way, hence me not knowing how to do it myself.
EDIT squared: Since apparently I have to include this... I want to know how to do it in IE. Do NOT tell me to download another browser, because I would have done so eons ago if I wanted to. Sorry for 99% of anyone who feels I snarked at them in my replies to their comments, I only meant it towards one person.

(no subject)

does anyone know the name of that game where you are locked in a room and you have to figure out where the key is to get the door unlocked? and then once it's unlocked it leads you into another room?

(no subject)

1) Ok, so it is given that cats always land on there feet, and it is also given that if you drop a piece of buttered toast it will land with the butter side down. So… What happens when you strap a piece of buttered toast to a cat, and then drop it off a building?

2) Also… I’m pissed right now… really pissed, any suggestions on how to vent this anger without causing property damage?

(no subject)

Okay, am I a bad pet owner or something? Arachne loved me. Arachne deliberately jumped back into her jar when I tried to let someone else hold her. I can't be abysmal.
My freshman year, I owned two snails. One(captain) died for whatever reason. The other(sluggo) escaped the vase and launched himself into the space between the wall and the heater.
Towards the end of last year, I had a small fish, a Chinese Algae Eater named Dash. Dash was a fast fish, with camoflauge, so I made sure to find him in the tank often. One time I didn't find him in the tank. I enlisted my roommate's help. She found him on the floor next to the dresser.
Last night, my newer (october, not that new) snail, Squirrel, went over the edge. Again. He had attempted a few days earlier. So twice now I have heard that clunking noise and rushed over to find him, wipe him off, and plunk him into the tank. he seems to be gearing up for a third attempt. He jsut went over a third time. If I'm leaving overnight, I have to put something over that side of the tank to prevent him from goign over while I'm gone.

Why? Why do my animals attempt/commit suicide?

Also: you are in a fairly long-term relationship. Someone who knows you a bit, but hasn't really seen you often outside of class and short chats and therefore doesn't know you have a (boyfriend/girlfriend) asks you out. You say no, that you're taken. How do you feel about this?
(I feel kinda bad...)

(no subject)

Can you lose weight with exercise balls (a.k.a. swiss balls), or is it just for toning muscles? For those of you who have one, do you find them effective in losing weight? How often do you do exercises on it, and how long before you start seeing results?
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(no subject)

This is kinda a weird ass question, but I guess I'll ask it anyway.

One of my guy friends wants to know where he can sell his old pornography. Just wants to get rid of it. Tried ebay, tried craigslist. Anywhere else?

Serious answers please.
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This is what I do on Saturday night

1. We all know about the socks in the dryer. But what other household items are you constantly replacing because they just seem to magically disappear? There must be a secret society of scissors, nail clippers, tape dispensers, and pens converging within the walls of my place.

2. Do air purifiers really help reduce dust? I get a crapload of it in here...I'm constantly dusting, and sometimes within an hour, there's a visible layer of it right where I just dusted! It's especially bad on my computer/tv desk. Is there a reason why? Any tips on reducing dust?
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Note: I'm not thinking about killing myself. I'm just curious about the topic.

1. Have you ever seriously thought about killing yourself? If so, what were your thoughts / reasons? Why didn't you do it?

2. a. What do you think about suicide?
b. Do you hate people who kill themselves, or do you feel sorry for them?

3. a. Do you know someone who has committed suicide? If so, how old were they and how did they do it?
b. What did you think about it? Have you forgiven them?

4. If you were to kill yourself, how would you, personally, do it?

5. Name any songs about suicide or one that reminds you of suicide. Discouraging suicide, promoting suicide, or just songs in general.

Thanks darlings
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Lock cutting?

I locked an old toy box of mine ages ago because I didn't want anyone else looking at the contents of the box. Well now, I'm moving out and I want to get at the things in the box but of course, I've lost the key.

I have no hope of finding the key. The actual box has sentimental value so I'm not willing to break the box to get at the contents. The lock is just a small luggage lock. Is there a way I can either pick it open or cut it off? Is there a tool to do this?