February 17th, 2006


term paper

I need help with term paper topics.

I don't know what to write about. I have to argue something for 12 pages, and I plan to do some sort of survey and use statistical inference to take up 4 pages or so.

So, what is a good topic for that?

Or, something obscure and technical (sciency/math related) so my teacher's won't have any idea what I'm talking about?

complete randomness

1. If you studied really hard for a midterm, only to find out that school was closed due to bad weather, would you be upset? Or would you be happy that you get more time to study?
This happened to a few friends today. Our university was closed all day because of freezing rain in the area. Next week is reading week, which means no classes all week. So the people who couldn't write their midterms today have to wait more than a week to write again. Some of them are thrilled that they get more time to study. Some of them were all ready for it, and now have to re-prepare.

2. Do you burn incense? Candles?

3. Do you open your window when you sleep at night?

4. Do you ever follow threads on TQC (or any other community)? If so, do you just keep searching through the posts until you find the one you want? Or do you temporarily bookmark it?

5. Which do you think requires more running: dodgeball, or ultimate frisbee?

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(no subject)

What makes whiskey decanter different than whiskey?

Should one drink whiskey decanter as their first alchoholic beverage? Why or why not?/

How long does it take ti get 'drunk'? 'Cause I think some people fake it. But maybe it does hit you fast. I dunno.

What would you mix with whiskey decanter to make it taste less like burning piss?
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How many?

How many people live in your house/apartment?

How many bedrooms? How many bathrooms?

How many TVs do you have?

How many computers?

How many cordless phones? How many landline phones?

How many cars?

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misc - cemetery

(no subject)

Okay, so you have the world's loudest alarm clock. You encase this in an airtight plastic ball. This ball has two magnets on the outside, directly opposite each other. The same pole is facing out - so we'll say, both magnets are negative on the outside.

You have another larger airtight plastic ball. This ball has two magnets facing the inside, directly opposite each other. Both magnets are negative on the inside.

When the smaller ball is encased in the larger ball, it is suspended between the negatively polar magnets repelling each other.

NOW. You are somehow able to make the space between the inner ball and the outer ball a perfect vacuum. There is no air in the space where the inner ball is suspended.

When this loudest alarm in the world goes off.... will you be able to hear it?
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Frozen window

[Edit: Problem solved! Thanks for all the help, as usual!]

My window is frozen shut. It's just a normal window that slides from right to left, but now I can't seem to get it open. Going outside and dealing with it that way isn't an option, as I live on the second floor of a dormitory. I cannot stand having my window closed, however. This becomes immensely frustrating when I try to sleep, since I prefer my window open at night. Otherwise, my room feels stuffy and clausterphobic. Does anyone have any advice for opening the window? Serious help, please...breaking the glass isn't an option! ;-)

(no subject)

how much is INR 525 [indian rupee i think] converted to us dollars? i tried using tow currency converter programs but they dont work :(  also, if someone know of a currency converter program that works, let me know! thankies!

(no subject)

gads!!! i'm such an emotional/sentimental ball of fluff...i've come to discover that the songs/music of james blunt makes me want to cry quietly...

is there a singer/songwriter/group that has song(s)/music that gets you all emotional?
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What's up with Friday?

My friends list and comments to my LJ seem to dry up on Fridays. Does anyone else see half as many posts on their friends list and half as many comments in their LJs on Fridays? And if so, what is your theory as to why people use LJ less on Friday?
[PW] Max Galactica

(no subject)

Has anyone ever stayed at a hostel? What was your experience like? Is it safe to leave your stuff there unattended? I won't have anything of significant value with me (just a change of clothes and some books...something pretty easy to walk off with), but I still don't want it to get stolen and I don't want to be carrying it around with me the whole time. I'm looking to stay at one for one night in Manhattan (where I can't afford even a shitty hotel) and want to make sure I'm not getting into something dangerous.
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(no subject)

Does anybody have a link to a good, simplified, "we have a dumb person who needs to create a black and white newspaper ad preferably by 1 but definitely by 5, possibly from scratch" photoshop how-to page?
edit: it needs to be in photoshop, it's the only program on their list of acceptable programs that i can get ahold of... even if i made an excellent poster in paint the other day.
edit: zomg i found a case where comic sans looks good

Okay, new edit. I made it in paint and then opened it in photoshop. I managed to get it saved as a .psd or whatever they use. How do i get it saved as 170+dpi? copy/pasting the image to a new thing set at 200 dpi doesn't work.

In other news, what's the dumbest/most important thing you've put off till later?

Random List

1) Am I the only one who prefers the handwriting option on PDAs over the keyboards on Treos, SideKicks, Blackberrys, etc?

2) Are you a flirt? What's your best weapon / move?

3) How did you learn to cook?

4) Blueberries or raspberries?

5) Do nail polish fumes disgust you?

6) Do you prefer writing or editing?

7) What are your Friday night plans? Weekend plans?

8) Have you gotten any work done so far today? Me, no. Ugh!

(no subject)

1. have you ever used one of those sites where you can supposedly make money doing mailing like www.studentworknow.com? they've got to be a scam right?
2. if you're a college student what is your current gpa?
3. how do you calm the urge to kick stupid people in the face?
4. what would you do if you found out you or your partner was pregnant and they had been drinking heavily before they knew?
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(no subject)

1. How long do you usually spend in the shower?
2. How long do you think is "too long" to spend in the shower?
3. How old were you when you started taking showers without supervision?
4. Girls: Would you rather date Clark Kent or Peter Parker?
5. Why did my new gmail account with my first and last name already start getting spam before I even gave it out anywhere? I have another gmail account that is just a dictionary word that I had for a long time and I don't have any spam in there at all from anywhere I don't recognize, and I've put it all over the internet, yet my full name one gets it. Is it randomly sent out on the gmail server or something?
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(no subject)

I have a sliding glass door in my bedroom, and I keep my bedroom door closed all the time. My cat usually lazes about in the living room most of the day, but whenever I open the sliding door to outside he almost invariably comes and scratches and meows at my bedroom door.

So, how could he possibly know that I opened the door?


Inspired by lj user="jenniiee">

1. who is your favorite superhero from comic books?
2. Favorite from tv/movies?
3. If you could be any superhero, which one would you choose?
4. If you could date any superhero which one would you date?
5. Favorite superpower (just one)
6. Which superhero would you kill off for good?
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Wedding Invitation Wording and Spacing

Okay, I'm still nitpicking stressing over my invitation wording and spacing, and I would really REALLY appreciate opinions! I put the questions in bold since this community is all about questions.
For the body, I've got:
Lara Middle Last
daughter of Lynda Last
Matthew Middle Last
son of Peter and Kathleen Last
invite you to share in a celebration of love
as we exchange marriage vows
on Saturday, the twenty-second of April
Two thousand and six
at seven o'clock in the evening
The Chapel of Love
hors d'oeuvres reception to follow
The Reception Hall

Where should I put extra spaces between lines? Do I need to put the city/state on the actual invite? If so, where should I put it? I will be including a map with the chapel & reception hall adresses on them, and I'm trying to conserve space as much as possible without having people see it and think "Oh my! Look at this! She did or didn't do x, y, z! Tsk tsk!"

I also would really like to add a cutesy little thing to the top of it. We like these two:
As the flowers bloom and petals unfold,
we’re soon to say “to have and to hold.”
We’ve made the plans and can hardly wait…
our wedding is near and here is the date!

This day I will marry my best friend,
the one I laugh with, dream of, and love

Which one sounds better? or should I just put the body and be done with it?

I'm also trying to find really pretty clip art, preferably hearts, but I'm not having much luck. I've tried google with minimal success. Where else could I look for clip art? Does anyone in here have any pretty clip art of hearts or floral accents they could send me?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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(no subject)

So, I had a ring on yesterday. It's an old rusty ring that I've had since first grade, but the size is adjustable so I just made it bigger and put it on. I didn't wear it today, but it feels like I'm still wearing a ring. I look down and expect to see a tight-fitting ring on my finger, but I'm not wearing it anymore.
Should I be worried? That never happens with my other rings, even if they are smaller than this old one.
Chances are I'm just being weird about it, but who knows? There could be some rare disease that cuts off circulation to your finger or something. :/
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(no subject)

Fact: More females than males use LiveJournal. Currently the stats are at males- 32.4%, and females- 67.6%.

Fact: There are more males than females on most other internet communities, and in general, males use the internet more than females do.

However, there is debate on whether who uses blogs/journals more: females or males. The statistics are always very close: close enough that it is fair to say that overall, there are an equal amount of males and females that have blogs online.

So, my question is, why do you think LiveJournal has so many more girls than boys? What is it about LJ that girls are attracted to- over other blogging sites which have more males than females?

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Losin' the faith

It seems like a lot of people here are either atheists or aren't sure as to the existence of god/gods. To that select crowd, I address this question: How did it happen? As in, did you never believe in the first place, or did something happen? When/what/how?

I kind of always was an atheist. The first time I really remember anything specific relating to this was when I was six and I didn't feel comfortable reading the pledge of alleigance over the school's loudspeaker system when it was my turn/chance. I had somebody else read it.
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Quinn Twin

Help Me With Thine Geekery! -or- Costume Poll/Help

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

Ok, I need help with ideas! I am thinking of making a nurse Harley Quinn for various reasons... And I need your help with how to dress her! Which of these would *YOU* put her in? The red and black to keep with her colour scheme? The more traditional to keep more with the story line of her origin (she was a Dr. @ Arkham, where she treated and thus fell in love with the Joker)? Or the frillier one, just for uber cute sexy factor?Collapse )

Thanks guys!
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(no subject)

does anyone know where I can either purchase or download a piece of music performed by the Parisian National Opera Chilren's Choir that goes something like "lumin...luminae..." etc.

the piece was featured in a PC game called "Obscure".

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(no subject)

Back-story: I bought my Boyfriend a DVD player for Christmas last year. Not soon after, his younger brother (YB) clamed he tripped on a cord and knocked the DVD player off of the TV. (Keep in mind he had no business being in the room. It was locked but the parents gave him the key to get in. And they know that he is prone to breaking our things.) Sense then we had trouble with the DVD player freezing up. We bought a new DVD player and the YB took the DVD player that "didn't work". Well we had problems with the new DVD player freezing up and YB saying that "his" DVD player worked fine. Eventually we came to the conclusion that the DVD ports on the receiver were bad. So both DVD players work fine but the receiver is bad. We had no problems with anything before the DVD player got knocked off.
Would you charge YB for the first DVD player, the second DVD player, or the one that cost the most?
Should we also charge him for the cost of shipping and repairs the receiver?

Select Magazine

Does anyone remember that British music mag Select Magazine?

I loved that magazine. Q just doesn't cut it.

I wish I still had mine, but stupid early 20something me thought that making pin ups on the wall was a good idea. I hate my 20something self SO MUCH.

Any way I remember this one cover that made me crack up. It had Liam Gallagher's face on it and in big letters it said "Deity or Dickhead."

Music mags just aren't the same any more. =(

(no subject)

If an old friend contacted you out the blue years after your last meeting, would you be a bit freaked out or happy to hear from them?

To anyone who has done this or had this happen, were you able to start a new friendship or did you just reminisce on the old times and drift apart again?

edit: Would it make a difference if the person was someone you once had a fling with?
kiv dancin.
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ooohkay, i might be wierd on this one.

imagine a hypothetical for me. you know how sometimes you'll be heading out for your day, and so you'll dress normally for the weather. on our particular day, you might know it's gonna be a bit nippy but not too bad, so you put on a sweater, jeans, gloves, and hat. and you spend a lot of time outside (say, two, three hours), but don't feel particularly cold. in fact you feel warm enough that you can take off the hat and gloves.

at the end of the day, after you've been warm and inside for hours, does your skin ever feel extremely dry and somewhat painful? i'm not talking just the face, i mean, all over.

this happens to me on occasions like this. i try to prepare with good clothes and moistinins and i try to treat afterwards with lotions and goodness, but to no avail! i just have to wait it out.

am i alone on this? do i just have freaky sensitive skin when it comes to temperature?

is there anything that you do that works like a charm, or at least helps a bit?
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(no subject)

There's a job fair on campus sometime next week that the new starbucks is going to be at. (The first *real* starbucks to hit this town) Anyway, they wont be opening until Aug, or so the rumors say and they will probably train at the nearest starbucks; 50 miles south of me.
I cant start working until may, when classes end (even though summer sem. starts)

I need to get a job in May, not August.
However, I plan on moving in a year probably to Bay Area, CA or Seatlle area and Starbucks would be a great business to transfer though.

So should I go, fill out this application and get my foot in the door now, even if it may present a problem with whatever job I get in May.
and should I attempt to recreate my resume (which I lost) for the job fair?

It isnt much, only two real jobs previously which would be on the app. anyway.

Ive never done the job fair thing, I think it throws off the job market. Im from the school of it you want a goddamn job you spend weeks wasting gas driving and calling every place you can think of and then after you fill out the app. you call them and you bust your ass for it. The jobs shouldnt come to you.