February 16th, 2006

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Awhile ago I was suspended indefinitely from Ebay (selling copyrighted stuff, if you must know) and I learned from my mistake.

So I made a new account and I only did legal stuff. In fact, I only bid and bought items from people, didn't sell anything.

However, now they suspended my new account because it was connected to my old connect, since I'm the same person after all.

So, what should I do? I buy a lot of my things through ebay and half, I depend on it a lot. I am going to try to appeal but I was wondering if anyone has any suggestions? I am willing to not sell anything anymore if I am able to bid and buy stuff and not get suspended again. I've learned from my mistake.

Also, my boyfriends account was suspended too. He lives with me. Is it because we have the same address?

Note: I don't need a lecture on how selling copyrighted stuff is illegal and stupid, I was naive and desperate and poor. I just want advice on what to do from now on, that's all.

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Lately, every time I've opened World of Warcraft, my PC has been getting oddly loud. I'll start playing and all of a sudden, something in the CPU kicks into hyperdrive because it's loud as hell and sounds like an engine. I know that the program sucks up at a lot of RAM, but this only happened the last few times I've played. It always stops and sounds normal again right after I close the game too. >=/

What's wrong with my computer?
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I'm looking for a new backpack. Due to my schedule, most of the looking is being done on ebags.com. There are so many to choose from! I need one that has two shoulder straps, so a messenger bag is out. I'm going to be using it everyday, some days with super-heavy loads, other days not.

1. What backpack do you have? (Brand name, style name, even color if you want)
2. What do you like about it?
3. What don't you like about it?
4. What realistic feature do you wish it had?
5. Anything else you want to share?


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1. Has anyone here ever tried that Sea Vegg supplement? If yes, how did it affect you?

2. What is the biggest secret you have ever kept from your parents?
Mine: Although I'm on the Dean's List now, I was expelled twice my sophomore year of college and forced to change my major. I never told my parents, because I knew they would no longer pay for school. I'm graduating in May, and they still think I am a biology major, even though I'm now sociology/anthropology.

Perhaps I should get to telling them about the major changing part....

3. But how?!
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What type of doctor would you go to if you thought you had a dietary intolerance? A dietician or an intestinal specialist or is there a specific type of doctor for these things?

sick of iPod questions yet?

I'm going to buy a 30gig iPod video this weekend, and I'm debating on getting the 2-year, $70 service plan. I'll probably get it anyways just to be on the safe side, but are there any typical problems that I should be aware of?
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yet another general staff meeting that has absolutely nothing to do with my job...there went 50 minutes of my life that i will never get back...

what was a waste of your time today?
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Do people in your region or culture have any special food they make for Fat Tuesday (the day before Lent starts)?

What area/culture/country are you from?

edit: Fat Tuesday = Mardi Gras
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Is there a reason other than the heat that people always tell you not to move during the summer? My move has been pushed off until then and I'm wondering if there are reasons I just don't know about. I tried to Google it, but everywhere just tells you not to do it. They don't tell you why.
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What are some celebrity "starting roles" that surprised you?

For instance, my wife and I watched the first episode of "Angel" this weekend, and one of the first bit-part vampires to die was none other than Josh Holloway (Sawyer from Lost).
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1. On a scale of 1 to 10, how annoying do you find people who type all in caps?

2. What are your pet hates when it comes to peoples typing habits?

3. Do you often want to friend someone, but you dont? Why? If your reason is to do with what the person might think, then is that the way you would think if the situation was reversed and it was you being friended under the same circumstances?

4. Does anyone get the problem where your boxers, over the course of the day, end up wedging themselves up your butt? If so, do you discretely try and pull them down when nobody's looking, or do you wait until you can go somewhere private to sort it out?

5. Are you often surprised after getting to know someone (IRL) that they ended up being a different person to what you thought they were when you first met them or saw them?

6. How long, on average, does it take from the moment you wake up until you're walking out the door to go to work/school?

7. Do you find it harder (as in, because your body tells you that you need to sleep longer, not because you're dreading the day ahead) to get up on a workday than a weekend, even when you got more hours of sleep on the workday than you did on the weekend day? I do, and i will never understand how that works

8. Do you feel obliged to answer you own questions that you post in here? (Unless of course you're asking a question where you dont know the answer)
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for those of you who study or anything similar to that, how do you get information to 'stick'? i'm 23 and i'm not at college or anything, i pretty much have no life outside of the net. i don't feel too bad though because i read a lot of interesting things. wikipedia is my favourite site and i love reading up on random things. thing is, although i am not 'stupid' or 'thick' i am not the brightest. it annoys me, because i read so much interesting things in books and online but none of it sticks. i'd love to be one of those people who knows a lot of random facts about things.

so basically, how do i get things to stick? ideally the first time i read them. i know thats not easy so maybe the 2nd or 3rd? do you think if i read a page in wikipedia maybe 2 or 3 times the information would stay in my head?

hope someone can help! its really annoying. i'd love to be able to read all these things and have them stay in there!

thank you!!! ♥

poll-type thing

Have you ever heard of "gothic-lolita" fashion? (Or perhaps you're more familiar with the term "EGL"?)

Without looking it up or reading other comments, what is it?

If you've never heard of it, what do you think it is?

Note: Yes I know what it is, this is a sort of poll/test to see what is generally known about it because I'm curious.

EDIT: Ok! If you're curious as to what it is, you can visit this wonderful page or google it.
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What would be the advantages or disadvantages to renting an apartment in a complex run by a management company as opposed to renting in a three-decker (do those even exist in other states?) or a place that has an actual landlord?

(I really have tried searching online for this information but haven't had much luck... if you know of any websites, feel free to link me to them.)


If you're going on a week-long vacation (for pleasure, not business), about how much spending money do you bring?
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Does anybody here make weekly meal plans? My best friend's mom used to figure out dinner for every day of the week on Sunday night and she'd go shopping on Monday. My mom and I have a bad tendency to be hodgepodge eaters and we go the quick and easy route (which isn't always healthy by any means), so I'm wondering if we started making meal plans and shopping with that as a basis if that would help us eat better and maybe try new stuff. Or is it just a pain in the tush?

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If your significant other gave you something decorative for your place as a gift, for example windchimes, and you put it up when you were together and you really love them and they go nicely in the room, would you take them down after splitting up with that person? If not, and a new s/o noticed it and asked where you got it (not necessarily because they suspect it was a gift from an ex, but maybe they like it or something), what would you tell them?
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1. Do you think that intelligent design should be taught in school? If yes, does it belong in bio class, or elsewhere?

2. What did you do over the summer after your high school graduation?

2b. I'm trying to find something good to do. An internship (paid or unpaid), a job, a summer camp, an arts program, a pre-college summer thang... etc. It has to be out of CT but in the U.S. Do you have any suggestions for me??? I'm into theater, horseback riding, psychology, business, skiing, rock climbing, literature, travel... and I'm 17. Any help would be appreciated... I haven't had much luck on my own. thanks!
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Is this argument logical?

(Just to preface this, I know veganism is controversial, so really I'm just asking, from a debate point of view, if my argument below is sound)

Ok...I'm having a debate with a friend of mine who claims that it's weird for ethical vegetarians or vegans to replicate the taste of animal products, like with veggie burgers, because the taste of animal products is something they're supposed to be ethically opposed to. Below is my counter-argument, and this person claims that it contains a logical fallacy, but she won't explain why. Where is the logical fallacy? I really do want to understand, especially so I'm not going around spreading information that makes no sense. The thing is...it makes perfect sense to me. Help!

Imagine there are people in the world who refuse to go to a particular, beautiful tropical island because that island employs the use of slavery and mistreatment of workers to fuel their economy. Keeping that in mind...

You're equating the physical characteristics of meat, i.e. the taste, with the process used to obtain the meat, i.e. killing. These are two separate domains. Eating is an aesthetic experience, just like going to a beautiful tropical island, like I was talking about above.

Now, the killing of the animal is a totally different argument here. An ethical vegetarian or vegan is opposed to killing, not opposed to the aesthetic experience of eating. Just like the theoretical people in my island argument...they're opposed to the economy built on slavery and mistreatment of workers, not opposed to the aesthetic experience of the island, like the palm trees and salty oceanic air. The aesthetic experience of the island is completely disconnected from the mistreatment of the workers.

So, would it make sense for a person ethically opposed to slavery to avoid ALL tropical islands that look the same as the bad one, even if those islands use no unethical practices toward the workers? Of course not. Would it make sense for a person ethically opposed to killing animals to avoid ALL foods that taste the same, even if the foods don't contain meat from dead animals? Of course not.

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When/where is you next "weekend away" sort of dealie? When/where is your next REAL vacation?

I'm going to a B&B in Virginia for four days next month, and spending two weeks in Ireland in August.

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I accidentally damaged a library book (can of soda froze in my car and exploded over it). It's mostly the cover and back few pages that are stained.

Should I take it back to the library and explain? Just drop it in the box? Buy another copy somewhere and take that back as a replacement (and probably cheaper than any fee they'd charge?)
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This veganism question below inspired a new question for me:

If you are vegan/vegetarian, are you so because you are against the unethical treatment of animals in factory farms, etc. or is it because you think the act of humans eating animal meat is wrong?

For example, if you choose the first, then if there was a way to kill only animals that had a good happy life behind them and we killed them without tortorous ways but painlessly and we didn't use hormones, etc etc etc.
then you would eat meat.

If you chose two, then you think humans shouldn't ever eat meat. Period. Under any circumstances.

And, why do you think this way?

cell phone help

I have the LG C2000 phone with Cingular service. It should be able to connect to AIM but when I sign on it says "Empty MSINDN on the SIM" and I have no clue what that means. Anyone have a clue?

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Is it stalkerish to leave people on your IM list a year after they dropped you on very bad terms? Particularly if they asked you to remove them because they felt you were stalking them and any contact was unwelcome.

(I'm not stalking anyone, I'm frustrated that people I told not to contact me won't stop sending me emails or invites or take me off their lists.)
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Is it an allergic reaction if I get hiccups a lot when I eat certain spicy foods? This happens more if I eat it faster, and mostly only things with jalapenos in it.
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Who else (I can't imagine anyone would not be) is strongly disturbed and disgusted that Andrea Yates got released from prison?

If you aren't familiar with her. Shes the lady who drown her children (I don't recall the exact number of kids she had but it was 4-5) and got a lighter sentence due to 'insanity.' This lady took each child one by one into the bathroom and drown them, and then laid each child onto the bed and called her husband to tell him she murdered the children.



Theres the CNN story, its kind of old, but I just thought I'd add that in case anyone wasn't aware that she was released. I was watching something on TV about her and it got me thinking.

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For a class assignment I'm doing a sculpture that involves making a clock. Really big fucking clock. I wanted to know if anyone knew where I could get some free plans on gear clocks? An anything relating to the sort of actual working gear clock movment tick tockery. Or I suppose horology. (if that stikes a clue with any of you.)

Much apreciated.

Fun with infuriating mind teasers.

Alright. Everyone in my 33-person dorm is stumped as to the answer to this problem:
You are blind. There is a deck of 52 cards in front of you. Thirteen of the cards are face up. You have to seperate these cards into two piles, each of which has an even number of face up cards. You can flip the cards if you want to.
-The cards all have the same texture.
-Zero doesn't count as an even number, so no piles of zero cards.
How do you do it?
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I get headaches a lot... I consider them to be migranes, though I've never been diagnonsed.  I get really sick to my stomach and can't eat/drink for a day or two.  Any one have any advice as to what to do about this?  I don't have health insurance, so expensive medication isn't really the best option. 
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I just accidentally spilled beer on my boyfriend's keyboard.

I shook it out, and soaked up the remaining liquid between the keys with a folded up tissue, but the keyboard reeks of beer.

What should I do to get rid of/conceal the smell safely?
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This is an odd combo

(Hypothetical)-->1. Is there an "expiration date" for letters of recommendation?
For example, say I get a letter from someone this month to get into an academic program. I fail to get in the program (for the time being). For the sake of argument, let's say I lacked more letters (there's a minimum of 3 LOR to get in) so I didn't attempt to sign up. Would it be in poor taste to use the old letter of recommendation for a future attempt to get in this program? It's not really re-using it since I never submitted it in the first place.

Collapse )

3. Are you supposed to tip the carhop at Sonic Drive-In?

camera information?

So.. I am looking for a 35mm SLR camera... I'm an art major and have always had an interest in getting into photography more, so I wanted to purchase a good camera to learn on and play around with. I've heard that the canon rebel is a good choice, but I was wondering if any of you are at all knowledgeable about photography and have any recommendations for me as far as brands and such go...

and also, I was wondering how digital SLR's compare to the 35mm- are they worth the extra $$?

thanks for your help! I appreciate it!
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1. Have you ever had baba ghanouj? Did you like it?

2. At what point do you think you run out of fresh brain cells in the day?

(Disclaimer: Yes, it's supposed to be an idiom....for losing your ability to accurately do higher-functioning thinking very well. Like editing people's writing, or accounting, or programming, as opposed to having drunken philosophical conversations or reading for pleasure.)

Tipping the Guy that Stabs You..

In about 20 hours, I'll be getting my second tattoo, and my first custom work. The estimate I got was $160 for 2 hours of needling.

How much would you tip the artist, if anything?

It's also my first time without someone there to "hold my hand", so to speak. What do you do to calm your nerves beforehand?
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Just 2 questions.

1. What's the best way to get rid of the smell of smoke? I had a fire in my room 9ish days ago, and it's still smelling like smoke. All of my rugs/bed linens/mattress/various other things like stuffed animals that could absorb smell have been moved out of the room, and it still smells awful. I've had the window open nonstop, in hopes that the smell would go away, but no such luck. Would some sort of air freshener work, or would it just smell like I was trying to cover up the smoke smell?

2. Chapped lips...what's the best way to treat them? Being in Florida, chapped lips are not a big problem, but for the last 5 or so days it's been in the 30s/40s. I marched a parade on Sunday afternoon and my lips have been severely chapped, to the point of cracking and bleeding. I almost can't play my baritone because of it, but not playing isn't really an option.
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is there a way to get/find the email addresses of your friends that they registered under in friendster and myspace without going and asking all of them individually?

Telephone calls...

What is the latest time you would call:

1) Your significant other who doesn't live in the same place as you?

2) Your best friend?

3) Your friend that you know from office/college?

4) Someone you had just spoken with a few days ago?

5) You are marketing some thing and you are making cold calls?

stupid hippie class...

So I missed the men's final for figure skating. I don't want the results, but I want to know if NBC will replay them at any point. Anyone know how I can find that out without finding out the results? Or if they know the answer that would rule too. answered.

i just wanna see johnny weir again, he amuses me.

if you can't answer that question, how about this one: who is your favourite olympic personality so far?
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