February 15th, 2006


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Some random questions here...

1- If you were feeling like you no longer connected with your spouse at all, and you've recently been taking a few days here and there to visit your parents to help them out with their house, and your spouse said to you something along the lines of "gee, I'm glad you're taking that time away from here" then, a few minutes later, followed it up with "because you seem to like it better than here" then professed undying love and asserted that there was nothing at all wrong with the relationship... how would that make you feel?

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2- How would you define a suburb?

(got no answer for this one, myself)

3- What do you do to combat boredom?

4- Any favorite job-seeking advice or tips?

5- What's your favorite song at the moment?
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1. What is your opinion on people buying things like points or fake money with real money online? (an example would be paying for neopoints on neopets)
2. What is your opinion on lj communities that are dedicated to mocking people who are deemed "stupid"? Do you think it's all in good fun or it's going too far?
3. What deodorant/anti-perspirant do you use?
4. Have you ever stolen anything from a store? If yes, what?
5. What do you think is the biggest waste of time for many people on the internet?
6. It's the first day of class and the instructor asks that everyone introduce themselves and tell the class a little about themselves. No other specific guidelines, you're first.. What do you say?

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Okay, how about a seasonal question....

I currently hold a graduate assistantship that provides to me a stipend. How does an assistantship figure into the big picture when doing taxes? Is it treated the same as income from an actual job?

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How much do you tip someone for an expensive spa service? Haircuts, waxes, etc. - I go with 20%+, but this is a $130 massage.. do I really have to give the girl a $20? I ask because with my job, I do shows that cost around $250 for an hour, and I usually get a $20 tip, which is just fine, but that's obviously less than 10% of the cost of the show, so I'm just wondering if tipping is expected to be less when the services get expensive.....I'm so bad at this.
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Anyone seen the new Pink Panther movie? What did you think?

There were a bunch of older people in the theatre who laughed through the whole thing while my husband and I were saying "God, this is awful.."
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any one know anything about Augustana?  I just heard the song Boston, and I really liked it. 
(I like Jeff Buckley, James Blunt, Gavin Degraw, Jason Mraz.... if that helps)
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Poll #673706 Valentine's Day

For Valentines, what should the guy get the girl?

Take her to a nice retaurant
Card with sentimental endearments
Romantic movie
Whatever she wants that night
Gift of at least $100
Gift of at least $50

What should the girl get the guy?

Take him to a nice retaurant
Card with sentimental endearments
Cooked meal
Whatever he wants to do that night
Gift of at least $100
Gift of at least $50

Ring Tones?

How does this whole ring tone thing work? I have a sprint lg phone, and I'm on a family plan so I am not in charge of the features. Trying to access downloadable ringtones off the phone is INSANELY slow and you have to pay like 3 bucks for 3 months... isn't there a better way? I know there are free ones online but I'm afraid that I'm going to accidently sign up for something that charges to the phone bill or the like. I'd love graphics and such too but just trying to figure out the ringtones has me baffled... help??
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1)Does it bother you if you go to a wedding and they don't have a reception?

This is for people who are married/engaged:
2)How long did it take you to set the date?
3)Did you and your significant other ever fight over someone being invited to your wedding that you/your significant other didn't like?
4)Did you have a reception?
5)Did you plan your wedding yourself or did you hire someone to do it?
6)How long did your wedding take to plan and do you wish you had had more time?

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How difficult is it for you to maintain a healthy weight? Do you have to watch what you eat? Do you have a strict exercise regimen?

How often do you worry about money?

Would you rather go through life without having to worry about your weight or without having to worry about money?
Edit: Assume that you could either have one or the other - if you don't have to worry about your weight or money right now, pretend you do and then answer the third question.

strange fruit.

so, the durian is supposed to be the "king of fruits". if this is so, why does it smell like wet gym socks and taste like rotting ass? is this an aquired taste, or have i been bullshitted?

what's the strangest fruit you've ever eaten?

what's the most ridiculously depressing song you can think of?

who is more depressing, robert smith or morrissey?
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Which witch is which?!

Which intern do you think got the better deal, job-wise?

A manager has two interns to help her out (she's the director of engineering and has way more work than she can handle) but she also allows fellow managers use the two interns for whatever they need help on.

Now the company is cutting back on costs and the director of engineering has to be acting manager in a different group. This other group needs more than 50% of her time so she has decided to devote her time to this group and sectioned off her regular duties to other managers. This move to the other group means moving to a different building.

One intern (Intern 1) is going with her to help her out. The other intern (Intern 2) is left in the same building and now solely helps the other managers and is completely independent (whereas before both interns were mostly independent).

What do you think the manager's reasoning is behind choosing one intern over the other? Does it mean she can rely on Intern 1 more and therefore brings her with her? Or does she see that Intern 1 as not being able to do anything without constantly being monitored?

Is Intern 2 given such independence because she's reliable and can use her time better? Would just dealing with the lower managers mean that Intern 2 is kind of being demoted?

This of course being a situation I have been presented with today a couple hours ago and I'm not sure how to feel. Haha. :)

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so i'm thinking of startin' a club called - "those who didn't get nookie on valentine's day"

what say you?

on a different topic -
when burning a cd - i've noticed that when i give my kids a list of songs, it seems the songs never show in the order i want - how do i fix this for future cd music making?


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i like watching season 1 of lost.
i liked watching season 1 of carnivale.
i liked watching season 1 of scrubs.
i liked watching season 1 of the office.
i liked watching season 2 of carnivale.
i liked watching season 2 of scrubs.
i liked watching season 2 of the office.
i liked watching the family guy sets.
i liked watching the simpsons sets.

i like watching dvd sets.

can someone recommend to me another fantastic series (preferably with an ongoing storyline) so i'll have something to watch when lost is over?
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Does anyone know how I say "There are some stuffed animals on my bed" in French?

Is "Il y a des animaux bourrés sur mon lit" correct? I looked a few different translation sites and I'm getting different words for "stuffed". =(

I also found this: http://www.wordreference.com/fren/empaill%E9

empaillé (animal) adj stuffed

So do I say actually say "les animaux empaillés" (the stuffed animals)?

Hope that kinda makes sense...we're supposed to describe our room in French and it's just not complete without the animals ^^
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What is the most complete list of resturant nutrition facts that you know of??

I've found that most resturant websites don't offer their nutrirtion facts... I know they have to be published somewhere online... I'm looking for US resturant listings...
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writing out phone numbers and addresses.

How do you write out a phone number when you include an area code? I was taught to write the area code in parenthesis, then to put the rest of the number outside of them. For example: (123)456-7890. But more and more I've seen numbers written out like 123-456-7890 or 123.456.7890. Is there an explanation for this?

Also, when I was taught how to address a letter, I learned that you were supposed to write the city, state, and country on one line, then on the next one indent and put the area code beneath, like so:

New York, NY

But now I see more addresses like:

New York, NY, 10108

How do you address envelopes?
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As a result of my Soap Opera question yesterday.....

While looking around on IMDB (and searching my pop-culture filled brain), I realized that a lot fo today's current stars started out on soaps!


1. Who is your favorite "mainstream" actor/actress/celebrity that started out in Soaps?

2. Who should have stayed on daytime TV, or disappeared completely?

Some names to think about: Jensen Ackles (Smallville, Supernatural) - got his start on Days Of Our Lives. Sarah Michelle Gellar (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Cruel Intentions) - got her start on All My Children. Both Marcia Cross (Desperate Housewives) and Brad Pitt (half of Brangelina - need I say more?) were on Another World early in their careers.

Here are some links to the full cast listings for soaps, if you're looking to surprise yourself - LOTS of today's stars were on soaps!

http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0065272/fullcredits (All My Children)
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0065272/fullcredits (Days Of Our Lives)
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0057731/fullcredits (Another World)
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0044265/fullcredits (Guiding Light)
http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0056758/fullcredits (General Hospital)
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are there any processed health foods (ala ice cream,chips,hot dogs,cookies,etc) that actually taste good?

I was thinking of getting some veggie dogs, but then I remembered how much they suck.


edit: so i went to kroeger (southern albertson's) and bought some stuff at their 'Nature's Market' and man, did I mess up.

so the soy dream ice cream sucks, which is suprising since their mango and vanilla is really good.
I bought cookies and cream.
eden soy-bleh.
yuves veggie cruisine veggie dogs- don't want to risk it.

good buys-
kashi crunch and naturally perfered soy milk plain

yea-so any suggestions?
btw- the dr praeger is only in southlake which is hour drive i think.
thanks for your help so far, I shall be on the lookout for the good doctor.
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News Web Sites

I haven't posted to this community in a while, but I know you people like to answer questions -- which I'm really counting on. This is more asking for an opinion than a "right or wrong" situation, but if anyone would like to chime in I'd be thrilled.

My main questions are:

1. What news site do you read the most?

2. What site FEATURE do you like the most on that web site? (Excepting content, that is. For example, perhaps you like the reader feedback option on the BBC, or the "upload your picture" option on Naples.com, etc.)

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For original post, visit my journal. Thanks!
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I can't seem to log into lj. Can't comment, edit my info - I'm just updating through a semagic client.  Anyone else having the same problem?


Had a virus on my PC which disabled certain functions. For future references, just re-install XP. :)
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1. Do you believe the following two statements to be 90%+ true? Feel free to amend them if you don't.
a. "Can I friend you?" always means "Will you pleeeease friend me?"
b. People with Mensa graphics on their livejournal userinfo page are maybe 60% as smart as they think they are, tops.

2. Do you think that, once two people (one of hiring-level, one of employee-level) have established a positive working relationship with no falling out or negative behavior on either end, that it is appropriate for either of them not to return calls, even to say no, regarding work? Explain if you like.

3. When you get into the shower, do you get in at the faucet end, or the.. non-faucet end?

4. Do you generally like posed, maybe made-up/hair done, portrait style photos of yourself better, or spur-of-the-moment, caught off guard photos? Same for photos of others? (Feel free to post examples. I <3 picture-whoring posts!)

5. What are some (or all) of the qualities of your dream home?

6. What's a profession that you think is wonderful and admirable and generally good, but that you either never could or never would want to do yourself?

7. Price and accessibility aside - and I know those are two big factors - why do you think film is much more popular than live theatre? What is it about the act of watching a movie that people prefer over theatre?

8. What do you consider a few of the very best episodes of TV ever, episodes that you think everyone should watch, and that you think most people would enjoy and appreciate even if they didn't necessarily like the rest of the show?
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Where can I get old magazines (Preferable teen/women magazines for the brighter colors and designes) for cheap or free?

I do collages and I use magazine stuff for it. I called my recycling center and that's out of the question.
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anyone know to to fix your paypal acct without having to enter your credit card info?

I keep getting these e-mails stating how someone has logged into my acct but whenever I go to the paypal site, it won't let me log in and fix it until I enter in my acct info.

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Maybe It's just me

Mostly looking for female opinions here...

A guy you know though some mutual friends asks you to have dinner with him. You've never been especially close to this guy save being invited to his birthday party though a couple of your friends.

Would you think he was asking you out on a date, or would you think you were "just hanging out."
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Unconventional Dress

Now I know I haven't seen this question here as far as I can remember... :)

I'm currently single, not even looking for anyone. Certainly nowhere near getting married, BUT I've known for years what I want my wedding dress to look like.

I'm bringing it up here, because I think it may be a little unconventional... It's not some big fluffy white thing...

My idea of a perfect dress for me?

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Ok, ideally it'd be lavender instead of light blue... but still.

I know, it's totally Prom-y, but I still LOVE it.

Anyone else want a dress that's not normal bridal attire? :)

Bonus points for pictures of the dress!

P.S. Guys, if you want a suit that's not normal, you can post too. :)
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a random question because I'm putting off homework...

BATTLE OF THE GUITARISTS! Jack Johnson or John Mayer? Even if you don't like either one, choose which one you like more.

John Mayer, I've listened to him for as long as I can remember, and I love him. Jack Johnson is really talented and has an amazing voice, but I will always hold a special place in my heart for John Mayer. :] When I'm sad, I put my live recording of Neon on repeat. It's relaxing music.
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ok so heres what i am planning/doing everyday:
sit ups
bicep curls
push ups
half a mile walk every other day

-- i plan on increasing the reps every week

along with dieting is this going to help me in the long run?
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To get the morning-after pill, do you need a prescripton from the doctor? Do they only prescribe one pill?

Have you ever eaten a Kumquat? Did you like it?

How much does donating blood hurt?

*These are all questions I thought throughout today and kept in mind to ask you guys.
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How often do you have sex with your SO?

How often do you see them?

Edit: My bf and I (both 20 years old) moved in together last month and he claims that most couples our age have sex at least 2 times a day. I think that's way too high. What do you think?
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Annoying LJ Friends

1.) Have you ever kept someone on your LJ Friends List *because* they annoy the hell out of you (not because you always get into flame wars with them...simply because who they are and the things they write are just annoying)?

My answer: There've been a couple people I've done this with, and I don't know why! I guess sometimes it's fun to be annoyed since it's constant, guaranteed entertainment. It's like if I take them off, I'll miss the ongoing trainwreck.

2.) Have you told them you're annoyed by them? Would you ever?

3.) What, to you, makes a person annoying?
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2 Questions

Question 1:

“Yeah, well I’m going to die eventually.”

Would you consider that statement pessimistic or realistic?

Question 2:

How can you tell if you’ve been hacked?

My friend turned on her computer and a lot of her files are missing. She did a virus scan and is turning up with nothing…

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1. This is not meant to be offensive at all. But, what do you think is the value of people with down's syndrome, etc? Take that any way you want... inherent value, value to society, etc. What do you think is their value? What is the value of people who can never work or take care of themselves? People who need to be hospitalized their entire lives? What do you think is their value to society?

2. If you are vegetarian, do you eat beef broth or chicken broth? If not, why not if it doesn't have actual meat in it?


1. What size bed do you have?
2. Do you share it with anyone?
3. How many blankets do you have on it?
4. How many pillows?
5. Do you sleep on top of or under your top sheet?
6. Do you feel the need to clutch something while sleeping?

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If you are a vegetarian, would you have a problem with dissecting an owl pellet?
We had to dissect owl pellets in Environmental Science today and this one girl said she couldn't do it because she's a vegetarian. I'm a vegetarian and I don't really think that's an adequate reason. It's somewhat gross so I can understand not wanting to do it but I don't see where being a vegetarian comes in. To my knowledge they didn't harm any owls to get these pellets, did they? I sure hope not.

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my photoshop was working perfectly fine an hour ago and now when I try to open it it goes through the whole process. Opens the lil feather thing, scans for everything...and then just freezes halfway through. What happened? I have a project due in the morning that I need it for =/

Im running Xp and it came with the computer so I dont have a disk to just reinstall photoshop. otherwise I would